“Because I LOVE pull-ups”
- No you dont, you fool.

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I’ve often said and have made NO bones about the fact that women often out perform men in pull-ups, handstand Pushups etc – no, not because they’re lighter or have less muscle.

It’s because of two things.

One, these are traditionally (and are) viewed as tough exercises requiring lots of strength, conditioning and coordination. Therefore, they’re viewed as something men – real men – do – assuming they do them right.

Most bloated fat pot bellied beer guzzling men whining about “I’m big but not fat” don’t qualify as real men.

Neither do bloated muscle heads at the Jim. We will get to that – reason two? Women are far less ego driven in this regard than men. Far more willing to learn…and implement, and not complain or make excuses.

A lot, at any rate.


I saw yet another perfect example of this on Twitter today – a lady pumping out perfect chin ups (I’m sure she will work up to pull-ups!) And doing handstand walk outs, one of the best exercises ever.

Beneath that I saw the caption on another post which made it to the title of this email.

Cool I thought. I looked at the guy. Bloated huge muscles, typical boobybuilder but at least he wasn’t fat – though he will be once he gets off the roids. .

Then I almost puked.

The guy was doing less than quarter pull-ups and pumping his triceps after each rep.

I honestly hold such guys that mangle a great exercise like this on the same very low plane of regard that I hold guys that perform bouncy pushups and jump up and down about numbers and not form.

Look, man. If you’re not going to get your bloody Chin over the bar, or at least work up to it, or just do quarter half ass reps with no dead hang?

Then I request you NOT to do the exercise – period.

At least don’t disrespect the great exercise!

Really, people like that piss me off, and I go out of my way to avoid them. Especially fat whiny fucks who do nothing to improve their condition yet whine about it anyway …

No, you dont have a different body type. You’re fat, bloated, the most unfunctional muscle ever and that’s the bottom line. In this case, it’s truly men that have more than a thing or two to learn from the so called weaker gender.

And that’s the bottom line.

My great compilation on pull-ups will get you kicking ASS in no time flat if you put your ego aside and do what I tell you.

If that’s you, buy the damn book NOW.

If that ain’t you, leave the site NOW.

And that’s that.

Buh bye.


Rahul Mookerjee

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