Old time exercises and workout routines in a “never seen before format”.






Build “storm trooper like” BARNSTORMERS of SHOULDERS and insane levels of upper body strength with the exercises and routines in this course.



Dear Reader,

It’s funny, but true.

As I was writing a recent blog post (or email) on what a friend once told me about having a nice chest and biceps despite myself doing NO – I repeat – NO direct chest work for AGES, I thought of something.

I made plenty of mistakes when I was “learning” and still do.

Learning fitness, or anything really …

We ALL make mistakes, and guess what. Experience is truly and always the best teacher!

And one of the mistakes I made back then, back when I was doing nothing but climb hills, hills and more hills for HOURS daily literally WITHOUT A BREAK – was this.


I did pull-ups yes, but not near as many as I do now, or did at a later stage even back then.

(And hence, one reason I did NOT improve at pull-ups as quickly as I would have liked).

I didnt do a single pushup either.

And hence the incredible SORENESS I felt when I got back to doing pushups!

It felt like my upper body was HAMMERED (especially my lats) when I “finally” did 25 pushups after a long, long break!

yes, you heard me!

I was doing pull-ups – but pushups were tough as heck because I didnt do ’em for a while!

And that alone should tell you that … but wait.

A final “twist to this tale”.

Marc, the “African Silverback Gorilla” and myself were once sitting around shooting the bull (around that same time that I mention above) in terms of SIZE, strength and training.

I was telling him “I’m a small guy naturally”.

Definitely smaller than you, I said.

He looked me once over.

Gave me the once over, I said.

“You’re not that small”, he said shrugging.

“You’ve got broad shoulders”, he noticed. “And a nice chest and biceps too!”

And, of course the V taper to the BACK as well, as he said later.


I’m not THAT small NOW.

But I AM a naturally small guy!

Which of course made me work all the more harder to get to wher eI am today, but guess what and again.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The school of hard knocks is truly the BEST and only way!

And that hard knock experience is what I bring to you in ALL MY HIGHLY acclaimed courses, but NONE more so than the courses on SHOULDERS.

My initial book “Shoulders like Boulders” took off like a blazing rocketship when first launched in 2013. Or perhaps 2011. I can’t quite recall …

I revamped in 2017.

I put out a “FAQ” on it in early 2018 I believe …

(times may be slightly off, but thats the approximate time)

Now, things REALLY took off. And WERE taking off with regard to my other courses as well.

0 Excuses FItness got RAVE reviews.

Advanced Hill Training, originally named that and then I changed to “Eat More – Weigh Less” before I ditched that in favor of the original (I was getting too many nimrods with the “Eat More – Weigh Less” title, so I figured I’d keep as many of them AWAY as possible with the “advanced” tag – and it really IS an advanced course!) was doing great things both to people and my sales numbers.

(Not so much their bellies, which were SHRINKING by the day. Or hour. Hehe).

(true story mentioned on the sales page there).

Gorilla Grip – well, we all know what a roaring success that is! And continues to be.

I Came out with courses on pushups, isometrics, jumping rope, kiddie fitness, ANIMAL like training, and a lot more.

I managed to crank out five or more emails a day to YOU.

I managed to double this and more in the OTHER business I’m involved in.

And amidst all this, John Walker, a long time and loyal 0 Excuses Fitness customer asked me this.

“Mate, amidst all the writing you do, how do you find time to train?”

Well, many ways.

One is short workouts.

But one of the tricks I don’t often mention is doing handstand pushups or handstands through the day.

I’ve spoken about doing pull-ups and squats like this, but even when I talk about HSPU’s – people IGNORE it for some reason.

“It’s too simple”, people think.


As Charles Mitchell, a regular reader and READER of this newsletter once said.

“Less than 0.01% of the population can perhaps do a handstand, let alone a handstand pushup!”

Now, the context he said this in is mentioned beneath, and itself worth a read if nothing else. It really is!

But back to handstand training and handstands, and handstand pushups for now.

Not only do they get more blood flowin to the noggin which REFRESHES and energizes you, but for every 10 minutes of exercises I get THREE hours more worth of productivity.

Thats a no brainer for me, my friend.

Not to mention I keep growing out of my shirts, adding size to my TRAPS and upper arms – and my core remains tight as ever without doing direct “core work”.

(although you SHOULD do direct grip and core work!)

And I just realized something today.

That despite having compilations out on ALL of these products, I dont have one for my most popular combo!



I’ve often told my daughter the following.

“Handstand pushups solve all problems!”

They do, hehe.

But … they seemed to have missed this one!

So yours truly, after taking a sum totoal of a second to get over that “duh” moment, decided to DO IT.

The compilation we’ve ALL been waiting with BATED BREATH FOR!

And here it is, my friend.




Call it what you like, but it’s finally here, and the COMBO is priced lower than if you would buy each of the courses individually!


