Dear Reader,

As many of you know and some don’t, I make it a point to spend time with my daughter on a daily basis.

Due to school and other issues we don’t spend a “lot” of time together during the day – not what I refer to as “quality time” anyways. Sure, we do a lot of father-daughter “bonding” during the day, but quality time for me doesn’t equate to being “snuggled up in front of the boob tube with a bowl of Doritos”.

Granted, that sort of thing is important to an extent if your kids are young – – but to me, REAL quality time means this – – talking to your kid (once they get old enough) in a way that will HELP him or her more than tee vee or any idiot soap operas or “news pundits” proclaiming doom and gloom EVER could.

Believe me now and trust me later, the pundits do us more harm than we realize – and we ALLOW it on a daily basis! (those of us that watch tee vee – – I never do unless it’s something educational or National Geographic – – or Discovery, for that matter).

For me, quality time with my daughter usually equates to telling her how she can dream – dream BIG – and ACHIEVE accordingly or more!

Believe me, kids need to hear THAT more than anything else – – especially when they are young, and their minds are more open and receptive to “programming” than at other stages during their life.

My daughter’s school teacher apparently told her yesterday that the best way to spend Independence Day (we’re in India right now, and it’s Independence Day here) is to – get this – watch “India’s leader” deliver an address on the podium (or wherever).

Huh?? Are you kidding me?

That may be ONE thing to do – – but the best way?? Heck, I’d rather my daughter NEVER get interested in politics – – unless it’s one of her goals – – and I’m talking politics in ANY country for that matter.

A far better way to spend Independence Day is – – with an INDEPENDENT mind – a mind that thinks for itself – and believe me, most of us as adults could use a bit of independent thinking as well.

And that leads me to the central missive here. I know, it’s been a long build up,  but bear with me here.

Ok, so I don’t know if I mentioned it, but a few days I wrote the words “Conceive – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE!” in big bold letters on a sheet of paper and gave it to my daughter during our nightly talks.

She’s taken to it big time. Oh yes, she has!

And last night, she told me this.

“Papa, I love you”.

“Love you too, honey. Always have, and always will!”

Ok, nothing new there you might say but then I asked her “why she loves me” (just as a joke).

And pat came the answer …

“Papa, many reasons – but the main reason is – your REAL! Your NATURAL!!!”

Huh?? I couldn’t believe what my yet-to-be 5 year old was telling me.

“Say that again, honey!”

“You’re NATURAL, Papa! You’re not FAKE!”

Believe me, those were the very words that came out of her mouth!

I held her close to me, and asked her if someone had “told her to say this” , and received a resounding NO.

“My Brain told me that!” was the indignant response I got.

And believe me, THIS is the central point of today’s email!

Way too many folks not only “tailor” (either consciously or not) their REAL desires based upon their mental programming (which “others” have succeeded in inflicting) and what “the other person wants”.

This is a huge, huge mistake – of epic proportions. While it may sound “selfish”, the fact of the matter is this – you can only take care of others if you DO IT FOR YOURSELF first – and if you take care of yourself FIRST!

That’s just the bottom line – – and taking care of yourself and being true to yourself involves BEING yourself – – and being true to your desires – – and being unapologetic and unafraid to express yourself freely.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come across business people, students, athletes, and people from all walks of life that are not only “scared to say it like it is” – – but don’t “for fear of censure”.

Or, fear of “losing business if I offend someone”.

Or, what “my wife might think”. Or, “what my friends might say”.

And so forth.

I’ve often been told, and ’tis true, that my writing has a natural “flow” to it that carries the reader along, and truth be told, this is a skill virtually anyone can develop – if they’re bold enough to.

I call my brand of writing “fearless writing”. I’ve never been afraid to say it like it is – – and if you were to give me a choice between a billion dollars to “tone it down”  or “continue saying it like it is” – I’d laugh at you.

The choice is a no brainer for me. The LATTER!

When I made all those sales at the I.T. company I keep referring to, I didnt follow a script. I did NOT ask for advice. No, I just went out there and did it – did it my way – and did it work or what …?

When I first wrote 0 Excuses Fitness, a reader commented that it “took him by the scruff of his neck” because of how brutally frank the language was.

He said that “I might want to tone it down a bit”.  My response to this?

Fiddlesticks.  I could care LESS what others think, or losing biz amigo – so long as I’m helping people get fit – or achieve their goals – THAT is what I care about!

If those that get easily offended take offense, so be it. As “General” Michael (him of the eating lieutenants for lunch, hehe) once said “Rahul will be Rahul!” – and as my buddy from the Marines says now “You’re straight up, my brother. Thats just YOU!”.

Thats just how I am, and thats how YOU should be too!

In terms of fitness, what does this mean.

It means – – be YOU!

Your fitness goals are unique. Your fitness goals don’t have to “to get a six pack because the rest of the gym rats aspire to get one!”.

Your fitness goals don’t have to be “the ones Rahul would like!”

And so forth. Your goals are yours – and are unique – but hear me out.

You’ll achieve them with equanimity and peace of mind – only if you accept that BEING yourself and being unapologetic about the same is the way to go.

If you feel that doing 1000 squats a day will get you in the best shape of your life – and they will to be honest – well – then – just do it!

If you feel you need to spend hours working out – then do it! I was once told that “my life is working out” – and more recently, a family member told me in a “knowing sort of tone” that “you over exercise”.

Both a bunch of hooey and baloney, but even if they weren’t, so what?

That’s ME! That’s me – and thats how I like it – and that’s how I’ll do things.

And that, my friend is the core takeaway from today’s email.

I don’t care if your working out – working in an office – running your own biz, or planning to run for President (Hey, Trump did it – – and he’s a man after my own heart!) or what not – the best, very best way to go about things is to BE YOURSELF.

