What would I do if I was broke, starving and HUNGRY?
- It's how I live my LIFE.

Part of the reason or a huge reason I continue to be successful at what I do is this – I’m working all day.

Despite what a lot of idiots out there think, I’m not running around with girls all day long or at all.

No. I’m sitting in my cave. Working. Out. Thinking of new ways to make more MONEY.

I made approximately 4 grand over the past few hours. Most would say “time to celebrate”!


What celebrate? What’s four grand anyway?? More importantly and pertinently, noone gives a shit about what you did yesterday or the past few hours. What are you doing NOW?

We have 24 hours in the day, all of us. How we choose to use each of those hours is up to us – each one of us.

Motivation is a crap term I don’t believe in. I believe in relentless discipline. Just show up and do it daily over and over again – that’s what ultimately brings results in ANY sphere of life, fitness included.

But sometimes finding the “what should I do” can be tricky. What new products, content etc.

So then I ask myself this question.

What would I do right NOW along with that “desperate, time for WAR” mindset Id be in if I was broke, exhausted, tired and HUNGRY?

Id be hustling even harder trying to make MORE money.

And then the “what” question solves itself.

It’s always day one.

It’s always WAR out there.

Never rest easy, the minute you do, it all gets taken away from you.

It’s also part of the reason I follow my famous (by now) “eat once a day routine” that other luminaries and doers have made famous too, and that I’ll be explaining and new revolutionary course on how to get SIX pack abs faster than any other method you ever know. No, it’s not just fitness related reasons either – though that’s part of it.

If you’re a TRUE doer and not a price shopper, slacker etc you’ll want to DROP EVERYTHING else you’re doing right NOW – RUSH to the sales page here – and place a pre order NOW.

More hard hitting life advice that just flat out works from yours truly – not “niceties”. I just tell you what WORKS, period.

And that’s that.

For real world success in any sphere of life follow the tips laid out in my path breaking books Zero to Hero – and Gumption Galore.

Truly advice that will change your life for the RANK better forever, if you buckle down to brass tacks, stop yakking on social media and elsewhere and just “do”.

You have direct access to ME through these books, like I was sitting down and guiding you through LIFE and it’s numerous pitfalls personally.

It doesn’t get much or any higher than that – or better.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

You SHOULD have a big ego, you FOOL!

A lot has been made of mine – and it continues to grow at unparalleled levels. So it should, it always will.

Narcissist, self serving, huge ego, “who does he think he is” etc etc – any successful person anywhere in any field knows what I’m talking about . .

It’s usually peasants, idiots and morons with NO money and losers that remain in the same spot at age 50 that they were at age 19 or even below – that make these silly comments.

Personally I welcome it.

And I explain my thinking here – https://youtu.be/1pnu2XBeQ5U?si=fTWr_uRuMNL_mlrr.

You’ll want to listen to that video if you’re interested ANY way, shape or form serious about success at ANYTHING – fitness and life, women, all of it – included.

Along with that, be sure to grab Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore now, must have REPEATED reads (you simply cannot absorb the sheer wisdom in these manuals in a single read – you’ll find something new EVERY time you read much like with Think and Grow Rich, Magic of Believing, Emersons writings, or any of the other classics) on everyone’s bookshelf (assuming you’re not a rank loser content to remain at idiot level for your entire life in which case please do NOT get the books).


Rahul Mookerjee


How pushups and pull-ups attract me in the same manner a “theka” does….

It’s hilarious.

The things that attract us, what we really WANT out of life…

All my life people have questioned why I “only drink light beer”.

I’m so stuck on the “light” part of it that I wouldn’t drink anything else if you gave it to me on a platter. Includes Johnny Walker and all the well known brands …

Has nothing to do with fitness, the silly misconceptions about “whiskey is worse than beer health wise” and other crap (alcohol is alcohol period).

Cigarette wise, I’ll smoke most brands which people don’t understand again.

But beer?

It’s light or nothing.

For whatever reason I cannot ever in India find any of the decent light beer brands I love. As of late, “all out of stock”. India still has these antiquated “English wine and beer shops” where they hand you your grog literally from behind bars – hehe. Another leftover from the British Raj apparently that noone ever wanted to change.

In Hindi it’s called “theka”. I cannot quite find the right English translation for it.

