It’s the little things that matter.
- That people don't even notice.

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Life , fitness, all of it – biz even. Relationships. Whatever it is, the little things matter, good or bad, they add up over time, becone big things and affect the overall photo ultimately (either positively or negatively depending upon).

I’ll never tire of telling you how Steve Jobs grandfather told him the story of a carpenter (him) who made sure to make the back of his wooden cabinets – a feature noone else even ever noticed or supposedly cared about  – perfect.

It matters. Support structures under the ground for a skyscraper aren’t something folks notice or even think about – unless there is a goddamn earthquake headed your way and then you’ll thank your lucky stars you had a good support structure!

You get as close to perfection as you can – imperfectly – in evrything you say, do, it’s a way of life my friend …

I’ve spoken about that at length. As I have the FACT I ain’t perfect, not by a long shot. My laundry list of imperfections would probably fill up several books.

Neither is it about competition, and “look Mama, I can do that too!”. Or, he or she is better than me.


It’s about competing with yourself no matter which level you’re at every single day. Baby steps. Little by little, as Emil Coue once famously pointed out ..

Relationships wise, the little aggravations – or the little sweet things you do for you significant other – add up.

Fitness wise, as I was doing an impromptu coaching session out in the park (he thought I tranief folks in yoga – no – despite my lineage, looks especially with Long hair etc – I could probably make a killing saying I’m a yoga instructor – but no – I train folks in everyday fitness – no BS) which I almost never do for anyone unless the person has good energy – and this guy did – I was telling him all the things a lot of folks whine about being “too simple” and “we didn’t pay you big bucks to be told this”.


If you can’t touch your fucking toes withour bending your darn legs it’s not me telling you things that are too simple because if it was too simple, why the hell can’t you DO it?

Posture. Most people have a forward slouch in their lower back while standing which is caused by too much modern day sitting on comfortable chairs – which shortens the hamstrings, tightens the hips and affects your performance at everything.

Squats – how you should focus on keeping the lower back straight and hip strength – not “for the quads”.

Pushups. How keeping the core tight and ass not high up in the air is something even a lot of fit folks fail at miserably…

And so forth.

How everything comes from the back of the body and core. Look at ancient Greek statues. That X shape I Tom Tom so much is NOT just for looks.

How it’s not about muscle size but muscle strength. And how flexibility is far more important than brute strength.

“You say things that are true but noone wants to hear”, laughed my new pal. That’s why they get offended.

So be it.

He didn’t.

And thats the sort of customer, trainee, or even contact I want around me my friend.

A lot of folks have told him the same things I did, but he didn’t really pay any attention (by his own admission) until I did.

Hips, hamstrings and lower back are key to everything. So is gripping right (no, stretching lats isn’t what grip is about and you DO use the darn thumb. You were given a thumb for a good reason!). You might not think it matters “that much” but it does.

“Tough class that one is” remarked another person.

But it’s tough that gets the job done, pal.

That’s how I got it done.

And focus on the little things which noone is ever too good for.

Core Fitness, my friend.

It’s not just theory or something you do “while exercising”.

It’s a way of life, like with martial arts, that you incorporate into every aspect of your life.

Trust me on this one.

My book Corrugated Core is a great, great start in that regard.

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – There is no one size fits all coaching program, either offline or online. Therefore, no fixed rate. Sure, I could have one and make more perhaps – but cookie cutter never works. Never has for me, won’t long term for you either.

It all depends upon YOUR goals, current situation, fitness levels etc. The gyms will never tell ya that while selling you membership fees that stay mostly unused for most, but I will. And am..

And always will. And thats that!

PS #2 – What’s the world coming to when you have to first ask someone “which pronoun to use” to refer to them as opposed to simply calling bearded pards running around in mini skirts men, for instance?

I mean jeez I’m very open about all this, even have another biz devoted to it, but again, geez…

These sort of things – I feel lucky I’m in India/China as opposed to back Stateside. Far more normal here in many regards…ugh.

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