And to say it like it is – and then back up that talk with real action.

In other words, live life fearlessly, and let this fearless spirit exude with every step you take – every word you write – and every ACTION you undertake.

Never take a step backwards – fitness wise or otherwise – and the world shall be YOURS, my brother. There’s just no two ways around it.

So if you’re interested in getting fit – and since you’re on this list – you ARE – go on ahead and take ACTION now, my friend. Order your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness  System – – a System that the “masses” BE raving about – – and watch a whole new world of fitness open up to  you – YOUR way!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re interested in the tale of how I made all those sales – and how YOU can too — then the “10 Commandments of Succesful Sales” is for you, my friend. And though I say “10” – I’ve actually overdelivered as usual and given you more like TWENTY sizzling tips that’ll have the cash register ringing in no time whatsoever. Grab yourself a copy right here – –

THIS is “climbing” the “mountain”

Dear Reader,

Many moons ago, I recall being on the very peak of the famous and most dear to my heart Qi Feng “mountain” in China – – a hill where I …ah, but you regulars on this list know this already!

The incident I write about occurred in June or thereabouts – – or perhaps July. I don’t quite remember – all I remember was that it was HOT … REAL hot, at that. Plus ’twas the monsoon season as well.

Hot sticky weather, and NOT weather most folks would want to partake of ardous hikes in, but yet, yours truly did – – on a REGULAR basis.

Anyway, on my 4th jaunt up that monster I met this lady “Kelly” – – a lady who I had been teaching English to for a while, and she said hello.

“Why Hello, Michael! I didn’t know you climbed this mountain regularly!”

“Oh yes, I do, Kelly!”

Michael, by the way is what the Chinese refer to me as . My “English” name as it were – – one of the “oddities” of living in China is that virtually everyone has an “English” name, as it’s hard for the locals to pronounce names such as “Rahul” (which is one of the easiest names to pronounce to be honest – – but in China it comes across as “Lahoo” – – or worse “Yahoo” – – UGH!).

Anyway, we shook hands, and I continued my jaunt – – reached the peak – – and then continued downwards for my FINAL jaunt up the  hill – – the 5th time – – and I saw Kelly again.

She was huffing and puffing her way up the hill  – – the same one I was about to climb for the fifth and final time … By the way, you notice I’m calling it a “hill”, and thats basically what it is.

The Chinese like to refer to it as a “mountain” – – and that is fine by me, but it’s a basically a long, STEEP hill right next to where I  live in China. Anyhow, so I figured I’d give her company on the way up.

Before I could say it, she spoke.

“Why don’t we climb the mountain together? I can practice my English with you!”

“Ha, sure you can – for free”

Giggle, giggle. “Yes, for free …”

Thoughts truly are things, eh? Thoughts truly transmute – – and I’ll have an entertaining piece on that out as well soon – – but for now, so off it was till the top of the hill.

Once we finally reached the top (and it took a while – – she was SLOW) I took off my T-shirt.

It was one of those sports T-shirts you can buy from Decathlon – – weighing about nothing – – and yet, by the end of it, it felt like it weighed a ton.

I wrung out the sweat from the T-shirt multiple times, and pretty soon there was a puddle underneath me – – not to mention the sweat which was literally pouring off me as I stood there.

“So do you like to hike?” I asked her.

“Uh, sometimes … ”

“The Chinese love it as well. This hill seems to be pretty crowded on holidays!” (and it being a holiday that day, so it was).

“Yes, but … ”

“They just “climb””.


“I mean …. ” and she gestured at me again.

“They climb – – but YOU –  – now THIS – – (and here she pointed at the ever growing puddle again) IS REAL climbing!”

And the look of awe mixed in with astonishment (how the foreign devil keeps doing this on this excruciatingly hot day  and is seemingly NOT worse for wear for it) said it all.

It literally looked it was raining – – right under where I was standing, hehe.

So she was right – – but here’s the kicker.

While those long ass climbs up the hill definitely helped me get in better shape – – the “over-reliance” on one means of training was showing up elsewhere on my body.

Sure, I was in awesome shape. Close to zero fat on my body – – boundless stamina – – legs like PILLARS – – all attributes YOU too can get if you follow what I’ve said in the Chapter on Hills in 0 Excuses Fitness – – but other areas?

(You can grab 0 Excuses Fitness right here, btw – –

I wasn’t doing pushups regularly at that time, and 100 was a chore. I could do ’em, but i’d feel it later – – as opposed to now, when I can knock ’em off in my sleep practically.

And pull-ups?? Though I was doing 20-25 on a regular basis even then, if you had told me I’d be knocking out 100’s of them at a time, I’d stare at you and declare you crazy.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking I’m gonna “pimp” my book on pull-ups – – and truth be told, I could – – but I won’t.

There is something else I’d like to say – – and ’tis this – – I coulda achieved MOST of the same fat burning and “tree trunk like leg” effects WITHOUT those long climbs up the hill.

Don’t get me wrong. Those climbs were required until a certain point – – but my enthusiasm got the better of me, and I overdid it – – and though I certainly didn’t suffer any ill effects from it (and neither will YOU) – – it wasn’t necessary.

This thought hit me like a flash of lightning in January this year – – when I started training some old, and yet forgotten exercises – – and doing so on that same hill.

Doing this dramatically DECREASED my workout time on the hill – – slashed it to less than a quarter of what I was spending before – – and the results just kept getting better!

And after I tried it a while, and saw myself literally losing weight AS I worked out – – I figured I better put a product out there on it. After all, who wouldn’t want extreme fat burning effects within the space of a minute or less?

