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Feline Fitness x 1000

Become a human JAGUAR


You truly CAN eat MORE– and weigh LESS on these routines!

Solid read for those who are SERIOUS about training

As a current coach, I’m always on the lookout for varying types of workout routines for my athletes. After reading Rahul’s book, I’m re-energized as to a new perspective I can share with my team(s). I’ve tried some of his ‘sample workouts’, and believe me- they’re NOT easy but the results are spectacular. Highly recommended.

Terrence Scott Miller, CO, USA

And there’s more to come, but first …


Wankers, WACKOS, “price shoppers”, “lookie lous” and “Doubting Thomas and Jane’s” NOT WANTED!

Dear Reader,

(I had to say the part in green above because of the wack jobs that this course attracts that don’t want to “do the thing” or the Bozo-nators that claim it’s impossible to do what I say, despite my STELLAR track record of doing just that and more).

(If thats you, well, great – please DO click AWAY tho as this ain’t for YOU).

Otherwise … lets GO, BRO! (or Sis)

But anyway … where was I?

Ah yes!


They say the best memories stand out – for a lifetime, and so do the toughest.

Your first “love”.

The first time you got your ass kicked by the “school bully” – or worse.

Your first “time” (if you get my drift, and I’ll keep it PG rated, don’t worry ;)).

Your first BEER. Your first trip abroad. Your first … ah, but you get the point, don’t you?

First impressions are what count in life, my friend, and first times (for anything) are NO LESS memorable.

And so it was the first time all those years ago, that I climbed that hill that KICKED my ass …

The mighty JAGUAR taking off on an ALL OUT SPRINT!

But we’ll get there. First, a bit about the lovely Ann Lee

And first impressions, and more …

When I asked Ann Lee if she wanted to be my girlfriend, and why her answer applies to YOU in terms of FITNESS and anything, really.

And getting THIS COURSE too!

At the outset, I’ll say it.

I’m one of those rare jackasses that never “proposed” to a girl.

Never particularly went down on a knee to her.

Never did the flowers thing.

My dates have all included lots of groping around in the right places (how dare I, I know) and a ton of BEER (my wife told me before she started dating she’d “slap” someone who drank too much beer, or ANY beer, actually, and the first date? I Think she gorged on wings and I downed three bottles. Hehe).

Anyway, she DID slap my hand away in terms of the groping.

So did Ann Lee, her of the HILL fame hehe.

But Ann didnt mind me drinking beer, of course.

IN fact, I still remember her complaining in a pouty manner one fine night when I was drunker than a skunk and stil wanted another beer, but felt compelled to get it myself.

“You should have told me!” she went.

And she got me TWO MORE. LOL.

She had Korean background, I believe. Them gals can drink.

Charles (the friend) told me “how lucky I was”.

But being the FIRST date we had was on the hill, and then the BEER bash later on … well, the beer bash happened later. But after the first date, the LAST thing I had on my mind was groping.

Beer yes.

But I’ve written about how that climb made me feel like a MACK truck ran over me, hehe.

And ALL I could think about was collapsing ont he couch. LOL. And I did, with a cold beer.

She kept calling.

Finally I “got it”.


I can be nothing if not SLOW at times. LOL again.

And I asked her, not being one of the wuss puss type of guys who takes forever for anything.

“Ann, tell me something” .

“Do yo uwant to be my girfriend? YES, or no! Just say it!”

The response was instant.


Or, actually … the way she said it was …


And it was so emphatic, so strident, so “yes”, that I myself felt silly for not noticing it before.

After all, why would she invite me out on dates etc ….

Anyway, this isn’t a treatise on how to pick up girls.

It’s about how she replied.

And it’s NOT about the sagas that went on later.


There it was.

White hot.

No if, buts, or maybes like Chloe Lee (NOT related) keeps talking about.

Ann was a solid gal!

(and I dont mean physically – she was slim as a …. reed!)

