The Easy and “so” way of improving performance in bed!
- One of the best reviews, hehe .

On the Animal Kingdom Workouts page, I’ve written about how if you do what is mentioned in this course, follow the exercises and routines religiously – actually, if everyone would – then all of those people – or a substantial amount of them – might well put the big V out of business, hehe.

Yes, you heard me, the blue pills…

Literally – exercise done right this way – the NATURAL manner – it causes so much blood flow to the core and loins that even those of you with tiny peckers (Schofield comes to mind) will feel like and perform like SUPERHEROS in bed, hehe.

OK, scratch the “size” part – it aint how big it is (ahem, but sometimes it IS, ask any lady!)- its what you do it with and how you use it – or any other muscle.

Lots of fun today, especially out there in the park where a yoga guru took some videos for me that I’ll share later, and it was great teaching him how to do Gorilla grip work – the RIGHT WAY.

That sort of training will make a monster out of man – training the natural way, as I told him.

He was complimenting me on  my grip strength etc, but I was busy doing the same for him.

Look, yoga might not be as good as what we do around here overall, but it damn sure has it’s benefits isometrically, and as I told him, building the grip, tendons and so forth.

This dude can do some pretty cool things, including do L -sits on parallel bar, hold the frog pose on them and thus forth.

But, his pull-ups were off – despite him being slim and in shape.

Just goes to show you, pull-ups aren’t just for big people, and being slim and fit doesn’t necessarily mean you can do either pull-ups or monkey bar work well. It will show if you can, indeed, while filming, the first video got cut off because … well ,dude thought I was done but I wasnt. Hehe. Another round remained!

Anyway …

Here’s a great testimonial on Squat 101 from Saka Jubreel

Thanks, I really appreciate.
I learnt way to do squatting exercise the easy way and so way to improve your performance on bed.
Am really looking forward to learn more about squatting exercise.
Remember . If you ain’t squatting, you aint training !

Amen, Saka! Hehe.

And hes right, with the type of squats I teach you in the book, all the different variants – – tough ones, easy ones, all of them – they ALL work the pelvic floor and muscles in a manner NO other exercise does.

Most people, yoga gurus included do NOT go ass to grass in the squat, which is a BIG mistake, both in terms of not activating the glutes fully, and not employing full ROM – and therefore, not optimal results (but you’ll still GET results, just nowhere near what you would if you did it right).


This great book has been flying off the shelves, and I’ve had to, especially with the superlative workout video attached to the book consider raising the PRICE of the book several times already, so get this NOW – next time you might be paying a “pretty penny more” for it.

And thats that – oh, enjoy the grip workouts, and the pulling! (today wasn’t a pushup day – it was a pull-up day, all 100 of them and more!)




Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gorilla Grip is the best tool to have in your grip training toolbox, my friend. Along with the techniques I teach in Gorilla Grip -ADVANCED! – you will literally have a smoking hot grip of REBAR if you do what I tell you in these two courses, as a customer said, “if you want to develop a grip that is literally TERRIFYING!

If that sounds of interest to YOU – get these courses NOW.

Hi Saka –

Thanks for getting back to me with your thoughts – much appreciated! And you’re welcome – and YES – you’re right – squats DO improve performance in bed – much more than any sort of steriod, or Viagara etc ever could!

Thanks for your kind words on this book – much appreciated – and yes, if you ain’t squatting – YOU AIN’T TRAINING!

Rahul Mookerjee


What 500 reps of anything (daily reps) REALLY build.
- Gumption and SPIRIT!

This afternoon, the sun was nice and warm – as opposed to the freezing cold nights (when I take freezing cold showers, hehe – it was funny, my wife was hollering about (when my daughter asked if she took cold showers) “I’m not a damn wrestler!!!” Hehe) – and I was out there doing my 500 pushups as usual.

Towards the end of the workout, I was really flagging today.

I still remember the girls next to me (office workers out on their lunch break) looking at me grunting each rep out curiously as if to say “wtf is going on”.

Thats ok, ladies, I wanted to say. One of them is actually rather cute!

But, training time is training time, unless the girls are training WITH you – like a certain Carol did, nothing doing. No nonsense of looking at the flowers when climbing hills with me, hehe. (unless it’s post workout when I’ll look at a lot more).


Chick might have been surprised if she knew 250 club swings preceded this – today with 15 kg’s ers – and if she knew a 100 squats and a brisk run were part of the proceedings.

But the 500 pushups take center stage … and I’m here to tell you this – apart from the obvious conditioning, strength, and other immense benefits these workouts give you  they build one thing above all – focus, gumption, SPIRIT – and mental strength in hades – sorry, spades. Hehe.

Really, when you can knock out 500 reps of any exercise consistently, you’ll find you’ll focus like a laser on, and move towards whatever goal you’ve set for yourself in life as well -any sphere of it.

It might surprise you to know I dont necessarily think about my other goals during a workout.

I did in the past, now, my workouts are so damn tough – and so it should be – that its about getting through this set, and planning for the next, thats all that matters. It’s also a great way to get the subconscious mind to work on the other goals in the background while I “forget about them” temporarily.

Why 500, you might ask?

Good question.

Why not 400 – or 600?

Or 1000?

I dont know, but 500 is a number that has been passed down through the ages, as with most such things, for good reason, it’s a number that really hits it workout wise.

