Pistol squats, high reps plus low reps … and more!
- My workout today

I’ve always wondered why one legged squats are commonly called “pistol squats” – OK, the shape your body makes, but what about one arm pushups?

Maybe the angle – Haha.

But either way, nomenclature has never been big for me – this afternoon was another “low rep”workout – with super low reps – 20 pull-ups (ok, maybe 25) – and 20 handstand pushups – a LONG stretching session – and lots of isometrics and static pauses.

The only high rep workout I did was 2 sets of 100 “ass to grass” squats – on both legs, even there, the speed was moderate – what I focused upon was perfect form and BREATHING.

I cannot emphasize this enough – deep breathing, my friend!

You exhale with every “downward” motion on the squat, inhale up – it’s reverse on the regular pushups – pull-ups, you exhale up – inhale down.

Think of it as the “compression” motion = exhale, and the reverse i.e. elongation (Glyn’s wanker fetishes aside, lol) – “inhale”, and you’ll get the picture for most exercises.

Isometrics, it’s different, you have to breathe “steadily and continually” depending upon which movement you’re doing, but either way, your breath, my friend, is truly the most important part of your workout – followed by form.

Reps are important, yes, but not near as much as many folks make ’em out to be.

Examples of isometrics I did for my legs today – the “horse” stance – and several other “mid squat” stances held for at least 60 seconds each.

Then the wall chair without a wall.

Some calf work, and the splits of course – but pistol squats, you ask?

I have not done these in ages my friend.

And I was keen to see if I could still do ’em, and right leg, I drop down – presto – 70% there.

Thats the power high rep REGULAR squatting workouts build, and the tendon and thigh (and hip/ass) strength they build.

Pistols are HEAVY on the hips and ass if done right, my friend – or glutes for you politically correct folks out there (ugh).

And form is paramount, as with the one arm pushup.

I’ll cover form etc later, videos too on it later – but for now, it’s a precursor to books on one arm (or limb) work, which I have not put out as yet, but will soon.

Last, but not least – I did 10 reps per leg on the pistol squat x 3. Thats all.

And I felt it!

Handstand pushups were done SLOWLY, feeling the lats every step of the way – ditto for grip and lats with pull-ups.

And I feel GREAT!

And that, my friend is the way to live – regular hard workouts that dont take forever and a day to do.

Stuff you can throw in during the day.

If you’re fatigued from high rep workouts the previous day, then you do low rep PLUS tough movements, and you’ll shed fat – big time – and get STRONGER Too – the videos on vascularity being but one “proofs in the pudding” as it were.

And that, friend is that.

Building a base is of course the most important for any sort of fitness.

And the best, by far system out there that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, how often and answers just about every training question you might have ever had and will ever have “under the sun” is, well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Get this now, and get cranking!


Rahul Mookerjee

Rising above circumstance, and I couldn’t sleep worth a damn last night, and …
- more!

For the past couple of days, I’ve been exhausted, and not hitting my 500 pushup workouts as I do daily otherwise.

Now, as I’ve written to you about – this doesnt mean I am slacking.

There are many ways of getting her done.

But 500 pushups is 500 pushups – those that do it regularly know what I mean – as is anything above and beyond regularly.

And I was tossing, turning, last night – all in all, the whole night, I was thinking getting back to workout!

Sound familiar?


If you’re a doer it will.

This morning, I pumped out squats and pushups before anything else, and 10 pull-ups, but this thought struck me while doing pushups – – this imbroglio we’ve got with Amazon right now – which to be honest for this business isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I’d still like the account back up – wasn’t my fault to begin with!

Something fishy at work there…

Or play!

On that note, it’s been a huge blow to the other business, but hey – for reasons mentioned above, we’ll live.

Now, a point I did not make to Amazon as yet is – and this holds especially true for the other business, in fact, its APPLICABLE to the other business – is this – the “minorities and under represented segments of the population” crap.

Some people write back telling me they feel “uncomfortable” reading my books (though none dispute the value of the teachings) because – and I’ll quote –

There are comments intended to be humorous but in this ultra-sensitive environment (especially in the U.S.) these comments may be seen as misogynistic, transphobic, fatphobic and derogatory humor towards people with disabilities.

