Just what the F is so special about New Years, birthdays, festivals etc?
- As already explained on YouTube

My YouTube channel has all this in video format already, but I wanted to go over it in writing in brief (hopefully) again.

New years, eves, festivals anywhere – birthdays, anniversaries – wtf is so special about them?

In life, I’ve found true friends, true loves – including my lovely daughter who is truly lucky for me – they tend not to remember these days despite what it’s made out to be.

I still remember getting a bit sad when the lovely Carol forgot mine (I still remember hers, but I have an elephants memory – hehe).

Over the past couple of years or so it’s become crystal clear to me..

Because each day was so special.

A privilege, like Ricky Balboa said.

And so much fun!

Last night I was pissed off at all the parties going on – not because of the folks doing it, but because the noise made it impossible to sleep and the cops here could care two hoots less. They’ll laugh at you if you call them about this. Ugh.

Party all you like. I ain’t trying to be a kill joy. But why disturb the next person?

More importantly, this “expectation” to celebrate, make the day special in some way adds a lot of mental burden (irritation for me as opposed to “feeling left out years ago due to my own family situation”) to those that don’t necessarily want to celebrate…

What the hell is so important about Jan 1 that isn’t about Dec 31 or vice versa? Can you answer me logically?

It’s just another fuckin day, and don’t even get me started on them useless New Years resolutions (Video there too).

The sun rose today, though it don’t seem like it looking outdoors ..

If you have a major accomplishment you’re hoping to manifest on your birthday and it does but a day earlier or later does that make it any less special “because it didn’t manifest on your birthday”?

I don’t think so.

Man made occasions are great.

But all too often, the herd mentality creeps in.

As for me it’s well known I do not have any new years resolutions. Its just another day. Baby steps again, goals for the day, hour. Every fucking day is special if you make it so, and that’s the bottom line.


Rahul Mookerjee

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