You hear a lot of nuts bitch about high rep workouts claiming they dont build strength – or muscle – some claim “they just build stamina” – some have even gone so far as to claim they’re boring (though admittedly guys who use that word have never ever done it themselves – or they wouldn’t be using that word) – and so forth.


Man, pushing yourself when you’re already at your limit is anything but boring – and that brings me to my next point.

Key thing with these workouts – keep them CHALLENGING.

For instance, the only “easy” – or relatively easy exercise (for me, that is) that I do during my 500 pushup workouts are floor humpers, even those I’ll try and make each rep tougher – and I’m doing them on one arm now, something that has eluded me for most of my life!

Pretty soon, it will be one arm fingertip pushups – talk about a SIZZLER!

Anyway, if all I did for the most part during my workouts were Hindu pushups and table pushups – which was what I focused upon for years when I wrote 0 Excuses Fitness – then it would be easy for me.

Now, nothing doing.

I’ll do 20-30 reps of either the Jack La Lanne pushup or the fingertip (regular) for my high rep pushups, but thats it – most of the other reps are sets of 10-15, for me low reps, and TOUGH exercises – exercises that I have to really work to finish that many reps.

Thats how to do it, my friend.   (not to mention, older guys with joint issues and such – once you increase the difficulty of the sets, and lower the reps/set while keeping TOTAL reps / workout the same – THAT is the ticket for keeping them joints healthy!)

This sometimes also means that the hour I set aside for 500 pushups – well, that sometimes gets extended a bit if I do a LOT of the lower rep movements to get there. So be it. The key is to keep it challenging, and the body to be forced to adapt, and thats how it works my friend.

And anyone that tells you high rep workouts are useless, well …

A short story first.

An idiot in my daughter’s school today claimed something that made me goggle when the daughter told me.

“Aryan said he’ll take all my father’s money!”

Apparently there was some stupid debate about who has the latest version of playstation (I’m not ashamed to admit I did not even know version 5 is out!) – and my daughter didnt have it, so according to nutter kid, “she’s poor”.

I laughed.

Anyone that spouts nonsense like that is in category three, I told my daughter, who asked what I meant by that.

I told her you can roughly classify people you meet into three categories “smart” (those who you should listen to, maybe learn from), “normal” (herd) and the last, “utter bozos”.

After the giggles subsided (she loves the word bozo, hehe) – I told her to simply ignore such foolishness.

The greatest riches are HERE –  I pointed to the ole noggin.

And it’s true – with a BRAIN, and if you USE it the way it was meant to, you can ultimately attract all the riches you want to yourself my friend. (and I told my daughter this too).

Anyway – – the daughter replied with something interesting.

“He has a huge club with which he’ll smash your head!”

Something about being “proud” as well … of me, or I dont know, the wife said that while not being too happy about the language my daughter used.

Truly a chip off the old block, I was going to say, but she cut me off saying “well, I’ll be the one listening to the teachers bitch about in the Parents Teacher Meetings!”

Well, those teachers do precious little other than maintain their makeup in class – not like they actually TEACH? Anyway, I didnt say that …

… but back to the 500 rep workouts, and people that diss them, call them useless or other things and plenty of people do – put them STRAIGHT in Bozo category, dont even bother talking or arguing to these fools, it ain’t worth it.

Anyway …

Here’s a tougher variant on the archer pushups that will really smoke your triceps, another step on the royal road to one arm pushups for reps…

And thats that.

Remember – Pushup Central, my friend – GET the book if you haven’t already – I cannot emphasize how important this book is to your overall fitness goals, no matter what they are, period.

And thats that – I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

- Yes a feast, hehe.

So, ’twas a feast tonight -not quite of the order of the outdoor BBQ’s that occasionally go on around here, but a pretty good on the spur of the moment feast!

Take a look beneath – and while I dont eat meat all the time these days (no, no religious reasons obviously, and no, there is nothing at all wrong with eating meat at every meal either if you so choose – I just dont do it for whatever reason) – you’ll see it was truly meat and cheese night.

Maybe you’ll spot the cucumber hiding within. Hehe. Definitely NO bread though!

My wife was in one of her rare moods (good) tonight and asked me it was enough, if I needed anything else – both before dinner and during.

Before, I was like maybe a few flatbreads.

Hehe. During?

I was like … yeah, three plates more hun!

Nah. Fact is, I didnt even finish that entire plate of cold cuts – some of it has been left for tomorrow’s lunch. Ditto for the chicken spread – although I did polish off a lot of cheese. Hehe.

Nice treat, gotta say even nicer since it’s on the spur of the moment, and unplanned, the best things always are, and of course, with all those pushups and pull-ups and squats I bang out, I need it .

3 more?

No way, hehe – I’d become like “big Bald Benni” if you get my drift if I did enough of that. Back in the day when I WAS that obese (well, not that bad, but fat nonetheless), I’d probably polish off more than that!

Benni – reminds me of those fat jolly Italians polishing off plate after plate of sphagetti dripping with homemade tomato sauce, hehe.

Anyway – thats a lesson unto itself, or two –

Excess of anything, even protein – makes you FAT – what you don’t burn off or digest gets added on as … well, pure lard.

And two, when you work out hard, you’ll be hungry as a horse all the time, but you’ll also know when to STOP eating.