It’s a no brainer, me thinks – – and all this led to me creating Advanced Hill Training – – right smack middle in the middle of Lunar New Year this year in 2018.

So if there’s ONE product I’m promoting today – – and doing so unabashedly, my dear listeners – – other than the 0 Excuses Fitness System, it is THIS – – Advanced Hill Training.

This product is an absolute must have for those of you interested in getting those chiseled abs, rock hard shoulders, V shaped lats, and the works.

An absolute MUST, my friend. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Go right here to check out what the fuss is all about – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My newest core training course “Corrugated Core” is going like gangbusters as well. Don’t have a hill next to you??? No problemo – – some of the exercises in this little gem will have you working up a sweaty storm just AS IF you WERE climbing an actual HILL! Grab your copy right here – –

Focus on what you DO want

Dear Reader,

Way back in the day (well, not so far back actually hehe, but whatever) when I first started the site, I had NO idea it would one day “metamorphose” into a full fledged business – or the “0 Excuses” biz, for that matter.

All I knew at that point was that I wanted to write “a” (emphasis on “a”) book on fitness – and help people through the very same techniques that helped me (and that I knew through my years of experience in the fitness industry would help  OTHERS as well) and sell that online.

That’s about the extent of it though.

Incredibly, although I wrote that book “Fast and Furious Fitness” (I still have a few copies of THAT first book left – – YES – – physical copies too!), I had NO idea on how to promote it – – or market it, or in plain layman’s terms, spread the word.

That book was what formed the “cornerstone” of the current “0 Excuses Fitness” book – – and though I’m no longer selling it, it’ll always remain very close to my heart indeed!

(0 Excuses Fitness is available right here – – )

Perhaps even more incredibly though, and some of you that have been on this list for years will attest to this, my email list grew pretty much from day one – WITHOUT doing any active promotion (not that I knew how to do it anyway back in the day).

Most surprisingly, a lot of those people STAYED THROUGH all the email server changes – – and all the hiccups we’ve had along the way – – until this day.

Hell, there have been people on this list that have voluntarily resigned up not once or twice – but THRICE due to “accidental removals” or what not – but the point being this, those folks (and you know who you are) stuck with me regardless!

In Zero to Hero I mention how I took a company in India from literally ZERO in sales (I.T. sales) to over USD 30,000 per month in a few months, and that ain’t me just saying it either – as you can tell from the testimonial on the page.

Incredibly, at the time I had NO I.T. sales experience. In fact, about the only sales experience I had was a project I got before I joined that company.

So that’s it. ONE project.

And yet, the sales poured in – – into the “3 man company” which it was at that time.

These and other such “miracles” did occur in my life, and at the time I never stopped to question ’em – – but neither did I ever think deeply about WHY they occured.

I was unknowingly using and applying the SAME principles back then that I teach you NOW, my friend – except I didn’t know I was doing this – and THAT is the #1 reason beyond ALL others that what happened “happened”.

I speak a lot about visualization – and seeing yourself the way you want to be, and unknowingly, at the time I had IMAGES in my mind as to where I wanted to be with regard to my site etc – – and those images manifested themselves as reality shortly thereafter.

That isn’t too say there was no actual effort involved – there was, but again – the key is this – I had the image in mind FIRST!

Most importantly, THAT was the only image that was uppermost in mind. In other words, I was focusing on what I DID want.

Not for a moment did I pause to consider that “I had no experience in sales”. Not for a fleeting second did I entertain the thought that I wouldn’t be able to grow my email list.

And incredibly, though my actual knowledge etc was lacking, I still accomplished these goals – – and MORE!

Now, in terms of fitness, when we’re overweight, flabby, out of shape and/or generally miserable with our lives, this can seem like a tall order.

When you look in the mirror and see a 300 pound “behemoth” staring back – – or when you see your bank account and see goose eggs (or close to it) staring back at ya – – or when you go into work “yet again” on Monday morning – – and so forth – – it can be DAMN hard to keep the above philosophy in mind – – but here’s the thing.

Keep it in mind you must – – especially when times are ROUGH!

The human mind by it’s very nature is the most marvelous piece of “computing equipment” that has EVER been “produced” – and likely ever will be.

As Napoleon Hill and scores of other achievers have rightly put it “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can ACHIEVE”.

So it can – but if there’s ONE flaw in this otherwise magnificent piece of “machinery”, it is this – our minds by default tend to focus way more on the NEGATIVE rather than the positive.

We tend to focus a lot more on what we don’t have – – or the current unpleasantness in our lives – – as opposed to what we DO want.

And this isn’t just done on a conscious level – – it’s done all the time at a subconscious level without us even knowing it – – and it “makes itself felt” in everything we do – – from work – to school – to relationships – fitness – or if you’re in mainland China, “teaching” or “learning English”, as well hehe.

In Zero to Hero, I mention how I asked one of my students to follow a visualization exercise, along with the exact steps I asked her to follow – and the results are mind boggling.

So will yours, my friend – if you just stop and visualize – – and FOCUS on what you DO want – – rather than what you don’t or the current lack of what you desire in your life.

In terms of fitness, focus on a new you with a washboard abdomen and a brawny chest – -or whatever it is that you desire.

Look at yourself in the mirror – and more importantly in your mind’s eye – and BURN that above picture into your subconscious REPEATEDLY – – and will it become reality?

You bet it will. Oh yes, it will. It may take time – but other hand – if you get into flow – and do what  I’ve said – chances are it’ll happen WAY before you “expect” it to happen.

Last, but not least, remember that ’tis but human sometimes to “give in” and end up focusing on what you don’t want – especially during the rough times.

I know how that goes. I’ve been there, my friend.

