What I truly, at least these days, consider to be the most awesome exercise ever!
- Yes!!

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I don’t even miss my laptop tha I gave away a coupla months ago. Or the last one. Might sound incredible, my friend, but ive been working off my dumbphone for months now – something I never ever thought I’d want to do,let alone adjust to doing and not mind!

This year has been nothing but amazing, incredulous and mind blowing, and it ain’t even over.

Sitting here in the side splits,tapping this out – ideas for new products in mind – think about this – writing new books on the phone, short ones albeit,these emails – no, no tech involved either….

And feeling awesome.

Truly,the side splits is the one exercise I’ve never been good at and always admired.

It’s a much ignored exercise by and for most.

“just a stretch”


It works the entire body – especially core and lower back like never before, like nothing else can or will my friend.

Its one of the toughest, if not most impossible exercise to do for most (correctly) after pull-ups.

Man, there’s so many awesome exercises out there.

But if I had to pick just two for you to get good at?

It would be splits – and pull-ups.

That don’t mean you ignore the rest, especially pushups….

But, these two truly work the entire body into the ground – grip and core too, the most important of them all…

And,lower abs – most ignored again.

The “Indian prison workout’ and several other little things are key to getting better at this awesome exercise. JCVD is by far the KING here, very few come close – but I’m getting there. I’m getting to the point I can sit in with back upright for hours , which itself is a chore for most people.

Still remember Dad telling me “your back will hurt in the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat”. Mom telling me to be careful while I move heavy desks etc because “I lost too much weight and I’ll injure my back”.


People love self projecting.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Isometrics done right are so much more than just stretching – hence how I named the books. Get you some NOW.

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