Samurai FITNESS!


Recently a reader – a WARRIOR – a SAMURAI, so to speak, invested in a couple of my books.

An ancient Samurai in FULL COMBAT GEAR!

He’s bought BOTH my books on shoulders prior to this.

Shoulders like Boulders!

And Battletank Shoulders!

Corrugated Core. Reverse pushups. And many others.

He’s also left reviews on all these books … and his goal is to someday own everything I’ve written and he’s getting there!

Most recently, he invested in Animal Kingdom Workouts and Isometric and Flexiblity Training.

And at the age of 63, this man is a BEAST – and he is kicking ASS.

He says he “used to be a beast”.

But I ain’t so sure!

I’d say he IS a beast – now – and is RAMPAGING as we speak!

Here is an excerpt from one of John’s emails to me.

Japanese for Warrior not Samurai which is what many people think, was the name I was given by my Sensei because I would not back down from anyone, indeed I’ve given many senior black belts a run for their money, whether they kicked or punched me I just closed with them picked them up and slammed them into the ground, back in the day I was a beast and I feared no one, my Sensei also said that I was what he called a non responder in that pain compliance techniques did not have the intended effect on me, I just shrugged them off, of course that was a long time ago and I’m much more civilised these days.

Now that my friend is REAL stuff!

And yours truly responded with this –

You were – and ARE, I’d say indeed a bonafide BADASS – kudos!! My buddy from the Marines (U.S Marine Corps) did a lot of that type of training too (he’s more ji jitsu, but of course grappling forms the BASE for it all!).

Thats a great thing to be, by the way – someone who doesnt back down to or (get defeated by) pain. You can never really keep a man like that down – believe me .. ah, but I dont need to tell you – you know all about that part of it, and then some!

Which is true, of course.

Never, ever back down my friend – from anything – except when you’re int he wrong about something, but otherwise, take life and it’s successes and it’s failures HEAD ON.


And John at the age of 63 is doing what people these days that are 1/3 rd his age or younger cannot.

Most today would piss and moan about everything under the sun than actually do something.

“COVID lockdown shockdown! Wah! I can’t get to the gym!”

(thats something I had a convo with John about, and we both ruminated on the foolishness of it all…)

Not to say all gyms are trash.

No, especially not if you train right.

But modern day chrome and fern is what most of it has turned into, and it .. IS .. TRASH, bro!

And I find it funny that the Bozos and others rant about my products, and how I supposedly deliver no value when real fighters – real WARRIORS in life and elsewhere – see value, value, and more value.

Ditto for my buddy from the Marines, whose mentioned at the start of Gorilla Grip for a reason.

REAL MAN training, my friend.

SAMURAI TRAINING – and fitness – as the title goeth!

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Girlie Shoulders – > BARNSTORMER “battletank” SHOULDERS! 

Way back in the day, at the age of 17 one of the possibly most humiliating things that can happen to a teenager happened to yours truly.

We were in P.E. class, a class I was stubborn enough to take despite advice to the contrary to take “some study related class” if you get my drift.

Yours truly rebellious didnt have the confidence growing up physically – and the reasons have been well outlined in posts before, so I doubt there is a reason to get into that (again) here.

Lets say our “earliest influences” have a LOT in terms of either building/destroying confidence in any regard!

And for some of us, we pick up VIBRATIONS more than others do.

Anyway, it was final exam.

I still remembe the instructor making us RUN – a sum total of two rounds or so on a soccer field – in hot weather granted, but today, at the age of 40 plus, I’d jog around that damn field in my sleep.

I could barely make it HALFWAY around and neither could a lot of my friends (though they did better than me) at the age of almost 17, and I was sore for …DAYS later!

FRom a gentle jog!

But the pinnacle of humiliation was to come later when it was time to throw the shot put, and given their natural size advantage, the boys naturally threw further than the girls.

Yours truly threw it …and it landed …well short of the mark.

And it was a WEAKER throw than many of the other girls!

Rajinder a friend of mine nudged me “desperately”.

Come on Rahul! You gotta throw further than the girls at least! 


He was right.

but I tried, and couldn’t!

Humiliating to a T …

And now?

Well – it’s the polar opposite. I can do things men half my age or less couldn’t even DREAM of doing.

And though it was really the pushup that got me started on my “strength and conditioning” journey and the HILL – the ONE exercise that really caused the muscles to GROW and the strength to really ROLLICK was handstand pushups.

That story is mentioned all on the Shoulders like Boulders! page, of course.  .  . but for now, lets proceed with this story.

Oh, and I did “quietly” watch the WWE even when my ass was beat ragged (not really, hehe – a normal ass whipping really) and I was told not to. Some things you gotta do, especially the attitude era.

(I was told I was getting to be “too violent” – when the reality was the polar opposite – I was getting my ass BEAT at school left, right and center. True, I DID put the Gorilla Grip on a guy once, but for the most part, I got my ass whooped a LOT).