Or, more … I’ve spoken about it before.

Thats the price one pays for being brutally honest – none of these people saying what I’m saying is WRONG or factually incorrect, just the usual politically correct BS I refuse to adhere, the goose and gander I refuse to let go of, and so forth.

It’s not ok to say Merry Christmas, but other religions – all good – wtf?

Just one shining example from a man that has never been religious or believed in the crap his entire life. Truly the opium of the masses, I’d rather mine be pushups and beer. Hehe.

Again, they dont dispute the VALUE of the books …

From that same email –

By the way your advice to do squats to heal faster by boosting blood circulation worked, the “explosive knees to chest squats” are my favorite and were the ones I wanted to do the short video on…

So a lot of folks basically privately agree with me, these same folks dont necessarily want to say that PUBLICLY THOUGH … and would rather my info (most valuable!) be packaged “differently”.

Unfortuntely, it wont.

Being brutally honest and politically incorrect has always been part of who I am – my journey, chances are I would NOT have learned all I have if I wasn’t this way, chances are I would not be able to bring it to YOU either.

Now, I dont care about the loss of biz etc from being brutally honest – I dont care how many people jump ship etc – I’ve always been upfront about that, and have stated why too.

But point is this – the other business, that caters almost exclusively to this “under represented” group.

LGBTQ, gay folks, minorities – its a HUGE market, folks.

And thats what the erotica side of things caters to, except …

…. it’s not just them.

We ALL have those hidden desires and thoughts, we all have a second side to us most never acknowlege and are scared to, even to ourselves “what will they think”.

I could probably make that point to Amazon, stressing the “minority” crap. Hey, technically I’m one too Amazon …

.. .but you know what?

Despite scores of people telling me that though I dont believe in race discrimination and this crap about “minorities being underrepresented” and so forth (maybe back in the Jim Crow era, certainly NOT now) – I should get “benefit” from the trend anyway.

Maybe I could, even for this biz.

But you know what?

I wont.

I dont care, to me the main thing has always been being true to myself, living with myself.

I could never look myself in the mirror right if I pulled that sort of crap, regardless of the benefits, and I wont.

That doesn’t of course mean I wont make the point LOGICALLY to Amazon.

Not that I care two hoots about it in the long term, like I said Amazon doesnt even make up most of the sales for THIS business, but just putting it out there…

End of the day, it’s about being true to yourself, fella.

“Fang”, a Chinese guy in the US once urged me to “get US citizenship” by marrying my girlfriend at the time.

“You dont know how lucky you are”, he kept moaning. “So many Chinese would kill for the opportunity!”

Yes to the latter.

No to the former, we make our own damned luck.

Herschel Walker didnt bitch about civil rights and other crap – he just went out and did it day after day, month after month, year after year – and the results are there for all to see.

Ditto for Iron Mike and a host of other illuminaries I write about.

We can’t control circumstances, but we can RISE above them.

Some may have a tougher journey than the rest, but the rewards loom greater too at the end of it. Bottom line, and a fact no-one can argue with (though you could try).

We can’t control situations sometimes – but we can control our REACTION to them.

Be true to yourself.

Do the thing.

Stop making excuses.

Rise up – and ABOVE. We can all do that, friend  in our own ways.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – What – no sales pitch? Here is one now … take our pick!

It doesnt ALWAYS HAVE to be super high reps, my friend.
- More on workouts throughout the day

And more on workouts throughout the day.

This morning, I was doing my usual – thinking, pacing, more pacing, isometrics for the legs (the Rahul Mookerjee patented squat) as I thought, a few squats here and there, and so forth.

While David Quiros is going to mention a very salient benefit of bodyweight workouts in his upcoming review for Squat 101 – the TIPS! – one being he learned there isn’t any need for warmups with bodyweight workouts … sometimes, you’re a bit stiff, sore, and if you want to “warm up” – the best thing to do is this – remove rep counts from your mind altogether, and just begin DOING the thing.

