The ONE dressing down I’ll NEVER forget!
- Interesting how life works out!

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As I recently told an old friend Anshul – who seems to be AWOL – “life’s interesting”!

And like I love to say, like the great Steve Jobs always said, life ALWAYS comes full circle. Always!

Remember the story of the old friend I met one day in the pouring rain – along with the lady (not with him – before I met him) who was walking around in the pouring rain like a soaked cat with noone to help her, the whole world looking at me crazy when I offered her an umbrella..

“lower class”

This BS Indian mentality will never end. Caste, class, religion, all this BS is part of the reason India is where it is today, light years behind China that got past all this nonsense in the Mao Era. Yup, even tyrants have good sides.

That lady smiles at me walking by everyday till now…

Anyway that’s something I’ve written about here. Search, and yer shall FIND. Basically, I was standing there waiting to pick up my kid. So was he – in a car next to me. Of course the bus was delayed, noone knew when it would come.

Finally the rain slowed. I don’t know why, but even before it did, I had an odd premonition that I “knew” the person in the car. So I did, as it turned out – as soon as he got out and asked me about “if I was waiting for the bus too” – I placed him..

Anshul, an old old buddy from school!

He didn’t recognise me, of course. Hehe.

I know you, I said. Grinning like a maniac.

Do you remember me, I asked.

He didn’t. Haha.

“Rahul, your old school friend”…

He took one long look at me.

“Rahul Mookerjee “???

And there it was.

“You used to be chubby, and now …” His voice trailed off. “Super fit!”

Link above has it all …

Anyway, why do I bring this up again?

Because it’s my birthday tomorrow (which is pissing the ex off apparently – hehe – she gets pissed everytime something good happens for me and that’s good because when she does – that negativity manifests MORE positive for me – like with my Mom).

And because I’ll always remember little Anshul standing there solemnly reassuring a very nervous Rahul – “it’s ok! I’m not greedy!”.

Standing where?

Well, it was a birthday party, Mom gave him his gift then apparently left the house, told me to shut the door behind me but not lock it. Being she has OCD for fridges (more important than humans too for her – you should see the old crap shes got stashed away since the 80’s “I love fridges!!” She keeps pouting while dad simps to it”), keys and a whole hell of a lot else she wouldn’t give me the key.

I shut the door alright. But they had those dadgumit locks that sometimes lock automatically behind you when you shut (research old school Godrej) and the damn door shut and I forgot the present but showed up anyway.

All the while I’m thinking about the dressing down Mom’s gonna give me. She gave me a hell of a lot anyway. But that one?

Remains special. I’ll never forget the accusations “what will people think, you showed up at a party without a present” – the “shhhhhh!” Look of doom she gave me.

My Mom’s a classic drama Queen. If you think my ex is bad, try my Mom. Ugh.

Hey, mom – kids mess up. Period. Making such a big deal out of it is just fucking stupid especially given your own OCD..

Even those dadgumit refrigerators

Anyway – the incident itself?

I don’t know if Anshul remembers it fully – he didn’t when I mentioned it. Haha. His response was “I’m greedy!”. LOL.

Man, those old memories die hard – so worth it.

And I’ll always remember the little guy standing there greeting the other little boy who forgot the present.

And meeting after all these years..

Truly, all happens for a reason..

Life comes full circle always!

Not quite “Jab we met” but he’s a great guy. Hehe. Dug out old pics of me I didn’t even know existed …

Life’s great!

From the old man that keeps getting younger – tomorrow’s the “special day” yet just another day for me.

And being I’m so happy i couldn’t be bothered to put in marketing links in this email. Buy if you want, don’t if you don’t. Hehe..


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My daughter was called “Hanibstress” last night by Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks, old college bud from USM and chat master el supremo – him of “floor humper” fame. Had to cackle more than a wee bit at that one!

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