So here’s a question the manifestation whiz has…

In the spirit of never knowing it all – noone does and true experts always being, very publicly so – in learning mode, from yours truly whose dreams predict the future, sometimes immediate, sometimes weeks down the line – but always accurately…

Manifestation happens either instantly or down the line per what the Universe deems best. Most appropriate. That higher power truly knows all.

Happen it does, and it all turns out perfectly always “all for a good reason” as it were, which was yet another lesson brought to me though that one I knew already – in the most mystique laden, yet obvious manner.

Sometimes weeks after it happens I’ll remember “ah, that dream told me”.

Sometimes instantly. Sometimes when immediate faith is required.


The question.

Some dreams are so poignant, so intense that I wake up instantly and write them down.

Others, I keep sleeping soundly but the mind is still working in the background.

Bear in mind this is me. I’ve trained myself to capture dream details even in deep sleep which most wouldn’t even remember with the most vivid of dreams. Indeed, waking up to write dreams down is a chore for most people. Something most fail to do despite their best efforts – especially on wintery cold nights where the last thing you want is to get out of the warm blanket. Of course, I’ve got the AC on even in winter!


The first type of dream, when I wake up, I’m harried, hassled… Yet, all works out fine eventually. Second, I wake up feeling so relaxed, on top of the world. Feeling, even looking! But not knowing “why” yet I know great things are fixing to manifest, then they do!

So I’m wondering why I don’t wake up for the latter sorta dream …

…maybe that’s part of the process?

The subconscious mind truly works in wondrous ways.

And a huge key , indeed, the only key to it – combined with faith, the true kind – is FEELING and emotion.

That rules all, brings PICTURES to mind.

The opening part of Zero to Hero, much like the opening bit in Think and Grow Rich, much like the buzzing energy I hear in my RIGHT ear NOW as I write this explains it all.

And it’s truly a book you must read, my friend.

And thats that.

If you know the answer to the question I raised, write back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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