Can AI not distinguish between weight loss and not??

With all the advances in AI and other crap, self driving trucks and such, Elon Musk claiming AI will eventually take over every job – it’s so fitting (given mans brain created AI in the first place and no, it will never overtake human brains either) – that it can’t figure out that SOME of us look and feel way younger than our actual ages, and are way fitter and healthier than folks less than half our ages despite not following the AI generated or so called Guru advice.

Typical, figures, that’s how society thinks.

Recently I was trying to get verified for a site, they havent done it in ages. Why?

“ID declined because you look way you ger than your actual age”.

Not even shitting ya, that’s the message I got…

But I’m used to it.

My buddy from the Marines has the same problem. Every time we pass through immigration they can barely recognise us.

With all my different looks,weight loss or not etc – but I still don’t get it,it’s the same person, it’s bloody obvious – but I get stopped for hours at immigration literally and other check points etc, but him?

Some people just look different in photos


Despite being called very photogenic, the fact is I look better in “real life”.

But anyway back to AI

Wasn’t it supposed to be this all intelligent entity to recognise,analayze all?

Showl dont seem like it, friend…

And thats that.

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No AI in any of 0 Excuses Fitness. Quite the opposite actually – so it is, so it shall REMAIN.

PS #2 – With a beard at the age of 19, I rarely, if ever, got carded.

Now? With thick growth, i routinely do. I love it. Unlike then, I take it as a huge compliment!! Hee