And in hindsight thats great – because it taught me a lot!

But anyway, I’ve always been a huge WWE fan – especially in the Attitude Era!

Reminds me of what Uncle Bob said to me when an idiot doctor told me not to go swimming (this doctor had a belly bigger than Croseus by the way and he was a “general health doctor”) to “let my liver recover or some nonsense”.

Dont know about the beer, Bob said. But the swimming? A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. 


Swimming is a great exercise for the shoulders, my friend- but it PALES in comparison to handstand pushups, and even pushups in general, but especially the former. And I’m well qualified to speak in that regard!

So here goeth –  (and YES, all this applies to YOU and YOUR strength levels too for obvious reasons! I’m merely giving it to you STRAIGHT in terms of my background etc and how far I’ve come with these workouts).

Mr. Handstand Pushup Speaketh! 

I had an idea recently in the shower, and just had to write to you about it.

(I know, I know bro. Always full of ideas BE yours truly – but bear with me!)

Not the idea itself, but the “concept” behind it.

And my idea was getting my daughter to do supported handstands while I hold her ankles, and have her walk around in that position.

That’s a FANTASTIC exercise by the way, and the only reason it ain’t included in either Battletank Shoulders or Shoulders like Boulders is because you pretty much need someone to hold on to your legs for that, unless you’re at elite status and can do it on your own.

(And you can, if you work up to it, but most of YOU reading the books wouldn’t be able to at the start, and therefore . . . ?).

Now, that reminded me of a dinner (lunch, actually) I was having with a couple of students of mine once a few years ago.

I gobbled up my food, while they kept picking at it for a while.

And Carol (remember her??) told me a couple of days later about this once.

“You’re Mr. Fast”, she giggled. “You do everything fast!”

“Talk fast, type fast, read fast, EAT fast” (for background, she was an English student first, and fitness student later, so . . . )

(Talk about killing two “birds” with one stone, pun NOT intended) . . .

Anyway, we gave her a nickname as well.

And I’ve been called worse things of course! ?

And there are worse things TO BE than be this way, and as I recently told my daughter.

“Honey, you should be a speed demon at most things!”

Anyway, my wife a couple of years ago saw me doing handstand pushups.

And that night in bed with my daughter they were discussing a name for me.

And while my daughter came up with several hilarious names, my wife hit the nail on the head when she said “nah”.

“He’s Mr. Handstand pushup!”

And so I am my friend.

So I am, and there are WORSE things to be! ?

Has there ever been a name YOU were called and that just “stuck”?

Write back – and let me know!

But in the meantime, that comment Charles made above. It was made in this context. 

“Thats a great name to be called”, he said. 

And so it is!

Rahul Mookerjee pumping out handstand pushups in China

Would YOU not like to be called something similar my friend? 

Would YOU not like to be the envy of all the pumpers in the gym – and have the shoulder STRENGTH to boot? 

Would you NOT want to be able to pop these off all day long without fatigue like the old time strongmen did? 

On that note, lets talk about an old time strongman of yore – one of the very BEST. But first, a bit about elite MILITARY units of TODAY!

HARDCORE SHOULDERS that will stand the test of ANYTHING thrown at ’em!


My friend is an elite Marine – “Force Recon” to be exact.

The Marines themselves are an elite fighting Unit overall, but there’s elite, and THEN there is elite!

And my friend is not just an elite Marine – he’s a naturally strong BEAR – or BULL (well, bear!) of a MAN!

(Being the grizzly can take anything, I’d say bear!)

(As he said “nothing can stand up against a grizzly”. And he’s RIGHT).

Now, one of the exercises Marines pride themselves on doing is the pull-up. Everyone knows how proud Marines are to do pull-up sin high reps!

But apart from THAT, what many people dont know is this.

That they do HANDSTAND pushups all the time too!

On the floor.

ON chairs.

And every which way possible, and in sets, and THAT, my friend, along with the pull-ups is the secret to those massive shoulders you see on just about any Marine (or Navy Seal, or any elite unit anywhere in the world!).

THAT is the secret to that massive yet “packed” chest!

Rahul Mookerjee in his “muscle man” pose!

(Which my friend once told me I had).

And guess what.

When I told my buddy how I teach this exercise, he said the following.

“Damn! Thats a lot tougher! We never did ’em that way!”

He’s right.

Most people don’t do ’em that way

But easier is NOT always the best thing in the long term, my friend.

The way most people teach is to “kick up” and get into a handstand, and crank when ready, and while this way WORKS – and while any way that works is not necessarily wrong, remember one thing.

It can ALWAYS BE IMPROVED by several degrees and then some!

The way I teach you these is TOUGH.

But believe me, they MAKE YOU FEEL – and they make you LOOK – and they make YOU, period – WAY STRONGER and healthier than the above variant will.

