Deep foundations and more.

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My daughter is currently in the in between stage. Not quite a know it all teen how dare you teen, not quite – certainly not – a kiddie. Hehe. Or, “baby”.

I cherish every minute i get to, am priveleged to spend with her, away from the exs influence (all pervasive – ugh) – and so does she.

Dad, what does sandpaper mean? Dad, is that an excavator? What does it do? Dad, i did this at school today.

So many memories pounce back up of me doing the same thing, barely climbing the stairs back home, can’t wait to tell mom about what happened today ..hehe.

In two more years she will be giving her old man lectures. Hehe. So be it. Tho, she calls me young man even now!.


Walking down the road, an idiot tossing cigarette butts on my foot without even noticing, gave him a piece of my mind, would have given him a piece of my damn fist too if my daughter was on the receiving end – precious little good it would do long term most likely.

Dad, why do they excacvate so deep r.when they construct.

And that brings me to my central and obvious point.

Foundations are key.

Build a skyscraper without one, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Don’t communicate clearly or and set those insidious, snarky EXPECTATIONS right upfront – it’s a disaster in the making which might take years to come to fruition m yet, such as it is.

Fitness wise?

Way too many ignore the basics. That breathing, the form, the reps, all in the race to lift heavier, pump more – do the fancy stuff.

Perhaps the most important foundation is mental.

Then, and hand in glove, comes and arrives the physical.

And numero uno there is tendon and ligament strength my friend. Even a lot of super fit Crossfitters and such, even Navy Seals etc- ask them to fall into the splits, do advanced hamstring or other stretches – they can’t despite their solid and obvious prowess in other areas.

Falling into the splits increasing flexibility and tendon health, ligament strength, all this is not rival JCVD in the movies.

It’s to build a foundation, a solid one without which you, your results will be always be found lacking, WANTING – for lack of a better descriptor.

You can never get to be a super stud at pull-ups without doing the right thing upper body wise in that regard, ditto for squats etc.

Pumping heavy iron will only injure you more in the long term if you neglect the foundations, and number 2 there is getting good at bodyweight workouts FIRST. Period.

Sure, you can be strong and fit without the above, but you’re seriously limiting your potential as well.

Good doesn’t necessarily mean super high reps either. Form, focus, breathing, all these things matter IMMENSELY. More than you think, or would even believe. Trust me now, thank me later on this one.

Kids can certainly teach us s LOT, a hell of a ,  a heck of a LOT.

Fitness wise, Kiddie Fitness ensures you build the right foundation for your kids. Sitting on the couch yelling out instructions ain’t how to do it either.

Else they’ll think of you and remember you as an arm chair expert, all talk but no action. No results.  Like I do my dad on this one.

I’d rather have JCVD in Kickboxer training me. Jumping in to kick ass during the training showing he’s still got it!

He does. Hehe.

One of the best things I did as a kid was Taekwondo. Martial arts done right ensures you never get away from the foundations, both mentally and physically no matter how good you get, how many Dan black belts you have.

Still remember my instructor stopping to ask me why I didn’t come to practice no mo after eighth grade- me telling him my mom wouldn’t allow it…


The 0 Excuses Fitness System, indeed a philosophy in its own right as well builds the right foundation for YOU as an adult.

And the two books on isometrics are a must grab too here and here.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Without taking names, if you claim to be a straight talker, shooting from the hip and ARE usually but whine when the shoe is on the other foot, you’re beyond fucking pathetic. Enough said!

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