Am I crazy for so called overtraining?

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People look at “how fit I am” and call me crazy for continually pushing for MORE – not “resting easy”.

Truth is, with my routine I could do so and still be in far better shape overall than most folks out there – 99.9% in fact.

But that isn’t me.

I compete with the rarest of the rare. If you want to be rare? Put in the work. Compare yourself to and better the best. Forget the bullshit of “the only competition you have is with yourself”. Stupid advice like most out there. See how good that makes you feel when I flirt with and steal your woman from right under your nose and she,.like a certain Venus drives you to my apartment later “because she misses me”. True tale. Hath repeated so many times. And it’s fact. I mention it not to Tom Tom but to drive a point home that needs to be.

The other day – yesterday in fact, I was talking to an older lady whose two daughters I “like” … Enough said? Hehe.

18 and 20.

18 year old is a lard ass. Not quite like I used to be, but getting there.

“And why not” chimes in Mom. All she does it sit and eat.

20 year old is a beautiful dark skinned girl complaining about her hair falling out. I told her to oil it as opposed to shampoo. Funny she didn’t think of that being a beautician herself, or at least taking the damn course.

Everything artificial in it, you’re right, Mom said.

Like that food we all eat, I went.

And it’s true. Laborers for one work all day carrying heavy stuff etc, yet, the number of bellies on display when I moved to my new apartment a week or so ago made me wonder who the real laborer was.

Too much eating, too much drinking, especially the latter. And…

“People just don’t want to walk”, she went on…

Not me, I laughed back. I was feeling on top of the world anyway…

“That’s why you’re so super fit!” She replied.

Everyone can be, I said.

Sadly not everyone thinks like you, she responded.

What a pity. Health wise they should I responded.


People call me crazy for overtraining.


“Badi tond leke ghum rahe hai, apko pagal bolte hai”, went lady .

(It must be those fools with big protruding bellies, usually men, that say that).

She’s right. It’s pathetic, the number of men patting their bellies as a badge of honor, complaining about different body types, being big but not fat etc…

You’re fat. Simple as that. Probably lazy too.

Stairs are an apt metaphor for life. You’re either going up or down physically.

Like Claude Bristol rightly said in the Magic of Believing – the minute you pause to rest on your laurels is the minute success – at anything – takes wings and flies away. Indeed it’s a fickle bird. And so it SHOULD be. Lots of suitors.

Some try and emulate my example but fall by the wayside a couple of days later.

Useless. You need dedication, purpose, Gumption but most importantly the BIG D people conveniently ignore.

Discipline. Without it you’re less than nothing.

Do I feel like training hard, pushing myself daily?

Hell fuck no.

But I push anyway.

Thats what winners do. If I do one more pushup, I’m ahead. If I do one less, I’m falling behind.

Holds true for life, biz, fitness. Anything. Same principles apply.

“But it’s too hard”.

Yes, you fool. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be worth it or have respect attached to it..

Everyone respects someone that is supremely fit. Deep down inside they know the work the person put in.

And for men, it’s the only kind of respect that matters. Not your car, house, bank balance. All of that is great, don’t get me wrong.

But it’s when you stand toe to toe with another man and measure him up is where respect really comes into play. And therefore fitness.

Ask Jeff Bezos, he will tell you that too!

“Easy”, “no more effort needed”. Women might be able to get away with that. Babies and children can.

Not men.


I just got done with 25*5 flights of stairs. Maybe 26 and why?

Because I think I lost track in between.

And everytime I do that, I add on another rep anyway.

You overtrain, I can just hear the idiots whine.

Oh well

From the crazy one.

The 0 Excuses Fitness system.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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