Neither one of us look like we need to eat more!
- Hehe

I still remember Uncle J back in the old job once telling me (in response to a comment I made about food portion sizes in China not being what the should be – at least compared to the US where at least back then without so called inflation and stuff,helpings were always super large compared to the rest of the world, including the bellies at Disney World in FL too, hehe) – or commenting- on both of us ” neither one of us look like we need to eat more”!

He was right.

Coming from a guy who by his own admission “the only exercise I get is going downstairs when the hotel elevator is jam-packed “…

Does that make this ex Air force dude a doer? Not necessarily fitness wise, he knew he needed to do more, never did it.

But anyway, that’s none of my business. And he was right on the needing to eat less part, hehe.

Anyway… Thought about that this morning. Random thought that popped into mind along with pictures of me back in the day, fat, flabby, constantly gaseous and flatulent to the point the girls at the bordello had to peel my underwear off from between my fat thighs – hehe. No, not because it was drenched with sweat.

And i remembered the lovely Aa Chie that did it. She probably remembers me too till this day. As my girlfriend at the time told me (not Ann – that breakup happened when I didn’t answer her phone when busy at the bordello, lol – of course that didn’t stop her from stalking me – neither did it stop a certain Annie from doing that years down the line. Fuck!) (That might be the next email. ).

Because, as a lot of folks can identify with – I was too fat! Hehe. Like the guys constantly pulling their shorts up while doing videos, trying to disguise double Chins, man boobs etc…

Anyway. I compared then and now, the journey, and a spirit of gratefulness flooded through me..


Two interesting things happened this morning.

My lazy ex was cleaning the house today.

I couldn’t believe it.

The very things she rebelled against when I kept pointing it out – she now does – despite paying a fat ass maid who can barely bend over to clean (as opposed to the one who WAS in shape, fired for supposedly flirting with me – y’all know the story) – of her own accord.

Truly thoughts transmute as I keep saying.

Truly the direct way is never the way with Nazi feminists. You’ll lose as a man.

Indirectly, that’s another tale altogether.


This isn’t about that. Perhaps the next email will be.

The other thing, a girl living upstairs in this houseful of girls and an old lady (no pun if you have watched the hilarious Akshay Kumar starrer) passed by as I was doing my pull-ups and the wife was cleaning.



I called her the wife ?? I’ll let you figure out why that was the first thought. Hehe.

Whatever she is, she’s been in one of her idiotic moods As of late. The more I ignore her, the more she does what I want – without me asking. Hehe. That, along with progressing in your OWN life as a man is outlined in every tip in my path breaking book on winning against Nazi feminists and the plague in general.

The more you do so, and this applies to cucks, cheapskates who want you, what you offer, your results etc but aren’t willing to pony up and PAY as well. It applies to losers in general. Hehe.

Anyway, I could have stopped until the girl left (no I wasn’t blocking her way) but I noticed despite reeking or perhaps “fragrant to a t” would be a better description – of rose perfume a certain Carol so liked,and giggling as she passed by, she is as out of shape as my ex, and could care less.

Was reminded of what Farmer Burns said on his famous book Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture – of the outdoor laborer despite not smelling nice and reeking of sweat etc – being far cleaner internally than the usually both mentally and physically constipated office goers bathing in perfume, deodarant etc.

Nothing against deodarant. I use tons of it myself, not because I stink or sweat, but i like it.

Never been a big cologne guy tho, and you’ll usually find a whiff of either beer or tea or cigarette smoke on me.

As a certain Annie once told me in bed “smells nice”. Right down to my armpits. TMI, but true. Hehe.

I said this email wasn’t going to be about cucks. Maybe it will….

I had an interaction the other day with an Indian Cuckold who had an issue with me smoking on the street of all things because “his house was nearby and he had kids”.

I could have attempted to reason with the guy who was finding an excuse to start a fight he would have lost both verbally and otherwise.

But I laughed ,walked away..

No sense in banging my head against a brick wall, guy was one of those cucks – fat as well, and does workouts etc terribly who “wants it all” – but isn’t willing to put in the effort and more importantly sacrifices to get what he wants

I did a video on this on another business…

It’s interesting, they hype up cigarettes ec as being dangerous. Don’t get me wrong. They are!

