- Sad indeed .

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Sad how Nazi feminist women turn their kids against their fathers – or male authority in general – in ridiculously devious and underhand manners. My daughter finally ate some chocolate I bought her. But, she was scared shitless of doing so for months even though the ex never explicitly her not to.


The exs vibes, her “mood swings” with which she both knowingly and unknowingly terrorizes, yes, quite literally , even my mom, no saint in her own regard – the daughter…


Just one example.

It’s been months since I bought her that chocolate, something I know she enjoyed , yet she wouldn’t eat it all. My ex has succeeded, unfortunately – until now- in terms of scaring her enough so she at her age won’t do anything with her father no matter how beneficial.

All the bullshit of “don’t tell Dad”…

It’s BS.

You don’t bring kids into it. Period

Truly Nazu feminists are scum, just one level over and above paedophiles and rapists.

And this afternoon as the daughter told he about how she finally ate it, hid the wrapper from the ex .. man.


Two can play at that game, only one wins. Especially long term. No prizes for guessing who. It ain’t the self destructive “chop her own foot off without even knowing it most of the time” ex. . .

As Ricky rightly said, she’ll get hers.

She has been for years. Hehe.

But it’s just sad. Bringing kids into all this bullshit. God forbid a man ever do that. Yet, a female who goes off birth control without telling a husband who was staying away from all sex and only did it that period to appease her gets away with bloody murder.


Even sadder, men that bow to female authority when there’s no reason to. Usually when they’re lunatics.

Men are the real culprits and the enablers

You know who you are.

And you’re pathetic, that’s all I gotta say about that. Fact Jack.


Glad I benefit from it.

So should you. If you’re a real man, of course ..

Follow the tips here and you will.


Rahul Mookerjee

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