BRISK walking as a matter of HABIT – and then some…

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“Slow down! I’m not your bitch”!


Still remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla saying that on a rainy day in 2019 – before the infamous (and true haha) “0 Excuses Mofo” comment. Or after, actually it was as we walked to the gym for boxing practice…

I wasn’t trying to walk ahead of him. Was but my natural walk – for years. The only person I know of that can keep up, maybe outpace, but it hasn’t happened as yet – haha – me while walking anywhere – is my friend from the Marines with his giant strides – he walks equally briskly.

Wasn’t always this way for me of course, especially not when fat. I have the hill to thank for that, and a certain Ann Lee

I don’t ALWAYS walk that briskly tho.

Sometimes I’ll power walk, which I don’t believe I covered in the above manual, but do cover for my coaching students, including showing them how to walk RIGHT – most people walk wrong. (That part is covered in the manual, no, it’s got nothing to do with walking piegon footed or not – that style of walking might not be the most aesthetic or army like, but it’s very functional!) (Hip strength shows for one for folks that do that naturally, both men and women).

Actually, the above is wrong. Piegon footed walking isn’t functional. But feet turned outwards IS. For years I thought and many people like my Mom do – piegon footed meant toes pointed outwards, feet landing on the ground that way but no, it’s toes pointed inward actually. Maybe an interesting one to do,certainly not very functional for us humans though.

Anyway. I’ll often walk for long distances slowly, just to think, have new ideas pop into my head on auto pilot. I’m going to a park right now to do just that but who knows, you may see me workout a wee bit too.

All depends.

Walking back from school wth my daughter – almost always a leisurely walk which I enjoy.

One of the few times we can talk uninterrupted albeit just for a few minutes, when I get to see her growing up daily.


But the days it rains, I’ll ask her to walk briskly, but I remember the fuss that one creates.

Man, in our times we’d get an ass whipping


The ex will console her saying the equivalent of “big Bad Daddy”. Sad.

Sad what’s kids fitness levels have become, and of course adults as well…

It’s a good practice to walk briskly,with PURPOSE.. Chest out, shoulders back! 

Or the other way around. I linked the wrong post above, do a search, you’ll find one with the “chest out” heading too.

It shows the world, and to you internally too – that you mean BUSINESS.

And thats what counts, it also builds fitness, is a great warmup, an exercise unto itself if done right.

Walk 99 steps after a meal, live to a 100.

How true my friend. How true!

And we will end this one on that one.

Advanced Hill training shows you the right way to walk, and much more.

Yes, can be done on level ground too. Stairs for sure, even garage inclines. Just don’t get run over. Hehe.

Animal Kingdom Workouts is the next level. No, piegon walks NOT covered. We are training for brutal and functional fitness – not the goddamned circus.

Kiddie Fitness  – 0 Excuses Fitness – self explanatory..

That’s that then.


Rahul Mookerjee

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