But putting nasty pics on the packs etc doesn’t deter people from buying them.

More importantly what about the real killers like say sugar?

Worse than most drugs in my opinion…

And of course rampant pollution, bulging bellies , saggy asses etc. this morning I was doing pullups, and a lady passed by as …ah, but we went there, didn’t we, already?

Anyway, not like I was smoking anywhere near the guys house. Not like his kids were near me or even there.  Cucks look for all these excuses to start fights they can’t win. Then they’ll call women in for backup, create a scene etc…play the victim game. It’s pathetic. Hehe.

And not like his kids won’t pick up bad habits anyway, my own daughter with all the strict parenting and grandparenting going on has picked up all the F words at the tender age of 10, way before even I did and I was no slouch…

Idiota, as Rod steiger would say.

Still remember chuck once saying “you’ll have to explain the term to Kate!”.

Still remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla saying “it’s not about pure physicality either”..


You can be a stud physically and a complete lame cuck otherwise, although it’s not that common…

Anyway, just where the hell,if you’ve gotten this far I applaud ya – am I going with this typo ridden dump-phone writing – and random brain dumps?

I don’t know.

Could have done a video on all this again,but I’ve already done so many of them so figured I’d return to that first love we never forget, writing.

Key takeaways –


Get in shape,guys. No, women don’t like huge muscles and bulging tummies. They’re not manly, even if you like “something” to hold on to!

It’s the hard stuff, no pun, that does it.

And two, while Uncle J was right in 2003, it isn’t always about looks.

I’m fit,lean, mean, real man, movie star, pull-up stud,call it what you like, even Jesus (not orange Jesus tho – eheh – though in many ways I’m probaymore brutally honest than him too!) – but My diet and lifestyle,isn’t always what the so called experts or even real ones, myself included advocate.

I’m always a starving SOB – and folks keep telling me I need to eat more

And I do.

And i get fitter by the day…

Tricks in working out right my friend .

True, exercise is king, nutrition is Queen,together they make a kingdom said the great Jack la lanne…

But, the right exercise can truly paper over and even repair a lot of flaws otherwise..

The hard stuff that people know they should do but avoid. Like pull-ups, hiking outdoors in hot and humid weather and such – life wise, same thing.

The tough stuff done repeatedly gets real lasting results. Period.

I suspect I’m either preaching to the choir here or to cucks that will never do the thing, so I’ll stop

Gotta go do my JCVD splits now…

And thats that for the NONCE.

Back soon

Gosh, that finger needs a rest!


Rahul Mookerjee

BRISK walking as a matter of HABIT – and then some…

“Slow down! I’m not your bitch”!


Still remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla saying that on a rainy day in 2019 – before the infamous (and true haha) “0 Excuses Mofo” comment. Or after, actually it was as we walked to the gym for boxing practice…

I wasn’t trying to walk ahead of him. Was but my natural walk – for years. The only person I know of that can keep up, maybe outpace, but it hasn’t happened as yet – haha – me while walking anywhere – is my friend from the Marines with his giant strides – he walks equally briskly.

Wasn’t always this way for me of course, especially not when fat. I have the hill to thank for that, and a certain Ann Lee

I don’t ALWAYS walk that briskly tho.

Sometimes I’ll power walk, which I don’t believe I covered in the above manual, but do cover for my coaching students, including showing them how to walk RIGHT – most people walk wrong. (That part is covered in the manual, no, it’s got nothing to do with walking piegon footed or not – that style of walking might not be the most aesthetic or army like, but it’s very functional!) (Hip strength shows for one for folks that do that naturally, both men and women).

Actually, the above is wrong. Piegon footed walking isn’t functional. But feet turned outwards IS. For years I thought and many people like my Mom do – piegon footed meant toes pointed outwards, feet landing on the ground that way but no, it’s toes pointed inward actually. Maybe an interesting one to do,certainly not very functional for us humans though.