Key though is this – don’t beat yourself about it. DO however catch yourself at it as soon as you cotton on to what your mind is doing – and tell yourself what I just told you – and then DO it!

You’ll be amazed at how the “bad days” so often turn into “awesome days” if you follow this here little one tip!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Arnie used to imagine his biceps being “mountain peaks” while he was working out. Can’t say I quite agree with  his bodybuilding style, but hey – his imagery accomplished what he wanted! Now if you’re interested in say “barndoor lats” – – or “lats like bats” in other words – – or, as I said in a blog post a while back “getting that X shape that chicks dig” – – well, VISUALIZE it FIRST. Once you do that, run over HERE and invest in a copy of “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD” – – a course that has been knocking the socks off plenty of folks and building X tapers galore — right here – –

P.S. #2 – Marc, I haven’t forgotten you, my brother. I’ve received your response to the email I sent about YOUR workout the other day – – and I’ll post that soon here as well, hehe.  In the meantime, enjoy the boxing workouts – – and the cycling as well!

P.P.S — If you’ve got inspirational workout stories of yours to share – – send ’em in — and I’ll share ’em with the world! Hell, I shared mine at the “callow” age of 24 with a certain Brooks Kubik  (a living legend, btw) who gave me a write up I’ll NEVER forget – – and it’s time to return the favor now!


“Because it’s a safe option”

Dear Reader,

When I was in college, I was advised by my parents to get a degree in mechanical engineering – something I had NO earthly interest in whatsoever – and why?

Because “it’s a safe option. There’s always jobs around in that”, said my Dad.

When I first broached the idea fitness wise that deep breathing and pushups could get you in the BEST shape of your life, the naysayers and scoffers and “Doubting Thomases” were out in full force.

“Huh? What do you know? You can’t get fit without pounding the treadmill or cranking out reps on the chest press!”

“Everyone knows the gym is essential!”

And so forth (this from folks that “thought” they had my best interests at heart, by the way!).

When I first started to think about going into biz for myself – I was again roundly reproached (either directly or indirectly) by a lot of folks.


Well, because “going into business is risky. It’s far better to be a slave to another person from 9-5 and usually beyond” – and why?

“Because it’s the safe option”, hehe.

Can you relate, my friend? I’m sure you can – – and despite all I’ve said above, what about results?

Well, we’ve covered those before (on all the points) so I’m not going to rehash them here – – but here is the thing – – the “safe option” aint always the best option, my friend – – and chances are you don’t WANT to take the safe option anyway.

I’ll deviate from this missive for now, and give you a bit of parenting tip (for those of you that are parents).

If you have kids – ask them what THEY WANT – rather than “suggesting” first. Believe me now and trust me later, most kids unconsciously “tailor” their wants depending upon what they believe will “sound good to Mommy and Daddy” – something to be avoided at all costs, my friend.

Every kid has a dream – a desire – some ASPIRATIONS – and yes – while it might sound crazy to YOU – it doesn’t sound crazy to the kid!

On that note, anything “new” sounds crazy. I’m pretty sure the world looked at the Wright brothers as if they were nuts when they first broached the idea of building the airplane – – and now?

Ditto for the wireless – – the good ole “tinkle tinkle” phone, hehe (ah them days before dumb phones made dumb asses out of us all, hehe) – – the light bulb – – and so forth.

Now, what  if you’re interested in taking the route LESS traveled – and KNOW you’re gonna make it a success?

What if you’re interested in getting fit the right way despite the naysayers, scoffers, Doubting Thomases and potbellied gentlemen on the chest press telling you otherwise?

Well – you do what I did at the age of 13 (what I’ve been doing ever since I can remember – and what ALL successful people have done throughout the ages).

You protect your INNER SANCTUM with the ferocity of a tigress caught unawares on a walk with her cubs and allow NOTHING to breach it!

When I was young, my father often complained “You’re building a wall around yourself that no-one can breach!”

Well, true. I was – and for reasons other than what I’m mentioning here, but in his 1967 classic “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind“, Napoleon Hill mentions exactly the same thing in Chapter 3 “The basic mental attitude that brings wealth peace of mind”.

In that Chapter, he talks about erecting not one, but TWO barriers around your inner mind i.e. what you really really want.

The first being a “general barrier of sorts” – – and the second being an even more fortified barrier which NO-ONE can breach except those you allow.

And then he talks about the “Guardians” he appoints to guard those barriers as well.

It’s a most interesting read, and the point is this – – if you really, really want something – – and that something isn’t “what others think is safe” – – then you’ve got two things to do on the “to – do list”.

A. BLOCK all out everything that others say. Build that wall around your desires and allow no man – or woman – to breach it until you accomplish said goal, and believe me, if you want it bad enough – you WILL get it!

B. Just do it. As Claude Bristol noted in “The power of belief”, “Go and tell no man” still holds very true!

This same philosophy is something you should bear in mind while working out as well for optimal results.

I’ve often told you about how folks in China would come up to me and want to pose for pictures etc when I was working out.

Understandable to a degree given I’m a foreign devil doing things they’ve never seen before – – and you’ll see the incredulous looks on faces in Advanced Hill Training as well in the pictures – – but what YOU need to do is ignore it all.

Don’t allow NOBODY to breach them walls – until the workout is over.

Once done, you can return to the “outside world” if you so choose.

But until then – – it’s nothing doing, my friend.

Although  most people don’t think so, this one last tip I’m giving you right here is probably the MOST powerful tip I can give you fitness wise. Ponder it over a couple of cold ones – – or a cuppa – – or “brew of choice” – – and let me know what you think!