Not only that – but they are the way to proceed to a freestanding handstand, which should be the natural goal.

And they really blow up the shoulders and traps because of the immense stress being placed on them.

Not to mention the wrists and forearms get a terrific workout, and the entire core is hammered PLUS the lower back.

And the legs too!

Trust me, while pull-ups are great, NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, compares to the sensation of being upside down and pumping from there, and the SHEER POWER AND STRENGTH you’ll build.

Not to mention the AWE it’ll inspire in the nuts that lie on a “flat bench” and attempt to press Manhattan every time they do it.

Ask ANY of these dudes to get in a handstand, and they’ll fail MISERABLY.

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

Now old time strong men… they had it spot on!

That was a time when men were REAL Men, and strongmen were real strongmen as opposed to the bloated FAT messes you see masquerading as strongmen these days.

I can just imagine if one of these guys had to do something practical, like let’s say “save their own life”.

I’ll get to that later, perhaps, but for now, lest I get sidetracked, lets get back to real strongmen.

Lets talk about ole Doug Hepburn!

Who was Doug Hepburn?

Douglas Ivan Hepburn (September 16, 1926 – November 22, 2000) was a Canadian strongman and weightlifter. He won weightlifting gold medals in the 1953 World Weightlifting Championships as well as the 1954 British Empire Games in the heavyweight division.

He is also known as the first man to bench press 400, 450, and 500 pounds (raw). During the 1950s he was publicly known as the “world’s strongest man” for his many feats of strength. Hepburn has been inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame (1953), Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame (1955), and the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame (1966).

(thats the first entry in his Wikipedia page). I could tell you but I thought you’d like it more if I QUOTED FACTS!

I think he knows a LITTLE something about training – and TRUE strength. Whatcha think?

What DOUGH HEPBURN had to say about handstand training!

Doug Hepburn, old time Canadian strongman and WEIGHTLIFTER!

“I got most of my pressing power from handstand pushups”

– … when the great Doug Hepburn speaks – you listen!


Back in the day  – -way, way back in the day, I was obsessed with one thing, and one thing alone – strength – or should I say, SUPER strength.

I read every bit of material I could find on the internet in terms of getting fit – and (specifically) strong – which isnt surprising considering I was but a teenager at that point in time, hehe.

A mere lad, and though I did everything I could research on training – and doing so the right way – I was fed a bunch of garbage for the most part.

Then I started to research how boxers, wrestlers and old time strongmen of yore trained – and things changed – dramatically!

I incorporated pushups into my routine, and kept doing them – until the age of 25 or so (actually, until the present, hehe) – – and my strength increased proportionately.

(Of course, I didn’t know about some of the special style of pushups that I do now – – if I had – – it would have really made things easier for me but thats another story, and one mentioned in Pushup Central).

And then one fine day, I started to incorporate HANDSTAND PUSHUPS into my routine – and PRESTO! Things changed, and how.

My chest, shoulders and entire upper back added a whole new layer of muscle within a couple of weeks – – and I started to grow out of my shirts at the “ripe young age of 34”, as it were – – and I have never looked back since.

Those of you that are interested in real shoulder development – well – that’s the key right there, my friend. Make your mind up to get good at these – real good!

And if you needed added proof, here is what the great Doug Hepburn, old time Canadian strongman – and champion weight lifter that set numerous records in the benchpress and squat (and probably dozens of others) has to say about the handstand press –

I did get most of my pressing power from handstand presses at which I did fifteen reps at a bodyweight of 245 pounds. 

And coming from a man that set a world record for the first 500 lb bench press – heck – I’d take that seriously, my friend!

One of the exercises Doug did ALL day long when he was working as a lifeguard on the beach to pay the bills was handstand pushups. Sets of 10 all day long on a log in the beach, free standing!

And you’ll see even more prodigous feats of strength in this regard BELOW. 

And for those of you that keep complaining about “heavier folks not being able to do bodyweight exercises” – – fooey! You’ve got proof there if there ever was one – – and if you need more – – well – – search the annals of 0 Excuses Fitness for more!

Well, my friend, that is that for now. I’m so pumped upon reading I think I’m gonna do do some handstand pushups right as of now, hehe!

And you can click that order button, of course, and GET cranking! 

100 pull-ups is tough for anyone, but NOT if you work up to it! But 100 handstand pushups and more per workout? Now THAT is TOUGH, my brother!

“You’re goddamned right!” I can still hear him saying.

Or, well, that was a sticker he sent over, but point begets!

Now, I’ve mentioned this above – but again, I’m close friends with an ex Special Ops operative – a Force Reconnaissance Marine to be precise.

I’ve mentioned this person  plenty of times in my writings – and it’s with GOOD REASON that he is mentioned in the opening sections of Gorilla Grip for one.

He’s also the one that made the comments about the “unnatural pull to my grip” and other similar comments – and coming from a mountain of a man that looks more like a wrecking machine than a human being – and whose about 5 times (well, not really, but you get the drift!) or more my size, the compliment actually MEANT something!

This guy has been in some of the most war torn zones in the world, of course – including, most recently the first battle with Iraq in the Middle East, and the ongoing mess in Afghanistan – amongst others.

From Beirut to Afghanistan to …well, pretty much EVERYWHERE, the man has literally been there and done that – and as I spoke to him today, I was reminded of a “caustic” comment a “somewhat critical” Gorilla Grip reader once made.

The reader was complaining about the price of the book, of course, and I’ve detailed that – but one of his pet gripes was that I “seemed to link my own workout with that of the Marines”.

Now I’ve never ever pretended to be a Marine – but working out like one? 

Hmm – well – let’s see!

Some of the baddest men on the planet do – guess what – as their primary exercise – for reps upon reps upon reps?

That’s right – PUSHUPS! Different varieties and different styles of pushups – and for those of you on the System, I’m sure that strikes a bell or two hehe.

Then we come to my own “100 pull-ups a day minimum” workout – and if there is ONE thing Marines, Seals and the Berets pride themselves upon – it is their ability to pound out pull-ups galore all day long – in high reps!

My buddy once told me that 100 pull-ups was hard for anyone, Marines included, and I laughed.

“They aren’t that hard to be honest. Now a 100 HANDSTAND pushups – – now  if you can knock that many out per workout, you’re on to something!” was my response.

His response?

“You’re goddamed RIGHT!”

So yes, my dear commenter, wherever in the world you might be – the workouts I advocate ARE what lots of special forces around the globe base their physical conditioning training upon!

Not only that but it brought back the familiar refrain of “oh, bodyweight exercises are too easy” – or “Oh, I need a gym to get fit” to my mind.

Excuses, excuses and more excuses – hey – the Marines don’t need a gym to get fit – and neither do YOU!

Sure, lots of Marines train with weights as a HOBBY – but its NOT something they HAVE to do.

The only weight lifting they do HAVE to do is FUNCTIONAL weight lifting. Think sandbags. Buddy carries. Log lifts. Running with heavy backpacks on.

And so forth. I mention the Crucible on the Battletank Shoulders page, and with good reason – the Crucible (and Hell Week, of course!) are by far some of the toughest phases in an elite forces members’ training career, and that ain’t me just saying it.

And guess what they do to get in shape for that sort of thing.

You guessed it – BODYWEIGHT exercises – for high reps!

Last, but not least, I’ve often said that the most salient feature of the 0 Excuses Fitness System isn’t just the physical strength and health from the inside out that it builds.

It’s the mental strength the routines build. The strength – and the WILL to keep going – the gumption to look “Old man LIFE” in the eye when things get tough – and tell him TO BACK OFF! and KEEP GOING – with defeat not even being a possibility in one’s mind!

The raging MARE (or STALLION) you were ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!

Be – and FEEL LIKE – the STALLION you’ve always wanted to BE!

And in today’ world, if there is ONE quality that is most sorely lacking in most men and women, it is that last quality.

Handstand pushups build the above in SPADES!

Let me tell you, even HOLDING a handstand for time when you first start won’t be easy. You’ll feel like you’re able to fall over. Your traps will feel like they’ll explode. Your forearms will be sore for days. Most amazingly, but maybe not, many have reported their BICEP size increasing from these!

Much more too.

Now, in terms of reps and numbers above and so forth – the good news?

You don’t need to do near as many to benefit from this amazing exercise.

You do NOT need to do them “all day” or even every day if you dont want to.

(Train daily yes, but handstand pushups done even THREE times a week will develop levels of strength, power and SIZE that the average gorilla gaping and yakking in the gym and pulling on cords (hint, hint) will be left .. .well, gaping and GAWKING)

Trust me, my friend.

These exercises are HARDCORE – and can yet be done by MOST people if they WORK UP TO IT.

These exercises will build the upper body you’ve always wanted – and give you that “raw physicality” that you’ve so admired in those that have it, but YOU TOO can get it!

Most of all, perhaps the best thing?

You’ll feel like a billion bucks all day, and your productivity will double or triple if not more.

And on that note, lets dive straight into the “pointy end” of this sales letter, or FACT SHEET, whichever you choose to call it, but first …

Lats like the proverbial bats – Rahul Mookerjee

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Bodybuilders want it. Fitness enthusiasts want it even more. And the average Joe CRAVES it.

Heck, if you ‘re sitting here reading this, you probably crave it too – big time.

What is it, you ask – well – as you’ve probably guessed its that coveted “lat spread”, my friend.

And I ain’t referring to the bloated muscles the “bodybuilders” (I’m using quotes there for a reason as most of said folks follow the exact OPPOSITE practices that are required in order to TRULY build the body up) preen, prance and show off on stage.

No, I’m referring to a REAL lat spread – and shoulders that smack – nay REEK of real power.

Shoulders and upper back that are every bit as powerful as the ripples of muscles under the skin would seem to indicate – and the overall package comes together with the LATS – spread out WIDE – just as bat’s wings –  or eagle’s, even.

In fact I prefer to call them “eagle’s wings” if just for the bald headed eagle sheer WINGSPAN, my friend.

And while you’ll  never quite get close to those levels, the ONE exercise that most folks think of when it comes to lats is not really the TRUE lat builders, although it ranks right up there.

No, it’s not the worthless piece of junk that they call the “lat pulldown” machine. If there was ever an useless machine that ranks right up there along with the “padded” chest press machine (a.k.a sitting on your fanny and grunting and moaning out a few “padded” reps) it’s THIS one.

And it’s not pull-ups either – although pull-ups are a great, great, GREAT exercise – and CAN – and SHOULD be included in your routine once you get past the 0 Excuses System “beginner” stage.

What is it, then?

Well  – it’s the HANDSTAND pushup, my friend. Simple.

This one exercise done correctly will build not only lats that look like soaring EAGLES – but strength to go with it.

Think BULGING traps, my friend. Think MONSTROUS traps – and INSANE pressing (and pulling) power to go with it.

Stuck on pull-ups? Well, one of the hidden keys is to … Ah, but I’ll  let it go for now.

And to round off the package think grip strength from Cain without even working the grip directly.

Well – nah – let me rephrase.

Think REEKING OF SHEER – and UTTER – BREAK THROUGH THE WALL – CONFIDENCE when you’re finally able to bang these out in proper form!

Shoulders like the proverbial BOULDERS!

That – my dear reader, to me is the MOST important thing about handstands and handstand pushups – the feeling of BLASTING through barriers that you get from these!

You CANNOT replicate this feeling with any other exercise that I know of. Pull-ups and high rep Hindus come close, but they stop at “close”.

Believe me now, and trust me later – this one exercise is the undisputed KING of all toughies out there – and it makes you FEEL like a King (or Queen – yes, you ladies CAN do ’em) as well.

I don’t recall mentioning “lats like bats” on the sales page for this, but all good – that’s task #2 after finishing this dispatch, hehe.

In Shoulders like Boulders, I’ve posted a picture of myself at a good 20 or so kgs OVER fighting weight as it were to show my own “spread”.

NOT for reasons of vanity – thats for sure. Just to show you that YES – BIG guys can do ’em as well – and if you fall into the big category – well fear not, my friend.

Build up a base with 0 Excuses Fitness, and THEN progress on to THESE.

And once you start cranking these out – who knows? You might even surpass Doug Hepburn who I consider to be the MASTER of handstand pushups (all time!) in terms of sheer handstand pushup abilities!

The sky, my friend is quite literally the limit and if you’re seriously interesting in developing the BAT wings that you’ve always craved – well – then – look no further, my friend.

Oh – and if you’re in the group that will read this and go “Pah! This guy knows nothing about lat spread! My lat pulldown machine will give me the spread I’m looking for!”

Uh – well, think away, my friend. You may pack on some “rubbish” external mass with the lat pulldown machine, but you’ll only do more damage to your body in the long run.

And you’re NOT – I repeat – NOT going to get ANYWHERE near the levels of strength, conditioning – and CONFIDENCE that the handstand pushup correctly executed can and will give you. Not a chance in hell, my friend.

Now, you guys (and gals reading this) will see that I used the word “serious” up there – and for a damned good reason.

Order this course IF AND ONLY if – I repeat, IF AND ONLY IF you’re SERIOUS about building levels of ungodly strength all throughout your upper body – oh, and also getting that “lat spread” while you’re at it.  And if you fall into this category – you’re one of a rare breed, my brotha.

I toast you. 


I do.

Can heavier people do handstands?

“But I’m too big”

“But big people can’t do these!”

“I’m not a skinny dude”

I can just hear these and other retarded excuses for not doing pull-ups or handstand pushups and truth be told, there are few things that make me want to PULL out my hair more than this nonsense.

Perhaps thats ONE reason behind that bald spot on the TOP of my head!

Because if there’s ONE question I get asked all the time by folks, it is this – can heavier folks do handstands – and handstand pushups?

I swear, I’d be a billionaire a bazillion times over if I had a penny for every time I hear this highly and utmost RETARDED excuse.

(most of the time the people making these silly excuses aren’t big. They’re FAT).

(There is a difference between being “big” and “fat”!)

Being that the handstand – and handstand pushup is by far one of the most difficult and intimidating exercises out there (though it doesn’t have to be!), most people naturally shy away from them to begin with – and if they’re on the heavier side?