It’s funny – I’d rather prefer China with 24/7/365 delivery as opposed to these “thekas” which neither deliver nor seem to have what I’m looking for most of the time. Not to mention the annoyance of public transport in India (if you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about).

In China it was make a phone call, beers there within 10 min from a convenience store. Apparently even those are still a foreign concept in India, a supposed “world power”.

Or just walk in and get it as you normally would.

Yet it’s funny.

Every time I pass those annoying shops, something about them “draws” me to them – even though I might not even be drinking at that time. Hehe.

And I enter the “prisoners clamoring for grog” environment. Hehe. It’s hilarious, really, if you think about it… As I go, the word “theka” pronounced in a foreign accent (theyyyyyyka – he was trying to imitate my accent in a not so authentic manner, hehe – they all called me “angrez” (Englishman) at any job I’ve ever worked in India) as a colleague once humorously did at THAT job where for six months we probably spent more time drinking beer than in the office – and got spectacular results the company had never seen till then.

Like a long lost lover, a beacon amongst the madness in India, it draws me in… Hehe.

I still remember stepping off the plane in 2003 from the US – and landing in Delhi.

Ok, so 1130 pm at night.

Cold beer time.

Except, nothing to be found, not even any sort of convenience store.

Asked my Dad about it the next day …

He sagely pointed to one of these nondescript hole in the wall joints which probably make more money than all the Gucci stores in the mall combined.

“The theka“, he went.


“The theka will give you all the cold beer you want”, he went. “there, look! It’s doing brisk business too!”

There was some discussion about this going on with mom too, and dad chimed in.

They do HUGE business, he went. “Bhison sale hoy” (the Bengali words he used).

So they do. Hehe. Literally, I’ve seen these guys balance sheets – and the volumes of money daily makes my eyes boggle. The guys that own the shops are probably millionaires a few times over!

So it was judging by the war going on in front of the bars to get grog before the shutters slam down at exactly 10 pm, not a minute after, not a second before. Hehe.

Dad , like most in India is a whiskey type of guy. So is Mom. I did give him a lot of beer when they came to visit me in China (back when we were still on speaking terms and Dad wistfuly remarking “how easy it must be to get girls here” – probably one reason he never wanted me to go there in the first place, but then again, he knows full well women and hordes of them have never been an issue for me anywhere in the world – hehe) but apparently it put him on the toilet and that was that (I remember Mom telling me about it, how could you not know etc , I was like, I don’t know – I was flat out, lol).

And no matter what else you can find in India, you’ll ALWAYS find hard liquor of any sort in an Indian “theka”.

Light beer, now that’s another tale. Ugh!

These “thekas” are a lot better in other parts of the country than the capital for whatever reason. The badlands of Haryana, the hinterlands of Punjab. Id rather be there. Maybe even in Bengal or South India, the Beautiful North Eastern part of the country, an under appreciated gem as I’ve always said. No idiotic concept of dry days (apparently the Delhi government gets to decide when you can and cant have a drink. Wtf?) for one, and shops stay open – no delivery yes, but in certain parts of the country apps do deliver, though how convenient it is I’m yet to find out. I do know these apps are pretty good for getting cigarettes etc delivered within 10 minutes straight…

I love the taste of light beer more than the liquor in it.

Therefore, as light as possible. Most don’t understand why I don’t drink to get drunk, yet drink a lot of beer anyway.

Most in India prefer “strong” because it’s cheaper in terms of getting drunk which I’ve always found stupid. Any true beer connesiuour would too.

Randeep Hooda made a comment about ,how when he was playing the role of an alcoholic cop in Jannat 2, he got so into the role he’d be craving drinks at 11AM. Hehe. He had to get help for it.

So he said, at least. I doubt he needed help hehe.

That guy could be me, right down to the weight loss, the utter dedication to what he does, except the only difference he’s always had a supportive family. Me, well, you guys know the story!

Except I don’t crave the drink as much as the visit to the store apparently. Hilarious, illogical, insane, yet true. And that’s how “attraction”, feelings etc work. There’s no logic there!

Anyway what’s all this got to do with fitness?

Pushups and pull-ups attract me the same way.

And hence my routine of doing pushups throughout the day.

Just reading, writing about pushups makes me want to go do them. If I see others doing them at a far lower level than me, I want to go do them!

If I’m drinking beer and watching a movie and somone does pushups in it, I’ve gotta get down and crank some out too!