(but she wouldn’t let me grope her on the first date, but was more than happy to grope yours truly on date #2, and the beer! Some good times, hehe).

Anyway, THAT is what I want with my customers.

“Lets get started on handstand training … BRO!”

(no, THIS book has no handstands – I’m just sayin’!)


“John, the book on Animal Kingdom Workouts is coming a day ahead of time!”


Mark, the grip book is on it’s way.


Thats how I FEEL when I buy something like this.

And thats WHO I market my stuff too.

YOU, the white hot CENTER BASE of my list – and AUDIENCE!!


And that, my friend is what it’s about. Enthusiasm, and if th eTrumpinator was reading this, he’d nod his head an dagree.


And thats what I want from the PERSON that BUYS this course.

I dont want the jack ass (or JILL ASS) posers and those that think “it might not work” or its just sales. 

If you’re thinking “how dare he” while you read this, well think away but do NOT get this course.

If you’re a Mama’s boy, sissy, pansy, or what not – and ARE NOT READY TO TURN INTO A REAL MAN – a FORCE OF NATURE – to be RECKONED WITH – DONT GET THIS!!!

If you’re not ready for SECRET, “from the trenches” BATTLEground (so to speak) info – that you cannot find on the internet as I teach – well – GREAT – but do NOT get the course.

If you’re READY FOR THE SECRET – well – GET IT!

But first, a bit more on my FAVORITE HILL!

And thank you, HILL! MUCHO – GRATITUDE!

My Hill WORKOUT – from a different life

Many years ago, I used to be posted in China.

Before that, I was in the U.S., and while I used to work out regularly there, and continued to do so when I came to China, for some reason, I wasn’t getting the results I desired.

And at the time, I wasn’t sure why – I trained hard, did many of the same exercises I teach NOW, but I simply wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Now, part of the reason was that I didn’t know what I do NOW about fitness and diet, but it wasn’t the entire story, and I didn’t know it back then. I was still getting stronger, and wasn’t fat – but I was beginning to put on more weight around the midsection than I’d have wanted to, and my stamina wasn’t quite up to the mark. And the worst part was, I didn’t have a clue as to how to improve.

Anyway, one hot balmy evening, my (then) girl-friend introduced me to a nearby hill, something I’d always known was there, but for whatever reason, had neglected to visit. It was quite a famous “landmark” in the area, and quite a high hill, so we decided to climb that hill.

The mighty HILL – a.k.a Qi Feng mountain in Dongguan, Southern China

Now, to give you some sort of an idea of how tall that hill was, it took about 20 minutes to climb up at a decent clip, and about 10 minutes or so to get back down. There were various routes up the hill – some with stairs, and some without. Anyway, so I figured it was no big deal, and we started to climb.

And I still remember that first climb – I thought I was strong and in pretty decent shape, but boy was I WRONG…that was a TOUGH, TOUGH climb!

I must have downed about a gallon of water after the climb, managed to stumble home, and onto the couch, and that was that for the night.

The next day, I felt like a train ran over me.

My body was sore all over – especially my thighs, which felt like they’d been reduced to a pulverized mass of jelly. My back was sore – and I hadn’t even done any pull-ups the day before. And my forearms were feeling it as well, which to me was the most mystifying of all.

How on earth could my entire body be sore from just climbing up a hill?

Well, to cut a long story short, a few days later, I started to climb this hill daily (as part of my regular routine).

I’d come home from work, climb, and then do my bodyweight stuff. I’d climb no matter what the weather was like, no matter how I felt – in short, nothing short of an earthquake would stop me from getting my daily climb in. Folks used to look at me as if I was crazy when I used to start my SECOND walk up the hill (after climbing and descending it once) – but I soon got used to it (and so did they).

