The typical Tom Tom Schoolgirl Schofield like mentality you must avoid at ALL costs if you truly want to excel at somthing.
- Unfortunately most don't.

Twas a cold, blustery day today. Foggy, windy, biting cold – not the sort of weather you’d want to do anything outside in – let alone run half the damn city and then work out in the park. I’ll admit it. Even my 515 Wake up – tougher than usual.

Anyway, as I completed an exhausting yet exhilarating session of roadwork out there, a thought stuck me – the park is normally filled with leering do nothing Bozos I despise not because they leer but because they’re fat do nothing losers – but today it should be almost empty.

Which it was, of course, the cold didn’t deter the usual lot of fat schoolkids that cut class and apparently choose this time to show up.

So they did.

All not a day more than 16-18, if even near 18. All except one – fat. And the “one” was a skinny ass kid who can do a few kipping chinups (not pull-ups) but that’s it. The monkey bars seem to wrench his shoulder out…

… Anyway. As I was stretching, I noticed the fattest of them girls staring and trying not to ogle. I looked away instantly because I knew an excuse to badger me was coming up.

Her fat friend nudged her.

“Look, Uncle is doing stretching exercise”

(That’s why I grow my beard out. Doesn’t seem to deter the “he’s a young movie star lot” tho ugh).

The fatso responded with a cackle to the extent of “I can open my legs fully”. Can you?

She then dropped into some sorta split – admittedly not terrible, but then the other girl piped up again and again about my pull up workout.

“Tu pull up kar sakti hai”? She asked.

Can you do pull-ups?

Fatso hung on for a fraction, collapsed, and that was that. Sad, but that’s what kids fitness has come to these days. My daughter’s Taekwondo class today when she told me about the impromptu class gladdened the “cockles of my heart”, so to speak – finally something worthwhile in that otherwise utterly useless school she attends, I thought – but I was brought down to earth pretty quickly.

Only for one day, Dad! Noone was interested.

When asked what they did – some half ass butterfly move and splits and that’s that.

Reminds me of my own days – our days when we would be forced to get better at splits aka JCVD in Bloodsport – the I pose – me often almost in tears. And the instructor was no pansy either. He’d Simply laugh and tell the guy stretching me out to do MORE, not less.

I’m so glad I grew up in that era.

Reminds me also of when growing up I was praising a movie star very effusively for doing a ton of pushups and my mom (i believe) tartly replied with ” it’ll only do some good if YOU do any”. Of course she was hardly the right person to say it if she did – enough said eh – but the point stands. Or during my own semi cucked (which was still real man to most, sadly) days when i praised my Dad who was Tom Tomming a new car and the ex in an irritated manner responded with “what’s the point? He won’t let you drive it”! Again. Point taken. Stands.

But the horrible state of fitness today where being a fatso is touted as the new acceptable norm aint why I’m writing this.

It ain’t to rant about an idiotic teen either.

It’s to say that sadly, this mentality persists with many fat bozo like adults who do the same highly annoying “look Mama, I can do what Rahul did” thing when it comes to their few strong points while doing all they can to paper over their weak links with excuses galore.

What they can’t do terrifies them and intimidates them subconsciously when they see ME doing it and this is their copimg mechanism.

Yeah, movie star, TV personality – being mentioned in the same breath as other legends – very flattering.

I can just hear my lovely Chinese Jie Jie (elder sis) Maria giggling on about “Doris wants to talk to the handsome foreigner” (Doris being a female jewelry selling bozo who met me after a while and was pissed I didn’t remember her, so she started a rant about “but you used to be so fat” and now you aren’t and other rubbish while I was trekking the damnit hill)

Maria is a great girl XO. Listens to me rant, very patient with me…

But fitness ain’t a competition against Rahul or to see who can stoke my already very inflated ego more my friend.

It is,.or should be a competition against YOURSELF – daily.

So if I done ran half the dadgum city today in horrible weather my goal isn’t to sit on my shapely butt and TomTom it all over docile – not a typo – media. It ain’t my goal to whine about “how my calves hurt and I need a break, massage etc”. Or, my weak right hamstring …


It’s to do it again tomorrow in more horrible weather and more of it.

It’s about making your weak links the strong ones, not being a ridiculous Tom Tom about what you already do well.

It’s one thing for kids to do this.

But it’s the hordes of (usually the cheapskate) lard ass adults that do this that both saddens and irritates the everliving Bejesus Outta me.

YOU should be doing all you can to LEARN and benefit from me, not flatter me, get your “two minutes in the sun fame with him” (non existent sun for one hehe today) …

What good does flattering me do you?

I don’t fckn need it. Especially not from people who are not doers.

You know the kind of flattery I want?

Flatter me up and down but be flat out honest about all.

More importantly?

Flatter me, then get on track to fuckin BETTER me.

That’s what it’s about.

And being a Tom Tom, well, if you’re that sort as I wrote about on YouTube, please go hang out in the back alley with the Bozo in Brum.

Kindly don’t infest this place like many of these sorts do, hanging on to my every word. Ugh!

And certainly – do NOT buy from us if you’re a typical Tom Tom – we don’t want you or your kind or business no matter how so called lucrative…

I cater to doers – period.

And thats the bottom fuckin line, take it or leave it.

Improve yourself.

Learn from those better.

Strengthen your weak links to the point they become your strong points.

And remember it’s about competing against and bettering yourself daily, not idiotic crap like the above.

Golly, I cannot believe I’m having to restate the obvious…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I can hear a certain nutter grumbling about “he’s such a horrible fellow”


Spare me.

This and other “horrible fellows” have and get results and teach YOU how to get them too.

And thats what is the only thing that ultimately counts. Period . . .

And if you really want to shower flowery effusive praise on someone?

Do so for folks like David Goggins. Herschel Walker. The Great Gama of India. Folks who by dint of their very circumstances, skin color etc were disadvantaged from birth – and yet never made a single excuse on the way to their amazing legend status accomplishments.

Those fuckers truly do deserve it.



Actually yes I do too. But like I said, it only means something to me and I suspect any doer would say the same – if my accomplishments motivate YOU to put in and continue putting in the hard yards like I do until this day, bettering yourself day by day no matter how “good” you get or think you’re getting or have gotten.

THAT is what ultimately counts, matters.

Thank you!

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