Advanced Plyometric Training

Advanced Plyometric Training

51 exercises that will build unnatural, SCARY animal like “explosive POWER” in every movement you do and BURN FAT at warp speeds while taking your strength and conditioning to hitherto UNSEEN levels.

Super advanced plyometric variants of your favorite workouts – to be used WITH your regular workouts, not “in place of”. 

Dear friend, and fellow fitness enthusiast – 

What are plyometrics? WHY plyometrics? 

Well, lets explain this in a different manner than I would normally. Let me also start by telling you, my friend, my brother – or sister – that this, more than any of my products is only for ELITE fitness trainees – truly ONLY for doers that want to take their health and fitness to NEW levels altogether.

What I am going to tell you beneath is NOT applicable to everyone, pal.

If you cannot do 100 pushups per workout, or crank out at least 70-100 squats per SET (without dwadling) – if you cannot do at least 3-5 good pull-ups (that means chin over bar, no excuses) – if you’re fat and lazy and are looking for an excuse to “skip” exercises (high rep bodyweight workouts) that “brutally expose” the fat and flab around your midsection like no other – if you’re an idiot that claims “but it’s just bodyweight training! Nothing special” – and any other category mentioned above, this ain’t for you.

It IS however for the DOERS, my friend.

It IS for people who have gotten good – damn good – at bodyweight exercises the way I teach, and are looking to take what they have learned in my products, books, courses (and coaching) to the next darn level altogether.

It is for the ELITE and rarified bunch of doers who understand that nothing comes free (and I dont mean purely dollars here, although that is one thing) in terms of life – training – fitness – anything.

And – if you DO fall into the “it belongs to me category” – if you, lets say, done (did) got tired of high rep workouts  (but can do them effortlessly and are looking for MORE), for one, you’ll welcome this sort of info – it might just be the best damn thang you read ALL day!

Again, not everyone is qualified to hear this. If you fall into the “not qualified” category, do click away, there “ain’t no sense wasting each other’s time” as it were.

Onward – for someone who lived in the South for so long, and loved every bit of it despite the so called (wrongly so in this day and age) “racist” tag it gets (no, flying Rebel flags dont necessarily translate into that either pal!) .. and for someone who has a “dear” friend Lilly who ranted about “them dammmmmnn Yankees!” all the time (he is Cajun from Louisana, heh)…

… well, it would remiss of me not to put “did” after done? ????

You Southerners will get it… I dont have the drawl anymore, but I did back in the day!

After going to China I HAD to undergo another “self” metamorphosis in terms of English if you get my drift, so …

Anyway, its great to see two things – that one,  Lilly and I are still friends despite so many old friends dropping off the list either due to difference in political or other views.

It’s nice to be able to talk to someone without being at their throats. He probably doesnt fully agree with my (complimentary in many regards as ya’ll know) views on a certain Vladimir Putin and the reasons behind the war (the real reasons no-one is telling you) – but he’s certainly not liberal, I’ll give him that!

He may not be a Trump lover, I was – but like I said, after 2020 – Trump tried to do a fine job, he succeeded in some regards, but like the man himself said in 2020, time to move on.

Ron De Santis, Mike Pence, plenty of fine candidates for the Presidency. But, my man remains the SAME – dark horse ex Cia head Mike Pompeo … THAT is my man – if he runs – I hope so!

If he did, I suspect the man would win hands down, I cannot praise Pompeo enough for his brevity when the situation requires it, his play on words, how pithy he can be while getting his point across in a very logical and emotionless manner, and .. well, the sheer erudite nature of his personality, down to earth nature, many accomplishments and so forth…


I remember explaining to some dude who was once asking me the difference between “Yank and Yankee” that the former was Americans in general, the latter those from the North.

Something that was ratified by a certain “Bill” Roney and if William Roney ratifies it (if he’s reading this – Hey Bill! Long time no chat – I’m sure Bozo “addicted to not just ass licking, but ass whipping too apparently, his own that is” Glyn will forward this to you without my asking, hehe) … well, it must be right

Hehe again, good ole days.

Anyway, almost 500 words in (I can just hear another Bozo complaining about “whats the point of all this”) … this ain’t about Yanks, Indians, Red Indians, Mexicans, Seminole Indians, Poke Tahola, or anything of that nature.

It ain’t about the fact that I dont quite agree fully with my bud Lilly about his views on Yankees, he’s got some fair points, but they have fine damn people up there too, some customers, or a certain one – I wont mention him, ya’ll guess! – a certain one that is an unabashed fan of Pushup Central for one is from there – damn fine “son of the soil” and ex man in Blue is he.