And what results did I get? Well, for starters …

  • Within a matter of weeks, I had dropped TWO whole waist sizes – something I’d never been able to do even as a teenager.
  • My chest was broader, and I felt a new strength in my back – this without doing anything out of the ordinary for those parts. And despite not doing a single rope jump, or squat, or other movement for the legs, they became pillars of strength – my thighs in particular.
  • My resting pulse dropped from around 90 to 70 in a matter of WEEKS, and I felt like a new man. And ALL of this can be attributed directly to the hill climb.

There’s more, and I could write an entire book simply on the BENEFITS I got, and you will get, but for now, my point of saying this is not to blow my own bugle or boast about my achievements – but to show you the immense potential of training on hills. My own workout gives you an idea of what hill training can do for you.

Imagine what climbing a hill daily, or even three times a week would do for YOU?

I miss that hill – and always will. I don’t have hills right now where I live, but make do with what I have (stairs, inclined surfaces etc) – but nothing can quite mimic a real, steep hill.

So if you are lucky enough to have hills around where you live, then incorporate them into your routine – and you’ll be hooked once you see what you can achieve via this form of training!

And if you do NOT have hills nearby … as most of us don’t, well – worry NOT – these routines can be just as easily ported over to FLAT land as they can the hills or slopes. Or stairs . Or inclines. Or subway stairs. Or apartment complex stairs!!

You get the POINT, my friend. Where there is a will, there is a way – – and Advanced Hill Training will SHOW you that WAY.

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(Available as an ebook – yours IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of payment!)

Eating MORE – – and truly WEIGHING LESS

The Premier COURSE on FAT BURNING – and QUICK. 

If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds appealing to YOU, you’re at the right page – so keep reading, my friend.

If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds ludicrous and downright unbelievable to you – – well, you’re still at the right place – – although you’re wrong and you’ll soon find out why.

If the idea of burning – nay, incinerating body fat off yourself quicker than lard off a greasy pork chop on a George Foreman grill sounds appealing – – well – – READ ON!

And yes – you read the “quicker” part right. These routines will literally start to melt fat off your body as you DO the actual exercises. You’ll literally see your body “changing shape” before your very eyes as you huff, puff and pant like NEVER before.

The sweat will start pouring within the space of a few seconds – – and the heart will start pounding like a runaway sledgehammer on speed.

Your ENTIRE body will shake from head to toe after about 10 seconds or so of doing some of these routines at the right cadence – – and a minute – – or 2 minutes?

Well, let’s just say that even advanced BODYWEIGHT trainees will fall flat on their faces the first time they attempt some of the stuff I’m outlining here. And the average gym goer – – well, he (or she) will be doing good to simply get into some of the positions mentioned here in let alone actually “go” for any period of time in terms of the exercises.

And amidst all this you’ll lose weight – – OODLES of it, and FAST!

Now, if you’ve already invested in the 0 Excuses Fitness System you know just how effective those routines are at blasting fat and building muscle  – – while simultaneously also increasing flexibility and endurance throughout the entire body – – and making you feel like a BILLION bucks, my friend.

You know the importance of deep breathing, and the benefits contained therein – – and the sheer BUZZ you get from deep breathing the right way – – a buzz that cannot be replicated via any other activity.

And you KNOW that routines need NOT take forever to be effective. In fact, you can get in a tremendous fat blasting workout within 8 minutes or less if you’ve been following me, and I’m not kidding.

But THIS course – – and the FAT INCINERATING benefits go WAY BEYOND what I taught you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Let’s just say that you can get a SMASHING workout in within LESS than 3 minutes – – and burn about three times the amount of fat you would than if you simply did the 0 Excuses Fitness stuff.

Combine both, and you’ll get in SUPER shape so quickly that your body will literally “change before your very eyes”. In fact, it’s NOT an exaggeration to say that you might as well drop more than 7-10 kgs a WEEK if you follow the routines contained therein religiously and mix them in with a healthy dose of 0 Excuses Fitness as well.