Odd things happen when you START, friend.

Ideas flow, both fitness wise and writing wise.

And while I normally do my pushups all 500 at a go, over the past three days, my CNS has been burnt out.

Yesterday I did squats and isometrics.

(mainly the splits).

Today, although I feel much better, muscles growing etc (the “feeling”, not the look) – the idea of pumping out 500 at a time – nah.

I dropped down, did … get this. ONE pushup.

Yes, right.


I did that in PERFECT Form, really SQUEEZING everything isometrically as I did so – making sure to minimize MOTION as I always do – even more so.

Most of all, my focus was on my BREATHING.


Inhale down, exhale up.

A short while later, I did FIVE fingertip pushups.

I repeated this process with sets of 10.

Now lots of folks ask me if I count these in my rep counts – it depends.

IF I’m just loosening up, no.

But these are proper, nigh proper pushups – and they not only get the “oil flowing” tendon wise, but they also build lots of health and strength due to the right form and breathing.

So long story short, I’m 30 in already.

I dont even know how many reps I’ll do. (in all).

I do know I’m feeling great, and that CNS has almost bounced back so I have to be careful about not overtaxing it (dont confuse this with being a lazy ass, by the way).

Moral of the story – do something – anything – even if it “seems” too less.

Find a way to squeeze the max out of each rep, each exercise.

Dont get overly caught up on numbers. 10 can be a magic number, as I state in Fast and Furious Fitness, I can make 10 pushups harder than a 100.

VARIETY is key – Pushup Central. 

And that, my friend is that.

Find a way that works for you, mesh it in with what has worked for folks over the ages – and you’re golden.

And our products pave the WAY for you!

Get you some NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

The fine line between abuse and tough love, and …

One of the best, if not THE best – certainly the steamiest relationships I’ve been involved in, and that says a hell of a lot (you know the girls in love when she happily giggles in class “I’m plump” – when you explain plump to her – and freely admits the happiness due to the relationship was in small part responsible for some of the extra, in her case “oh so cute” pounds) was Carol and myself in 2015.

It ended stormily too – yin and yang.

And it was the best damn thing that ever happened to me – fitness wise – life wise – in all regards – both the relationship itself and the ending.

Lets talk fitness, friend.

I was in my somewhat phat and unfit days those days – though I still hiked hills, but nowhere near what I should have – and certainly not as fat as I used to be before, and people always made a point to tell me about it.

Apparently my confidence, doing pull-ups even at that weight (yes, getting chin over bar) pissed them off so much that they had to call the fat boy out for being fat – which is what he was – big time.

It never bothered me one damn bit.

When I started (restarted) hiking after years, it still didnt bother me.

When I was with Carol – both of us exercised for reasons other than fitness if you get my drift. Hehe.

I’m not even going to get into “women love something extra to grab onto” – no – the X shape is what everyone, male/female likes.

Know when I really, really started to get super fit around 2016 ?

AFTER my breakup with Carol.

I felt rage and anger of the sort I never felt towards anyone else – no I wasn’t angry at or with her – it was “one of those things”.

I couldn’t concentrate – focus – on anything.

To get this out of my system, I started climbing hills x 5.

Hiking first twice a day then thrice – then four times.

Along the way, I kept getting astonished comments about my rapid, almost magical weight loss daily – and when in 2016 (again, reasons not important) I went completely cold turkey off beer – oh boy.


Now, point being made is this – and it’s a common whine a lot of folks have about “hurting feelings” and other crap.

Sometimes, you call a spade a spade, and that ain’t abuse, friend. It’s tough love that hits home – and that hitting home- that EMOTION is what channels into your ACTS thereafter and gets you results.

Unless you’re content to be a loser and sit at home and whine while the world passes you by in terms of results in all areas, emotion is key.

If you ain’t fired up and ANGRY about something, chances are you wont achieve that something – period.

Or, overly enthusiastic about it …

If it’s not a red hot DESIRE, something you have to DO, though you dont quite know why – it wont accomplish squat.

No pun intended.

In my own case, the jibes etc never bothered me.

