Body parts hurting from…

…doing precisely F all.

The rage to buy massagers of all kind, pain relief pills, go to chiros etc is a pandemic amongst lazy asses globally.

When will folks realise your body is like a car, if you don’t use it, the parts go bad.

When will folks realise that while long drives are good, QUICK bursts are really what he the engine going ?

Back in the day I had my old zen which I’d have to manually warm up in cold weather via the “choke”.

No pun intended in terms of aching body parts either unless you’re Bozo glyn reading this which he still does apparently. What a nutter. Lol . As a friend recently said, Glyn keeps sending me nonsensical rants which make no sense. And he does, of course. I still remember Chuck throwing him out of the beer house he broke into in his underwear in Jieyang. Yup, I have the pic too!


But, back to aches and pains, most would go away with regular exercise.

Doesn’t need to take forever either.

And stretching right is the first thing id recommend for those starting out, along with the advanced lot too – as well as what’s mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness system.

Look,all the talk in the world from me won’t matter if you don’t open your MIND first.

If you just read and nod your head but do nothing then no point..

This is only for those that truly believe

Short update,more later.


Rahul Mookerjee

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