Those numbers are approximations, of course. You may and probably will lose more, or you may lose marginally less but lose fat you will, my friend. You WILL – there are NO two ways about that.

Let me repeat that – you WILL BLAST, INCINERATE and ELIMINATE every little bit of nasty LARD off your ENTIRE frame while “moulding a new you” right in front of your very eyes if you do what I tell you in this course.

A personal example: Y’all reading this know well enough that I’m by no means a “beginner” at training.

You know well enough that I’m already in super shape – – and yet – – I’m never satisfied, my friend (and neither should you be).

In fact, when folks tell me I’m in great shape I smile – – acknowledge it – – and then get back to training – – EVEN HARDER!

That is correct. NO sitting around and resting on my “laurels” for this cat. Always a new peak to conquer – – and many ways in which to do it.

Anyway, as I walked down to a nearby restaurant tonight to get my food, I figured I’d use their weighing scales once to see how much I weighed.

(The picture to the right shows the exact restaurant where I did this. Not sure what prompted me to put that pic there – – but hey – – they were the ONLY guys open during Chinese New Year – – so a huge, huge shout out of GRATITUDE to these guys!)

I should of course mention that I had done this last night as well around 9:00 P.M. or so, and I weighed around 65.4 kgs at that point.

So you may think it’s pointless to try and check again – – but the POINT was that I did a LOT of stuff differently today in my training, my friend – – mostly stuff that I’ve mentioned in this course – – and my body just “felt” different if that means anything.

So, weighted myself – – and presto – – what do I see?

65 kgs!

That  is 0.4 kgs lost within the space of a few hours – – or more accurately the few minutes I spent working on these exercises on the hill today!

Granted, I did my 0 Excuses Fitness routines before that. Granted, I mixed it all with a healthy dose of “Shoulders like Battletanks” – – but yet – – I do all that on a regular basis, and it was THIS stuff – – that I’m gonna present to you NOW in this course that really blasted the fat off today!

And note this – – I had a couple of beers last night as well. Nothing really “over the top”, but you’d think that this would, if anything, cause my weight to “increase” if only by a tiny percentage?

Not so, my friend. The scales didn’t and don’t lie!

So that right there should be enough to convince you off the fat burning “potency” of what I’m going to bring to you in this course.

And that right there was what CONVINCED me to put together my knowledge on this into a simple and easy to digest course for YOU – so YOU can get the same benefits that I do on a regular basis. 

You’ll need a hill for it – – sure, or an INCLINE – – a natural one. You can supplement stairs for hills for SOME of the stuff mentioned therein, but really – – this is an advanced FAT BURNING course, so please know that a hill is pretty much a pre-requisite.

Of course, that don’t mean I’m asking you to scale Mount Everest here, my friend.

You really only need a hill that is so steep that  it takes you about 30 minutes of huffing and puffing your tail off to get to the top.

More to the point, you only really need ONE of those sloping, super steep, meandering paths that gets to the top to implement these routines and exercises. 

That is correct, my friend. That is ALL you need.

The hill I climb – – and the one that I mentioned so many times before is just – – get this – – about 200 meters tall.

That’s right. 200 meters. Some of the other ones I climb are around 350-400 meters tall – – still by no means Mt. Everest.

But again – – you just need a PART of that hill to implement your training, my friend.

That, and of course the secret KEY to rapid fat loss – – along with the secret TOOLS you need to implement this KEY properly.

Last, but not least – though the routines should be done on inclines for optimal benefits – in a worst case scenario you can just as easily port ’em over to flat land – and they’ll work just as well. The hills just add extra oomph and BUTT KICKS to a set of routines that burn fat like nothing else can.

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

(sold as a PDF – download INSTANTLY after making payment!) 


This Hill follower, him!

The great and IMMORTAL “Napoleon Hill”


A bit of an esoteric note here, but hang with me, it’s worth it …

My dream – the specifics of it are coming BACK to me HOURS and HOURS after I actually had ’em.