In the park, same thing. Before sitting down on the grass? Pushups on it!

Same thing with pull-ups.

Every time I pass the pull-up bar at home, I don’t HAVE to do pull-ups. But I do!

And I do.

Same thing with monkey bars. That feeling attracts me, and I do a set of monkey bars pronto.

Most don’t get it.

Call it habit, dedication, discipline, what I truly WANT and get, but that’s how to attract results in your life my friend – in any sphere.

You gotta want it so bad the rest comes on auto pilot!

And that’s the story here.

Invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness system today if you’re even remotely interested in improving your health and fitness levels to hitherto unheard of levels.

And that’s that.



PS – This entire ramble wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Ann Lee, the Chinese girl who used to, as Chuck wistfully once asked “how could you leave a girl like that” pound beers with me till late at night, probably the only person in the world (well, Steve Austin might be another, hehe) that could better me in a light beer drinking competition.

The chick that both literally and figuratively KICKED my ass (yes, literally too) and wasn’t the only reason for 0 Excuses Fitness starting, but a huge one nonetheless.

She’s mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training page for a damn good reason. A damn fine product too!

Ah, the memories, the parties that continue till this day, “those days that make the eyes mist over” …

…. And the thekas that being memories flooding back.

Ok, enough already – hehe.

Are pull-ups really “necessary”?

It’s another highly idiotic whine I hear a lot of times from obese men, even a lot of sp called bestselling fitness authors – are pull-ups really necessary?

It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying something. I’ve heard a lot of stupid shit!

In the vast majority, actually ALL these cases – these people cannot do pull-ups themselves due to excess fat around the midsection – are too lazy to get in shape – but WANT to be the pull up stud deep down inside. The work required is too much for them, so along with the “different body type” moronic statements and idiotic “I’m big but not fat” statements – they question what is truly the GOLD standard of fitness.

Are pull ups necessary?

If you’ve ever done them right you wouldn’t be asking me that. HA!

Let’s face it, Sonny boy.

EVERYONE wants to get good at pull-ups and be a STUD at them like yours truly.

Few are prepared to put in the work so they hide behind ridiculous non sequiturs.

Obvious physical benefits aside which we have discussed a lot, an exercise that elite forces globally pride themselves on their ability to do in high reps as do I – martial artists, boxers etc.

Are they necessary?


No, they don’t replace pushups, but neither do pushups replace pull-ups.

And overall, the pull-up is FAR harder on the grip and upper body than pushups while pushups tax the entire body in a way pullups cant.

Pushups are the king.

Pull-ups the emperor.

And that’s that.

Stop making excuses and get to it.



PS – The 0 Excuses Fitness system provides the perfect baseline for getting better at two of the toughest exercises out there.

Pushups – pushup Central and Pushup Central – the TIPS! Are must grabs.

And in terms of pull-ups, Pull-ups – from Dud to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! & Pull-ups from Stud to super stud within WEEKS – along with Pull up Central are the golden ticket to learning how to perform and reaching rarefied and glorious heights at this superlative exercise.

Get to it.

I train when I …FEEL like it.


I do.

Most of you, especially the vast fat lazy majority whining about body aches, days off, “letting muscles recover”, not doing pushups or high rep workouts daily because they’re “pointless” (reality is that can’t do it themselves) – morons that claim about high rep workouts being “boring” – the “we are big but not fat” blubbery jokers – will be STUNNED to hear me say this.

Yet, it’s true.

I’ve gone on record saying and it’s very true that I don’t believe in days off no matter what – in anything.

Life, biz, fitness. No holidays. I work, train and yes, party – 7 days out of the week. I’ve earned the right to in the last case and then some. No pun! Haha.

I don’t believe in holidays, weekends etc. You make progress daily no matter how or where you’re at NOW. Anyone that sits on their keister and says “I don’t need to push so hard because I already have X money, fitness, life gains etc” is not only an idiot but on the way to LOSING it all.

Training wise, training when you “feel” like it is a recipe for disaster. You should be doing exactly what you don’t “feel” like doing. Your feelings don’t count – the grind does. Simple.

Women making these feeling oriented statements, well, that’s females for you. But men making those above statements is inexcusable. You’re not a real man if you make those statements – most aren’t. Simple.

So …. Back to the above.