Respect, Charles.

It’s about this – lots of you -those that are DOERS – and high reps.

As I said in the outset, this doesnt apply to you if you’re a lazy ass that can’t pump out 100 pushups or more per workout without collapsing.

It doesnt apply if youre fat and are looking for an excuse to escape exercises that brutally expose the lack of conditioning (usually accompanied by too much gelatinous whale blubber both around midsection, tits and bottom) …

But it applies if you’re a doer.

Look, sometimes we all get tired of high reps in that we’re just too sore to do high reps, or “it just dont feel right”.

Oddly enough, these days are the days when the TOUGH movements – you improve in them!

For me, today’s workout was 250 squats, 40 pushups (floor), 20 handstand pushups, and 50 pull-ups.

Not necessarily brutal numbers for someone like me, I was going to do 200 pushups as well, but it just did not feel like that sort of day.

Much like it did not feel like a straight up 250 bodyweight squat day.

So I just improvised, made things HARDER.

Squats, I did a version of the jumping squat most have no inkling of – covered in Squat 101 – along with the regulars, and Hindus, and I used a “make your legs super sore” technique I outline in that book as well.

Pushups, I made the handstand pushups that much tougher by including wall walkouts and PAUSES in each movement I did. (each set – I did them in sets of 5 today this way).

Pull-ups, well, and again, Charles, you come to mind – I made them plyometric today – thick grips – even slower than normal ….

And I finished off with super tough versions of club swings not covered in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness (yes, even with all the variations already there, there are tons more!) – because I dont want you hammering yourself on the top of the head, my friend.

And no doubt some will if you try that right off the bat which I dont advise, but some idiots will try anyway.

And as I sit here remembering Charles, I dont know if this email applies to specifically to him, but probably does to a degree – I KNOW it applies to a lot of you – as I sit there shoulders “zinging” after them plyo pushups … well, I gotta say this.

  1. There is no excuse to skip high rep pushups, or pull-up, or those type of workouts.
  2. Get good at ’em, DAMN good, and dont dwadle …
  3. Once those above two things have been taken care of, yes, by all means make the movement harder.

I could tell you so many ways I made the pushups harder including trying pike pushups on fingertips – fingers NOT pointing straight. Yikes!

Anyway – what ARE plyometrics?

If I got to explain this to you, again – you might not be on the right page. Hehe.

But in short, plyometrics are basically super explosive versions of a movement – either basic or bodyweight.

So, you take a pushup.

Now, all my pushup workouts are quick and explosive in that you do them quickly – you do not DWADLE for ages between sets, you keep going much as you would in a wrestling or boxing match – yada, nada, schnada, but plyometrics add in another dimension to quick and explosive.

Literally another dimension.

Imagine exploding off the floor such that you CLAP once – or maybe twice before you go down – and repeat.

Imagine doing a pull-up for one – then letting go mid way of the bar – then again at the top of the movement – and then on the dead hang portion.

Imagine COMBINING this sort of “animal like explosiveness” with your regular training, either as a complement (as it should be) or as an utterly brutal finisher (sometimes thats how it is!).

Imagine the strength you’d build in your muscles, and how you’d breathe even more deeply while doing these seemingly impossible movements, imagine the sheer strength you’d build in the ligaments and tendons while doing these – more than usual, imagine how much more stronger your joints would get while doing this sort of training regularly!

Well, my friend, if you’re reading this and on this page, chances are I dont need to ask you to imagine anything – that is why you are HERE.

But imagine it anyway!

THAT is the sort of strength, power and explosiveness we’re talking about that we can build with plyometrics – and that is what plyometrics are to begin with.  .  .

“Iron” Mike Tyson with the LOOK in the eye, the ANIMAL LIKE LOOK! – a huge proponent of bodyweight exercises – along with plyometrics! 

THAT is the sort of BRUTE strength, RAW power and “animal like” DYNAMITE explosiveness we’re talking about that we can build with plyometricsand that is what plyometrics are to begin with, explosive exercises that build exactly this sort of strength, fitness and conditioning.

The Mecca and Medina of Leg Training!

No discussion of plyometrics would be complete without mentioning what I Consider to be the most explosive, and results producing training combination ever i.e. Hill Sprints with Plyometrics.

Or, land sprints if you don’t “got” hills around!

In Fast and Furious Fitness, I say that sprints are literally the “Mecca and Medina” of leg training, and they are.

And while sprints are incredibly hard for most to do, and sustain – they’re also the key, as mentioned in Advanced Hill Training – to burn fat off your body at record speeds, and improve health and overall strength and conditioning even quicker.

