When you let them win..

I bought a Google play pass last night though I really didn’t know what I’d use it for! As always turned out to be a good one reason – sitting out here in the park in the warm sun playing chess no less – after years – a game – a truly mental sport which yes, requires a lot of physical fitness too (take a look at any of the Grandmasters physical routines) … Memories flooded back!

Something not a memory – AI will never take over the world as I’ve said repeatedly before. The human brain created AI and is superior to ALL.

As I sat there watching some nigh ridiculous moves being made which even a beginner wouldn’t, memories flooded back.

That of my grandfather allowing me to win at chess when young without me knowing it. My uncle was slightly more obvious about it, that led to a fit on my part. Haha.

I always remember wondering how I won so easily against my grandfather. Years later after he passed, I’d understand it.

Swimming,chess, studies – with a background in the Imperial Army, and smoking cigars as a young man. Truly, ge did it all including cross flooded rivers on foot to get to school…

That’s pretty much how you do it with little kids though fitness wise.

When filming Kiddie Fitness, even my first book on isometrics – I kept “wowing” my daughter as she did the movements.

You can do them so much better than me,I kept saying.

Bouyed by this, she went the extra mile herself as is evidenced by the pictures.

Sure, there’s aime to draw between molly coddling and excessive praise and what not… But, extreme discipline like.my Taekwondo instructor meted out publicly with his little son, that which we got in school?


Some say it makes you tough. That it does.

It also makes you hate the person all that more.

Fine line, like I said, and any responsibile parent must know how and where to draw it.

And thats that.

More soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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