A switch goes off inside, and my stomach simply wont “accept” more food.

Its a different feeling from if I wasn’t working out, I’d probably stuff myself MORE in that case, funnily enough.

Truly, my methods train you both internally and externally – and for pushups, that ole time favorite, that ONE exercise you can do so many damn variations of, that one exercise that will WHIP you into super shape and then some – well, crack open Pushup Central NOW.

And another one I’ve been sayin but apparently SOME of you still have not heard, place that pre-order for Advanced Plyometric Training NOW my friend.

Dont be cheap, that book is going to be utterly brutal.

And thats coming from someone who wrote Battetank Shoulders

OK, enough for now. Off to digest, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

“”Very impressive! You’re a strong boy!” .. Well, at least he was honest…
- My word, the inanity

Another one of those inane conversations while working out I hate SO much (and the guy in front apparently doesn’t get the picture??) – yet, end of it all, at least he was honest, if not in the way you’d expect.

So, out there in the sun, there I was, finishing off 25 pull-ups after a scorcher of a 500 pushup workout -chronicled in video in part, but we’ll get there soon.

As I was doing pull-ups, he showed up. No prizes for guessing who, the guy who “wants to do pull-ups for like forever”, “yet can’t” – and no prizes for guessing he never tried even once (seriously) beyond talk, as has also been well chronicled in these writings.


I can’t stand people like that, that “want” things – for instance, my nomadic lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t want it?

A life full of fun and adventure, settle where the will takes me, work from home, and so forth- and make good $$ while I’m at it.

Yet, no-one is willing to make the supreme sacrifices I had to make for it. And continue to make for it.

No-one is willing to put up with years of hardship, no-one is willing to undergo censure of friends and family for following your dream, no-one’s willing to go through the tough times, but everyone wants the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

LOSERS, I mentally think when I see these sort of people, and there’s tons like this in the world, fitness wise, same thing, everyone “wants it” – the corrugated core, the muscular arms, to knock out sets of pull-ups like it was nothing, but you can count on the fingers of one hand those willing to put in the damn work “in the trenches as it were”.

It’s irritating, what people have become, just pathetic.

Anyway – his opening statement?

Is it cold, he asked me.

This struck me as such a foolish thing to ask that I did not answer, then he repeated himself again, I shrugged, gestured as if to say “what the fuck” – pointed at the sun (it was the afternoon) – and then asked him if he felt cold.

“should i wear a sweater”, this fine gentleman then asked me.

Um – … ask mommy maybe? (dude’s over 50).

Like another version of that almost 40 year old Benny “Bald Benni” apparently he’s called these days, hehe – who can’t move a step without his prompter – and has never been out of Kansas – these sort of people mystify me.

“Sucking off the teat” typifies these sort of people perfectly well.

Dude #1 would NEVER take a risk and upset the well balanced boat and cushy lifestyle he has at home, most of which he did not do much to earn at all.

Yet, he “wants” the freedom I have which he does not, and keeps referring to it without being willing to put in the hard yards…

When some people will understand the world doesn’t bend and give according to simply WANT – if you want something you can’t just gab about it . You have to go out there and do what it takes to get it – TAKE IT – snatch it, most aren’t willing to even start.

Anyway, he then badgered me for the nth time about whether I like (living in) India or China better, about how ‘China will attack India one day’ (not like it hasn’t happened already, and not like he dont know the answer to that question, he has answered it himself several times already) …

At least he’s honest though, when asked about the whole India vs China thing, the jingoistic lot in either country (and there are tons of people in both countries that are overly jingoistic) will get raving mad if you say you prefer one over the other and point out FACTS as to why.

He knows that the lifestyle in India sucks compared to that in China, and everyone with half a brain is well aware of it.

I replied “same” – but he asked again, so I said China – in a short sort of manner. I was hoping to end the conversation.

I mean, look, everyone knows China is miles ahead of India – everyone also knows India could have been where China is, yet the people themselves for some reason didnt want to be there, and … ah, but I best not go any further else I’ll have people hurling brickbats and epithets at me for telling the truth, but it’s true.

There is no reason India couldn’t have been where China is today.

Democracy may sound good in theory, but it has plenty of pitfalls, and India is one glaring, shining example right there – of course, the problem in India and Indian society run deeper than just that – but that so called “freedom” (translates into anarchy) is one huge cause.

Not saying china is perfect, but results count, and they’ve got ’em, I’ll tell you that much. Daily life, facilities etc there are so much more better, and if you dont believe me, ask any American thats moved to China and refuses to move back, and you’ll get another answer along those lines.

Anyway ………….

I hate this sort of conversation for conversations sake, then he popped off with “I’m getting a sweater!”.

He got one, showed back up.

I was half surprised he didnt call his maid to get one for him …

I was popping off sternum pull-ups, 5 in a set by then, and his expression upon seeing this and then the words – so ludicrous I fell down from the bar laughing – literally.

“Very impressive! You’re a strong boy!

Huh, I gurgled, laughing.

Now, dont get me wrong -it IS impressive when you can do sternum pull-ups, or even regular pull-ups which most people make a complete hash of, in sets at that, after a ton of other workouts, so thats not what I am saying, it was his “gist” that I’m laughing at.