Ok – that’s it for now. As always, I’m glad to have you tune in – – and here’s to a great, great day ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you enjoyed this email, then the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is a must read for you as well. To be honest, and I’ve said this before, I could just as well remove the word “Physical” from there and it wouldn’t make an iota of difference because what I’ve got to say is just as applicable to life itself as it is fitness. Find out for yourself right here – –


Work VS Inspired ACTION

Dear Reader,

‘Tis a well known fact to those I chat with regularly that Rahul Mookerjee doesn’t just dislike the word “work”.

In fact, I abhor the word – and this seemingly strange dislike is growing day by day, hehe.

Now, merely saying this to the average person causes him/her to drop what they’re doing and look at me as if I’m batshit nuts.

“What? How can you say this? We all need to work to survive!”

“Work is what makes  me happy! ”

“Work is what brings in the moolah! Keeps the wolves from the table!”

And so forth.

Now, all of this is true to a degree, especially if you’re working “for someone else”, or an organization, or whatever.

But to me, work conjures up images of “8-5” – traffic snarlups, annoying bosses, over-expectant companies – and so forth.

I’m sure y’all know what I’m talking about, eh?

The GRIND, in other words – and thats NOT a way I prefer to live my life by.

Amazingly enough, although people do NOT need to live their lives as if they were being put through a grinder, that’s precisely what they do both on a conscious and sub conscious level.

I’d much rather use the terms “action”. Or “practice”, perhaps, if we’re talking physical activities or exercise. Or even better – inspired action. Anything BUT work.

To be honest, when I put out my products – or do up these emails – the LAST thing it feels like to me is work.

It’s a PASSION – it’s something that is bubbling inside of me – that I want to share with YOU – and THAT, my friend is the way I’d like to live my life – doing something I enjoy as opposed to the “run of the mill” 9-5 jobs etc.

I mentioned this to my wife the other day, and the first comment she made was this – “Well, naturally you’re doing well! You’re hard at work all day!”

Huh??Work?? was what I responded.

“It don’t feel like work to me, honey! Not even the extended periods of time I put in for my fitness products or other novels – – NONE of it feels like work!”

My modus operandi is simple, and is something I’ve been sharing with y’all for ages now.

I visualize – go into the “Theater of my Mind” , and get the GOOD feelings going.

And then I just WRITE – trusting my subconscious to give me the material it needs, and it’s never failed me even once. If anything, it’s always “under promised” and “over delivered”, hehe.

And believe me, my friend – YOU too can do the same thing if you so choose – and believe in what I’m saying and my methods.

Research any successful person over the ages, and you’ll find a person that doesn’t think of his or her “work” as work – as well as a person that visualizes regularly.

This is where most people fail. Well, two areas actually …

One being that they dismiss the visualization part (which to me is the MOST important part) as being “bunk” or “esoteric stuff and nothing else”, and so forth.

Big, big mistake!

And the #2 mistake I see is that a lot of folks expect the “tasks to take care of themselves” once they visualize.

No they won’t!

As Dr. Maltz correctly noted in Pyscho Cybernetics, and as ALL of the other writers I refer to have – – “visualizing doesnt divest you of the actual effort required to reach said goals.”

You still have to take ACTION – it just becomes that much easier to do, both in terms of contacts and the action itself if you visualize correctly.

So in terms of fitness, perhaps you’ve  visualized yourself getting fit the way I tell you to. Perhaps you’ve followed my tips of “seeing yourself the way you want to be” while you workout.

And you’ve arrived at this page/email.


Now, what?

Them pushups still need to be done, my friend. You still need to figure out the nuances of the BEST darn exercise ever.

You still need to do the squats – or pull-ups – or whatever it is that you’re doing.

It’s NOT going to take care of itself!! THAT is the key thing to remember here – is that while it’s about inspired action – you still need to take that action.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched people come up with great ideas, and then do nothing but procrastinate for various reasons – which is something I really cant wrap my brain around!

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll write more on this later. For now though, remember to pound out a 0 Excuses workout after you read this – or sometimes during the day – – and remember that as Twain said, “nodding the head ain’t gonna rock the boat”.

Only YOU, my friend can rock that boat!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And while I see a lot of y’all right now (yes, I used the term “see” for a reason!) nodding your heads in agreement, the truth is that “nodding the head” won’t by itself accomplish your fitness goals. ACTION will – and the first step on that road is to order the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here – –

When the student is READY – the teacher WILL appear!

Dear Reader,

There is an old, an immortal, time honored Buddhist saying which goes like this – when the student is READY- the teacher WILL appear.

There is a reason the words in capitals are printed in capitals here!

Many people dream, visualize, apply themselves, and do all the right things – but get frustrated either too quickly – or when “opportunites” dont arise.

After all wasn’t I the one that told you that  if you visualize correctly – things will HAPPEN?

Well – YES – they will (on more ways than one),  but the first thing to remember is patience.

Things happen when they should, and will – – and while you may be able to speed up the actual manifestation process, there’s a limit to speeding it up.

You cannot “push” the Universe – into – doing something you ain’t ready for yourself – either at a conscious or sub conscious level! 

I cannot emphasize this enough, my friend.

Lots of people do “want it” (that “it” could be either money – or fame – or the fittest YOU ever – and so forth).

But deep down inside, are you ready to handle it?

Deep down inside, do you have PLANS for all that money you have?

Deep down inside, does the fame SCARE you?

And so forth.

In Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil“, he wrote that FEAR is one of the main reasons that folks don’t ever get to the point where their minds are infused with nothing but FAITH (which moves mountains – and fear does the opposite).

As he correctly pointed out, in Think and Grow Rich as well as I believe the book above,

Faith and fear makes BAD bedfellows. When one exists, the other cannot! 

‘Tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true.

