Just why and how are animal runs so effective?

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The difference between the monkey walk, known as the “langur daud” in India (walk or run”, and the bear crawl are minute.

Lots of you have asked me, and I’ve shown you in a video (coaching guys) as it’s virtually impossible to write it out in a book.

Animal kingdom Workouts, my flagship and truly one of a kind book in that regard – even there tho, it’s impossible to write certain things out.

The difference is easier to spot in the tiger walk or bend.

But the main reason, and if you observe these animals moving about, running?

Each run may appear to come from the front paws but they don’t.

They come from the BACK paws.

More importantly, each movement, and you can see this – is like an internal core crunch, not the gym boy crunch – of you observe closely.

They work the internal organs and the muscularature surrounding it – not so much the external.

Even pulling movements (monkeys) – it’s all grip, core and lats.

Yes, I’m one hell of an observer!

I’ve always seen things most can’t.

And if you as a fit adult or unfit are wondering how these simple exercises get you huffing,puffing and in better shape than hours of puff and buff in the Jim do, in less than a fraction of the time invested – the above is a huge key.

Those that get it will get, or likely already have gotten Level One of the above book which is Advanced Hill Training … Those that don’t never will. As a customer told me recently if they don’t understand your stuff is pure GOLD then all the reviews, convincing in the world is for naught.

So true, John. I don’t even try and convince such sorts!

As I told him, I cater only to the elite few, the chosen few – to join that illustrious band, well, you’ve gotta take action my friend – simple.

More on this in a video soon.

For now, off to the showers with me.


rahul Mookerjee

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