Why would you NOT want to suport your favorite creator??
- Boggles the mind. Hypocrisy...

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It’s a question buzzing around in my brain now, was last night. So first thing in the morning, even before guzzling my morning water – I’ll write to you about it.

This issue keeps popping up with the many videos I do. YouTube, Insta, Tik tok , all of it – people love it. They all want a piece of it. And the barrage of questions I get privately, and on comments when those are allowed ; my!

Precious few want to do whats required though… In terms of doing their bit to make sure that great content keeps coming!

Which is show some support.

Staying silent isn’t support. The very least you can do is take a few minutes out of your schedule to review products without making excuses – or simply not doing it at all.

Neither is not investing in products or the videos you so love … Or say you do.

Lots of creators – not referring to yours truly necessarily don’t necessarily have it as easy as you think they do. Running a business, or multiple, creating content throughout the day, handling multiple social media platforms – none of this comes free or is easy. And costs have risen disproportionately as of late which a lot of you are aware of.

Personal lives often can and do go for a complete toss, bringing you this great content, creating new products etc… to the exclusion of all else.

Some creators are literally “hand to mouth” in many regards, yet they might not show it. Their work is still superlatively good!

And last, not least, not all businessmen or women are millionaires – yet. This retarded thinking people have “he’s a businessman, he’s rich – ugh”.

So given you want the business to continue, this isn’t necessarily to do with this particular biz – applies overall – stop being cheap (those that are) and take action when asked to, or at least sometimes…

It’s great if you love the free stuff, but paid work allows us to keep all this alive. Elementary Watson, nigh amazing i gotta spell this out over and over again?

For us, that means a gentle request to contribute what you can towards site costs which have yet again risen disproportionately. Ugh.

It means buy some products – it means leave reviews – it means spread the word. All easy things to do. None cost you anything. Yet, people sit on their asses and do nothing but stare at idiotic social media which I simply cannot fathom…


Lesson for the day – or morning!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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