And when you conquer that FEAR – and only YOU can do that – the opportunities and folks that you need in order to make your dreams a REALITY will materialize.

You won’t even have to search for the teacher consciously, in other words.

Neither will the teacher have to search for YOU!

It’ll happen – two minds perfectly blended in harmony, and being ready to RECEIVE (and again – not everyone is REALLY, REALLY ready to receive at the highest levels).

Fitness wise, this means this – when you’re TRULY ready to become the fittest and healthiest you’ve ever, ever been – and STAY that way, you’ll find the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

When you’re truly interested in fat burning methods that take it to the next level – you’ll find Advanced Hill Training.

If you’re truly interested in learning from one whose been there and done that – you’ll find me – and I’ll find you.

Other hand, if you’re not at that stage yet – all the emails and marketing in the world ain’t gonna make it happen (for those that aren’t ready).

Psychologists have correctly pointed out that when someone is ready for something, it makes an appearance – and so it shall for you, fitness wise, my friend – when you’re READY for it!

It’s amazing, but some folks are actually, deep down inside, nervous of “how others would react” if I got to the point where I could (“I” being “you” here) bang out a 100 pull-ups per workout, for instance!

Folks actually get “scared” by the thought of people coming up to them and congratulating them on their achievements, and believe me, a lot of this has to do with the subliminal programming most of us are fed since an early age.

That being “you don’t really deserve it”.

Or, “its all about hard work”.

And so forth.

Oh YES – you DO deserve it, and MORE, my friend – but the caveat is this – are you READY?

Only you can tell me that!

Ponder this for a while over a cuppa or couple of cold ones. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re truly ready, then making the decision to invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is no brainer, and those that are ready have done it without even being on this list (some folks) or me telling them to. Oh yes, my friend – there is GREAT power in being ready. Again, thats the reason I keep saying I want folks that are TRULY interested in greatness and becoming the fittest they’ve ever been in their lives. If that is YOU – then gallop on over here to grab the System, and lets go from there – –

Faith over Fear

Dear Reader,

Well, so my wife was shopping for T-shirts online for me. For some odd reason I seem to have run out of white T-shirts to wear with my “camouflage” pants, and today (for some other odd reason) was when we sat down together to look for T-shirts.

Yours truly isn’t much of a fan of shopping, as you might imagine. My wife usually does the shopping for clothes etc and calls “el groucho” out to “help with choices” only when necessary … I’m sure you get the drift, eh? Haha!

But as we looked through the T-shirts on display, two of them stood out.

One was “live life like a KING” – a quote I love, and philosophy that I’ve deeply embedded into my own life as well.

And the other was this – Faith over Fear – with a sharp looking arrow shooting straight THROUGH the “fear” word!

And as soon as I saw this T-shirt, I dropped everything, and rushed to the computer to write this to you.

Now, what exactly is so important about this, you might ask?

Well it’s this – over the past couple of days I’ve been giving you tips on not just fitness – but LIFE as well.

Tips – and ways of thinking that ALL great achievers in ALL fields have used/incorporated into their lives in one way or the other – – and the results speak for themselves.

And today’s message is an “amalgamation” of both the emails I sent out yesterday. Faith, my friend – is what we need MOST when we start any new venture – or when we start to accomplish or even dream of conquering new peaks – or moving mountains that seem immovable, and thus forth.

It is FAITH, my dear reader that one MUST have in heapfuls. If you don’t have faith – then you might as well not visualize etc.

FAITH is the MAIN reason that most of the “dreamers” that accomplished what seemed stupendous at the time did so.

They dreamt – they BURNED their dreams onto their (sub) consciousness – they got down to brass tacks and did it while being grateful – – and more – – but with all this, the key ingredient was this – FAITH.

Faith despite naysayers clamoring at every turn.

Faith despite people saying “they were idiots”.

Faith despite their bank balances sometimes showing ZERO.

Faith despite people saying “they were doing the wrong thing” (or worse, at some times).

And so forth.

In other words, they “kept the faith” and kept going on – and ON – and ON – and the results manifested, sure as daylight does at the end of a long night.

Napoleon Hill said it best when he said this

Faith is the visualization of and BELIEF in your desires.

Belief is key as well. Unless you truly, deep down at your core believe you can accomplish something – chances are you won’t – and I’m not talking simple “belief through will power” here.

In fact, will power pales in comparison to what I’m talking about here!

Now, in terms of fitness, what does all this mean?

Well – this – when you first start off with the 0 Excuses Fitness System, you might wonder “how exactly” you’ll achieve that lean ripped body of yours with “just bodyweight exercises”.

You might wonder why there’s no machines required. After all, we’ve all been sold on the gyms and machines concepts haven’t we?

You may even wonder if Rahul Mookerjee knows what he BE talking about – and I don’t blame you. After all, most of what I say and do is so contrary to the norm that folks normally blink once – or twice – or ten times when I talk about some of the things I do.

But here it is – RESULTS, my friend are what TALK.

Results talk, and BS walks – – and YOU too can accomplish the same results if you have FAITH, my friend.

If you’ve just started on the System, and aren’t seeing results straightaway, don’t despair. So long as you do all the right things (that I talk about in my daily emails) and keep the FAITH – your goal will manifest – and chances are it’ll happen QUICKER than you ever thought possible.

You may not be able to build Rome in a day, but build it you can.

You may not be able to go from ZERO to 100 pull-ups in a couple of days, but bear the vision in mind, and do so with DESIRE – and keep the FAITH – – and get there you will,  my friend.

And so it is with all your achievements, either fitness wise or otherwise.

In fact, it can’t be any other way. That’s just the way the Universe functions – and if you do all the right things – and follow all the instructions given to you by those that have achieved success – well – then YOU too, my friend are bound for success – – MORE than you ever believed possible in your wildest dreams at that.