He repeated himself (and added on “very tough”), I caught my breath, and told him – yet again – “so can you if you do the thing” and that most people can do it, except most people are lazy and fat and sit around in the park wasting their time and doing zip all, hence they get nowhere anytime quick.

(which I’ve told him a bazillion times, I might as well be pissing into the wind for all the effect it has eh)

He then badgered me about “why I did videos”.

For my customers, I told him.

“Do they pay you”, he queried, knowing full well the answer to this.

Well gee whiz, I started …

“How do they pay you?To your bank? ”

The winter must have addled everyone’s brain around here I was thinking. Is that even a damned question???

(I actually ended up having to answer this, if you can believe me!)

Then he pestered me about how many customers I had, I asked him what was up with all the damned questions, he was like “I want to be like you, do what you do!”

(no you dont pal)

But externally, I smiled.

“You gotta get yourself in shape first!”

Oh, no, no he went.

“I’ll show myself as an example of what not to do!”

And at that I had to laugh out loud – LOL as my daughter keeps saying – the height of lunacy, yet at least honest.

As he disappeared, he yelled “if I need examples to show of what TO DO – I’ll use your videos!”

Sure thing, pal.

LOL … not.

Know what I can’t stand about this sort – my friend Ricky (former friend) like I’ve said before is like this too.

When you ask THEM something about their life, they run away without talking about, yet want to squeeze every drop of damn info out of YOU.

But I guess at least he was honest about some of this …

“An example of what not to do”.

Indeed, people … they look for ANY and all excuses NOT to do the thing…

Anyway, I’ve been having some superlative workouts as of late.

And today, I bring to you two more styles of pushups NOT there in Pushup Central, although thats because they can be kind of extreme for some people, and while they WILL be there in the work up to it section in the book on one arm pushups, are they necessary?

No – but they’re great to do, give you a superlative upper-mid back CRUNCH – workout – if you do it right!

More here –

(I’ve no idea why they call those typewriter pushups, maybe because the motion mimics old fashioned typewriters – remember those?? I took a class in that in school once, I believe!)

(And while calling them archer pushups may make sense – somewhat – to me they’re all different variants of what I like to call “side to side” pushups- so thats what I’ll call ’em).

And then, this!


Sometimes, caught between Mommy and daughter when Mom’s calling her in for a meal, the little girl wants “10 more minutes of play” – I feel like ole John Grimek did when same thing happened with his son.

He’d somehow convince his wife to let him play 10 more minutes “kid really wanted it”.

Thats a real man right there as for yours truly, the wife was complaining about “you let your daughter run circles around you”.

Well, doting dad I’ll always be, hehe.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A few more shorts –


“Stop man! You’ve done too many already! Enough!”
- So I heard!

That, my friend was what I heard when I was on rep #150 – I believe, after yesterday’s super tough yet low rep workout – there was no way I was NOT getting back to my 500 pushups a day workout, and so I did.

Was a rare break of sorts yesterday, but I hit it hard anyway, but today – while the reps totalled 500 for sure, it was a mix of super tough pushups for most of the workout, and easy ones (for me that is – those being “floor humpers”, hehe, which I love, which give you GREAT core training while you’re at it).

Easy ones were done in sets of 30, the rest … well, we’ll get to that!

“You’ve been going an hour already! Stop!”

I looked around, there was Prem, same guy who I trained in a video prior to this a few weeks ago – same guy who keeps “wishing he could do pull-ups”, yet wont put in the work to do so.

Or even try.

Same guy who I counseled on pushup form, yet he does them in the same ole sloppy manner…

Now, all of this is fine, but to me, I replied rather gruffly …


I think thats what I said, at least. Stop at 150? No way, I said. I do 500 a day and …

“You should do ’em too””, I finished.

Huh, he stared.

I repeated in Hindi.

I did them in the morning, he said, but his expression did not inspire any sort of confidence.

Later on at rep #330, I took a couple of great, great videos.

One the “side to side pushup”, which is great for working the pecs even more than with regular pushups and “isolating” them in the sense that you build them up even more while working in conjunction with the rest of your body.

Might sound strange, but you’ll see when you watch the video. Lots of people call this the archer pushup, which is fine, it ain’t about nomenclature to me.

I dont know why they call it that, maybe because the stretch looks like an archer about to pull back on the arrow of a bow when seen from a top on angle.

The second, well, plyometrics with floor humpers, and bear in mind, both of these – ADVANCED. You’ll want to work up to them my friend. Dont think just because you can do 10 perfect pushups that you can knock out tons of these. You wont be able to without a) practice, b) lots of practice – c) tons of practice and d… until you can knock off at least 100-150 pushups per workout anyway.

Now, I hadn’t been going an hour for the 150. More like 20 minutes I believe, but it was probably 45 minutes or so at 300 – slow going for me, but I was doing toughies all throughout – except for sets of 30 of the regular floor humper pushup.

Shirt off videos, floor humper, girls sitting next to me trying not to stare, guys looking away in that “man, that guy is SOMETHING” sort of vein. (since they were all mostly too lazy to do anything but sit down and chat about nonsense in the sun).

You know what I mean!

And on that note.

Right at that point, I was asked by the guy I mentioned above – replete with dumbphone in hand, lead in one ear “remember, soooooooo busy” – “how many sets and reps I did to get to 500”

Now this time I was really gruff.