Considering most people forget their dreams seconds after awaking, I’d say that is pretty good. . .

The wonders of the mind, my friend.

(and there was a reason the word “Charles” popped up and “LinkedIn”, hehe).


Well, I’ve made no secret of the fact that my dreams ARE prophetic, with proof. I’ve made no secret of the fact that they’ve warned me of dangers (or good things) in advance – “introduced” me to people I never really met until weeks later, and many other things.

And you should know right NOW, my friend, that I dont talk a lot (really, I do, LOL) – but whatever I DO say – is straight from the heart, TRUE and makes sense.

I’m MORE than qualified, for instance, to put out the “first” course on success that I have – Zero to Hero! – and motivational reads such as Gumption Galore!

Or, the Fitness Central series.

Or, Fitness Pioneer …

(hey – there’s a second volume out too!)

(The Bozo said it right though when he said “I’m a pioneer in many regards“!)

Or any of the non fitness related stuff I do. And believe me, there is a TON of it.

Now, where was I.

I’ve lost my train of thought. Scroll up time…

Anyway, in the dream I believe Charles and another person (with gorilla traps, hehe) was accusing me of being a “Hill Follower”.

Well, to put it bluntly …

That I am my friend!

I dont follow many people at all. Perhaps not even ONE.

But I DO learn and regard certain people are being gurus.

Claude Bristol and Napoleon Hill are the only two – Dr Maxwell Maltz too. Three.


(Don’t believe in the spiritual? 

Well, the LIGHT just flickered twice as I wrote this -and it hasn’t all day. I truly do believe that Claude Bristol and Napoleon Hill are still here, if not in PERSON!) 

Other than that, there are people I greatly admire and enjoy reading their stuff etc – but the above three are truly without PEER in my book.


That knew their shit inside out – left right and center, and so forth.

Much like I am with fitness.

Rahul Mookerjee’s knowledge of Physical Culture is without peer and if you want to acquire that knowledge then I suggest you pay what he’s asking and if that’s too much for you? Then that as they say is “life”.

There is a reason a former Samurai said this …

But anyway, Hill.

There is another hill I’ve been following all my life without wanting it.

(Yes, this page is about FITNESS. And we’re back to that now! But really – spiritual and sixth sense, how do you think ANIMALS in the wild function? ) 

(Your sixth sense works WAY BETTER Than any “logic” you could use…) 

The mighty tiger lying in wait for the RIGHT MOMENT. It often stalks it’s prey for days, but when it’s time to go – BAM! SIXTH SENSE, INSTINCT. IT – KNOWS!


Back to fitness, tho …

(But yes, you WILL develop the speed of a WILD CAT on these routines!)

The hill HERE.

And yes, it’s the same hill I speak of so often.

It not only has a special place in my heart, but the SUBCONSCIOUS too!

And much like that other skill I spoke about which even your greatest detractors CANNOT say anything against, and wont want to oddly enough – the hill is one of these things too.

Trolling aside, the trolls have never bothered to troll me on the specifics of hill climbing, sprints etc.

Of course, for a Bozo whose only sprint is from “table and chair in Mama’s dark, dark, basement, cobwebs hanging off wall, that COMPUTER (and another unmentionable) being the center of the Universe – with beer in hand -> commode” – he certainly isnt qualified to anyway!

But yes, I am a hill follower.

Thats why that hill has found me, or I’ve found it – despite long breaks – all my life.

All my life, myf riend.

And that looks set to continue.

We truly CANNOT get away from who we really, really are at our DEEPEST CORE …

And thats a truism even the Bozos and “non doers” and wankers and “basement dwelling Cheetos crunching Mama’s Boys”  will agree with, hehe.

The SECRET key(s) to burning FAT off your body QUICKER than ever before

And building the SPEED and STRENGTH OF A JAGUAR in the WILD!