Forget about it. You’ll likely have an easier convincing a man even “somewhat heavy” to jump off the Eiffel Tower with arms outstretched like a bird, pretending to fly, fly, FLY – as opposed to even get into a handstand.

Ok, so that above bit is a tad bit exaggerated, but hey,what’s true is this – it’s a COMMON fallacy out there that heavier folks can’t do handstands.

Can’t they?

You bet they CAN! I’ve said this all along, and have been saying it for years now, and it bears mentioning yet again at this point.

First off, the handstand and handstand pushup is your go to exercise if you’re looking for them shoulders like cannons – or, much as I hate to use the term, “cannonball delts”.

If you’re looking for raw, BRUTE, unadulterated upper body strength and pressing (and pulling, too) power – then this is the exercise you need to work upon – and perfect.

If you’re looking for that massive barrel chest look capped off by traps that look like mountain peaks – well – ditto!

The old time strongmen knew this too, my friend, and trained the exercise accordingly – – which means HARD, HARD, HARD!

And despite what you think, not all of them were “chiseled” either. They were strong, but not necessarily the “chiseled six pack” sort – and they didn’t need to be.

Bert Asserati, 240 lbs old time strongman and English WRESTLER!

Ever heard of John Davis – champion American weightlifter with Olympic and world titles galore?

At a bodyweight of 200 lbs – – he’d do this exercise for multiple sets – in slow, perfect sets of 10 each time!

Doug Hepburn, weighing at a massive 305 lbs of MUSCLE did these all the time – – and sometimes on pommel bars at that!!

Ditto for Bert Asserati – the English wrestler that weighed in at a similarly meaty 240 lbs or so – – and did ONE ARM handstands for time!

And lest you think these men were exceptionally genetically gifted, think again. Doug Hepburn was born with a club foot and had many other battles to wage to get to the point he eventually did.

John Davis was small and weak as a child – hardly someone you’d expect to become a champion weightlifter – and yet that is precisely what he became!

Still not convinced?

Doug Hepburn doing a freestanding handstand pushup

Well, here’s another example.

Back in the day, yours truly was somewhat on the heavier side as well (as y’all no doubt know by now!).

He wrote a little book called Fast and Furious Fitness – – a book he referred to this morning – – and a book very close to his heart indeed – – and he very recently re-released it on THIS site again after years.

That was my first book, and as I said this morning, there is good reason for it to be close to my heart . . .

At the time of writing that book, I wasn’t exactly in the sort of shape you see me today (though granted, I still trained and wasn’t by any means or shape a couch potato).

And what was my favorite exercise at the time?

It wasn’t pull-ups, although I did those. It wasn’t sprints. It wasn’t even pushups as I detail in 0 Excuses Fitness, although YES, I did do those too!

No – it was an exercise that is pictured on the front cover of the book – the handstand pushup – – and if I could do ’em at the bodyweight I did ’em – – and if the men mentioned above could do ’em for sets/reps at their bodyweights – then so can YOU, my friend!

And thats a long answer to a short question.

Long story short – – heck yes, you CAN do handstands and handstand pushups even if you’re overweight – or on the “bigger” side.

That isn’t an excuse to be fat. It’s a REASON NOT to shy away from this excellent exercise – and to learn how to do it in proper form – and then just do it!

So there it is. I DEMOLISHED the excuse – before you give to me.

Any others??

I thought not.

Now that we’re past all that, finally – lets get to the …


  • Both my WORLD FAMOUS and insanely effective courses “Shoulders like Boulders!” and “BattleTank Shoulders!” for a price FAR lower than what you’d pay if you purchased these individually. Also, and not to mention, I throw in the “FAQ” book FREE in with the digital download!

  • RAMPAGING levels of upper body strength that TWO or more men would be hard pressed to match – especially in the SHOULDER are. And if we’re talking the modern day average wuss puss and lily livered poltroon that spends his training hours on the cables and weight and puffs, buffs, tuffs, but is seemingly unable to “blow the house” down – then probably MORE. This is REAL MAN strength, bro. REAL MAN!  (and if you don’t fit that category – no worries – but kindly DO click away NOW, because this ain’t for YOU) 
  • Massive shoulders and triceps, and insane levels of pushing strength to boot.
  • Your pull-up ability will shoot through the roof. Believe me, this one exercise is the perfect compliment to all the pull-ups I teach you! Mutually symbiotic to a T.
  • Your grip will strengthen by SPADES. You will get the sinewy, “ape like” grip that you’ve so wanted, and that the gym cannot give you.
  • Improved strength, stability and co-ordination through the entire CORE.
  • You’ll lose FAT at record speeds once you get good at this exercise. Believe me, just HOLDING the handstand in the way I teach you will make your heart thump and pound NINETEEN to the DOZEN and like NEVER, EVER before! 
  • Build traps like look they belong on a Brahma Bull!
  • If you wanted a six pack, but haven’t ever been able to get one? Well, handstand pushups will make that six pack SHOW quicker than almost anything else, including pull-ups. Believe me, I know a thing or two about this!