Hey, all good.

What did bother me was the breakup – and boy did I use that rage constructively – though even I did not know it at the time!

Getting things out of your system physically can sometimes be the best thing you do for yourself!

And I would NEVER Have got into the shape I eventually did if it hadn’t been for that ANGER starting a RED HOT FIRE INSIDE OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you’re one of the many people that gets “offended” if you’re fat and I call you fat, and whines about feelings – well, feeling is exactly what this is about.

What seperates the doers from the fools (see the latest review Pushup Central – THE READER!…) got in that regard HERE … is taking action backed up by EMOTION which FUELS it.

Bottom line, friend.

And that key concept is explained in many different ways over and over again in Zero to HERO!

Further, most of these whiny sorts – the phat, out of shape lazy sorts – have – some very notable exceptions excluded – ole Donald being one – SHIT going on in their lives period, and it makes sense. If you cannot respect your own body enough to the point, as noted Indian actor Akshay Kumar once said “the day I dont train and take care of my body daily – that day is the day I’ll break my own body to pieces” – then nothing and no-one will ultimately respect YOU, my friend.

I dont even know if this makes sense to a lot of people reading it – probably not, but the doers, well, you know who you are.

As a lady recently told me – I dont care if someone marries a giraffe, just dont make me pay for their love child. Hehe.

And she’s right.

This fat and lazy sort is exactly the sort that doesnt understand goose and gander, and it shows in their lives …

Funnily enough, it was that sort who used to call me out for that – when I was doing far more at that weight than those idiots ever could.

OK, thats that.

Take from this what you will – and get in the best shape of your life starting NOW – ZERO EXCUSES!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another case in point? The ole significant other, and the numerous hired helps she goes through – dissatisfied.

It’s the subcontinent she is in, so for those saying “wow! Maids! She doesnt realize how lucky she is!” – well, they’re all “lucky” – if you can call it that – around that part of the globe. Cheap labor and that (yeah right – like the submissive women in China myth – but I wont go there!).

Is it a coincidence that the in shape (well over 50) worker she hired before (and let go because she got flirty with me – hey, those boobs. I couldn’t resist!) used to do a damn fine job, show up on time etc – never take off’s without informing her in advance for the most part …

… and that the fat Nazi feminist c*** she’s hired now is the polar opposite? Ugh!

I dont believe in coincidences, never have, but thats how it goes, my friend …

Again, take from this whatever lessons you may.

They’re all TRUE!

Yet another SUPERLATIVE heart felt review from David Quiros on Squat 101 – the TIPS!
- Lets do something different!

Let’s do something DIFFERENT HERE, my friend!

We’ll do up a VIDEO review this time for Squat 101 – the TIPS – which David Quiros sent in as a “retail audio sample” for the soon to be released audiobook – here it is!

And that is so heartfelt – along with the superlative, excellent, and SOLID job he does – even when he “segues” into the part about the subconscious mind in his audio – all of it just hits home so well!

Be on the outlook for the audiobook for this – it will truly ROCK your world (fitness world, and others too) in ways you’ve NEVER imagined or thought of before, and you’ll get yourself into the best shape of your life NIGH QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further – for now, pick up Squat 101 – the AUDIOBOOK -narrated by David – and along with that, Pushup Central too – – some great, great work out there my friend – waiting for YOU!

And of course, for the regular books and products (paperback, digital etc) – ya know where to go!

See you ABOARD – AHOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And remember.

If you ain’t squatting?

THEN YOU AIN’T TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rahul Mookerjee

What kept me going during my 200-100 squat workout
- That IMAGE you have in mind.

What is it you TRULY want, my friend – often without even knowing it?

We all have vibes – good, bad, ugly, in between, but a lot of us dont even know our inner “us”.

Trust me, results count and show.

If all you’re attracting in your life (results wise if all thats-  lets use the term happening) is LACK – or frustration – or overall “despondency” and you have to measure up – man up – HONESTLY “long term” wise – then chances are excellent and second to none, and none wasn’t even in town, that THAT is what you really want, but you dont know it.

Sounds incredible I know. But it’s true.

Likewise for positive results. And abundance.

IT doesnt just start with thinking.

It starts and ends with feeling. Vibes, you can never fake’em. You can never fool the Universe!

This afternoon, I planned on a quick 200 squat workout, which I just did.

What kept me going was not what most of you would think – haha.

Often times while training I think goals.

Today I Was thinking a lovely lady – a WEIGHT lifter of all things with arms probably huger than mine, haha – with the perfect mix of feminine – and STRONG!

She’s got the vibe. More than the look, the vibe.

And she’s the one I wrote about in terms of rest days etc before, now I’m not going to say what her image was doing in my mind, but one of those things was inspiring in a very sexy manner indeed.

The other was telling me “keep going” – super sore though I am.

Kept going I did.


My point is this, when you train, where are your thoughts?

If they’re scattered, all of the place, no goal in mind, no PURPOSE for your training, not “in your muscles” as you train- then you’re wasting your time.

If you’re not focusing on your breath along with other things, you might as well not train.

Take a long look at your results too, and if you’re not getting the results you want from your training, the above might be one reason.

Affix an image – a purpose in your mind – for not just training – for everything, all you do in life, and make it something that really, truly FIRES you up, means something to you.

Napoleon Hill gives plenty of examples in Think and Grow Rich in the chapter on sexual transmutation which most people just dont get.

Yet, he’s spot on.

The presence of a beautiful woman, for one, has been the genesis for a many a successful man’s widely successful biz plans …

Same thing holds true training wise.

Affix a picture of a FIT you – the you you REALLY want – lean, mean, corrugated, not the BS gyms feed you about “its ok to be big” when you’re really PHAT …

And keep that image in mind as you train.

Life wise, when you work – keep an IMAGE in your mind in front of you as you do so – which gives you purpose + feeling embedded into that work.

Do this regularly, and you can’t go wrong, simple as that – and your results in all spheres will truly show and count long term.

This little nugget here is something the affirmation so called gurus will never tell you, but it’s worth more than ALL else they tell you.

More golden nuggets of wisdom – real world, practical at that – here – Zero to HERO! 

And train hard!

Squat 101. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Just saw this foolishness, which ..
- .. is more real than you'd think.


The NY post, no less.


And so par for the course.

I can just hear people whining about be nice and other crap when the reality is, some people need to man up, lose the effing weight, and stop whining. I mean geez, where’s the limit? Should we make planes just for one person? She’s that big – thats for sure!


Get squatting, and TRAINING now, my friend


Rahul Mookerjee

More on squats and upper body work, this time from a recovery perspective.
- And it's real, my friend.

Squats – amidst all the other great benefits of squats (which is why “if you ain’t squatting you aint training” is indeed a very true TRUISM) – aid in something else as well.


Lots of us have upper body “niggles” and aches, pains etc from training HARD, hard, hard – and while massage, sleep etc can aid in recovery – not everyone recovers at the same pace, or same level – and me, sitting here right now after 700 pushups a day – damn, them shoulders BE sore – especially with all the advanced level pushups I pump out during my workout.

It isn’t “injury sore” – but it’s soreness that tells me “SLOW DOWN A BIT”! (or, recover first).

And so these days, I’m alternating high rep pushup days with high rep – SQUAT days!

Man, let me tell you this one thing.

Pushup workouts work the entire body.

But squat workouts – BLITZ the entire body. Train the legs hard, like I experienced that first time I climbed the hill, you’ll feel like a Mack truck ran over you!

And while the T boost (the greatest you can get is by training legs) does a lot for the upper body indirectly, it helps in blood flow to those sore shoulders, forearms etc – and you recover a lot quicker than you would by just sitting around and posting “oh, no, it’s a rest day today” on Twitter and such. Hehe.

Although the lady who posted that is lovely indeed, and has bigger arms than a lot of men, and looks great. Haha.

Thats what I plan on doing today.

Thats yet another reason my friend “if you ain’t squatting – you aint training”.

Steve Austin once made the comment about “I dont care what else you do, if you squat, you’re going to grow!”

Then you have someone like a Brooks Kubik “in the trenches for years” who despite being a 500lb drug free bench presser once injured himself (from all those benches) so bad that he could barely do pushups.

Thats right, the man couldn’t do pushups – so painful was the injury – and pull-ups either from what I remember.

What did he work hard in the interim?

You got it.


Squats, my friend are an absolute essential. Climbing hills is great, so are sprints – but they dont replace squats. Stepups which many fat folks use as an excuse to replace squats – nothing doing, they dont even come close (though dont get me wrong, if you’re way out of shape and want to work up to squats, by all means use supplementary exercises like step-ups which can be pretty tough if done right by the way) …

Nothing replaces that up and down “ass to grass” motion … so doing half ass reps wont cut it either.

And no, weighted squats dont even come close …

Conditioning wise, ask any doer – and they’ll tell you the same thing.

And all of this, of course ends off with that old truism …

If you ain’t Squatting?

Then you aint TRAINING!

And thats the bottom line, pal.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best course on squats ever which goes into detail and “in depth” on this magnificent (both in terms of simplicity and EFFICACY) like NONE other ever has and likely will, or come even remotely close to – Squat 101. Don’t forget to pick up the workout videos too!

Well, since Amazon “done did” saw fit to ban us … Hehe.
- Oddly enough, I bear no ill will towards them.

Oddly enough, I bear no ill will towards them.

No rants, no complaints (Well, some, but not many) – nothing at all.

It was meant to happen, and it did. My subconscious planned it, and it’s only getting BETTER as we speak – wow, wait. What do I mean?

Well, I recently woke up to my Amazon account being terminated “for having multiple accounts” – though they’ve been going for many years with no problems, those many years – most of them, at any rate – having different TAX entities behind the scenes (Amazon still ain’t clarified what exactly their policy about not having multiple accounts means – no multiple tax entities, or multiple individuals..or?)

This sort of thing isn’t new to me at all – with another KDP account I had for years, I was once suspended and why?

For a compilation of books – but the books themselves were fine, but not in digest format apparently!

Strange, and I never got a response from them on it. Ugh.

Now, the initial reaction from those I know, work with etc was “oh my god”.

To me?

It was “I always knew it could happen”.

It was “Thats a good thing!”

And three, one door closes, another opens – if you can spot it – in this case my subconscious mind done already opened it for me.

What do I mean?

Well, let me check my GREEN tea and then get back …

Ok, back -so first off an immensely popular book over here which was being narrated by a lovely lady – as soon as she accepted the narration “offer” – it set BELLS ringing.

For whatever reason (the book was on the other account) the book got flagged, other account got banned, then this account which we’ve never once had an issue with, not a single warning, nothing, nada, zilch, zip, got banned for “being related to the other account”.

And of course, their rote policy of Amazon KDP doesnt allow more than one account and such.

I really think someone somewhere was looking for an excuse to terminate the other account – hehe. Given both accounts have been doing very well for years, never a problem except the one I wrote about, given they knew very well of the multiple accounts issue since incorporation – something else is at play here.

Which basically as the little bird is tweeting outdoors as I write this, the Universe is speaking to me. And I’m listening – thank you!!!!!!!!

I’ve no idea why a book that has been going strong on Amazon for FIVE years, no less – would SUDDENLY get flagged and banned, but hey – whatever. They claimed the images in the book were porn, I told them erotica (the SSC kind between adults) is not porn, but of course, try beating your head againt a brick wall in that regard explaining all this to Amazon front line staff. Haha.

I asked them why a warning wasn’t issued at the very least.

No answer.

And no answer on many other things.

None of this of course is new for yours truly. I’ve long preached the virtues of your own site – your OWN EMAIL LIST – your own software, systems YOU can control – not relying completely on Amazon, Google etc (tis fine to use ’em, but …) as so many other people do.

“But it can’t happen to me”.

Oh yeah?

“Ah, that’ll never happen”


“They’re not going to suspend me, I’ve got XXXXXXX number of followers!”

Really?  They won’t? It wont happen?

Sure can, friend.

Think your cute little youtube account – your instagram – Twitter, even (trump anyone? OK he pushed the limits too far in a way, but really, taking a sitting US Pres down??) wont – or cant – or both – suffer the same fate?

Sure can, my friend, if you’re in business, its not “if” – it’s “when” it’ll happen, and if you have planned for backups, and backups upon backups and such.

Our insta got banned a couple of years ago for the other biz for one, I’ve known scores of people who were “living high on the hog” from their “million” followers on IG, then one fine day “account gone” – next thing you know these people are looking for a job …

And it’s happened to SEVERAL very well known people in business as well – years of doing biz with no problems, then one fine day an email comes to the order of “high risk business” or some crap, and bam – its gone, and these people have to rebuild from scratch.

Not if you’ve been working your own systems, site etc in the meanwhile. That means one thing – more sales for YOU – through YOUR site, which has always been my goal anyway.

Amazon’s the 800 lb Gorilla in the room in terms of paying customers, so (at least for the other biz) – it hurts more than a bit.

But I’ve taken temporary pain in my stride in the past and gone on to bigger and better, and here? The Amazon account wasn’t even the vast majority of sales, for this biz, all comes through my email list HERE (therefore the constant pruning of fools and idiots from it).

Onward – strangely enough or maybe not a few days before this happened we – on the fly, one of those thoughts – overhauled our ENTIRE newsletter system – and made it far more streamlined with lots more options – to cater to our exclusive email list here.

And so it shall be …

I’d rather you guys buy from our site direct, that allows me to serve you better

And as far as Amazon etc goes, it was great to spread the word etc, but at a certain point, you have to outgrow third party platforms, and this, like a certain Chey told me “is the Universe speaking to me” – and it is.

Of course, she didnt quite back up what she said about agreeing to go it on your own with action, but thats OK – she is young.

Like Madam Joyce told me, you have to give the young ones a chance!

And I always HAVE!


So what does this mean for you guys?

Nothing at all, my friend – business as usual, and more of it!

Keep buying from us from this site – and DO LEAVE REVIEWS via the download link you get in your email upon purchase – those really help, and you get an extra 10% off your next purchase – which I cannot do for you on Amazon!

Stay tuned for special offers etc – on this site, I Cannot do that on any other site!

And that, my friend is that.

Misfortune can indeed be a blessing in disguise, and thats THAT.

Talk soon! 😁


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – None of this, again, reflects negatively upon the very positive things I’ve said about Amazon in the past, and continue to. They’re right in a way, and I’m right in a way, its just one of those things that ultimately didnt work out due to whatever reason, and their robotic responses to this aside, I’m happy enough with the situation the way it is!

Onward- and UPWARD!

PS #2 – And since this is a huge issue – tons of folks getting their publisher accounts banned and such, for what it’s worth –

I truly believe Amazon being the smart company it is consciously made the decision to, at some point, “let the issue of the multiple accounts” (which given tax forms etc were issued on a yearly basis  – I know they “knew” about it – their systems are way too sophisticated in terms of letting something like this “slide”) “slide” for obvious reasons (completely different biz verticals).

However, the other account getting terminated probably flagged this one as being linked.

And bam, there it went as well with the rote “two accounts are against our policy – even though I’ve had them for years – many of those with the same tax ID, some with different, depending on different business setups at various times”.

Ah well. Words to the wise and all that …

Not to mention Amazon – many of its biz verticals are on a downward trajectory, I predict about 5 more years before shit hits the fan. Bezos has been saying it since 2019 anyway … from a visionary who invested in Google before it even expanded out of it’s garage and with that investment today likely (not spoken about much, but it;s there!) being worth literally billions – from a man like that, you better believe it.

No company is too big to fail.

Amazon done failed  in China because they couldn’t – or didnt want to – adapt.

Russia – they were never there.

And they have been having a tough time in India for ages …

Thats two of the world’s biggest markets plus a sizeable country there ..

No company’s too big to fail, my friend.

Stop listening to customers, stop being the nimble and agile entity that caused success to sprout in the first place, and that success sprouts WINGS and flies elsewhere.

Its happened to tons of huge companies – it will and is happenign to Amazon right now.

Despite all the great things they’ve done – anyway Bezos made this very interesting comment about “the only businesses surviving for a hundred years or more – breweries!”

(most big companies, if you take a look, Ford etc being exceptions – survive for no more than 30 years give or take at their dominant levels).

Hell yeah.

Ive said it too.

People need their drink.

Slow down or not, in fact even more so during slowdown, people need their drink – speakeasies or not. Hehe. Some things are golden and never change! 🙂

Why they All call me the HE MAN. Hehe.
- And I am, really.

From a young age, I was the “macho man” – except I didnt have the strength or fitness to back it up.

I still remember feeling humiliated when Dad (I was 5 then) asked me to carry his briefcase, and not boxes when we were moving. Hehe.

I still remember him saying at the age of 11 with me wanting to lift everything in sight (groceries, I believe then?) – “Rahul’s a macho man” (along with more caustic comments of “he’s Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachhan rolled into one (he thinks)”.

Years later, I realized – I always did, but I wrote about hidden desires that never go away, and I dont mean just in the bedroom either.

Most of my Dad (I’ve never gotten along with him)’s remarks stem from his own inability to be anything like a strong father figure for us growing up … the opposite, actually, driven by a loony Nazi feminist mother …

I still remember him backing down from fights he started by “yelling” at other guys – which he got away with me at home – but outside?

He got his ass kicked – literally.

Anyway – yours truly – he man, well, I’ve been getting comments from women on the OTHER business – where I portray a decidely NON HE version of myself, and do so very proudly and publicly hehe (Bozo Glyn tried to shame me publicly there, hehe, failed, he still tries – hey Glyno, keep it up! – not your wanker, that never … 😂) ..


And so I am.

Look, 500 pushups a day and keeping that up over the course of months, and years even is LEGENDARY status.

I dont care what else you can do fitness wise, ask the greats again here, 500 and beyond – I’m at 600 per day these days – is ACE status at pushups.

I’m still a ways behind 1500 pushups and 3000 situps a day. Hehe. We’ll see, Herschel! 😁

Anyway – this he man is going to show you a different sort of pushup today on his youtube channel that I have never shown before – that is NOT mentioned in Pushup Central

And look, if YOU as a man want to be a real MAN, and be COUNTED – if YOU want to be called a he man by people that barely know you – if YOU want to look every bit as fit and STRONG as you are – well, you can’t get there by prancing around on Tiktok, social shedia – Shitter, and so forth …

… You can’t get there by faking rep counts and claiming you lift heavy when you dont, and you have to look halfway fit by the way for that to be believable (being a fat ass who keeps trying to adjust chin angles on everything, and so many guys take hours to figure out “the right angle” when I just take my photos and videos on the fly – is just pathetic. You cannot disguise a triple chin and bulging man boobs/stomach no matter what – *giggle* *so sheman like eh* ….

You can’t get there by pounding weights until the cows come home, you’ll get INJURED most likely.

And the proof’s indeed in the pudding there above.

Long story short, to be counted as a great, in the pantheon of long term greats, a TRUE HE MAN – well, if you ain’t squatting, you sure ain’t training.

And if you ain’t cranking out at least 500 pushups a day, you’re NOT on the road to greatness in any which way, shape or form.

Not that you HAVE to be, of course, 100 a day will do the average joe and jane just fine!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Lots of folks on the other business have mentioned my books there would make for great Holly wood movies.

Maybe someday, amigo. Maybe someday! Not a goal for now, but who am I, the movie star, to say NO to a one of a kind Hollywood blockbuster? 😂😁😁Hehe….

PS #2 – Ive been seeing a lot of Indian ladies working out HARD on Twitter! And, “the she-hulk with the incredible BULK (I asked her to use that, haha)” is one of them. We’ll keep the cat MUM on WHO this person is for now. 😉

PPS – Be on the outlook for the special pushup that will TRULY make you com FULL circle, and no, it ain’t moving around in circles either.