That feeling of having to suck your gut in, albeit unconsciously!
- Sound familiar?

Last night I was shooting the bull with my landladys son. Met him while the idiot ex decided to lock me out of the house (attempting to talk logically to her is like saying you’ll sprout wings by doing pull-ups, so rather than waste my time with her, I took full advantage of the opportunity to have a chat with the landladys son, also, so aptly named Rahul)…

Got to know him a lot more, he’s seperated too – but though we are similar in many regards, fitness wise, he’s probably where I was 10 or more years ago.

Twas his birthday yesterday too .. 47 years young.

Anyway, during our conversation I could see him being self conscious without meaning to. He’d keep pulling his shirt over the bulging belly – the sort of action a lot of men subconsciously do when in front of a male with obviously far superior fitness (and this is a big dude, 6’2″, outweighs me by a lot, etc).

I can relate.

During the conversation i reassured him a lot. “I used to be a lot bigger than you buddy!”

Anyway. Sound familiar to a lot of you?

Years ago, I’d be embarassed to take my shirt off at the beach – man boob central.

The girls i used to go out with would tell me to do it anyway. They were right!

Let it all hang out. Hehe.

Pun aside, I had zero confidence to do so ..

And the reverse is true ie now.

My friend the core – having a corrugated core – lean and mean to the point people’s elbows BOUNCE off it like off a hard wall, to the point you can sit in the side splits back upright for literally hours, press overhead while doing so, most of all, that “feel” when walking – as Herschel Walker rightly said, get the core ready – you can handle anything. And he’s right, few men or women will ever understand the true meaning of his words.

I do.

I live them daily.

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and then some.

And I’m by far the best qualified to get you from the bad end of that spectrum to the superlatively great and awesome end of it via my truly one of a kind course Corrugated Core. 

Invest now if you so choose .

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Sucking your gut in – literally – while working out can be very good. Not so much in real life when you do it out of embarassment.


More in the course .. get it NOW.