When the car shook when I sat my ass down in it ..
- Hehe

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More memories, though not necessarily inspirational for all. Haha. . .

Back in I believe..2011? 12? I was in Oman, working an IT job where you could basically buy your own car from the company at discounted rates or something like that. Don’t quite remember a lot of the shenanigans going on behind the scenes there, but that was the gist.

One of the guys, a manager of sorts made that comment about me when I sat down in his car.

“When Rahul Sits down in the car, the damn thing shakes”

Hehe. Admittedly that was during my fat days,but dude mentioning what he did wasn’t exactly the epitome of fitness himself.

Big huge bulging belly, the belly of Jehovah, I might say (i don’t know why I chose that, no,not to offend anyone – those names have always been mystical for me including one starting with G…) And someone who likely didn’t even know what a pushup was,let alone ever have done one.

And a butter chicken connesiour!!

I still remember the first meal we shared at lunch, lots of creamy butter chicken straight off the plane in Oman …

Man, with my digestion on the blink back then like it used to be, despite bridging etc for hours – what I keep saying about the splits being so important, why martial artists emphasize that and forward (hamstring) stretches…

Anyway. That company had terrible fitness levels in general, the Vice President of HR being a guy who literally looked like three beach balls rolled into one. I wonder how that BMW even drove him to work!

Oddly enough, company was led by a fit older guy. He was the only fit guy in that entire damn company. Just goes to show…

Lots of memories but we’ll focus on his words.

There’s three ways to react.

First, what most people would choose these days. Whining about him being mean, rude, whatever .. insensitive and other BS.

Second, the rational way.

Ie the blind leading the uninitiated….

Like my Dad fitness wise with his comments most of his life. Haha.

And third, again, the emotional way described in #1 – but done right.

INTERNALIZE the anger.

Deeply think about the body you WANT.

Then use that anger constructively, quietly, go out and GET it.

My litmus test in that regard was 2015 as y’all know.

That year catapulted me from “merely fit” to the ranks of the superhumans –

and ive never looked back since.

Will this be your year, as it ends?

Only you can decide how to react to a certain situation.


Lots of thoughts floating through my head.

Including my daughter, every morning I think about her, what she’s going through silently with all the bullshit with the ex and I.

It’s worse when both parties live together – the silent non bickering doesn’t hide anything. Kids see it all, feel it all, the way the Dad is “ex communicated” from the family – the way he, if he’s like me,doesn’t particularly not just give a rats ass, but uses it to his advantage..all of it. . .

Perhaps that’s another reason I stayed away from years even when I was “married”.

One of many…

Chuck once made the comment about me going back, he didn’t want my daughter to not recognise me when she grew up. Hehe.

I get where he was coming from.

As a father of a two year old now – I bet he has a different perspective. ;).

I’m glad to say my daughter and me have a relationship. We always will, particularly more so as she grows up, gets away from the Nazi feminist crap…

And thats that..

Back soon, lots of thoughts!




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