The real secret to a CRUSHING grip

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It’s obvious, elementary Watson. Always has been to me. But since so many folks have asked as of late, even doers – I figured I’d write a bit about something I really did not think I should mention yet again, but that old thing about repetition…

This morning while doing pull-ups it struck me yet again that the real key to building a bone crushing grip – or two of them – isn’t just the pull-ups or the other superlative, unconventional exercises i include in my grip manuals.

It’s not just training hard, not just mind muscle focus, not just any of the other stuff which holds valid and true regardless.

The real keys, and I know a lot will still read and pass this by?

One, monkey bar work done right. I cannot emphasize this overly simple exercise enough. Beats ANY and all superlative grip exercises hands down. That includes grippers , farmers walks, clubs, all good options for building grip and overall body strength – conditioning too.

Even pull-ups, that holy grail – pale – no pun – before the monkey bars.

No, I ain’t saying don’t do pull-ups.

Second tip is directly related to pull-ups!

It’s one insignificant line in the books most – even most avid readers “miss”.

Denzel was spot on in Training Day.

“You listening, but you didn’t HEAR me”.


That being, really imagine – and then DO – squeezing or crushing that iron bar, or thick grips when doing your pull-ups.

That don’t mean you’ll turn into the Slim the Hammerman instantly.

But it will do more to GET you there or on the road to it MORE than anything else.

Really imagine squeezing the bar while you do it, like it was rubber. Then implement that, DO it. FEEL the power flow from mind-breath to BODY.

You’ll be amazed at the results.

Focus on all the other basics yes.

But, next time when doing pull-ups, spend time doing what I said above, really lock that grip at the deepest levels – and I think you’ll be amazed at not just how your pull-ups improve, but become exponentially easier for those of you that are struggling at them..

Really squeeze that thick grip.

The chinning bar.

Tree branch.

Barn door.

What have you.

You’ll not only activate your muscles more, but you’ll work your brain – and pecker too, hehe – yes – at the deepest levels possible by doing so.

And those are two very simple but much ignored nuggets of wisdom you can find in Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (Advanced) and Gorilla grip (TIPS!).

Plenty more where those come from.

Truly, it ain’t ever about size, no pun.

It’s about how much oomph is packed into whatever it is, manuals included.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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