Your body was meant to be a Ferrari, not a Ford, and if you take a look at the impressively muscled physiques of most Olympic sprinters, VS the “skinny yet not too strong” look most marathoners have – you’ll get the photo.

The latter category “pounds the pavement” with “slow” long distance cardio supposedly good for you.


Ive cited cases of WORLD class athletes brought up on this nonsense; the minute they stop playing, their health goes down the toilet.

Look at the great Saurav Ganguly for one, champ Indian cricketer, yet never very good at sprinting between the wickets – and after he retired, a few years later he’s in the hospital to get angio plasty done.

I believe he did a whole lot of “slow” cardio, and he ain’t the only one either.

Other hand, sprinters, wrestlers, boxers, martial artists, some of the most superbly conditioned athletes out there – they do EXPLOSIVE movements.

Plyometrics, in other words.

Their workouts don’t take all day and forever – whatever they do, they do it quickly, and work up a massive sweat while at it.

And when you do hill sprints, remember you’re doing one of the best forms of plyometrics there is.

Now, I’ve covered sprints galore in Advanced Hill Training, so y’all that don’t have a copy of that book will want to get it NOW.

But, for now – remember two things.

One, the importance of BREATHING right when doing these, or any exercise.

Dont breathe in a shallow manner, and don’t – on the other hand, as I state in 0 Excuses Fitness, pant like a runaway train any more than you have to (in the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos, I tell you how to recover from that type of feeling as well).

Second, hill sprints work best when with quick plyometric movements.

Of which you saw some in Advanced Hill Training.

And here, we’ll take plyometrics to the next level – with exercises you might never have heard of before.

Enjoy, and last, but not least – exercise CAUTION when you begin. Some of these exercises will make you very sore and unable to move for days when you first start!

Pre-requisites and BEFORE YOU BUY

Before we start, something very important – these exercises are meant to be done with your regular workouts – NOT IN PLACE OF!


Well, plyometrics are great – but the very nature of the workouts means they’re too exhausting (even for advanced trainees) to do super high reps of – or even high enough to get a good workout in.

Much like one arm work – its great IF you can do one arm pull-ups, or pushups for one – its great to WANT to be able to work up to them, but as I keep saying, one arm work does not lend itself well to repeated high rep bodyweight workouts, but they work great – they SIZZLE – ALONG with, not in place of your regular workouts, as they truly “finish” your ligaments, muscles and tendons of.

Speaking of the latter, these explosive movements are incredibly hard on your tendons and joints, my friend – so ignoring regular workouts in place of plyometrics is not on and will be detrimental to your overall progression and/training (and therefore results).

Additionally, you’ll want to get good, damn good at the REGULAR movements first before getting into these movements.

As a rule of thumb, you should be able to do 100 proper pushups per workout before advancing to plyometrics, or 100 squats without stopping – or if it’s pull-ups, at least 3-5 PROPER pull-ups (not chin-ups) per set.

Trust me, you don’t want to rush into these before you’re ready, my friend.

So if you’ve got this book and are thinking (as some no doubt might) “it’s a shortcut to incremental and quick advances in health, strength and overall POWER) – well, no, its not.

But it CAN really benefit you if you do things right, my friend, and if you incorporate these INTO your (And along with) regular workouts – once you’re ready for them.

Warm ups are even more important with this sort of training, but you’ll take care of that with your regular workouts anyway, so that does not bear mentioning.

And thats pretty much it. Oh, I know the disclaimer likely said this, but if you’ve got pre-existing injuries, proceed with caution, do what you can – common sense stuff.

Alright, onward with the many, solid, SUPER benefits you can expect from training plyometric movements RIGHT!

(and, hopefully that gives a lot of the neighsayers that “squawk” about prices all the time – no, it aint all about the dough my friend. It’s about getting YOU into the best shape possible, therefore, this is being mentioned on a sales page of all places!!). 

Anyway, with all that being said –

BENEFITS you can expect to get (and very soon!) from doing these type of unique plyometric workouts

  • Strengthen your ligaments, joints and tendons like NEVER Before with these workouts (this is probably the numero uno benefit I should list here).
  • Build animal like “unnatural” explosiveness, speed and power in every movement you do. This alone is more than worth the “price of admission” for this, my friend.
  • If you’re a combat athlete or sportsperson, or just the every day fitness trainee looking to take your gains and results to new levels altogether – these workouts will DO it, my friend.
  • Shoot past personal bests on regular workouts very easily when you incorporate this sort of training into your routine. Yes, this was mentioned in the last point, but its so important, so many people want to do this, that I had to tell you again.
  • Increased “explosive” cardio in a manner you CANNOT get from regular workouts, even the regular ones I teach. Trust me, these workouts will have you not moving – but FLYING – literally “flying” through space as you workout!

