Body shaming done right is exactly whats required.
- Tough love as it were .

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Yet another one of my dream insights these….

The PC sort won’t like it, but I’m not for that type anyway – the sort that whines but gets zero results.

Guy – fat guy – is standing there – washing dishes or something.

I’m talking to his woman – a pretty hot dame. Hehe. And she keeps telling him to do what I tell people. .

“Do …. Every so many round of dishes!”

In other words, exercise throughout the work day in short bursts like I’ve advocated for so long, like the world is beginning to catch on.

He mumbled something about being busy and tired.

The way the girl “humphed!” And hawed as she walked off, flicking her hips – said it all.

What a fat loser, was the very contemptuous import of the dream – the scene – as real asi is it gets – if the woman or person doing the shaming is real. .

Simply saying it has no impact until it makes people FEEL something.

Holds true for people that refuse to lose weight but know they need to, folks that are fat and can’t do Pull-ups – but claim they’re “big” (no you’re not) , have a “different body type” and all sorts of other nonsense justifying their slovenliness and poor performance…

And in all sorts of situation, not just fitness.

Many years ago, RAGE – a deep, burning rage completely unrelated to fitness was the catalyst that led to me ultimately becoming the bodyweight exercise Guru from somone who just “climbed hills” … And was a bit fat back then too! (I used to be nigh obese back in the day, folks called me out, but I’m so thick skinned I didn’t really care, but the vast majority of folks are NOT like that) …

Without that rage,nothing would have happened.

Being the nice guy, doing it nicely, things you enjoy – all these BS buzzwords don’t accomplish squat – no pun.

It has to hurt.

You gotta FEEL it in order to WANT to make the change.

And as a fat boy – “your” woman shaming you in that manner, calling you a loser indirectly for not so much your current state but not DOING the thing and making excuses – in front of another man – well, cuckolding aside, which isn’t for this biz – hehe – that’s one of the most powerful motivators ever!

Years upon years ago, I remember my father trying to (ultimately unsuccessfully, since he’s the hardly the right person to advise on a topic where he has very little experience) explain to a young me more interested in boobies than anything else “why people have sex”.

I was always very curious about sex, the whys, the wherefores. Growing up in the kind of closeted, straightlaced environment I did – where people WANT everything, HIDE and do it – but act like they’re Miss Goody Two Shoes – like my mom “almost in tears” when the teacher called in despair about “this boy is now making boobs out if handkerchiefs in front of girls”(no doubt they called the other boys parents too – how they reacted, I’ve no idea!) “I knowwwwww the sort of things you do” she yelled at me, looking every bit the hypocritical Victorian “dowager” that so sticks in memories of yore … (I mean really mom, your boys interested in sex – perfectly normal)… It just made me more sure, even at that age – that I certainly wasn’t doing anything wrong by being interested in the opposite gender.

I’m glad for all those experiences. They all led to that other biz being formed down the line. Bringing it out, as another part of my dream earlier told me (I did not understand why – now I do) openly in a SSC manner. As so many people have said “these are great books. These things need to be talked about”!

The teacher was named “Komiti Sharma ” I believe. I can just imagine her as my current old landlady, another Sharma. Life always comes full circle as I keep saying. Being the fire breathing dragon she was, we Nick named her *Komodo” at school. Hehe.

Funny how she’d whack the boys all the time, never the girls, even funnier how at that age (remember, children are children regardless of gender) that complete lack of goose and gander was never called out in India – even till this day …

Back to Dad –

It “feels” so good he went. Or if it didn’t, people would just drink whiskey (he does – I’ve never been a whiskey drinker per choice, not even Scotch etc – just beer, hehe) he went …

Interesting way of putting it but he’s right. Why do folks drink whiskey? Again, it feels – something.

Without deep seated emotion, nothing changes. Mamby pamby words to modify, mollycoddle over hard facts which ultimately require you to feel BAD – if you really want anything to change – else it won’t (why would it if you convince yourself to FEEL good about it??) Don’t work. Period.

Tough love is what is required.

Is what we have always advocated, always will.

Ask any winner in life and they will tell you the same damn thing.

And that’s that. Since I woke up at 6 – then saw something the ex didnt do despite me telling her to do it (of course she “forgot” ,- and that’s fine – to err is human – God forbid I ever do though, hehe) – did it – then went back to bed on another cold blustery day with this dream playing out in my mind – others too – and since it’s now almost 9, I better alight.

Thought of writing this on the other business if just for sexily “his” woman was swaying her hips. Oh boy. Brings back real memories I better not shame y’all with here!


Rahul Mookerjee

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