In China I had this routine of 4-6 hour daily hikes. I did it daily. Rain. Hail. Snow (the rare cases we had snow – not Snow beer, hehe). And yes, in category three hurricanes too with trees literally falling down around me.

These days, I train … All day.

Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning, won’t even have my green tea and dive straight into the splits.

Other days I’m “comatose” till 4 and then all of a sudden I spring into action.

Either way by the end of the day I not only have all my biz tasks accomplished – but also a bare minimum of 150 pushups, 40 pull-ups, lots of stretching and squats, and walks too.


It’s about making sure you feel like it at some point. . .

. . . And if you’re serious about it you will.

See if you can figure that out.

Was interesting walking back yesterday evening after a smoke, a large monkey (these monkey packs terrorize a lot of the “good folks” they’re around where I live – only the Lawd knows why the government doesn’t take care of the issue as they damn well should) was lurking in the shadows next to the gate.

I noticed the next door neighbours all staring at me curiously and “waiting” for me to walk in first.

I did.

Not a care in the world. I had seen some large object lurking yes, but I didn’t care.

Suddenly the monkey appeared in full focus, teeth bared. Fight or flight mode as it reared back, ready to pounce.

“Chill!” I barked. Or “easy!” as I do with over aggressive dogs marking their territory.

These monkeys routinely bite people, my mother included, so most are scared of them.

As this one stared at me and suddenly made away (like the idiot years ago pestering me about why I didn’t work my mind instead of doing pull ups took off like the wind after I turned around after a set of pull-ups) I heard the lady gasp. “You’re so brave!”.

Nah,  i laughed.

I didn’t notice it ..

Actually I had. Hehe. But … I didn’t care.

When you’re a beast, an animal, animals can sense that vibe better than humans. Humans can too, of course, which is why I have zero qualms walking around dark dangerous parts of town alone, completely unarmed. (That last bit shouldn’t be taken to extremes, an excuse for doing stupid things – I’m just telling ya!).

An interesting side note, but it fits in with what Im saying here ..

All happens because I train when I FEEL like it. .never IF I feel like it though. There’s a huge difference!

See if you can figure it out!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Monkey see, monkey do – especially in the pull-ups and monkey bars which everyone, especially most fat men – AVOID like the plague as it brutally exposes their flab and lack of fitness like no other.

And part of the reason for my animal like vibe is the animal like workouts I partake of regularly. The ones detailed in Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

A book which you must grab if you’re even REMOTELY interested in real old school training and the results to boot.

And that’s that.

Flat 25% off.But hurry!

As Summer  – truly sets in upon us, I thought I’d do what we do around this time of the year – what a lot of you guys have been wanting – except with a bit of a twist.

We are offering a flat 25% “across the board” discount as we normally do – but this time, there’s no minimum purchase value required (normally I set it at at least 49.99) but this time, nada.

Applies to all order values – coupon code “25percent” (without the quotes) – but remember, this coupon can only be used ONCE per person.

So, pile in all the items you want, apply the code, and enjoy!

This offer starts NOW ie Fri Apr 12 2024. It will expire midnight Sun April 14 2024 – in short, one of those weekend offers we all love.



Rahul Mookerjee

Women, the so called “softer sex”…

……only until it all goes THEIR way. Once it doesn’t – watch out. This applies to Nazi feminist women, which unfortunately make up the vast majority of women out there today…(Along with idiotic cuckolded males).

My ex, has basically in her bullying and coercive manner trained our daughter to completely ignore Dad “or else”. A self defeating philosophy in the long term, but Nazi feminists don’t think rationally.

Like my mother says, she’s completely terrorized your daughter. Unfortunately so has Mom in her own way. Women!

A strong man leading the household is an absolute must my friend. Men were born to lead. Women to follow and support. Both roles are equally important and need to be fulfilled correctly, else all Cain breaks loose as you can see from the chaotic mess society has turned into today.

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once told me in 2018 “They need an alpha there!”.

And as he later said when I was unwilling at that point to completely ditch a relationship that had long since stopped serving either person – due to fear of losing my daughter.

“I understand. But remember, she might not be yours anyway!”.

No, not biologically wasn’t what he meant.

So true Marc. A customer of mine once made this same comment too about how women, and the court system allows it (see the Denzel Washington movie “Flight” where he can barely even visit his son at a house he bought for them!) – will basically make sure the kids grow up fatherless out of a stupid sense of revenge.

