Struggling with constipation?

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I’ve written tomes on this before of course – why it happens (primarily lack of exercise, but even for people that do a lot of good exercise otherwise, not the RIGHT exercise) – diet – genetics – and more.

It’s almost always, not always, but almost always linked with a weak core as well and no, simply a six pack doesn’t mean either a strong core or a flexible one – or IBS. I should know. I suffered from it for years, even years after my hill climb routine.

“Colon packed with fecal matter” was a 2003 doctors judgment on this.

Who prescribed all sorts of medicines and crap that never worked.

I remember how we spent literally thousands – and more importantly, the time invested running for years from pillar to post to get the then wife’s stomach issues resolved.

Literally dozens of doctors who all prescribed expensive tests, medicines (fatten their and the hospital wallet much like they pretty much coerce you to get C sections instead of natural delivery) – needless to say, none worked.

Even the colonoscopy she got done was pointless..

The medical fraternity in general is crap these days, fat ass doctors that can’t bend over to touch their own damned toes telling you how to stay healthy. HA!

Still remember a fat ass telling me not to swim “because it stressed the liver”.

True tales these. In the then wifes case some ayurvedic medicine finally cured the issue. Cost all of a few cents…

I still remember a movie – a Tiger Shroff starrer where the lead actor (Shroff)’s martial arts trainer said the same thing I do, ie Tai chi originated in India. No,not even trying to be jingoistic but facts are fact.

A lot of what is passes off oriental mystique came from India originally which is common sense, really, given India is a far older civilization. The Chinese modified it, sure, but Tai Chi originally came from a South Indian martial art – Kali something – Google it, I cannot remember the name for the life of me, and YES, unlike Tai chi which is not really a fighting martial art – that truly IS warrior stuff.

Nothing like Tai Chi tho, or as Brooks Kubik once said in his email, Tai chi for duffers.

Hehe. I ain’t lying either, ask Brooks, he’s got an elephants memory like I do. He probably remembers the exact email in which he wrote it. I don’t!

In that movie the student shows up late at night in the dorm half drunk in one scene.

The Master (instructor) looks at him CENSORIOUSLY.

Student says something..

Master takes one forefinger, and pokes the guy hard on the left side.

And guy pukes all over the place literally like a hammer struck him.

I get it.

That is a pressure point of the body linked to the intenstines, bowels. I’ve often done that same thing myself to judge my gut health.

It’s hard to find, but if you’re stopped up, that mofo will hurt when you push it. You’ll burp, hurl, fart and rush to the toilet in extreme cases. But that’s the pressure point!

There’s a damn good reason you’re told to sleep on your left side to aid digestion…

He then tutors the student who was going ga ga about China at that point.

About how it all came from India…


Without further ado..

Exercises that work the core in a twisting and torquing manner while stretching the core and hamstrings are the real cure, and key my friend.

Some are, and I’ve spoken about this before.


The Rahul Mookerjee patented squat.

Variants of the split..

Lying on the floor with your legs ramrod straight as you support your lower back with your hands, or preferably lay the forearms on the floor.

From that position, spread the legs out wide – then front and back – all angles…not, NOT because you are – hehe – or want to be a pornstar.

Just watch JCVD training, being put through his PACES, literally – in the first installment of Kickboxer. You’ll get the idea as things pop, crackle and snap everywhere…

The Indian Prison workout.

Touching your toes with legs ramrod straight – something most people can’t do. Or holding the position. Palms on floor is the next progression.

All exercises people complain about being too simple.

In reality, they’re tough,so people complain. No fun farting away while working out eh. Hehe..

Plenty of videos on all this on the YouTube channel. And, my great compilation on isometrics covers them and then some.


All about stretching the hamstrings right…

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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