    • Lose that nasty LOWER ab fat while you’re at it. Those love “hate” handles. And so forth. Handstands transform the entire core into a VISE, and thats putting it lightly!
    • Improved digestion, and greatly improved appetite, and afflictions like IBS, flatulence etc? Lets just say you CAN kiss ’em goodbye after (literally!) one or two good workouts from this book! Trust me, that position does WONDERS for your body (oh, and CONSTIPATION too).
    • Not to mention MENTAL constipation. You’ll find you have a far more focused mind and CLARITY of thinking will be enhanced beyond BELIEF once you get good at these!
  • SKY high confidence is but one of the side effects of this amazing exercise. Let me tell you, just being able to HOLD a handstand for time builds confidence, GUMPTION and an IRON WILL like nothing else can!
  • You’ll look, feel and BE much healthier – and better – and you’ll be FAR more productive in every area of your life, including “the hay”. Oh, and yes, “trouble” attracting members of the opposite sex will become a thing of the past too. Trust me, that confidence will TRANSMUTE naturally!
  • Ladies – you TOO can do and benefit from this amazing exercise, and look – and feel great. This isn’t snarling pumping and toning nonsense. This is real world training, and much like ladies can and should do pull-ups – the SAME THING holds EQUALLY TRUE for handstand training! Not to mention you’ll have tons of fun doing it too!
    • (I mean, think about it. Being the “rock star” at the gym pounding these out and putting the preening and posing “bros” to shame (not to mention those that are FAT and claim to be able to bench Manhattan or what not). Truly priceless ain’t it. Heh!
  • For those of you with kids, they’ll LOVE this sort of training – and it’ll get them in great shape to boot as well (great exercise for these “lockdown shockdown” times we live in!)

And much, much more …

Well my friend, I’ve been writing for damn near an hour, and I’ve said my bit.

Now, it’s time to sign off, but before that – if you read through all this, and are still under the sorry misconception of the “gym will build far more strength” then let me tell you ONE thing – you’re VERY SADLY mistaken.

Bloat and “big” doesnt mean strength my friend. It just means FAKE. Those big muscles you see at the gym are USELESS in the real world.

The gym won’t build anything but WRECKED shoulders, my friend.

The gym sure won’t get you to the levels of elite strength the handstand pushup will Not even close.

(Ask the boobybuilders to carry their S.O’s, or even little kids up flights of stairs even once without collapsing – thats IF they can even hoick them up to their shoulders – and you’ll see what I mean. Boobybuilders build mammoth boobs yes, but strength? Not so much bro.)

(In other words, be a REAL MAN).

And the gym will NOT give you all the other benefits the handstand pushup does – for proof? (and since all of you on this page are going strength, strength, but what price BRUTE STRENGTH?)

Well, just ask your favorite benching “bro” get into a handstand against the wall, and “give me 10”.

I’ll bet you anything he can’t even get into the handstand – let alone do the pushup.

(be sure he doesnt fall flat on his nose while trying. Some of these muscle bound monsters have been known to do just that!)

And that my friend, if you ever needed any more proof is IT.

And last, but not least, if you’re thinking “price shice” on this one – well – put simply – you’re a nut my friend.

There is literally NO-ONE out there teaching handstand training and other associated exercises like I do, not to mention getting the nigh superlative results my students get within WEEKS, DAYS in some cases of training these movements.

I mean, really.

And again.

If youre thinking price, I gotta say this to you … (while shaking my head) ..


Because if this ain’t an example of “not being able to see a stellar and ONCE IN A LIFETIME offer”, then I dont know what it is …

And of course, then that ole bug bear … OLD MAN PROCRASTINATION.


It pains me that I gotta say all this, but I have to, because many of you will think “tomorrow”. Please do NOT. Get on this NOW, my friend. Time BE a ticking, so order now – and start DOING today. Stop sitting on the sidelines and wondering “what if”. There IS “nothing if!”

As “Mickey” said in Rocky II …

What do you mean you can’t!

There AIN’t NO CAN’T!

And … THERE aint no ” tomorrow” either!

Let’s do this TOGETHER bro, and lets do it NOW. YEE HA!

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee -signature

Rahul Mookerjee

“Let’s DO it!”

The iconic “General Hummel” from “The Rock” (1996)

PS – And once again, let me REITERATE. If you dont got what it takes, and are NOT serious about building ELITE levels of shoulder and upper body strength and POWER, not to mention the mental STRENGTH in spades – then please do NOT get the course. I only want the MOST serious of folks to get this one.

If you’re in that elite category – DO get it.

Yes SIR!

Else, well, puff and buff away, my friend …

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!