Thin bars, thick bars – and more!
- You'll get calloused anyway. Welcome 'em!

“Damn, your hands are rough”!

I’ll always remember that comment Marc the African Silverback Gorilla made when we shook hands. Now this guy could knock my damn lights out within seconds – well trained fighter – yet, soft hands. Weak grip. Fat around the midsection…

…. Just goes to show the PUNCH is the last thing that goes on a guy. And he can deliver some good ones. Trust me! 😉

For all the hill climbing, walking etc I do – my feet are surprisingly baby soft. Hehe. Women ask me if I get pedicures and crap ..


But hands?

Small yes.

But I love the callouses which literally sometimes scrape the skin of other hands. Hehe …

Where am I going with all this?

Well first, serious grip training means you don’t just accept calloused hands. You fucking welcome them.

Just accepting them will NOT make it easy to work through your workout with bleeding palms.

WELCOMING them will.

No, I ain’t saying training is meant to tear you up.

But, serious grip work is. Simple.

Once the callouses form though, and it doesn’t take as long as you think, you can take all the pumice stones in the world to them.

They won’t split. .

Lots have this thinking it’s only thick bars that build callouses.

Hell no.

Thin handles can do it too. And do..

Trick is, as in pull-ups – how you fucking grip.

If you’re a pansy and “focus on lats” and don’t use your damn thumb that you were given for a good goddamned reason, you’ll never come close to realising your full grip potential – or pull-up – period.

And you’ll also split your hands a lot more on the monkey bars.

When you grip, thick or thin, no pun intended, grip like your fucking life depended on it. Period.

Hey, it just might.

Ask Sig Klein.

Ask John Walker, the everyday unsung hero…

It’ll work your brain a lot too.

And when doing monkey bars, the PALM – not the finger joints – need to come into contact with the bars.

I realise that’s a minor detail but it’s those minor things that add up over time and matter. Life, fitness , anything ….

…. I didn’t even include this in any of my grip books. Like I said, impossible to ever “say it all” in a single manual.

Try it.

Just do it.

And get back to me.

And thats the tippie for now ..



Rahul Mookerjee

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