“However many it takes!”

I didnt mean to be that gruff but I hate being continuously interrupted during my routine! Two, I was out of breath.

Three, most importantly, it was conversation for conversation’s sake which I absolutely hate and abhor, usually comes from non doers that dont do, they just talk.

This guy talks a lot.

He’s got all the knowledge in the world -gyms, machines, bodyweight – IN THEORY.

Practically, practically zero is the bottom line. And thats the crux, what irritates me the most about such people.

I dont care how much you read about driving cars, until you’ve never got behind the wheel – all that knowledge is worthless. I dont care how much you know swimming taxes the lats, if you never get in the pool, lake, ocean, or river – nigh worthless.

Get it?

Same thing fitness wise, bro.

If you want to do pull-ups, get my book Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! – which rightly promises to turn you into a stud at pull-ups quickly if you apply the information given to you in the book, if you get it, you read from cover to cover, then you read again, then you assimilate, but end of the day after all this, if you dont get down to brass tacks and do, then I’m sorry but the book wont do a damn thing for you.

“This author knows his stuff from the inside out”, went one recent review.

“But here’s the kicker, his methods only work if you do”.

So true, John!

And it’s interesting, Idiot Evangelist to whom John replied seems to have withdrawn his review, or Amazon deleted it for being spam (since he never bought the book he so called bitched about). More on that here … (including Bozo’s original review which John tore apart in his own inimitable style. Hehe).

No, for the morons who claim “I only allow positive reviews” I have no say in what Amazon does with reviews … should be bloody fuckin obvious – but then again, I’m not thinking “nimrod level” I guess. Hehe.

Anyway – back to it –

Same thing for pushups, or anything else, Pushup Central has all the info you need to turn yourself into a beast, a well conditioned human being to be RECKONED with in all regards – but if you yap on about nonsense and never do – then aint nothing gonna happen.

I hate that sort of thing, I also dont like people making conversation for conversations sake, first thing you know, these type of people are usually always on their phones WHILE doing so, like dude, either talk to a guy, or talk to a guy is what I say …

What has the world come to, eh.

Its not even considered discourteous these days for someone to stare at their phones when talking to you. Ugh! (or so called talking).

Ricky, a former friend of mine, just like that, every time I asked him if he was busy, never too busy he kept saying, yet, he’d disconnect me every damn time I called, “because he got another call”.

OK, call back when free.

“But I’m always free”, he’d reply.

I HATE that kind of attitude. Man!

Anyway ………….. Enjoy the videos, great stuff –

And last, but not least, my usage of the word “Habib” in one of the videos, someone has already asked me about this, believe it or not. Hehe.

Yours truly chameleon used to be called that back in the day by the black guys in the dorm.

“Habib, Habib, Bib, bib”, these guys would chant as I came in or went out, was absolutely hilarious, but for a chameleon like me – par for the course amigo. Hehe.

Habibi means friend in Arabic. Habib, probably similar. It isn’t gender specific as far as I can tell . . .

A couple of white guys used to call me Jesus, so I guess it evened out (along with TEMB, him of the “floor humper pushups” who called me a rainbow pimp. Hehe).

Anyway ……. those weren’t my fitness days.

I was either skinny as heck, or fat – and those big massive black dudes chanting Habib, hehe – I still remember attempting to put the Gorilla Grip on one of them and him asking why I gripped so hard, and then replying with … “thats a MAN’s grip!”.


In actuality, dude could have crushed my hand.

Anyway, reminds me of what Vincent – my buddy from the Marines once said in that regard “black guys are the real Gorillas” (strength wise).

And they are. Even if you look at top sprinters etc, all black – I’ve got no idea if genetics and the atrocities they were subject to played a role, but hey – who knows. Every race has it’s own thing, stamina wise apparently Caucasians are #1, brains wise Asians … and so forth.

Stereotypes – I wont even get into the “down there” one. Hehe.

But its interesting, I can sit here – and talk about all this, white guys do the same, they’re called racist.


Goose and gander my friend, and plus it aint like we’re in the Jim Crow era – live, let live, move the fuck on is what I say – I hate shit like that.

So if you’re a white dude reading this and have comments, by all means pass it on – I’ve no idea why saying the word “slavery” means someone is racist, but hey. Takes all types!

I’m out.

Be sure to place the pre-order for Advanced Plyometric Training NOW – it promises to be a SMOKER of a book.

And of course, get thy PAWS on Pushup Central if you ain’t already.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

The #1 way in which people cheat themselves out of the benefit of bodyweight exercises.
- Form, in case you had not guessed!

I see this so often, my friend – and I was debating whether or not to write about it again, but I had to.

Its what you guessed, form, but more than that – “full extension” is where people really miss out – Ive seen a lot of so called fitness gurus claim “full extension” is harmful for the joints, tendons etc – when the reverse is true.

And therefore, here are some home truths from the bodyweight exercise guru – again – I dont know who needs to hear this, but here they are –

Its not a real pushup if your form isn’t immaculate (ie back straight, body tight in a plank position,no you do NOT look down, you look straight ahead while performing the exercise (most of the styles, at any rate)) and chest isn’t touching the floor on each rep – and if you aren’t pushing ALL The way up.

