Gratefulness still exists!
- Thank you, Lorenzo!

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Not Alonzo from Training Day, hehe. This is Lorenzo from … Well, the other business where an incredibly popular book (for good reason) is being translated into Portuguese and he’s delayed on the translation, has already requested one extension which I approved, and now wants another.

Which I happily approved, and you’ll see why beneath.

” You, good sir, found a key ingredient that is missing in a lot of people’s lives!”

That I know I did. Hehe. Everyone WANTS it. Noone is willing to admit it openly and publicly though which is what the biz is all about, those hidden desires we all have yet noone is willing to acknowledge openly.

Dear Mike, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ll ask for another extention. I’ve been through hell since the Christmas holyday, a lot of medical complications made me spend money and time that I really couldn’t afford As of now, I’m unnemployed, and depending exclusively on free lancing to survive. Being able to translate and deliver this translation is very important to me. Could you please grant me a second (and last) chance?

Also.. regardless of you accepting or not my request to extend the deadline once again… I’d like to thank you for your book, and write you a translator’s review. I can send to your e-mail if you want to (along with what I’ve translated so far). Not only it worked with me, but also, I’d like to share with you some of my own experiences with brazilian girls that are trully into (chopped), and I’ve attracted using the tips in your work. You, good sir, found a key ingredient that is missing in a lot of people’s lives! I wish you grant me the chance to finish the work, but again, regardless of what you say, I must let you know how thankful I am for your good and honest work.

Now THIS is the sort of person I want in my life.

Problems happen. Sometimes, lots of issues occur but clear, honest and open communication is key, and he’s doing that right.

Lots of you on the list don’t leave reviews though everyone should – and like I said, I’m getting sick of asking and constantly being ignored. This guy is bringing it up himself – a true doer!!

He hasn’t sent me the tales of the Brazilian girls he’s attracted using what I taught him – but I’m sure he will soon, and I’ll share them here with you when he does.

That’s the sort of person I want in my life.

Paula, who I’ve spoken about often is another..

My web hosts are another – they are the best guys ever, their entire team from top to bottom is filled with the nicest and most grateful people ever.

And that’s that my friend. If YOU get this email – remember, we are still fixing bugs with our downloads delivery systems – so if you purchase something and you don’t have access to the download, just contact me (good idea to do that anyway!) – and it will be emailed over to you.

Show some support my friend. Don’t just sit there, read and click away. Place a pre order for our latest course, or purchase one of our subscriptions.

Or, simply contribute what you can.

Leave reviews.

All of it really helps!

Or, just unsubscribe if you’re not interested in doing any of the above. Please, again, do not sit there and do nothing. That’s just sickening and pathetic to the nth degree. Sorry to say it, but it’s true.

Fitness for some reason has become a bottom of the barrel “$.99 blue light special ‘ attracting industry. Unless it’s the bloody gym with the most useless crap I’ve ever seen in my life (lat pulldown, idiot chest press etc) – the vast majority of people expect nothing but “free” when it comes to fitness.

Logically, that makes no sense, it’s like anything else. You pay for the experience, knowledge etc.

Yet, over the past few days ive been dealing with – in addition to what I wrote here

People making all the excuses in the world to not buy though they want it – and DELAYING said purchase.

Whining, or not – about significant other’s not “allowing” then to purchase. Really. If you let your woman do that as a man, you’re just pathetic my friend – more to the point, I ain’t your goddamned counselor in that regard. Just freaking do it already.

Then folks who claim an extra $6 will break the bank. (Some PayPal currency conversion issue). Really, my friend. Just what can anyone do with an extra $6 these days?? That’s just another excuse to delay a long overdue purchase and you bloody well know it (if you’ll be LOGICAL about it). Then I give this guy another way to send me money, sure enough, it’s put on the backburner. Dude has enough time to notice something even my observant ass normally wouldn’t – the China address on the invoice – but not to pull out his card and PAY already. Geez.

Like I said last night I’m sick of this lot. They are about to go on permanent block again email wise.

I’m not so sure what to do on the site. Some of you have purchased in the past, but turned into lookie lous now … Non doers. Don’t be surprised if you get an account deletion email … I really don’t want this sort plugging up my energy fields more than necessary.

Look man,bottom line. People find a way to get what it is they really want either by hook or by crook. If you haven’t done that for years, chances are you don’t care anymore and that’s fine. Just move on. I will too. Like I did with my ex last year. It cost me a lot of hell, not financially but otherwise – more than what most will ever go through in their lives, but I’m so glad it happened. And I’m willing to go through that again if required here.

And that’s that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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