As ole Stone Cold would say – “And that’s just the bottom line!”

Not because Stone Cold said so, hehe, but because the Universe said so.

Ok – thats it for today! I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of fitness, if you’re interested in doing what the “average Joe” does, well, fine – but you’ll get results accordingly. If you’re truly interested though in joining the leagues of the SUPER fit – the guys that pound out 100’s of pull-ups and handstand pushups per workout – – well – – then do and ACT the way those guys do. And the way these guys DO is outlined in the System. Grab a copy NOW, my friend, and watch your gains skyrocket through the roof in no time FLAT – –

A state of mellifluous gratitude

Dear Reader,

I spoke about a great tip in the last email – something you can and should implement into your daily lives/routines, and now we’ll go one better.

THIS particular tip is probably even more important than what I mentioned above (although don’t get me wrong – that tip I gave you in the last email is so important in its own right I could write tomes on it).

THIS particular tip is also, in part, what allows you to GET into a positive state of emotion/feeling – and start to move mountains almost miraculously.

Folks often look at me with a mixture of bewilderment and amazement when I talk about moving mountains effortlessly, and yet, when your life is in a state of FLOW – when you are vibrating the right way – and in accordance with what you really desire, then things just start to fall into place, my friend.

They do – and I’ve mentioned a couple of instance of this in Zero to Hero as well, and while visualization is of course the #1 key to all this – the #2 key in my opinion – and a close second at that is this – GRATITUDE.

A spirit of gratitude and being grateful for what you have rather than gripe about what you don’t is key to turning “nothing” into something.

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough. Be grateful for everything you HAVE – and you create a natural “suction” of sorts that pulls MORE good things in – towards YOU.

This morning my wife and me were chatting after breakfast, and we were talking about how the vast majority of people (rich, poor, fit, unfit etc etc) go through life with a conspicuous ABSENCE of gratitude rather than the other way around.

And of course, a complete lack of “feeling good” internally as well as a result.

Is it any wonder that the world outside is experiencing nothing but “problems” (at least if you believe the news)?

The economy. Crime rate. Delinquencies. Foreclosures. Everything you read, everywhere you look seems dire – and yet – when you look at what you DO have – and be grateful for it (and consider those that don’t) – then you’ll realize the world is a far better place than you envisoned upon reading the news etc.

Don’t have that fancy car as yet? Well, at least you’ve GOT a car, right?

Don’t have all the money you want? Tired of your middle class life? Well, at least you’ve GOT a middle class life, eh? I’m sure if you told folks in sub saharan Africa that and gave them a choice they’d leap at it, right?

We tend to focus way more on what we don’t have rather than be grateful for what we DO have.

After that conversation this morning I felt so good (not that I wasn’t already) that I immediately sat down and started typing this to you.

My life has been an unending series of ups and downs since as of late, and get this – though I didn’t know everything I do now, and though I’m always learning, the downs never lasted.

In fact, the peaks were even higher than the troughs (and this you can probably glean after reading what I wrote in Zero to Hero).

And so forth …

Point being this – we always have something to be grateful about – and we should consciously acknowledge those things and dem feelings, my friend.

Fitness wise, you might not have the six pack of your dreams – YET – but you’ve got two legs, haven’t you?

You’ve got arms – a working body (albeit one that you might have misused) – and so forth, right?

You’re certainly better off than a paraplegic – or those with amputated limbs – and so forth.

You might not be able to run sprints – YET – but compare yourself to someone without legs.

Right. I bet you feel grateful, now, eh?

So thats the takeaway from this email. Life might turn chaotic at times – heck, it often does.

Fitness wise, you might be going through a down. Hell, you may be going through temporary downs right now overall – but amidst it all – take a cool few minutes or so to be GRATEFUL for what you do have.

Visualize – FEEL grateful – and then DO the thing – the RIGHT way!

Thats really all it boils down to, my brothers and sisters.

Ok – thats it for this particular “sermon” (not really, hehe). I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If anything I’m grateful for the exercises that I myself put in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. And while you might think thats a ludicrous way to “thaaaank” (think, hehe), think AGAIN, my friend.  YES, I’m grateful that the best darn exercises exists. YES, I’m grateful that I got into the best shape of my life with nothing other than pushups and squats. And yes, I’m SUPER grateful for the customers I have – and all of you on this list as well. I’m grateful I have products to sell. And so forth … Again, I could write tomes on this!

P.S. #2 – In terms of “doing things the right way” – – both “the things” and the “right way” are mentioned in the System – which you can grab right here – –


Doing things a certain WAY

Dear Reader,

There was a great little book written in the early 1900’s (I believe) by Wallace. D. Wattles entitled “The Science of Getting Rich”.

A highly recommended short read (short for me, at any rate) and I don’t care if you’re interested in making money – or getting rich – or not – the principles outlined in the book are GENERAL principles of success in all spheres, much like the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in 0 Excuses Fitness.

While Wattles tailored his book for those that want to accumulate riches (who doesn’t, hehe) and I tailored mine towards those that want to get – and stay – in the very best shape of their lives (and stay that way, mind you!) – the principles are the same for achieving success in any sphere of life.

Now, there was a great line in that book I just spoke about.

It goes such – “Getting rich is NOT a matter of doing certain things. It’s a matter of doing things – a CERTAIN WAY!”

Now, what does this mean, you ask? What does it have to do with fitness anyway?

Well, I’ll explain.

How many times have you woken up in the morning with a “rum drum” feeling of “Oh, I gotta get through this again”.

“Oh, no. I gotta wake up and put in the mileage anyway – I can’t miss my running goals!”