Lots of people dont go down all the way, which is cheating yourself, the further down you go under control, the more it works your muscles – simple as that (and the ligaments, the stretching part).

Even more people think they go all the way up, but they dont – a LOT of you stop short of a FULL lockout, which is a mistake.

All the way up, all the way down – same thing for pull-ups.

If your chin isn’t over the bar (bare minimum – ideally Adam’s apple touching the bar) – its not a proper pull-up, if you’re not starting from a dead hang, its not a proper pull-up either.

Kipping, poor form etc – all that goes without saying.

But it’s the full extension either way a lot of people miss, my friend-  and you’re missing out on some real strength benefits from the movement if you skip this part of it.

Squats – same damn thing, should be ass to grass, not “thighs parallel to the floor”.

Some of these things, when you first start out, might be incredibly difficult for you, so doing what you can, and going from there is good – but if you’ve been doing these exercises a while my friend, if you claim to be “fit” – then there is no way you can break the above rules and claim that same thing – you simply are not in that case.

And any fitness instructor or “in the know” person worth his or her salt will tell you the same thing – no matter how grudgingly.

If you claim you do “plenty of or enough cardio” – but you’re either fat or rail skinny with very little strength – then what you do either isnt working, or you dont do it all, period.

If you’ve got a huge belly hanging over your pants and claim “I’m big but not fat”, the only person you’re sort of fooling is yourself, not very successfully at that …

The last two were home truths I know.

But pay attention to the full extension part when doing bodyweight exercises, my friend – the goal should always be, with the possible exception of dips – to go full extension of most of everything you do.

I dont know who needed to hear this … I bet many do.


Follow the 10 Commandments of Physical Succcess laid out in Fast and Furious Fitness, and in a different style in 0 Excuses Fitness.

And you cant go wrong, period.

And thats that – back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

How I made 110 pushups tougher than 500 today, 28 pull-ups tougher than …
- ... well, I didnt decide. Hehe.

… I dont know about an exact number for the pull-ups, but … “than 50” I’d say.

And, how 5 hammer grip pull-ups can be tougher than 15 done super quick!

When you do any exercise super quick, or quick, even WITH focus on form – proper form – the form will be a bit off compared to if you do them super slow mo.

And yesterday – well, it was a super tough workout day – 500 plus pushups, 500 plus club swings, roadswings, 100 squats (and stretches) – and 35 + pull-ups.

Super tough, I’ve been going like that for a while now, certainly on the pushups – 500 daily for over a month now, and today, I felt it – in the CNS.

Central Nervous System

Now, before I continue on here, let me preface everything I am saying or will say here with something I’ve always said, always will say.

High rep workouts are KING, and you should never ignore them, and you should do them preferably daily.

There is a very good reason boxers pound out 500 pushups a day without fail – in addition to all else they do.

There is a reason Phelps swam 14 hours a day – daily.

And it ain’t just that they have time to do it …

Its the physical benefits of putting your body through the grind day in and day out – without fail.

Some so called gurus will tell you this harms your body, does the tendons more harm than good.


At the ripe ole age of 42, years of hill climbs, high rep workouts behind me, and I keep improving, in better shape every year – I call fooey upon that, the only way it can and will injure you is if you do them in poor FORM.

Form, my friend, is key.

And back to the central nervous system and high reps – the corollary to what I said above?

“Not everyone is Mike Tyson”, for instance (and I dont mean just ability and talent).

I mean – elite athletes have a job.

Thats to be an elite athlete.

Prisoners in prison look like elite athletes despite their crappy nutrition and why?

Super hard work is one reason, but the other is they have no other responsibilities other than to train – and in prison, if you dont train hard, you’re someone’s bitch, simple.

So there’s two very basic reasons.

YOU, on the other hand are likely neither in jail nor an elite athlete.

Working jobs, managing multiple businesses, or wives, hehe – families – it all takes a toll on you.

When your daughter is up coughing daily till 3 AM in the morning, for one, when your new born wont let you sleep, and so forth, plenty of other reasons – not excuses – for you to feel a bit depleted, especially if you’ve been hitting it hard and heavy.

Some days, you’ll see you’re just not up to those high rep workouts.

Its different, you’ll feel it, not being “lazy”.

Yet, you do NOT do what most would in this situation ie “Rest up”

You hit it hard.

With the knowledge that a) super high reps are not ALWAYS required for a solid superior workout – and b) the principles of what are sometimes referred to as “co contraction”.

Look, I did some videos on this today – focusing on form for pushups – done SLOWLY – FEELING the muscles as you go down, and really increasing the difficulty of the pushup while keeping every muscle as tight as possible and in alignment as it should be.

Done that way, I can make 10 pushups harder than a 100 if I so choose.

Contract the legs. keep the back straight, and so forth, but what I really focused upon was two main things – one, move the hands closer to the WAIST.

Most people do pushups with hands underneath their shoulders, which is not really the way to do them.

Do ’em like when you first start, ideally though they should be at chest level or lower, and NO, you do NOT look down, you look straight ahead while doing ’em.

YES, you go all the way down and all the way back up.

And – you focus on the shoulder blades to make it tougher!

Penny pinching, as I once wrote about, except here it’s good. Hehe.

You do the same with pull-ups – and today’s workout, well, best described as intense as usual, but took less time overall and … definitely lesser reps, and my triceps are STILL sore, not just from yesterday but today as well.

