Focus not so much on results, but the next GOAL.

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That can be hard to sometimes, sometimes even at the best of times. After all results are what count, why we do what we do, what we all WANT.

Yet, and I’ve said this before . Focus on what you can control, not what you (ultimately) can’t.

This afternoon walking back with the daughter we were noticing the numerous “abandoned” houses in one of the so called richest parts of town. No pride in their own houses, I told her.

But the one I live in, ie  used to live in – same.

Then she pointed out how some looked awesome from the outside. I laughed.

“But we don’t know whats on the inside!”.

And it’s true.

Look like a billion bucks outside, not have a penny to spend inside. Hehe. Applies to fitness too!

No matter what I’m doing throughout the day, where I am, my mind is always ACTIVE.

“What’s the next action I can take when I get home”.

There’s plenty of logic behind the old saying “am empty mind is a devil’s workshop”. As there is the truism of outworking everyone else no matter what. Zero excuses!

Waiting for that email to come ? Or a non sales related biz result I’ve been working very hard on as of late?

Her or him to get back to you?

A 100 pull-ups per workout?


Focus on the next goal. Especially when the results don’t show up when you want them to or even when they should.

Can be hard to do, I get it.

Take a step back.

Do something you enjoy . Not to be lazy and not do the thing but that’s how your subconscious will give you the right goal to DO next . . .

And then go DO.

Results will take care of themselves if you follow this simple principle which most don’t.

Cant do 5 pull-ups per set, perfect ones, despite months of hard effort?

Keep doing one or two , focusing on form.

Or 20 pushups per set?

Do what you can – consistently. As an old man today told me “you’re very regular”!

He wasn’t referring to the throne either. Hehe.

Consistency, and focusing on what you CAN control, DO – is key.

I know it’s hard not to obsess over results. In fact you should. But do it the right way, constructively.

Do the thing, and you shall have the power. Emerson.

The results will come.

Stay hard and keep going no matter what. Always be focus on action, and doing – something – anything – consistently . . .

Any Navy Seal , Marine, or Indian Para will tell ya that.

And thats that.



Rahul Mookerjee

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