Hint – it’s not long drawn out routines at the gym.

It’s NOT sessions on the treadmill – – and it certainly isn’t “pounding the pavement” for hours until your bones, joints and muscles literally CREAK with exhaustion.

All of that does nothing but age you faster – – and really gets you nowhere closer along the path to blasting off fat off your body quicker than ever before.

Those of you that have read 0 Excuses Fitness KNOW the secret – – and it is – – INTENSITY.


Intense routines – – done with minimal rest in between sets, and the PROPER breathing is the TICKET to rapid weight loss and superb conditioning, my friend.

Bodyweight exercises are the key here – – but what about if you want to take the fat burning effects of (already excellent) bodyweight workouts to the NEXT level – – or planet – – or solar system altogether?

You use another KEY to unlock the “next level” and it’s RAPID fat blasting benefits.

AND THE “hidden” SECRET KEY that gets you there?

Part of it is training on inclines – – slopes – – and more specifically, HILLS.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I mentioned that hill training was one of the secret keys to getting fit quick, and STAYING super fit no matter what, and it’s so true my friend.

But what I did NOT mention (at least not specifically) were the hidden keys or “tricks” that you need to use on hills to really start blasting those pesky little fat cells from the inside out – – and mould a new you so rapidly that you’ll be shaking your head in amazement and saying “Hallejullah” as you observe the changes taking place in your body.

Walking hills is great for fat loss, but walking alone can’t even begin to hold a candle to the some of the things I’ve mentioned in this course.

And just so you know – – the secret tool I am talking about is unlike most of what I normally talk about.

It’s NOT pushups, pull-ups – – or even handstand pushups or reverse pushups although all these are excellent “must do” exercises for any one that is seriously interested in bodyweight training.

And while walking or jogging up hills is something a lot of folks love to do, THIS course goes way past that. Sure, those are required – – but those are hardly really get the heart pumping so to speak.

No – – it’s something that you have likely never HEARD of or done before. Yet, on the other hand it’s something so amazingly simple that once you know what it is you’ll be shaking your head in disbelief going “Oh my! How come I did not think of THAT before”?

You’ll also be the focus of onlookers as you train – – folks that look at you curiously and wonder “just what the heck is going on!”.

And once you’re done with each set, you’ll notice folks looking at you – – specifically, your “carved” midsection with admiring glances as they pass on by and you prepare for another set.

You’ll find out what this secret way to train is in the course – – but for now … you will also get to see what

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

(sold as a PDF – download INSTANTLY after making payment!) 

What a 500 lb DRUG FREE benchpresser had to say about my workout on the HILL

Steps, steps and more steps – around 1200 at a time (give or take on one climb). I trained exclusively this way for YEARS!  (and I haven’t even gotten to the steep ones, heh)

The SAME workouts I’m bringing you … PLUS MORE!

“That’s great!! Are you in the military??”

Years ago, in 2004 I believe (and I said this in my last comm to you as well) I used to hike a hill – – but do so LATE at night.

During a period there even did it at the heat of NOON – when the sun was at it’s ZENITH – and I still remember my heart literally trying to pound its way out of my chest, and it felt like I was “breathing fire” – – quite literally!

Anyway, at that point I worked a full time job from which I’d get home rather late on occasion.

I’d get home at 7 – sip a cup of green tea – which was a change I made back then (I used to drink a ton of coffee when in the U.S., but switched to green tea after being posted to China, and never looked back), and then head on to the hill for my workout.

I’d take the steps up one way – – and I’d take the “long sloping” path down.

This seemed to give me the best workout back then – – note, of course, that was before I started to climb it twice – and then thrice – and then more – at which point it literally stopped being a challenging workout, hehe.

It would be about 9 or so by the time I got back home.

Remember, this hill was a 10-15 walk back and forth, so you gotta factor that in too, along with the 25-30 minutes or so it took to climb the hill, and then the 12-15 it took to descend.