Before I send you to the videos, let me again say – this shouldn’t be an excuse for lazy asses to say “500 pushups are useless” – or 400 or 300 or whatever the number might be. They ain’t either.

But sometimes, you switch things up – when your nervous system gets burnt out from super high reps etc, you’ll know yourself.

It happens.


When writing Battletank Shoulders, I was doing high rep handstand pushups and pull-ups for ages – like three or four months straight.

“You do nothing but train!” my friend remarked.

Yes, to an extent at the time he was right, yet even then, I eventually switched things up.

Or, before that – my daily four hour hill hikes in hot humid weather – without fail, sometimes more than four.

Eventually, even Mr Advanced Hill Training burnt out on that …

Without further ado, here you go – enjoy!



And, I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you haven’t yet gotten Pushup Central now what are you waiting for? Get it NOW, my friend, nothing like pushups to WHIP you- SMOKE you – into shape – nigh FAST!

Unstoppable today, my views on pushup handles – and then some!
- Lets gO!

As I listen to the song “Unstoppable today” which seems to be blaring out in the daughter’s online class, one thought struck me.

If there is ONE thing that makes you unstoppable – FEEL unstoppable – and ultimately conquer all – it is MINDSET.

It matters not, as Dr Maltz wrote in the super book “Pyscho Cybernetics” which I’ve read before in 2016 – “if no-one is cheering for you in the bleachers, but YOU ARE!”.

Conversely, if the entire world roots for you, but you yourself don’t believe in yourself – it – whatever the “it” is – will never happen.

Thats a great book (no I dont get anything for mentioning it here) – but the point holds whether you’re talking fitness – life -business – motivation – or whatever it is.

Set your mind to win at all costs, to persevere no matter what, ultimately you’ll get there.

I mentioned the story of the Indian batting great and maestro Virat Kohli in the last email, and his recent dip in form – how most people – experts included wrote him off pretty much – and how he bounced back.

Self belief is key to this, without that it will never happen.

Self belief is key to your FITNESS too, my friend.

BELIEVING you can make it from Zero to Hero – to be able to see the final picture BEFORE you or anyone else can – even fitness wise – in your mind’s eye, albeit unconsciously at times – is how that magic happens, no exceptions to this rule, I should know – I’ve been following this natural law (really, THIS is what the so called self help gurus should be teaching instead of “Law of Attraction” or affirmations which do not work in most cases the way they’re taught, at least) since childhood, pretty much because I had to/was forced to by circumstance (some of which I have gotten into here in this emails, some of which I won’t get into , period).


That self belief is what makes you FEEL unstoppable – once you feel that way, reality ends up manifesting that way too!

And the one exercise physically that makes you feel that way ?

All workouts done right do, of course -but for sheer brutality, “pushing power” – and … well, the overall effect – its pushups, and pushups done for high reps.

There’s a reason the greats all did hundreds, if not thousands of pushups daily.

Sure, that isn’t all that they did, but pushups are the cornerstone of any serious fitness trainee’s routine – along with heavy duty squats, my friend, no two ways about it.

And they’ll make you feel like a beast – and unstoppable – if you get after it, believe in yourself, do everyday – believe that you can reach exalted levels at this exercise, and soon enough if you put in the effort – you WILL.

No exceptions.

My great book Pushup Central – with seven or so tutorial videos at last count, I believe! – teaches you how to get there, and if you don’t have it as yet – you’ll want to get it NOW.

Along with that, remember to invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System as well – more great books included (one free) – and FIVE great videos if I’ve got it right – so dive in NOW.

Watch the PS for a recent question from Johnny from the UK.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – “what are your views on pushup handles and swiss ball pushups?”

Interesting one there J!

Swiss ball pushups are great, not covered in the book – but they’re GREAT for working the balance, grip, and in general the entire core and body.

Are they required?

No – much like the ab wheel isn’t “required” – but you can do pushups with that too to smoke the core!

(and GRIP)

Its great if you have those tools lying around, but end of the day, the book is about a bodyweight exercise, therefore, with the exception of chairs and sofas (old ones, heh) – you wont see any equipment being used at all other than a WALL which everyone has.

Not so much the great “Wall of India” Rahul Dravid with defence so solid people couldn’t break through it for days often – happy birthday Sir, albeit belated by a day! Truly an Indian batting great… anyway, if you do the “floor humper” – or extended arm pushups – or arms out in front of you pushups – or Jack La Lanne pushups -again, nomenclature is NOT the point – you’ll do great.

Now, pushup handles?

They’re great if your wrists hurt in the regular pushup position, but work on pushups with palms on the floor regardless WHILE you strengthen your grip and wrists by using pushup handles.

One great thing about pushup handles is even advanced grip men will notice their grip being worked a lot differently – and heavily – when doing pushups with these, so they’re great if you have ’em or want to use ’em – do so!

Cons – they’re not that adaptable in terms of different types of pushups, there are only so many different types of pushups you can do with them in terms of hand positioning, and nothing beats fingertip pushups – or fingers placed otherwise – pushups in terms of building grip and forearm power through pushups.

Otherwise, nothing wrong with using ’em.

But, I view them as an accessory more than anything else..