Anyway. I’ll often walk for long distances slowly, just to think, have new ideas pop into my head on auto pilot. I’m going to a park right now to do just that but who knows, you may see me workout a wee bit too.

All depends.

Walking back from school wth my daughter – almost always a leisurely walk which I enjoy.

One of the few times we can talk uninterrupted albeit just for a few minutes, when I get to see her growing up daily.


But the days it rains, I’ll ask her to walk briskly, but I remember the fuss that one creates.

Man, in our times we’d get an ass whipping


The ex will console her saying the equivalent of “big Bad Daddy”. Sad.

Sad what’s kids fitness levels have become, and of course adults as well…

It’s a good practice to walk briskly,with PURPOSE.. Chest out, shoulders back! 

Or the other way around. I linked the wrong post above, do a search, you’ll find one with the “chest out” heading too.

It shows the world, and to you internally too – that you mean BUSINESS.

And thats what counts, it also builds fitness, is a great warmup, an exercise unto itself if done right.

Walk 99 steps after a meal, live to a 100.

How true my friend. How true!

And we will end this one on that one.

Advanced Hill training shows you the right way to walk, and much more.

Yes, can be done on level ground too. Stairs for sure, even garage inclines. Just don’t get run over. Hehe.

Animal Kingdom Workouts is the next level. No, piegon walks NOT covered. We are training for brutal and functional fitness – not the goddamned circus.

Kiddie Fitness  – 0 Excuses Fitness – self explanatory..

That’s that then.


Rahul Mookerjee

Yet another manner of judging if your metabolism and health in general are in super shape.
- Embrace the PAIN.

And not necessarily just physical pain either…

In the JCVD classic Bloodsport – and to an extent in Kickboxer etc – JCVD shows us what real martial arts training is all about.

“Palm tree winner” – that classic line as JCVD fails to topple the tree with his shin as Tong li practices by kicking a cement wall ..

It may seem “filmy” or “just Hollywood BS”, that sort of training, but I assure you it ain’t.

My Taekwondo teacher never put us through that sort of thing because our parents wouldn’t allow it … If they did, he’d mete out the same brutal treatment he did to his son. Not that I’m a proponent of that in all regards either, there was no excuse for whacking him around in the middle of class with all watching while we didn’t get that treatment because we were paying students from the so called upper classes. Ah, India, that land of contradiction as I said in a video prior I believe…

But that sort of training has always been part of real physical conditioning,martial arts etc. what doesn’t kill you always makes you stronger – somehow.

In Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training I mention the I pose.

No, not saying me, me,.me.

It’s the I pose you can see in Bloodsport as he screams in pain as his body is stretched apart by pulleys and trees (used to be an actual torture technique that in the Middle Ages!) …

… And then he finally breaks free with – CORE and tricep strength.

It’s a pose i have never been put in.

But I’d welcome the challenge if I was .

I remember this one old man in China who in freezing cold weather in the AM would show up to , like wim hoff, though I don’t think he knew who he is! – exercise in nothing but shorts and shoes.

The other old men and women climbing that hill barefoot..

All of this, my friend – including gold showers in winter is UNCOMFORTABLE – at least initially.

So is making a change from Ill health, stuffing unhealthy food down your gullet, getting rid of sugar addiction and such ..

There’s a reason it’s uncomfortable.

There’s also a reason you get addicted to the GOOD feeling that comes from getting rid of the bad addictions that signify mental weakness as well. If you’re an addict to anything, you’re mentally weak, period. Mind over body always.

Most people don’t take cold showers in winter tho they should. .

They bundle up like the ex who at the age of 38 acts like she’s my 70 year old Grandma swathed in shawls “shivering” in the cold, or young girls acting like they’re 38 with “body aches” all over, or my diabetic friend who will go to so called fitness boot camps to show off, but won’t get rid of the massive ponderous belly regardless. This last guy claimed he could “easily do pull-ups” when he’s never done one in his life. If there ever was a better real life example of the “towering height of stupidity” combined with wilful ignorance it’s him.

Tell these people to embrace the uncomfortable.

They never will, either mentally or physically.

To me,I’ve always embraced the cold and being out there with minimal clothing,cold air hitting me, it makes me feel alive.

Try an ice cold shower in winter in cold conditions to start with. You’ll know what I mean when your heart thumps nineteen to the dozen and your digestion tones up within a minute or so!


I – and the 0.1 percent out there not only do so willingly but we welcome more of it. Hehe. And the cold is just one example most can relate to.

And it’s when you can do all these things – and exercises – in a manner most wouldn’t dream of – in conditions most wouldn’t dare to go out in much less do bare chested training minus the photo shoots – its then you find out what you’re made of…

…and when you can do these things well,you’re getting somewhere.

No,not just always about a 100 pushups a day.

It’s about life and it’s challenges, how you choose to and then react to them.

Stay in super shape.

It’s the only way!

Start by finding out HOW wth minimal investment and not extreme methods either right here.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

If you gotta get your sweet on ..

Lots of us fitness guys and gals can be gluttons. Hehe. Plus, we all know that feeling. After days of hard working out, maybe weeks, one fine day you let go and bang.

Pizza, beer, sweets, creamy biscuits, chocolate, cake, pancakes, the lot. Hehe. You can’t get enough of the same thing you know is bad for you. Myself included!

Sometimes, occasionally being the key as I say in the Simple and Effective diet, as you know, yours gratis with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness system.

But combine that with a sweet tooth. Recipe for .. well, gorging on anything sweet when you shouldn’t be – including 3 AM random wakeups. Doesn’t help the cookie jar is right next to my bed. Hehe.

It sure dont help I make sure it’s full before I sleep “just in case”. There never should be a plan B- hehe. Proof in the pudding, no pun!

Life’s short.

But we shouldn’t make it shorter than we have to. .

Passing in a pristine body, or a body that’s enjoyed it all – you pass nonetheless, but why not maximize our time here on Terra Firma?

In that spirit – a few alternatives for you sweet lovers with an even longer sweet tooth. Hehe. Myself included.

Brown sugar – no, not the drug.

Naturally sweet fruits like mangoes, bananas. Watermelons, muskmelons, grapes. These are all super foods. My personal favourite is bananas… The complete food imo.

Sugarcane juice!

“gur” or unprocessed brown sugar.

Maple syrup – the natural sort. Put that shit on pancakes, damn! I’ve drink bottles of it…Vermont, Canada. The travels, the memories!! That was when I lived in NY, on the way to get organically sourced food at reasonable rates.

There’s probably a ton more I haven’t thought of. Indian “kheer” – rice pudding is pretty healthy too if done right, but yes, does have a fair helping of sugar ..

In Dish Delicious I tell you that most people equate healthy with not tasty.

Does not have to be true.

It is NOT true in fact.

And when you realise this, and your workouts keep getting better without you feeling deprived – or you wondering where your performance went after a night of chicken tikka masala – hehe – you’ll cut out the masala asap and stick with chicken tikka.

Or, the leg of mutton.

Or, that steak. Not the fries.

And so forth.

And thats the message for today.

Not everyone is perfect. Very few are in fact if anyone. I sure ain’t.

Occasional indulgence is fine.

But combine that with health, and yotee truly off to the races.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

That extra INCH truly makes all the difference..
- NO pun intended!

No pun intended even.

When it comes to pull-ups, it’s all about getting that chin over the bar.

It’s also all about pulling the elbows down that much MORE!

That extra inch or so makes ALL the difference.

You’ll feel it in the “peak” of your biceps.

Get the chin over the bar, hold, get good at it.

Then,focus on grip and.. really pulling the elbows down more so the top of your biceps “almost” touch your forearm.

I did a video on this too. Search, and yer shall find.

And that, my friends is all there is to say…it truly DOES make all the difference .


Rahul Mookerjee

When the car shook when I sat my ass down in it ..
- Hehe

More memories, though not necessarily inspirational for all. Haha. . .

Back in I believe..2011? 12? I was in Oman, working an IT job where you could basically buy your own car from the company at discounted rates or something like that. Don’t quite remember a lot of the shenanigans going on behind the scenes there, but that was the gist.

One of the guys, a manager of sorts made that comment about me when I sat down in his car.

“When Rahul Sits down in the car, the damn thing shakes”

Hehe. Admittedly that was during my fat days,but dude mentioning what he did wasn’t exactly the epitome of fitness himself.

Big huge bulging belly, the belly of Jehovah, I might say (i don’t know why I chose that, no,not to offend anyone – those names have always been mystical for me including one starting with G…) And someone who likely didn’t even know what a pushup was,let alone ever have done one.

And a butter chicken connesiour!!

I still remember the first meal we shared at lunch, lots of creamy butter chicken straight off the plane in Oman …

Man, with my digestion on the blink back then like it used to be, despite bridging etc for hours – what I keep saying about the splits being so important, why martial artists emphasize that and forward (hamstring) stretches…

Anyway. That company had terrible fitness levels in general, the Vice President of HR being a guy who literally looked like three beach balls rolled into one. I wonder how that BMW even drove him to work!

Oddly enough, company was led by a fit older guy. He was the only fit guy in that entire damn company. Just goes to show…

Lots of memories but we’ll focus on his words.

There’s three ways to react.

First, what most people would choose these days. Whining about him being mean, rude, whatever .. insensitive and other BS.

Second, the rational way.

Ie the blind leading the uninitiated….

Like my Dad fitness wise with his comments most of his life. Haha.

And third, again, the emotional way described in #1 – but done right.

INTERNALIZE the anger.

Deeply think about the body you WANT.

Then use that anger constructively, quietly, go out and GET it.

My litmus test in that regard was 2015 as y’all know.

That year catapulted me from “merely fit” to the ranks of the superhumans –

and ive never looked back since.

Will this be your year, as it ends?

Only you can decide how to react to a certain situation.


Lots of thoughts floating through my head.

Including my daughter, every morning I think about her, what she’s going through silently with all the bullshit with the ex and I.

It’s worse when both parties live together – the silent non bickering doesn’t hide anything. Kids see it all, feel it all, the way the Dad is “ex communicated” from the family – the way he, if he’s like me,doesn’t particularly not just give a rats ass, but uses it to his advantage..all of it. . .

Perhaps that’s another reason I stayed away from years even when I was “married”.

One of many…

Chuck once made the comment about me going back, he didn’t want my daughter to not recognise me when she grew up. Hehe.

I get where he was coming from.

As a father of a two year old now – I bet he has a different perspective. ;).

I’m glad to say my daughter and me have a relationship. We always will, particularly more so as she grows up, gets away from the Nazi feminist crap…

And thats that..

Back soon, lots of thoughts!




The real secret to a CRUSHING grip

It’s obvious, elementary Watson. Always has been to me. But since so many folks have asked as of late, even doers – I figured I’d write a bit about something I really did not think I should mention yet again, but that old thing about repetition…

This morning while doing pull-ups it struck me yet again that the real key to building a bone crushing grip – or two of them – isn’t just the pull-ups or the other superlative, unconventional exercises i include in my grip manuals.

It’s not just training hard, not just mind muscle focus, not just any of the other stuff which holds valid and true regardless.

The real keys, and I know a lot will still read and pass this by?

One, monkey bar work done right. I cannot emphasize this overly simple exercise enough. Beats ANY and all superlative grip exercises hands down. That includes grippers , farmers walks, clubs, all good options for building grip and overall body strength – conditioning too.

Even pull-ups, that holy grail – pale – no pun – before the monkey bars.

No, I ain’t saying don’t do pull-ups.

Second tip is directly related to pull-ups!

It’s one insignificant line in the books most – even most avid readers “miss”.

Denzel was spot on in Training Day.

“You listening, but you didn’t HEAR me”.


That being, really imagine – and then DO – squeezing or crushing that iron bar, or thick grips when doing your pull-ups.

That don’t mean you’ll turn into the Slim the Hammerman instantly.

But it will do more to GET you there or on the road to it MORE than anything else.

Really imagine squeezing the bar while you do it, like it was rubber. Then implement that, DO it. FEEL the power flow from mind-breath to BODY.

You’ll be amazed at the results.

