A different test of neck strength, stability and more!

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When most think neck strength, they think “bull”.

Like my buddy from the Marines once said about a certain set of Scots. “look at those necks, bull like!”.

Truly, neck strength is along with grip and forearm strength not only one of the most overlooked of all training out there – but also, an indicator of “real” man – or woman.

We hear “thick” all the time which has its place.

How often do we hear broad though?

Or long?

I focused on the latter in today’s isometric videos – and broad, well, this comment says it all … If that’s not the right link, search for “he’s thick. But you’re BROAD!!”.

Muscle strength depends upon all three. Lengthen for more flexibility, tendon strength as opposed to weight training exercises that end up shortening muscles in most cases.

Lean muscle, not bulk – does it.

And broad shoulders, well,enough said.

Neck strength?

We hear folks talk of neck straps (ugh sounds like slave torture to me where they made them wear those awful neck rings as brutal punishment) (though as I did in that video, India apparently never went away from brutal, and neither has the world if you analyse the brutality all around – humans love hating each other) … We hear shrugs. Bridging. Neck cracks.

All of these are great, especially bridging which is excellent.

But try this one on for size.

Simply put a weight – let’s say a book – on the top of your head – and walk around for time without it falling off.

Please don’t say “too easy”. Do it.

Try this with five books.

And then, progress on to WEIGHT – in India, village women walk for long distances with heavy unwieldy earthern pots of water balanced on the top of their heads. That balance. The posture. My!

If they drop that pot, it’s all over. No drinking water for the day.

Sometimes it’s ironed clothes they carry that way, neck perfectly straight for hours…

Trust me, this is something even most “real” men can’t do without practice.

Gym goers, less said the better!

It not only lengthens the neck but strengthens at the same time. I’ll do a bit of a video on this soon maybe, but try it with what you can at home, then get back to me.

Lore has it the great Farmer Burns put himself in a hangmans noose to test himself which I would not quite advocate you to do.

Just goes to show tho,much like the Mighty Atom , all of around 60 kgs soaking wet (I’m around 65, so damn “so called” skinny (steel and whalebone) as some say) (but i got the hair cut on August 29- tho in this Skinny Samsons case the strength wasn’t in the locks, hehe) pulling an airplane by his hair…

Incredulous it might sound but there’s videos on it.


Focus on neck training my friend, and do so right or not at all as early th everything out there. And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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