The only piece of equipment you really “need”, and this is coming from someone who has (almost finished) written Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – is a sturdy doorway chinning bar – other than that, as you can see Johnny, my programs require zip all in terms of equipment or accessories, and so it should be (no, I don’t advocate gloves either – get used to the damn calluses! Hehe).

And that, my friend is a long answer to a short question. Oh, pushup handles sometimes allow for a much greater range of motion in the dip ie down portion of the movement, but fingertip pushups do too …

Pushup Central is making WAVES globally my friend – its being praised and trolled in equal measures (actually the latter more which is good) – so you’ll want to get your mitts on this superlative course NOW if you haven’t already, and start blasting yourself into super shape starting TODAY.

And thats that!  (PS #2 – Here is what an ex-man-in-blue i.e. ex cop had to say about this superlative course – check it out NOW –  

Respect, CHarles!

Cats coming up to me while..
- When you train NATURAL!

A brief note, my friend – I’m about to head out to do 500 pushups soon.

I woke up late, so I’m in a bit of a hurry!

I’ll get there – but yesterday, winter sun, shirt off, pants rolled up, getting into the 500 pushups I was doing – or actually, it was day before yesterday I believe – I saw the cat.

It was prowling as usual, and walked up to everyone sitting there, walked away.

I saw it from a distance – staring at me.


I unconsciously said it – it meowed back.

I did a tiger bend, and some pushups.

Cat lifts one leg up, as if to either pounce, or check out what the “other cat is doing” (a movement I haven’t taught as yet per se but highly recommend for ENERGY – martial artists are huge on this too).

It stared at me, meowed back – now, normally, with people around, I’d never do this kiddie stuff I do with my daughter all the time, but out there in the sun, nature around me, seemed like the most natural thing to do!

I dont know how to explain it.

When you live in the flow, train naturally and in the flow, nature joins you provided you do the thing – and do it daily.

Your wishes, desires, all of it fades into the workout – becomes ONE – and animals, birds, hawks (I KEEP seeing those next to me) – ALL of them come up to YOU as if you were part of Nature itself, which you are.

The feeling, my friend, is indescribable, and only those who have trained this way in the flow will know what I’m talking about.

Cats, monkeys even, specific numbers – hawks – all of what doesnt come to “normal” people – comes to me. The hawk even sat on that damn bar while I did a pull up as if to say “I trust this cat!”.

Train natural, my friend.

Train the 0 Excuses way.

Do so daily.

Listen to what this cat says, YOU too will be on the path to grand accomplishment in terms of life, fitness, and a hell of a lot more if you just listen, and DO.

I’m out, and I’ll be back soon with more great stuff – in the meantime, remember, nothing beats pushups to get that core in shape -QUICK.

Check out what the fuss is all about HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

How to do one arm pushups – and one arm floor humpers, hehe.
- And more!

Long overdue this one, and a brief shirt off tutorial – and some “shorts” too (no, not my Pajama legs rolled up in the warm sun outdoors) – for today!

Before we get into that – and obviously given the title of this its about one arm pushups –  a few things.

First, most of you will be too enthused upon seeing one arm work ‘finally’ be covered, and a lot of you are going to jump off the couch and try what you see right NOW.

Nah – dont do that, my friend.

Not unless you’re ready for it, and being ready for one arm pushups means you can knock out at least 25 in proper form and cadence (and breathing) – at the very least do 150 odd pushups per workout – and some other things, including having your TUMMY at a reasonable “size” if you get my drift.

It ain’t no fun falling flat on your face – this sort of pushup is even tougher (what I show you) than the regular one arm pushup.

Believe me, I’ve had nasty injuries from weight training – even nastier ones from bodyweight only, the thumb crack “in and out” (ouch!) while doing fingertip handstand pushups on a cold January in China remains one of the top most painful ones – so i dont want YOU to do these until and unless you’re ready.

Second, and importantly.

These are GREAT movements for building strength throughout the upper body – back, arms, upper chest, triceps, all of it.

But due to the sheer nature of the movement, how tough they tend to be, and form being different on most than from regular two arm pushups – word of warning – or “advice” – please do not, as I’ve said in the past, rely upon this for your primary means of conditioning.

Please do them by all means – but remember, nothing beats regular two arm work.

Even if you’re aiming to be Bruce Lee, or better – who could knock off tons of one FINGER pushups in one set – remember even he would tell  you his conditioning came from two arm work (in that regard).

And not everyone is aiming to be Bruce Lee …

That said number three?

Trolls, fat people, unfit people and such will naturally whine about “but we dont want to do that”.

Or make some excuse for not being able to do one arm work.

Which is fine, but they have some serious strength benefits – in terms of muscle – and also supportive tissue/ligament strength, not to mention BALANCE.

Much like the one legged squat I show you in Squat 101, you should aim to get good at one arm work – but never replace regular pushup strength and conditioning workouts with “purely one arm” work.

That said, video updates for today –


Those of you that cannot see this in your email readers, links will be included in the email you get…


And remember to pick up Pushup Central – the very best damn course out there to turn you into a BEAST just by doing pushups. Trust me, when you’re knocking out 500 per workout daily, you’ll see what it does to your shoulders, arms, back, triceps, core, and even legs, at that point you won’t need to ask ME – you’ll know, see and feel the sheer, unparalleled VALUE of this superb, splendid course yourself.

and thats how it should be!

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee