Yet another manner of judging if your metabolism and health in general are in super shape.
- Embrace the PAIN.

And not necessarily just physical pain either…

In the JCVD classic Bloodsport – and to an extent in Kickboxer etc – JCVD shows us what real martial arts training is all about.

“Palm tree winner” – that classic line as JCVD fails to topple the tree with his shin as Tong li practices by kicking a cement wall ..

It may seem “filmy” or “just Hollywood BS”, that sort of training, but I assure you it ain’t.

My Taekwondo teacher never put us through that sort of thing because our parents wouldn’t allow it … If they did, he’d mete out the same brutal treatment he did to his son. Not that I’m a proponent of that in all regards either, there was no excuse for whacking him around in the middle of class with all watching while we didn’t get that treatment because we were paying students from the so called upper classes. Ah, India, that land of contradiction as I said in a video prior I believe…

But that sort of training has always been part of real physical conditioning,martial arts etc. what doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger – somehow.

In Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training I mention the I pose.

No, not saying me, me,.me.

It’s the I pose you can see in Bloodsport as he screams in pain as his body is stretched apart by pulleys and trees (used to be an actual torture technique that in the Middle Ages!) …

… And then he finally breaks free with – CORE and tricep strength.

It’s a pose i have never been put in.

But I’d welcome the challenge if I was .

I remember this one old man in China who in freezing cold weather in the AM would show up to , like wim hoff, though I don’t think he knew who he is! – exercise in nothing but shorts and shoes.

The other old men and women climbing that hill barefoot..

All of this, my friend – including gold showers in winter is UNCOMFORTABLE – at least initially.

So is making a change from Ill health, stuffing unhealthy food down your gullet, getting rid of sugar addiction and such ..

There’s a reason it’s uncomfortable.

There’s also a reason you get addicted to the GOOD feeling that comes from getting rid of the bad addictions that signify mental weakness as well. If you’re an addict to anything, you’re mentally weak, period. Mind over body always.

Most people don’t take cold showers in winter tho they should. .

They bundle up like the ex who at the age of 38 acts like she’s my 70 year old Grandma swathed in shawls “shivering” in the cold, or young girls acting like they’re 38 with “body aches” all over, or my diabetic friend who will go to so called fitness boot camps to show off, but won’t get rid of the massive ponderous belly regardless. This last guy claimed he could “easily do pull-ups” when he’s never done one in his life. If there ever was a better real life example of the “towering height of stupidity” combined with wilful ignorance it’s him.

Tell these people to embrace the uncomfortable.

They never will, either mentally or physically.

To me,I’ve always embraced the cold and being out there with minimal clothing,cold air hitting me, it makes me feel alive.

Try an ice cold shower in winter in cold conditions to start with. You’ll know what I mean when your heart thumps nineteen to the dozen and your digestion tones up within a minute or so!


I – and the 0.1 percent out there not only do so willingly but we welcome more of it. Hehe. And the cold is just one example most can relate to.

And it’s when you can do all these things – and exercises – in a manner most wouldn’t dream of – in conditions most wouldn’t dare to go out in much less do bare chested training minus the photo shoots – its then you find out what you’re made of…

…and when you can do these things well,you’re getting somewhere.

No,not just always about a 100 pushups a day.

It’s about life and it’s challenges, how you choose to and then react to them.

Stay in super shape.

It’s the only way!

Start by finding out HOW wth minimal investment and not extreme methods either right here.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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