Keeping that LOWER back straight.
- Is Key to progression not just in splits but...

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Lower back is one of the most ignored areas in fitness today. Lower/mid lower back, spine etc. And no, it ain’t about relentless back bends either which were made popular years ago and are all the rage – don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their place. Hell, bridging is a key workout unto itself, wrestlers, boxers, the layperson looking to build back strength – but way too often as I’ve said so often, FRONT bridging is ignored.

Forward bends are ignored.

And this is catastrophic for the lower abs and those of us with weak hamstrings genetically. As I’ve said before, my entire body was hardly one you’d expect of a bodyweight exercise Guru genetically – especially grip and hamstrings which are strong spots now – strongest. Truly a case of what I’ve said before, strengthening your weak links while also focusing on your natural strengths,positives etc. Thats how to become truly unbreakable, unbeatable …

But anyway, key to progressing in the splits, side splits,or theJCVD split as I rightly call it – very tough,next to impossible for most folks ?

There’s many, of course.

The Indian Prison workout being one.

Keeping the legs straight, focusing on the back of the knees, all key. Ass flexibility – or glute. Damn that sounded naughty…

But what is often ignored, sittng STRAIGHT in that position. Not bending backwards, not forwards. Just ramrod straight my friend,try it, this alone takes the workout with legs not fully 180 even to the next level.

Many years ago, my father, hardly anywhere near a fitness guru or even guy told me “my back would ache if I sat in the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat“.


That actually provides relief to the lower back if done right.

If you really want that lower back to work like never before – try what I suggested above.

More- not just while in the splits. Make sure your gut – even a non existent one – is sucked IN while walking – not just to improve your posture or make you look taller…but it’s a lower back workout without working out.

Proper lower back strength isnt just key to splits. You can include regular pushups in there too and many other exercises. Hanging leg raises for one…

… For years and years, I did Hindu pushups which are great.

….I could bridge backwards in my sleep,still can.

….I did Hindu squats galore.

But all this while, I never realised it but I was neglecting my martial arts roots.

And it was only a couple of years earlier that, well beyond being fat etc , well at a level where most will never get – that I noticed this.

Forward stretches and lower back straight will do wonders for you my friend if done right. There’s a reason it’s core training no pun for any serious martial artist…

Lots of you doing a ton of Hindu Pushups and squats effortlessly will be weak at regular pushups and bodyweight squats.

Trust me – i was for years without even realising it. Thus, Squat 101 and my two books on isometrics.

Anyway, enough tips for this one.

I’ll be back later.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS –  a must read. And this.

PPS – Lower back straight goes for sitting on regular chairs too. There’s a reason I don’t sit on “them deep couches” that ole Rod Steiger had such a hard time getting out of without a cane – indeed, any sort of remotely “comfortable” chair is alien to me.

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