The lights would be on full blast, of course at that time, so there was no need to bring my old trusty Nokia phone along, hehe. Note those were the days before dumbphones were all the rage …

Upon getting back home I’d drink a bottle of water straight up.

Remember, this is Southern China we are referring to, and it was HOT AND HUMID (we actually HAD four seasons back then as opposed to NOW) … and the sweat would POUR off me as I climbed.

In fact I wouldn’t be lying to tell you I was SOAKED in sweat by the end of that hike – all over – as if I had got drenched in a torrential downpour (which often happened too – but that’s another story!).

And then I’d do bear crawls, pushups, pull-ups (I had a chinning bar at home) – – and finally call it a day- – before settling down to a … well, NOT so healthy meal in many regards – – pizza, if I recall right, but I’d have a bit more green tea before that (and beer on occasion as well!).

And that was as real as it got – – and when I mentioned this routine to Brooks Kubik, he of the bench press drug free (was it the other way around, hehe) RECORD – he had this to say.

“That’s great! Are you in the military?”

And shortly thereafter, my workout was featured in his newsletter – – and the rest, as they say, was history, hehe.

“Rahul’s hill walking workout from China, it was entitled” … and while I dont have that email with me right now (it was on the old ‘puter — and that crashed — here is a SNIPPET from it … I’ll post the rest from memory later!).

“Rahul used to workout in the U.S., but wasn’t in good shape at all when he got to China. He used to drink coffee before in the U.S., but he drinks green tea now — pots and pots of it daily according to him.

Rahul works a long and hard day and usually doesn’t get back before 7 P.M.

The first thing he does is make himself a cup of green tea.

And then it’s on to the HILL …

(he then detailed the workout part which I’ll skip here – thats what the book is there for, after all!).

… After his workout, he takes a long shower and sits down to another pot of green tea. And then he sits himself down to a hearty dinner.

And he should. He’s earned it!”


Trust me – – you DO get to eat more and weigh less on this program. In fact, although I rightly recommend optimal care be paid to your diet along with your training  (remember the old yet so true Jack La Lanne quote about “exercise and nutrition being the King and Queen that together make a kingdom”), if you’re on this program, you’ll literally get away with bloody murder in terms of diet – – and still make super gains in terms of fat loss.

No, I’m not asking or recommending you burn the candle at both ends.

I’m NOT telling you to go “bottoms up” at the nearest bar right after you read this.

None of that.

I’m simply telling you that if you do these exercises, fat and any remnants of it on your frame will be a thing of the past.

Not only that – – you’ll never again worry or obsess about your diet – – or “calorie count” for that matter.

You’ll have more leeway on your “cheat days” and indeed, you’ll probably be treating yourself to more cheat days more often!

And rapid fat loss is just ONE of the benefits you’ll get from this course, albeit the main benefit.


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Benefits YOU will get from following the routines in this course: – 

  • The secret KEY(S) that will enable you to blast fat off your frame quicker than every before. And guess what, though this works the best on hills, you can certainly incorporate these keys into flat ground training as well. THIS ALONE is worth the “price of admission”, mesays!
  • Overall core strength from Cain and a solid, chiseled midsection that will be the envy of onlookers.
  • The ability to literally “see” and “feel” fat melting off your frame – -specifically, your midsection as you do these exercises! And you will know what I mean once you cast a downward eye at your midsection as your gasping for AIR after a tough set of some of this!
  • A solid upper body workout and powerful wrists, forearms, shoulders and upper back – – all WITHOUT doing a single pushup or pull-up.
  • Slim, yet powerful thighs and toned, strong calves with that diamond “bursting out” shape you’ve always wanted, yet never been able to get!
  • You’ll be BUZZING with energy – – literally all day long – – after a few minutes of doing these exercises!
  • Rid yourself of  irritable bowel syndrome (the bane of modern day living it seems), a bloated “Buddha Belly” that seems to “bulge in all the wrong areas” (if you get my drift), constipation (another modern day malady) – – and a host of other digestive issues that have likely been plaguing you for a while now.
  • You’ll be loose and limber all day long after just a few SECONDS of these exercises, and will feel like a trillion bucks as well. Again, that energy will just RADIATE from you – – onlookers will be amazed at the change in your “internal” energy levels and YOU will be left stunned at the ease and speed with which you tackle projects which previously took you forever (or never) to finish!
  • Sample workouts that will get the blood ROARING and the fat burning incinerator in your body going FULL BLAST – – but guess what? These are but a few workouts. The SKY and your imagination are the limit here in terms of the sheer number of workouts you can put together using these movements.

