“We’ll get you all BUFF……!”

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Puff and buff workouts??

Many years ago, I took two elective courses along with a few others towards my Math minor. . . These being “PE 101” and the so called next level, 102.

Guy that taught 101 was a big dude – not necessarily in the best shape – but somone you instinctively knew could handle himself in a bar fight.

Like in the Bourne Identity… When Jason says the guy sitting in the corner weighs 260 lbs and knows how to handle himself. (like it was in the book, always far better than the movie, although Matt Damon in those movies – classic, all time great IMO). (though he didn’t quite do the pull-ups right in the movie – hehe – But his real life results, for someone who like me loves his food, puts on weight easily, is genetically pre disposed to to do so – 0 to 33 pull-ups, hill runs – kudos!)

Back then i did plenty of pushups. Not the right way though.

Part of the final exam was writing how many pushups we could do.

I can do 75, I told my friend Rueben. .but what if he doesn’t believe me??

Just get down on the floor and show him said Rueben.

The very fact I felt that way showed i , even back then , instinctively knew I wasn’t doing them RIGHT. . .

Second course – I remember a highly annoying “hot gal” teaching it.

She got me on the lat pulldown. Ugh.

And when I couldn’t do it she made the above comment which along with a few other irritating comments made me up and walk out of the class, Rueben style, hehe, “I done got the red ass!!!” (Rueben – another classic, lol) in irritation.

My buddy Vincent told me later not to drop the course.

“You can’t be better than everyone in the gym!’

Would i even want to?

Even back then I instinctively knew what she was teaching was utter tosh. Utter BS.

These, and another recollection of a former roommate exhorting me (in a good way) to get rid of my inhibitions and go to the gym (don’t worry about the girls – they’re all hot and sweaty there too!) (And when I didn’t go, “you’ll never go, will you?”) Are common for many folks.

They could probably form part of 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections Vol Two.

The first being immensely popular with a lot of you but that ain’t why I’m writing this.

Years later I understood why I went through all those experiences.

It isn’t how good you look at the gym, the clothes you wear etc. I’ve had my best workouts in what most call ill fitting and horrible baggy pants for one…

It isn’t about looks or flirting with the girls.

It’s not about feeling embarassed or the reverse. . .

It’s about real workouts.

Hard work.

Heavy duty workouts day after day.

That’s what really does it.

And, most importantly – zero excuses!

Doing things right or not at all.

Lots of home truths i know …

But they all hit home don’t they?

Because they’re true. . .

The 0 Excuses Fitness Philosophy has way more of these.

Grab your copy now, and start getting into the best shape of you life physically, mentallly and emotionally NOW.

And that’s that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Just know that none of my material focuses on getting you buff, or the beach boy or girl look.

You’ll get the look and then some as a by product, sure but as John Walker, a long time customer once rightly said about Corrugated Core and as I keep saying, if that’s your primary focus you’re better if looking elsewhere.

And so it should be, friend. So it should be. And IS.

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