My daughter doesn’t like it. But she has no choice.

And it kills me to see the damage being done to her daily by a lunatic overbearing mother and equally batty grandmother.

A familiar scenario for so many men. Most cave in to these Nazi feminist demands for fear of “losing”.

A select few like us don’t.

And we GROW.

Most men pay the bills for years like I did for them even when in China, even when according to my then wife “but you’re not benefiting from it” (but she took the cash anyway. Years later I bring it up, bitch is like “you shouldn’t have sent it”).

Ungrateful cunt. Again, sound familiar guys??

Remember tho – you have two choices as man. Either be a human ATM under the thumb of a woman your entire life and be disrespected etc all your life, never grow – or be the alpha (I don’t generally use those terms but you get my drift) that men were meant to be in general.

Strong men are an absolute essential. Let’s see, who do these women call when they need to lift somthing heavy – fight wars – fix the plumbing etc?

Men. They need them. I don’t think other women will save a woman from being harassed and worse by a gang of thugs will she? Not until she’s the Slapping champ in real life and cine both (research it, you’ll see) Gong li. Hehe.

The reverse isn’t true for men. While a good woman should do her man’s housework, cook, clean etc – by no means does a man “need” a woman to do all that for him, and if he “needs” that as opposed to “wants” – then he’s a grade A loser. Simple.

Women don’t realise the damage they’re doing to their kids this way.

I was damaged myself for years by not having a strong father figure or any strong male figure at all in my life growing up. True, I wouldn’t take any of it back because it helped me become what I am today, but still – not ideal!


The way to win and even profit from this horribly annoying Nazi feminist behaviour against which most men think they have no defence is outlined in my pathbreaking book here.

Get it NOW if you’re a real man.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Name one good thing that isn’t “intense”.

Lots of whiny buffoons make comments about “oh, but his workout routines are too intense, too tough!”

Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine once made the comment about the only reason I’m not as rich as jeff Bezos as yet? Because your workout routines are too hard for the average pansy and Fat Mamas boy to follow.

Never become a pussy trainer, he concluded. Keep pushing us!

Ok, he didn’t use the term “pansy” and “Mamas boy”, but that was the drift! Haha

My workout programs are the same as me. You either love them or you hate them – there is no “meeting the world halfway” here.

So it goes with life, and results in general – at anything. My splendid fitness and other results didn’t come from half ass weak “taking it easy “, listening to your body and other crap.

Name anything good – successful – that isn’t super intense.

Sex. A good sports game. The WWE back in the day. Fitness routines that actually deliver results and so forth. It all is. It has to be. There is no other way – not if you want results! Real, lasting, spectacular RESULTS.

In the fitness industry you’ve got jokers these days parading “easy routines”, stretching etc around claiming “beating up your body is a bad thing” when that’s exactly how THEY got in shape.

In reality, these clowns are simply pandering to lazy asses galore and trying to make a quick buck. If you look at the physiques of a lot of them not only are they NOT in great shape themselves – but they’re bonafide FAT.

Of course, even fewer people these days want to hear what we have to promote – stuff that actually WORKS.

Nah, easier to stretch a bit and claim “a few pushups and that’s all I need,” and the BS of “rest days” and other assorted crap.

Hell, even stretching done right is intense!

Life wise, fitness wise, any which way. If you want lukewarm shitty results, don’t push yourself.

If you want to be the best of the best at what you do – make it super intense.

Make it DAILY.

The whiners might hate you for it.

But is that really the lot you want to associate with?

I didn’t think so.

And that’s that.

Get after it.


Rahul Mookerjee

Heavy duty lifting

Not quite of this nature – but close!

Just spent an hour shifting heavy window units (AC) – guy I was doing it with (I sold him my old unit) keeps complimenting me on my “slim and strong model like ” body etc….how did I get it.

God-given, he goes.

Nothing given by God, I snarled back. You gotta work for it.

I showed him my fat pics from before. He couldn’t believe it. “Is that your brother”? Lol.

Then he asked me how I’m so fit while I smoke, drink, do everything I “shouldn’t be doing,” while the world pays gyms big bucks and gets fatter , more injured and more miserable.

Pushups, pullups, squats, stretching. I gave him the lowdown.