Yes, Yes, YES! Enough already – I’m convinced – and I WANT IN – NOW!

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

(Sold as a PDF – download INSTANTLY after making payment!) 

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg, my dear friend. There is much, much  more – and you get all of this for a measly $99.97.

That’s right. Way less than what you’d think given the astounding RESULTS you’ll get from this – – not to mention the cost and hassle of gym fees etc per month  — along with of course, getting LESS, and not even comparable results.

Not $300. Not $150. $99.97 is ALL I’m asking you to invest – for now, that is.

I’ve decided to make this “affordable to all” for now and have priced it so low that I’m shaking my head right now looking at this copy, and yet, that small voice in my head tells me that $99.97 is what I’m going to ask you to invest in this course – – again, for now, at least.

Given the value of the information contained herein, the price WILL go up in the near future (heck, given the sheer value of what I’m offering you here – and the time and energy I’ve invested into FIGURING this out and then putting it all together for YOU-  I’d say $500 should be a bare minimum!), but for now, this course is YOURS for the said price, my friend – – along with all the aformentioned benefits!

$99.97– less than the cost of a few large “fat laden” pizzas that get you nowhere along the path to your fitness goals, my friend.

Over a year, that is less than half a buck a day!

Now, think of all the things you spend a buck, or more on daily.

Beer. Pizza. Cigarettes. The latest “fancy shmancy” ab gadgets on late night TV. Bar runs. Pub crawls. The like. And so forth.

And yet – – YOU know as well as me that none of this moves you closer along the road to your ultimate goal, my friend.

So do the smart thing.

Invest in something that does, and do so for a ROCK BOTTOM – – “steal deal” price, my brother. It’s YOURS – – and right HERE for the taking!

Invest in a course that burns fat at WARP speeds, builds muscle like NEVER before, aglity like only the WILD CATS have – and above all, confidence and an “unshakeable demanor” that will leave the bros gaggling in amazement and sheer AWE. 

All of this, and more, within an INCREDIBLY QUICK PERIOD OF TIME. 

Truly never seen before info, and on that note – I’m out!


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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

Write back with tales of your fat burning and I’ll share ’em with the world!

Best Regards,

Rahul Mookerjee -signature

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – – Congratulations on your purchase – truly the best ever!!

And before I sign off, and by the way, if you live in an area with no hills – NO PROBLEM, my friend. Although I wrote the book for training on slopes, inclines and hills – a lot of the routines, if not ALL of them can be ported over to “flat land” as well – and will burn just the same amount of fat in incredibly short timeframes.

Grab your copy NOW.

PPS – I LOVE that hill so much! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!!!!

And China – despite me NOT being a fan of their 2020 antics – well – I have had and continue to have some of my best years there. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, we’ll talk more about all that later, but grab the course NOW.

YUP, I’m ready to FRY that nasty FAT off my BODY at record speeds … 

YES – I’m READY to turn into a HUMAN BEAST – a MACHINE!!!

YES – I’m ready to turn into the human version of a WILD CAT!

YUSSSSSSSS! MY HANDS BE SHAKING and my heart be THUMPING – AS I click this “order button” because I KNOW THE BONANZA that awaits!

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!