Do the thing – and you shall HAVE the POWER!

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That’s what it all boils down to really. The sage of Concord said it best.

Do the thing, and you shall have the power. It’s that fucking simple, folks.

One of the most pressing problems in today’s world in all regards – laziness and INACTION.

There are many others too.

But, we will focus on action without which literally nothing, results included – MOVES.

Listening to a group of folks blather on about how extremely fit I am, chiseled, model like “at my age” (and before you start on the age factor, if you’re using age as an excuse for inaction and lack of results you’re not only being illogical but also a complete loser) etc etc, I said the following (which pissed some of them off).

Shut your yap, I growled. Join me. Do the thing (fitness wise).

Praise is great. Thank you very much.

But it makes me much happier if you actually DO.

Like my Mom said once a long time ago, just watching him do pushups and gushing lyrical don’t cut the bacon boy.

She was right.


Talk less.

Waffle even lesser.

Tell folks to skip breakfast and preferably lunch too for supreme health, the whining starts again despite one of the fittest individuals on the planet advising them. And they wanted advice. I don’t waste energy where it’s not wanted.

Well, don’t listen to me then.

Do it yourself.

You’ll see what I mean. Watch and FEEL that inner beast (or Goddess as a woman) emerge. Then, and only then, open thy yap.

“I have a different body type, no time”.

Whine, whine, whine.

“Less is more”.

An euphemism for “I’m a lazy fucker scared of hard work and my lack of results show that”.

“In big but not fat”.


Real arrogance is not responding with “extremely fit” when people ask me “How are you”.

That’s real CONFIDENCE.

I’ve earned it in spades and continue to do daily.

Real arrogance is whining about different body types, no time etc when you know damn well the Creator created all of us equal. When you know darn well you have the same 24 hrs in the day Rahul Mookerjee does. Yada, nada, schnada..

Lack of results?

Train harder.

Not getting what you want out of life?


I talk about training fixing all ultimately and it’s true, even more so as a man.

Because it’s something you can DO.

Something you can always control.

Money, customers, girls, people etc. You cannot always control all these, or the circumstances surrounding them, but you CAN control you.

Your mind, your body.

Train both equally hard.

DO more. I often lose track of how many times I climbed five flights of stairs during my 30*5 daily climb.

In that heat, sweat dripping off shower style , like Kelly said “this is real climbing” it’s tempting to think “I did one more than I think”.

I force myself to realise I likely did one less.

And I add on two more as punishment.

DO, fella, DO.

Waffle less.

Waste less time.

And that’s what it boils down to.

0 Excuses Fitness gives you stellar bodyweight workouts and exercises you can do anyplace, anytime, do enough of them, you’ll turn into a beast bonafide – or was that the other way around in no time..

And that’s that.



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