Most bench pressers would fail nigh miserably at these things, real life tests of strength. I mention that because the bench press is looked upon as a test of real strength as opposed to what really should be – pushups, pull-ups and handstand Pushups.

People keep babbling about my genetics , I went. But the truth is I’ve got shittier genetics than the average fool with a pot belly out there. And I do.

People are lazy, and love to make excuses – and when someone gets the same results through years of hard grift that they’re too lazy to do, they whine up a storm and look got excuses to justify their own patheticness.

“They just be jealous”, other guy replied back.

More like lazy and jealous, much like a certain Fatso I won’t mention here …

Nothing like doing bodyweight exercises throughout the day, late into night.

They’ll build you the Adonis like physique you so desire!

Hell, I’ve even had pro athletes compliment me on my body.

So can you, my friend, if you’re not lazy and mentally weak.

Get on the 0 Excuses Fitness system NOW.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

My best fitness results didn’t come from…

..lifting weights. Going to the so called gym. Eating “three meals a day with breakfast being the largest and dinner the smallest”.

… Taking days off, or incorporating “rest days to let the muscles recover” or working back one day, and chest the next … Or, not “over training” (one of the most idiotic and meaningless terms I’ve heard. Coined by people too lazy to hit it hard daily).

…by “listening to my body and letting it control my MIND” .

It didn’t come from calorie counting, avoiding alcohol and tobacco (ha!) – or women (a bigger ha!) – or replacing beer with whisky (another myth propogated by fools in terms of weight loss – supposedly whiskey has fewer empty calories which is BS – alcohol is alcohol, period) …

… Didn’t come from slow treadmill pounding, keeping my heart rate in the “optimal zone” (which I doubt I’ve ever done).

…didn’t come from watching my diet, protein/carb/fat intake … I’ve never cared about that nonsense, and that’s what it is – bunk.

… It didn’t come from swinging clubs or lifting kettlebells, or heavy objects, though they are all good workouts.

It came from, as I said yesterday – the warrior mentality and doing the polar opposite of what the so called experts advise and most (idiots) do.

And my results are all the proof I’m on the right track.

It might not be the easiest. But it works the best, long term at that.

Physically swimming is a super workout. But, my results didn’t even come while swimming. Probably the fact I swam with poor form for years has something to do with this – swimming makes it easy to get away with poor or nil form if you’re a natural in the water which I am – but nothing trumps land based workouts.

Pushups done throughout the day in proper form – no slouching in the core, pull-ups – sets of squats, stretching throughout the day. Plenty of beer and nicotine, though that’s by no means essential. Hehe. Long hikes daily, 4-6 hours in weather the so called experts tell you to stay at home in and turn on the AC, or category three typhoons weather with trees literally collapsing around me. Long walks on flat ground, lots of stair climbing and sprints (no, step ups don’t substitute for the real thing – they’re a far easier alternative yes, perhaps the lazy man’s workout for those too lazy to do squats in high reps) …

I laugh when people say my routines are boring. They’re not. They just require discipline. Which most people are sadly lacking. And their results show. Or lack thereof I should say.

These are usually the buffoons who troll those at a higher mental and physical plane than they will ever be at, because they’re too damb lazy and hide behind plethoras of excuses “big not fat, different body type, pull-ups not necessary” and other utter and complete tosh, while looking for new excuses to justify their lack of fitness, finding excuses for what they cannot do or are too lazy to do.

Nothing, as I’ve said before, beats bodyweight exercises.

Nothing at all.

And if you want the sort of fitness results I have (I know you do – who wouldn’t??) – then getting started on the 0 Excuses Fitness System is a great first step.

To your success! (Assuming you’re a doer that actually takes action and does what they’re told, not just some nutjob looking for free info – in that case, well, you’ll get what you paid for ie zippo).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If “everyone” is doing it, you’re probably better off with the polar opposite. Fitness wise, you’ll be a fat, unfit, unhappy fool if you listen to the so called experts spout all the stuff that I never did (detailed above) – well, I did – but I was fat and out of shape when I tried all that junk.

Learn from someone who clearly has the results (that you want) on board. Don’t argue, hem, haw, Dilly, daddle, give me ifs and buts, whine about money, tell me how your body is some how “different” – it ain’t – etc. Stop making excuses. Just do what I tell you, my friend “obey” as Carol so rightly said.

Do so, and you simply cannot go wrong.