Accented pushups?

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Ill nes  ver forget the black dude – our R.A. in the dorm standing next to me in the bathroom one morning while we were brushing our teeth and the quizzical “shake my head, wtf” look he once gave me.

I was saying good morning and other normal stuff.

Every time I did, this friendliest of friendly dudes shook his head as if in despair.

“Man, what language you be speaking!!!”.


I spoke perfect English. Down south though, you gotta speak Southern, have the drawl and with a UK/Indian accent I had at the time, for some reason the white dudes understood me perfectly well. Not so most black guys tho.


Nothing racist about that.

Just fact as it happened. As TEMB once told me “this is hilarious. I was raised and born here and Habib Milakuwhat XXII speaks way better English than I”.


Another fact.

Anyway, that was the day this callow at the time 17 year old realised he had to start using what he always naturally had – his chameleon like capabilities..

Three months later I remember my uncle, who has been in the US for 30 plus years now saying the following – “we couldn’t do it in all these years. He did it in three months”.

Quicker, actually. In fact I internalized the right accent for the moment so much that even consciously NOT trying to drawl, I remember my first boss Uncle J telling me upon meeting me at the airport in FL (job related) “oh, trust me, it shows’.

The charming Southern drawl that is. Haha.

But anyway – what does this have to do with pushups?


I’ve been doing 300-500 daily for months now.

Not missing one single day. Woke up today after 2 hours of sleep at 4 AM and got right down to it.

And the more I see people doing what they consider pushups, jerking up and down horribly, mangling form in favor of high rep count, terrible core stability (you shouldn’t be slouching in the core!) – the more I think “wtf exercise is this”.

Pushups, my friend, and especially high rep pushups turn you into a female attracting beast as a man in a savage, raw manner that few exercises other than the pull-up can – but you have to do them correctly.

If all you do is sets of 50 slow basic pushups with proper form, or even 10 or whatever you can do NOW – you’ll have a core of steel like few other workouts can give you.

And that’s a fat Jack.

Fact. Hehe.

But you gotta do them right. Most don’t. And my course, by far THE premier course on pushups every serious fitness enthusiast MUST have – teaches you how.

Grab it right here.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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