Does green tea dry the body out? Dehydrate?

Seems incredible that Rahul Mookerjee is even writing or asking this!

In the Simple and Effective Diet i mention it as one of my secret keys, and truth betold,it IS.

I’ve said before (Brooks, hehe) I drink pots and pots of it ever since I stopped drinking black coffee at the age of 23. I still enjoy it but rarely drink it, certainly not “to wake up” as most do.

And I’ve said in the Simple and Effective Diet that nothing replaces good old WATER.

And there’s my point today.

Not even green tea replaces it. When I drink lots of it which is always, I often notice feeling great but somewhat dehydrated, digestion not firing 200 % as it were (tho it’s certainly still 100) and so forth if I don’t pound enough water.

There’s a limit to the amount of water you should drink, some claim it’s bad for the kidneys but since I was young I’ve lived by the maxim my ex once told me (US ex, boy there’s so many!) “Drink, drink, drink”.

Putting aside the extreme and very rare cases of water overdose aside – well, most people would benefit greatly from following the above bit of advice.

And, make sure to pay special attention to QUALITY – no, tea bags don’t cut it my friend regardless of brand.

I’ll have more on this later.

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Rahul Mookerjee