Milka Singh, Gold Medalist and the “Flying Sikh from India”!!


  • A feeling of accomplishment like you’ll get from NO other exercise, not to mention you’ll feel on top of the world and like a billion bucks once you get done with these sort of workouts.
  • Increased – massively increased grip and core strength. You’ll need a cast iron grip to do even ONE rep of many of the upper body exercises here, not to mention a lower back and core of STEEL – and these attributes will be MAGNIFIED x “X” once you get going on the plyometrics in this book.
  • Your forearms will get that corded much sought after “cords running up and down them” sort of look – with the STRENGTH behind them to boot. Your fingers will turn into iron claws, quite literally, with even a few minutes per day spent on these movements!    
  • Reduce the TIME spent on your workouts from an already manageable 15 minutes or so per workout to even LESS – if you’re really strapped for time, you can hammer some of these out in less than a few minutes, and be done with your workout for the day!   (note – this doesnt mean they replace your regular workouts, but it does mean you have yet another option in terms of “super quick” and when you need the same).
  • Your legs and lower body will turn into not just pillars, but THICK solid pillars of muscle once you get on these movements. Dense, ripped – PACKED – rippling muscle is what you will have for thighs, hamstrings and calves – almost like you’d see on a thoroughbred horse!
  • Reduce, nay, ELIMINATE any signs of unsightly FLAB from your body – especially pesky areas like chin, obliques, lower abs and such – my regular workouts do a great job of getting the fat burners going big time, now these? These literally ignite the fat burning FURNACE within! ????????
  • Strengthen your lower back and spinal erectors beyond belief with these movements. Just one or two of them daily is all you need for those “boa constrictors running up and down your back!
  • Abs of steel that make six, eight and the typical “12 pack” look like a bloody joke. Develop REAL core strength, develop rock solid abdominals from the inside out, not fake show muscles for the beach or bodybuilding contest – develop strength that matters, lasts, and lands with a PUNCH when required (as opposed to fake “pretty looking muscles” that can’t do much at all).
  • Develop mental strength in spades when on routines like these – trust me, doing high rep plyometrics is neither for the faint hearted, nor the weak willed. Once you have the mental focus and drive to get these workouts done day in and day out – you’ll find that goals that eluded you previously will “flow” to you effortlessly for one, and you’ll be able to achieve anything you set your mind upon. I am not just talking fitness wise here!

And all of this, bro, touches the very “tip of the iceberg” – there is SO much more that I could write here, and I wouldn’t be done, I could literally go on forever!

To put all this into “a few words”, the great Milkha Singh of India (pictured above) once worried about “what would happen if he became too successful, lost track with his roots, how he was outgrowing his trainers” and so forth.

And his trainer looked at him lovingly.

“Milkha, to really fly high, you have to stop worrying about – and LET GO of the low hanging fruit!”

And so it is with THIS BOOK!

If you truly want to skyrocket your fitness and conditioning levels to “never seen before” STRATOSPHERIC heights – then you must focus on that goal, DROP ALL ELSE – yes, spouses, SO’s that dont believe in it, idiots, morons who tell you “whine, but there are other ways to do the tough stuff”, nutwads whove never done a lick of serious training in their life yet prattle on about it, arm chair theorists and those that just plain EAT too much and whine about everything under the sun – and so forth – you have to LET GO OF ALL THAT.

Focus on whats important -and GET this book -it is REQUIRED to achieve that above goal.

If you’ve got it in you you’ll drop ALL else you’re doing and get this now.

If you dont, you simply dont got it, it’s that simple. Only the greats would know!

Whether or not YOU choose to fall in that league, my friend, is up to YOU AND YOU ALONE. As I’ve said a bazillion times before and as bears repeating, I can take the horse to water but I cannot make it drink, neither would I or should I want to force it. It has to come from WITHIN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Or, there’d be no point.


I’ve said my bit, my friend.

Now, the DOING part is up to you, and as I said up there, this is only for elite doers, and if you’re with me thus far, if you’ve made it until here, then you probably do fall into that category.

The next step then, is to take action, my friend. Simply nodding the head will NOT rock the boat, as Twain said.

Get this great product now. It is currently on pre-order status – so, and again – get it NOW before the price shoots UP!

Another upcoming gem from the bodyweight exercise Guru this. (and long awaited, I know!).

Invest NOW (and if I need to explain why I use the word “invest” here, well, my friend, you’re likely at the WRONG place anyway).

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


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