If you gotta get your sweet on ..

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Lots of us fitness guys and gals can be gluttons. Hehe. Plus, we all know that feeling. After days of hard working out, maybe weeks, one fine day you let go and bang.

Pizza, beer, sweets, creamy biscuits, chocolate, cake, pancakes, the lot. Hehe. You can’t get enough of the same thing you know is bad for you. Myself included!

Sometimes, occasionally being the key as I say in the Simple and Effective diet, as you know, yours gratis with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness system.

But combine that with a sweet tooth. Recipe for .. well, gorging on anything sweet when you shouldn’t be – including 3 AM random wakeups. Doesn’t help the cookie jar is right next to my bed. Hehe.

It sure dont help I make sure it’s full before I sleep “just in case”. There never should be a plan B- hehe. Proof in the pudding, no pun!

Life’s short.

But we shouldn’t make it shorter than we have to. .

Passing in a pristine body, or a body that’s enjoyed it all – you pass nonetheless, but why not maximize our time here on Terra Firma?

In that spirit – a few alternatives for you sweet lovers with an even longer sweet tooth. Hehe. Myself included.

Brown sugar – no, not the drug.

Naturally sweet fruits like mangoes, bananas. Watermelons, muskmelons, grapes. These are all super foods. My personal favourite is bananas… The complete food imo.

Sugarcane juice!

“gur” or unprocessed brown sugar.

Maple syrup – the natural sort. Put that shit on pancakes, damn! I’ve drink bottles of it…Vermont, Canada. The travels, the memories!! That was when I lived in NY, on the way to get organically sourced food at reasonable rates.

There’s probably a ton more I haven’t thought of. Indian “kheer” – rice pudding is pretty healthy too if done right, but yes, does have a fair helping of sugar ..

In Dish Delicious I tell you that most people equate healthy with not tasty.

Does not have to be true.

It is NOT true in fact.

And when you realise this, and your workouts keep getting better without you feeling deprived – or you wondering where your performance went after a night of chicken tikka masala – hehe – you’ll cut out the masala asap and stick with chicken tikka.

Or, the leg of mutton.

Or, that steak. Not the fries.

And so forth.

And thats the message for today.

Not everyone is perfect. Very few are in fact if anyone. I sure ain’t.

Occasional indulgence is fine.

But combine that with health, and yotee truly off to the races.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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