“Oh, I gotta finish my pushups even though I don’t feel like it!”

And so forth – and anyone that’s been exercising for a while knows what I’m talking about here.

There are times you just dont FEEL like doing it – and you end up going through the motions anyway and having a mediocre workout.

THIS is precisely what Wattles cautions against, and is the certain “way” he’s referring to.

As Emerson once said “Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm” – and the same holds true here!

When you’re doing something – anything – don’t just “do it” without any emotion or thoughts behind it!

If you’re bored and depressed out of your skull at your current job – and want a change – don’t just “go through the motions” at your current job. Do whatever it is you’re doing at your current job with the end GOAL of getting a better one – – and believe me, when you put that thought and goal in your mind as you go through your routine, it’s nigh impossible not to  be “aroused” at the deepest levels (if you do it correctly!).

THIS, my friend – is one of the keys to achievement in any sphere – fitness included.

Now, back to fitness – what happens on those cold winter mornings when you just don’t want to wake up to “git her done”?

What happens when you’re tired after work – and the wife is nagging – and the kids be CLAMORING for your time, hehe – or a combo of all the above and more?

And so forth?

How do you put yourself into an enthusiastic frame of mind and import that same gusto into your workout?

Well, simple, my friend.

You go into what I like to call the “Theater of your Mind” (although you call this whatever you like) and you VISUALIZE – yes – the perfect scenario.

You visualize, for instance, not being tired after a hectic workday – and not coming home to an “uncomfortable situation” – and so forth.

Or, you could visualize your goals. For me I often spend 10 to 15 minutes before a workout going through the entire workout in my head – but most importantly, with FEELING!

The feeling, my friend is how you really change your emotional state from negative to positive – and keep it there – and this good feeling is what imports into ANY Activity you do while in this frame of mind – including workouts.

And the results follow, my friend. Oh yes, they do.

I’ll write more on this in the future, but for now, remember what I just told you above is one of the most powerful tips anyone can give you.

Implement this little gem into your routines – – and watch your life change!



P.S. – 0 Excuses Fitness gives you plenty of more tips – both from a mental as well as physical standpoint – tips that you have NOT seen elsewhere to be honest. If you’re even in the slightest bit interested in getting fit (and if you’re reading this, you likely are), you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy immediately. Do so right here – –

Bulldog Tenacity

Dear Reader,

Was watching some amazing stuff on YouTube the other day – animal videos, to be specific, and something that surprised me no end (and was new to me as well) was a video I saw someplace of a pit bull taking a massive – yes, you guessed it – actual BULL down.

No kidding, folks.

The pit bull literally jumped on to the bull – and grabbed it by the nose – and try as it might, the bull couldn’t shake it off.

It ended up with the bull on the floor “submitting”, and the video cuts off there, so I’m not sure what happened next, but though courage, valor and other terms might come to mind here – the first term that came to mind for me was this – TENACIOUSNESS.

Reminded me of the good ole “Rumble in the Jungle” fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, and while the “why’s and wherefore’s” of that epic battle are widely contested (i.e. the “rope a dope” controversy and so forth), Foreman has admitted in the past that it was big mistake to underestimate Ali.

“The mistake of a lifetime”, as he puts it.

The actual fight again was one where Ali took the worst of it seemingly. Body blow after body blow landed, but Ali hung in there – tenacious as a pit bull might be, and started to take full toll after the heavy shots tired Foreman out.

Much like the battle in the epic movie Rocky (the initial one) where Rocky hangs in there until … well, we all know, I’m sure, hehe.

Anyway, there’s a lesson to be learnt here, folks.

You don’t have to be in a fight – or be a pitbull –  or win a boxing bout to know that tenaciousness is something that we could ALL use a little – or a LOT of.

And it’s a quality sorely lacking in most modern day men.

Most modern day men – or folks in general, I should say give up at the slightest hint of “hard work lies ahead” or the tiniest roadblock.

It’s sad, because this one quality gives us the ability to get the most out of life – and master what life throws at us – with vim, vigor and gusto.

Think about it. How many times has life thrown a curveball of any sort at you – and how many times have you tackled it tenaciously, never willing to give up?

This quality is one of the many you’ll develop when you follow my exercise routines and programs.

Those that have bought the 0 Excuses Fitness System have said that the video and instruction are just like me i.e. brutally honest. Frank. Down to earth. Those are some of the comments I’ve received, and does it work?

Oh yes – it DOES – if you LET the routines work.

If you actually DO – and are tenacious enough to hang in there to experience the benefits of said routines.

Trust me, my programs develop a level of tenaciousness in you that you will NOT get by following your average toning routine at the gym – or pounding the pavement – or getting your shoulders massaged by your personal trainer (ugh!) while lifting pink dumbbells.

No sirreeee … and anyone that’s mastered the 100 pull-up challenge I talk about in Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a few weeks KNOWS what I’m talking about.

The routines may not be fancy. They sure as heck ain’t “purdy” and “gussied up” (for y’all from the South reading this, hehe).

But do they WORK?

Heck yes.

Do they build GUMPTION – CHARACTER – and most of all, tenacity?

Heck yes – and again, anyone that’s gotten to a level where they can pound out 500 pushups a day and keep at it a while KNOWS what I’m talking about.

So if you’re looking to build qualities that will help you succeed in the game of life as well while building the body of your dreams – – well – – look no further, my friend. Invest in the System today, and reap the rewards for your entire life.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re looking to get better at pull-ups and chances are you ARE (most folks are unable to do pull-ups at all, let alone do ’em RIGHT) – then THIS is the perfect start for you – –  And not to worry – we’ve got progressions beyond THIS as well! Baby steps though, my friend. Baby steps …