Focus on all the other basics yes.

But, next time when doing pull-ups, spend time doing what I said above, really lock that grip at the deepest levels – and I think you’ll be amazed at not just how your pull-ups improve, but become exponentially easier for those of you that are struggling at them..

Really squeeze that thick grip.

The chinning bar.

Tree branch.

Barn door.

What have you.

You’ll not only activate your muscles more, but you’ll work your brain – and pecker too, hehe – yes – at the deepest levels possible by doing so.

And those are two very simple but much ignored nuggets of wisdom you can find in Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (Advanced) and Gorilla grip (TIPS!).

Plenty more where those come from.

Truly, it ain’t ever about size, no pun.

It’s about how much oomph is packed into whatever it is, manuals included.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Can AI not distinguish between weight loss and not??

With all the advances in AI and other crap, self driving trucks and such, Elon Musk claiming AI will eventually take over every job – it’s so fitting (given mans brain created AI in the first place and no, it will never overtake human brains either) – that it can’t figure out that SOME of us look and feel way younger than our actual ages, and are way fitter and healthier than folks less than half our ages despite not following the AI generated or so called Guru advice.

Typical, figures, that’s how society thinks.

Recently I was trying to get verified for a site, they havent done it in ages. Why?

“ID declined because you look way you ger than your actual age”.

Not even shitting ya, that’s the message I got…

But I’m used to it.

My buddy from the Marines has the same problem. Every time we pass through immigration they can barely recognise us.

With all my different looks,weight loss or not etc – but I still don’t get it,it’s the same person, it’s bloody obvious – but I get stopped for hours at immigration literally and other check points etc, but him?

Some people just look different in photos


Despite being called very photogenic, the fact is I look better in “real life”.

But anyway back to AI

Wasn’t it supposed to be this all intelligent entity to recognise,analayze all?

Showl dont seem like it, friend…

And thats that.

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No AI in any of 0 Excuses Fitness. Quite the opposite actually – so it is, so it shall REMAIN.

PS #2 – With a beard at the age of 19, I rarely, if ever, got carded.

Now? With thick growth, i routinely do. I love it. Unlike then, I take it as a huge compliment!! Hee

Why would you NOT want to suport your favorite creator??
- Boggles the mind. Hypocrisy...

It’s a question buzzing around in my brain now, was last night. So first thing in the morning, even before guzzling my morning water – I’ll write to you about it.

This issue keeps popping up with the many videos I do. YouTube, Insta, Tik tok , all of it – people love it. They all want a piece of it. And the barrage of questions I get privately, and on comments when those are allowed ; my!

Precious few want to do whats required though… In terms of doing their bit to make sure that great content keeps coming!

Which is show some support.

Staying silent isn’t support. The very least you can do is take a few minutes out of your schedule to review products without making excuses – or simply not doing it at all.

Neither is not investing in products or the videos you so love … Or say you do.

Lots of creators – not referring to yours truly necessarily don’t necessarily have it as easy as you think they do. Running a business, or multiple, creating content throughout the day, handling multiple social media platforms – none of this comes free or is easy. And costs have risen disproportionately as of late which a lot of you are aware of.

Personal lives often can and do go for a complete toss, bringing you this great content, creating new products etc… to the exclusion of all else.

Some creators are literally “hand to mouth” in many regards, yet they might not show it. Their work is still superlatively good!

And last, not least, not all businessmen or women are millionaires – yet. This retarded thinking people have “he’s a businessman, he’s rich – ugh”.

So given you want the business to continue, this isn’t necessarily to do with this particular biz – applies overall – stop being cheap (those that are) and take action when asked to, or at least sometimes…

It’s great if you love the free stuff, but paid work allows us to keep all this alive. Elementary Watson, nigh amazing i gotta spell this out over and over again?

For us, that means a gentle request to contribute what you can towards site costs which have yet again risen disproportionately. Ugh.

It means buy some products – it means leave reviews – it means spread the word. All easy things to do. None cost you anything. Yet, people sit on their asses and do nothing but stare at idiotic social media which I simply cannot fathom…


Lesson for the day – or morning!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee