If you lift – lift CORRECTLY!

Dear Reader,

My wife recently (as of yesterday, it appears) picked up what appears to be an extremely nasty “mid back” muscle pull of sorts.

Y’know, the kind that isn’t really a muscle “tear”, per se, but is painful regardless – and it’s the kind of “dull, twitchy” pain that just doesnt go away all day no matter what.

So as I was massaging it out last night (there’s still some left to do as I type this) – I asked her what she did to cause it.

“I don’t know”.

OK, yes, that was to be expected, hehe …

“But did you lift anything?  Anything heavy? Did you lift with the legs – or just “hoist” with the arms?”

And upon this line of questioning it seems that it’s either a heavy pail of laundry that was the culprit – or too many hours spent hunched in front of the computer – or simply “lifting incorrectly” (and no I ain’t necessarily referring to mammoth steel weights either – can happen while doing something as innocuous as lifting your four year old up to your shoulder, for instance).

And this sort of pain is more common than you’d think. After lower back and neck pain, I’d say this sort of mid back pain is common amongst folks these days – housewives, gym goers, and office workers alike.

Part of the reason, of course is no exercise – but the other half of the equation is exercise done incorrectly.

Or, lifting objects incorrectly.

When you’re lifting stuff around the house – know your limits – and this applies just as much to gym goers that “think” they’re strong as it does to the average couch potato.

Unless you’re already in great shape and do a lot of pull-ups and associated exercises – simply trying to “hoist” something up by the arms is a BAD idea.

Always involve the hips and legs. Initiate the movement from this region of the body and “lift” with the legs as opposed to the upper body.

You’ll see what I mean when you do it – and this sort of technique will greatly reduce the risk of muscle pulls or other painful injuries that seem to affect so many people.

Last, but not least – deadlifts and heavy rows are NOT the promised solution they’re made out to be. Not only are they unnatural exercises that kill your lower back – but they don’t engage near the number of muscles – or tendons – or neurons that pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises such as handstand pushups do.

In fact, one of the best things you can do to rid yourself of back pain – forever – is to get started pronto on a program consisting of nothing other than this – lower body work, handstand pushups – and pull-ups.

All done in correct form, and if you need sample workouts? Well, there’s plenty provided in my BattleTank Shoulders course – YES – believe you me, even three exercises are enough NOT to keep  you bored – and to give you plenty of variety – AND, perhaps most importantly, build slabs of muscle all over your upper body and back so you can get rid of that pesky back pain forever.

Pick up your copy of “BattleTank Shoulders” right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/

I’ve often touted this combo as one of the best upper body combos there is, bar none – if not the best – and there’s plenty of truth to this.

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I’m off to massage the remaining knots out of her back now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Though I might sound flippant when using the term “massage” above, I’m really not. Massage is of utmost importance – and can greatly enhance recovery and prevent injuries if done right. I’ve gotten massages galore in China (nah, not referring to the naughty ones here!) – and those tiny massueses can teach YOU – or the average gym gorilla a thing or two about STRENGTH. Yes, you heard me – strength – and you’ll have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about!

P.S #2 – Along with back pain, wrist pain is something that is turning into a veritable pandemic, when it really doesn’t have to. I’ll write more on this later, but for now, remember that ALL the exercises mentioned in both Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (advanced) are the perfect antidote to any sort of wrist problems, pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. So if you’re sitting at the ole ‘puter right about now and wondering if this is finally “it” in terms of what solves that annoying pain in the center of your wrist – well – hesitate no longer – the cure is HERE!


Like a horse with blinders on

Dear Reader,

When my daughter is watching her favorite videos (which equates to any halfway “sensible” cartoon these days, hehe) – not even a typhoon could shake her out of the “stupor” she seems to be in.

Or the “hypnosis”, if I might say so, albeit somewhat self induced via the “jiggly wiggly” (as she loves to say!) characters on the dumb phone screen.

When she’s watching her videos, it’s quite literally like she’s been hypnotized – – by the vision unfolding in front of her on the screen.

She’ll ignore her name being called out – she’ll ignore food – she’ll even ignore the urge to give her father a few “stout” ones to the midsection (something she excels at these days, btw!).

In short – WWWIII could break out in front of her window and she’d still stay put in front of the screen – unless her Internet petered out or unless YouTube itself didn’t work for some reason.

Now, I’ve spoken before at length about both the dumb phone and the idiot box – both of which in my opinion vie for the top spot on the list of “10 most useless and idiotic inventions” ever – at least in terms of challenging us and making us think.

Tho the Tee-Vee takes top spot in my book, the dumb phone ain’t far off behind.

But the cartoons she’s watching do have one positive benefit – in that at HER age, she’s actually using her imagination and learning from the cartoons – as opposed to older kids and adults who end up “letting the T.V. imagine for them”.

The radio was a great invention IMO because you had to actually visualize what was happening – and what was being reported – as opposed to the idiot box which does it for you pretty much.

Anyway, what’s good about my daughter’s fixation? Why do I share this?

Well, first off, because she’s got that sort of single minded devotion with ANYTHING she tries to do – including hitting the heavy bag, hehe.

It might just for a few minutes, but during those few minutes it’s like a horse with blinders on. In fact, wild horses would be hard pressed to pull her away from doing that “important something” and that is NOT an understatement.

There’s a lesson or two here, me thinks.

While being like a “horse with blinkers on” might NOT sound like the best way to go through life, it most certainly IS the best way of accomplishing goals – especially new ones you havent set before and those that challenge you.

Those of you that have seriously set goals and have tried to pursue them have no doubt experienced what I’ve written about a lot i.e. that the people supposed to be closest to you are the ones that either wittingly or unwittingly turn into negative energy drains as in, “it can’t be done”.

Or, “that’s too difficult”.

Or “That’s never been done before! You’ll never be able to do that”.

Foeey. The motor car wasn’t invented before Ford invented it – and I don’t think any one of us doubts that the car is, without doubt, here to STAY as one of the centerpieces of our modern day existence.

And what about the lightbulb? The wireless? And so forth?

Fitness wise, when you set off on the 0 Excuses Journey of your life, the same thing applies.

Friends and family will come up to you and shake their heads dolefully and claim it’s “just bodyweight exercises” and will never work (despite all the proof to the contrary).

Or (and as happened to me when I was young), “he’ll never be able to do pull-ups, let alone 5 – or 10 – or a 100!”

‘Tis but human nature, my friend. It’ll happen and the way to deal with it is by doing what my little girl does i.e put your “blinders on” and forge ahead regardless of who is saying what.

Don’t even process what the naysayers – and everyone else says.

BLOCK out the world, as it were – and focus on your goal – and your DREAM –  much like my little girl does during her videos on the dumb phone.

And of course, ACT. When it comes to fitness, just “block out the world” and do the doggone exercises.

Do ’em regularly. Do ’em daily, twice daily if you so choose. Do ’em with a doggedness that belies your current “beached whale” status (if that is the case). And so on and so forth.

Do so with enough passion – and DESIRE – and you’ll soon be in the position of saying “I told you I could” to the rest – – if that matters, hehe. It doesn’t to me, but you’ll be in that position regardless!

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. While there’s far more to the above than what I’ve mentioned, I’ve told you the core of it.

Stay true to your goal – block out ALL the negativity – and believe, believe, believe – until your belief literally changes into reality before your very eyes (and in your mind’s eye BEFORE that).

Miracles will happen if you choose to “trod” the above path as I have – and scores of other people have as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And back to fitness – – the 0 Excuses Fitness System can literally perform miracles physically – if you just open your mind to the possibility of said miracle occurring. And one of the most important, if not THE most important key is mentioned at the start of (or the first) the 10 Commandments of Physical Success – or success in ANY endeavor, I should say. Find out what it is right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S. – As for pull-ups, here is an advanced course that’ll literally knock your socks off the minute you attempt some of the workouts therein – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

My hill workout from a different life

Dear Reader,

Today I’m gonna go down memory lane and share an ALL time favorite with you guys.

This was first written way back in 2012. Way back when I started up www.rahulmookerjee.com (ah, the memories – indeed!) – and is just as applicable – and seems  to be just as popular as it was when it was first “released”.

Our Facebook and Twitter fans love it – – so here it is for you as well. ENJOY!

Many years ago, I used to be posted in China. Before that, I was in the U.S., and while I used to work out regularly there, and continued to do so when I came to China, for some reason, I wasn’t getting the results I desired. And at the time, I wasn’t sure why – I trained hard, did many of the same exercises I teach NOW, but I simply wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Now, part of the reason was that I didn’t know what I know now about fitness and diet, but it wasn’t the entire story, and I didn’t know it back then. I was still getting stronger, and wasn’t fat – but I was beginning to put on more weight around the midsection than I’d have wanted to, and my stamina wasn’t quite up to the mark. And the worst part was, I didn’t have a clue as to how to improve.

Anyway, one hot balmy evening, my (then) girl-friend introduced me to a nearby hill, something I’d always known was there, but for whatever reason, had neglected to visit. It was quite a famous “landmark” in the area, and quite a high hill, so we decided to climb that hill.

Now, to give you some sort of an idea of how tall that hill was, it took about 20 minutes to climb up at a decent clip, and about 10 minutes or so to get back down. There were various routes up the hill – some with stairs, and some without. Anyway, so I figured it was no big deal, and we started to climb.

And I still remember that first climb – I thought I was strong and in pretty decent shape, but boy was I WRONG…that was a TOUGH, TOUGH climb! I must have downed about a gallon of water after the climb, managed to stumble home, and onto the couch, and that was that for the night.

The next day, I felt like a train ran over me. My body was sore all over – especially my thighs, which felt like they’d been reduced to a pulverized mass of jelly. My back was sore – and I hadn’t even done any pull-ups the day before. And my forearms were feeling it as well, which to me was the most mystifying of all. How on earth could my entire body be sore from just climbing up a hill?

Well, to cut a long story short, a few days later, I started to climb this hill daily (as part of my regular routine). I’d come home from work, climb, and then do my bodyweight stuff. I’d climb no matter what the weather was like, no matter how I felt – in short, nothing short of an earthquake would stop me from getting my daily climb in. Folks used to look at me as if I was crazy when I used to start my SECOND walk up the hill (after climbing and descending it once) – but I soon got used to it (and so did they).

And what results did I get? Within a matter of weeks, I had dropped TWO whole waist sizes – something I’d never been able to do even as a teenager. My chest was broader, and I felt a new strength in my back – this without doing anything out of the ordinary for those parts. And despite not doing a single rope jump, or squat, or other movement for the legs, they became pillars of strength – my thighs in particular. My resting pulse dropped from around 90 to 70 in a matter of WEEKS, and I felt like a new man. And ALL of this can be attributed directly to the hill climb.

Anyhow, my point of saying this is not to blow my own bugle or boast about my achievements – but to show you the immense potential of training on hills. My own workout gives you an idea of what hill training can do for you. Imagine what climbing a hill daily, or even three times a week would do for YOU?

I miss that hill – and always will. I don’t have hills right now where I live, but make do with what I have (stairs, inclined surfaces etc) – but nothing can quite mimic a real, steep hill. So if you are lucky enough to have hills around where you live, then incorporate them into your routine – and you’ll be hooked once you see what you can achieve via this form of training!

Gotta run for now – hope you enjoyed this little “blast from the past!”


P.S – Make sure to pick up your copy of Advanced Hill Training right here to avail of MORE than what I’ve mentioned above. You’ll literally see fat flying off your body as you do these exercises – and they can be done on land just as easily as on hills!

P.S #2 – Quote of the morning – – (this one is an old Napoleon Hill favorite, btw) – – “Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe – it can ACHIEVE!”. So true – and it holds just as true for your physical self as for your other accomplishments.

P.P.S – Bonus Quote – “See yourself the way you WANT to be. Begin with the end in mind!”

Monday morning “brewing”

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well! Who woulda THUNK it?

Certainly not me … certainly not anyone else that “has known me for ages” and certainly not something (again) I’d have envisioned myself doing more than a year or so ago anyway.

Though I’ve been doing the fitness thing for a while now (as regular readers of this newsletter know, it all started with www.rahulmookerjee.com before then morphing into THIS site), I never really got into it full time (as in, work on my fitness biz full time) before last year.

My studies and perusal of the evergreen “Psycho Cybernetics” played a huge role in this, of course, and I’ve unabashedly promoted this book in the past – and will continue to do so.

Another book that has been equally helpful to me, if not more – is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – a book that is quite literally (to me, at any rate) worth it’s weight in GOLD, my friend.

I highly recommend you pick up both these books and put them on the “read all the time” shelf at home (or in your digital bookshelf) – they are that important.

But hold on. Wait a minute, you say.


Yes – I said that – and no, I’m not talking about brewing a pot of coffee – – which is pretty much what is on most people’s minds the minute they wake up on Monday mornings.

The commute. The traffic, the “getting ready for work”. Dropping the kids off to school. Last minute stuff. Hey, I understand. I’ve been there and done that too!

(and continue to do so in terms of dropping my daughter off to school every morning!).

But – I’m not talking brewing coffee here, which I rarely, if every do anyway these days.

My “super secret” stay fit drink is something I brew a LOT of (and something I’ve detailed in the Simple and Effective Diet) – but I ain’t referring to dat either this fine here Monday morning.

By the way, just so you know, the above book contains plenty of useful tips – some “traditional” and some not so much in terms of diet. While it’s certainly worth a look see, I’ve included it free with the 0 Excuses Fitness System package – so if you needed yet more motivation to get the latter – well – there it is now!

0 Excuses Fitness is available right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Anyway, I’m talking about the “golden” brew here. And no, it’s not the golden brew Gandhi was reputed to have drank if you get my drift, hehe.

I’m talking BEER. Good ole sudsy cold BEER – and I’m gonna try brewing it right here at home.

Home brewing is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never have – and now, thanks to what I do for a living (which is basically to write emails and courses) – I can do it – and do it on a Monday morning at that.

For that I have all my supporters to thank – and of course, all of those that have helped me in the past – and last, but NOT least, my role models – whom I’ll reference and mention in future emails.

What bears mentioning NOW though is this – it’s the first time I’ve brewed beer at home, so I’ll certainly keep you posted on how it goes. Watch our Twitter and Instagram accounts for more on this – or follow this blog as it were for “blow by blow” updates!

Last, but not least, if you’d like to do what I do for a living – which is basically to write emails and make money – well, I can teach you how to do so. In fact, one of my current coaching clients has put in just this request, and I’m mentoring him “one on one” as it were – so he can start brewing beer on Monday mornings as well as opposed to “rush to the rat race”, hehe.

One of the products on my “to do list” is about writing copy that SELLS – and makes MOOLAH. I have not gotten around to completing it as I’ve been so busy with my fitness stuff, but if there is demand – let me know – and I’ll put it on the priority list (it’s mostly done anyway – I just need to put the sales page etc up for it – but again, that is IF there is enough demand).

Ok, my friend, that’s IT for now. I’m off for some green tea before my brewing.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Contrary to what most people might think, I don’t just offer online fitness coaching. In fact, I prefer to offer an “overall package” which includes lifestyle – as well as email copywriting too, which is a skill that can literally make you BIG bucks. So if you’re interested in learning – shoot me an email – and we’ll go from there!

P.S #2 – I’m gonna be doing pull-ups and sprints today in the evening as my primary workout. Join me if you can!

P.P.S – Monday morning quote – -“Never be defined by your past. It was just a lesson – NOT a life sentence!”.

“I’ll keep trying until I succeed!”

Dear Reader,

Ok, so we’re officially past the “survey date” now. To all those that responded – thank  you! We’ll do our best to incorporate suggestions and feedback as far as possible – and if you’ve still got more, shoot ’em in via email anyway and I’ll see what I can do.

So last night, my daughter returned from a trip to the mall, and wanted a “rocket” she had made for class.

It was one of those little paper thingies. You know, the kind that teachers ask young kids to make in class in terms of “activities”.

I still remember a “satellite” I had to make in 4th grade. I believe my Dad made that for me, but unfortunately it got well and truly crushed in a fist fight that somehow occured over it. Oh well, hehe.

None of that with my daughter, of course.

She’s turning into a bonafide fitness MONSTER – as well as getting STRONG, STRONG, STRONG daily!

One of her favorite activities as you know is the “Gorilla Grip” activity.

This involves her taking my paw in both of hers, and squeezing for dear life – and yelling “Gorillaaaaaaa Grippppppp!” as she does so – much like she were a Marine “Oo rahhhhh”ing, hehe.

I love it – and to make it even intense, she’ll put her little four year old foot on top of my palm and try to crush it that way as well.

All in good spirit, and she’s probably the strongest in her class right about now. Good on her. I’m currently teaching her how to punch, and the first thing she does these days when she’s upset is give me a couple to the midsection.

Initially I didn’t need to “flex” for her to do it – but boy is she developing some serious strength now! Hehe … all good again. That’s how kids should be raised – – physical activity galore as opposed to a steady diet of dumphones, French fries and chocolate “smoothies”.

There are some results right there for you, hehe, and for more? Just ask the classmates she gets into fights with!

Anyway, where was I?

Ah, so she took this rocket she had made, and was attempting to “zoom it up” to a shelf high up yonder in the living room.

Fairly easy task, one that could be accomplished with a flick of the wrist, but she didnt know how to do it.

The first few attempts ended in failure, but the first thing she did was THIS – she’d jump down from the stool she was standing upon – and say this.

“Papa, don’t worry! I’m going to try until I succeed!”

With extra emphasis on the succeed, believe it or not.

After a few more tries, I showed her how to flick her wrist and do it, and she tried.

Took her a couple of times before she got it, and she erupted in celebration.


Pure elation, UNMIXED with any other emotion – pure elation at having DONE it – and having accomplished a goal!

Of course, shooting a hoop once doesn’t mean you’ll shoot successfully every time thereafter.

Was the same with her, and so the “I’ll try until I succeed” cry rang out over the house – over, and over and over again.

To say that THAT was the highlight of my night last night would be an understatement.

And to dismiss all this as kiddie stuff would be an even bigger mistake. Although I’m sure there are those that will read this and do exactly that, believe me now and trust me later, there are lessons WE as adults can LEARN from what I’ve just said.

A lot of folks when getting started on the 0 Excuses Fitness System are way too obese (or out of shape) to do more than 5 pushups at a stretch.

Yes, you heard me.

5 pushups can be a chore for some, and to get ’em in perfect form? Perhaps one is all they could handle.

It’s the same for the squats. The reverse pushups(a must for those of you that want the “carved abs” look).

The bridges (an excellent exercise btw, and I cannot say enough good things about it). And so forth.

These people would be best served by adopting my daughter’s attitude instead of “sinking back into the couch” with an air of “futility” and claiming “I can’t never do that. Dats too tough!”

Try, my friend – try. You’ll succeed soon enough if you try hard – – and you’ll see RESULTS even quicker.

The best part of all this though is not the trial and error – it’s what my daughter does upon accomplishing a goal.

It’s something I do as well upon accomplishing goals.

It’s something Dan Kennedy, famous marketer and world renowned speaker did upon achieving a goal – and advises all his proteges to do the same.

It’s something ALL successful people do globally in one way or the other.

And it’s something I would highly advise you to do as well, if you so choose!

Ok, my friend – that’s it for now! Have a great, great weekend – and don’t forget to pick up your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System right NOW, so you can start whacking dem lard lumps straightaway!

The 0 Excuses Fitness System is available right here — http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

I’ll wait to hear your roars of accomplishment, hehe.



P.S. – While you’ll certainly roast the blubber with the 0 Excuses Fitness System, another product I highly recommend along with this is Advanced Hill Training ( available right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/). Combine the two, and fat will literally FLY off your body faster than you can make it “stick”. Don’t believe me? Well – I have this to say – TRY it – and then get back to me!

P.S. #2 – Quote of the morning “Everything in your life INCLUDING your fitness is a direct reflection of the choices you’ve made. If you want different results – make different CHOICES!”

Going the extra mile

Dear Reader,

So we got a few more responses to our survey right here – – a survey I’m considering “ending” in another couple of days.

If you wish to respond but haven’t already – – well do so right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/2018/07/13/the-ball-is-in-your-court-now/

Your “voice” will be heard – that I do promise!

Now those of you that read the last missive will remember that I left off with my customer Gautham congratulating me on a great site and wanting to buy my “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” course.

In his own words, he “had a burning desire to improve at pull-ups”.

Let’s look at future exchanges I had with him in terms of his eventual purchase – –

Hi Rahul,

This is your avid fan from India!

I am sorry that I was unable to buy your Fast And Furious Fitness book because I was a little short on money at that time. But the good news is I have now accumulated enough money to grab more than one of your priceless gems.

But a small change in plan. Instead of Fast And Furious Fitness I would love to buy “Get better at pull ups- from DUD to STUD within a couple of weeks” and Gorilla Grip as I have a burning desire(obsession) to become a pull up pro.

But I have a couple of questions for you. So please answer them honestly.

1) You mention in your website that your “Get better at pull ups…” eBook can enable even a rank beginner to become a stud in pull ups within a space of few weeks. Is this claim genuine?

2) Do you suggest to do more rowing in bars or negatives to get better at pull ups in your eBook? Because I can do ten horizontal rows and six clean negatives but still can’t even budge on the bar with my entire body weight?

3) I know that pull ups mainly target the upper back, core, biceps and forearms. But you claim that doing pull ups in your way can develop the chest as well and help me develop more pushing power? How so?

4) I enjoy reading your articles, they are marvelous. So I am aware that one of your tricks to get better at pull ups is to get better at push ups like doing 100 in a row. But it can take a long time for me or anyone for that matter to be able to do 100 push ups in a row.I am over weight weighing 87 kgs. But I can knock 10 push ups easily. But 100 push ups seems like an herculean task for me. So any ideas on that in your eBook?

5) Does the “Get better at pull ups…” eBook covers everything in the “gorilla grip” eBook or does the “gorilla grip” contain more information to develop a pair of fearsome of forearms with vise like grip to boot?

6) Do you discuss shoulder packing in detail? i.e the drawing shoulders inwards when doing pull ups to protect the shoulder joint and better engage the upper back?

Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions my friend. But you seemed like the guy who would go that extra mile to ensure that your clients (or prospective clients) doubts are cleared thus enabling them to make confident decisions.

Please reply as soon as possible as I am eager to get started with your program!

Now you  might think that’s a ton of stuff to respond to, and you’d be right if you thought that – – but I can tell when someone really, really wants to improve and …

… I can RELATE. I was once the same myself, and therefore I can relate, and am perfectly willing to help such a person to the best of my abilities.

My response – –

Yes, you can certainly make progress provided you HONESTLY follow what is outlined in the manual – – it goes without saying that there are no shortcuts to success (any type of success in any field). You have to put in the hard yards – – there are no two ways around it, but believe you me, the end result will be spectacular. I have used the techniques outlined in all my manuals firsthand – – I’d rather test things out first on my own body before recommending them to other people.

I believe that’s question #1 out of the way. In terms of the other questions: –

2) Do you suggest to do more rowing in bars or negatives to get better at pull ups in your eBook? Because I can do ten horizontal rows and six clean negatives but still can’t even budge on the bar with my entire body weight?

I hardly ever suggest any exercises with weights, as I don’t personally believe in them. I believe that you can achieve far better results using your own body weight … but then again, as you already know, I train for functional strength as opposed to the “beach boy” look. In any case, the “supplementary” notes at the end of the book should address what you are trying to ask here.

3) I know that pull ups mainly target the upper back, core, biceps and forearms. But you claim that doing pull ups in your way can develop the chest as well and help me develop more pushing power? How so ?

Do them in proper (STRICT) form – – and you’ll know! I could write tomes on “why” but that’s really the best and most honest answer I can give you on this one.

4) I enjoy reading your articles, they are marvelous. So I am aware that one of your tricks to get better at pull ups is to get better at push ups like doing 100 in a row. But it can take a long time for me or anyone for that matter to be able to do 100 push ups in a row.I am over weight weighing 87 kgs. But I can knock 10 push ups easily. But 100 push ups seems like an herculean task for me. So any ideas on that in your eBook?

Not really, as it’s a book targeted towards improving pull – ups. I do go into a tad bit of detail on pushups, but again – – it’s oriented towards pull-ups. Fast and Furious Fitness covers pushups in greater details though.

5) Does the “Get better at pull ups…” eBook covers everything in the “gorilla grip” eBook or does the “gorilla grip” contain more information to develop a pair of fearsome of forearms with vise like grip to boot?

Depends upon what you consider to be “more information”. But I certainly wouldn’t go to the trouble of creating a separate manual for grip alone if it wasn’t worth it!

6) Do you discuss shoulder packing in detail? i.e the drawing shoulders inwards when doing pull ups to protect the shoulder joint and better engage the upper back?

I don’t specifically discuss this, but proper form is detailed in the manual (as well as what NOT to do) – – and that’s really all you (and I, for that matter) need!

So as you can see – – I’m perfectly willing to go the extra mile for those of you that really desire to IMPROVE!

Now, what I ALSO want to say is this – bear in mind the OLD book which Gautham got was NOT the “new and updated” version I’m selling now, and yet, the feedback I’ve gotten says it all.

The new book is packed with more info – personal experiences (which you do need to read, as you’re likely going through a lot of the same stuff) – and perhaps most importantly, as with the Shoulders like Boulders course, it has a “supplementary exercises” section that you DO need to get better at.

So that’s today’s update, my friend. Not only did I answer some questions that you might have had about the initial book on pull-ups – – but I’ve also given you a prime example on customer service.

OK – all for now. I’ll be back later  with MORE updates!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re truly serious about improving your health and fitness levels – and taking them to staggering levels – then investing in our products would be a good decision. I recently revamped the page – take a look, and let me know how you like it!

P.S #2 – Remember though that there is NO substitute from learning from “one thats been there and done it”. And that person in this case is me, my friend. Apply to learn from me right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/coaching

P.P.S – – Quote of the “night” – – “Every champion was once a BEGINNER!”. Sage indeed, my friend. Sage.

He said I’m charging too much

Dear Reader,

We received a myriad of responses to the short “questionnaire” I sent out yesterday – some interesting – some very helpful indeed – and some downright silly.

There was this one gentleman who claimed “I was charging too much for my products and that though he was paying more at the gyms, the gym was somehow “worth it””.

I asked him why he was still on this list in that case.

“I still haven’t been able to do a proper pull-up TWO years after I started doing lat pulldowns” was the response.

Well, funnily enough this gentleman is a similar predicament to many others out there, but here is where their paths diverge.

Those that really want to improve at pull-ups(or anything, for that matter) take action – no matter what the “cost” might be.

They realize that the path to their goals is by DOING – and not “whining” or complaining about extraneous factors out of their control.

Take the case of Gautam, for instance — a customer from India whose testimonial can be viewed HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/testimonials/ as well as on our Facebook page HERE – – https://www.facebook.com/0excusesfitness/.

Here is what his initial email read (with the subject line “I want to buy your book!!!!!”) – –

Hello Mr. Rahul Mookerjee,

First of all hearty congratulations for creating a magnificent fitness site and superb fitness courses.  All of your products look extremely intriguing.

But the product I am most interested in is the “Get Better At Pull Ups” Book. Because I can’t even do a single pull up. But I can’t order the book through your site. The 2 Checkout payment processor is showing an error: PE102 for all the products. Please rectify this as soon as possible so that I can buy the book.

One more request. Can you please offer a small discount to the above mentioned book.  As an Indian buying this book in dollars is slightly expensive. So I Hope You understand my plight.

One more question, Do you share the same content in “Get Better At Pull Ups” Book in the “Fast And Furious Fitness” Book. If yes, then I will buy the “Fast And Furious Fitness” Book instead because it has more information for thighs and calves etc.

Now as you can see, this was back in the day when I was still doing the “Fast and Furious” books – – a product that is NO longer active, but a product that I still have hard copies of lying around in the house.

My first published book as it were – – and those memories linger on forever!

Here is what I told him –

Thanks for the heads up on 2checkout as well as your kind words! Yes, we are currently encountering some issues with the 2checkout payment system, however, these should be resolved by tomorrow or thereabouts. For the moment, please make the payment via Paypal to our Paypal account, and I will have the order approved manually.

With regard to your questions, at this point in time we are unfortunately not offering any discounts on e-products, however, bearing in mind the problem you have faced, I am willing to offer you a 10% discount on the total amount if you order another e-product. In your case, “Shoulders like Boulders”  strikes me as the next best e-product to order, however, depending upon your current level of fitness, the actual Fast and Furious Fitness book might be a better deal. Yes, I do offer a lot of the same insights on pull-ups in that book, however, the other manual is dedicated solely to pull-ups, so some of the things covered in there may only be mentioned “in passing” in the actual book. If you do decide to go down this route, please let me know, and I will let you know the final amount due.

Thanks again for your email, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Best of luck getting better at the pull-ups!

This email thread is long, by the way – and his next response contained a ton of questions about the actual product which I’ll share in another post. But the point of me telling you this?

Well, first off, that I’m willing to work with someone that genuinely wants to learn. While that doesn’t mean I’ll be offering freebies galore (like the gentleman above implied), I’m perfectly willing to work with you on other factors – – especially if you’re considering our coaching services etc.

Point being, you have to be willing to LEARN as Gautham was – and once he made the investment – he accomplished his goal of getting better at pull-ups – as the testimonial shows.

And while Gautham is one of the “doers” in life – – he is by no means alone. In future emails I’ll share another testimonial from a prior customer “Michael Harding”, someone whose been on the list for a long, long time – and someone who knows that “whining” isn’t the way to accomplish any sort of goal.

So that’s today’s update. If you feel that “I’m charging too much”, well, that’s your opinion, my friend – and you’re entitled to it – but know that I’m interested in working with DOERS – not complainers, whiners and moaners.

Last, but not least, here is ANOTHER point – – while we received quite a few responses (mostly on the “other” section), for whatever reason, we didn’t receive very many responses to the “What is your biggest fitness challenge” right now question.

So let me ask once you once again.

Write back – email back – or give me a shout out on social media as to what YOUR biggest fitness challenges are RIGHT now at this point.

For me, it was trying to fit into “XXL” size jeans (bought from “Plus” stores) back in the day when I was carrying around the minor matter of 120 kgs in weight.

It was “avoiding the stares” and calling myself a “big guy” (and ok, I still had a big chest and shoulders) – when in reality I was a fat slob.

And if this situation sounds familiar, well, so be it – there’s dozens of people around the globe in similar situations. And there’s dozens that have recognized this as a problem – and have taken action to FIX it – and are currently reaping the rewards like yours truly is.

So that’s it for today! Write back and tell me about your fitness challenges right now – – and I’ll do what I can to help out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And again, while I do offer this email list for free, the products aren’t for free, and neither are my personal coaching services. I’m interested in DOERS – not “lookie lous” and other time wasters. I’m looking for those that wish to improve – and have a burning DESIRE to improve – so if that’s you – drop  me a line – and lets get the ball rolling!

P.S #2 – Quote of the day – – “Tigers don’t lose SLEEP over the opinion of SHEEP!”

The ball is in YOUR court now!

Dear Reader,

I’ve been discussing a lot of reader feedback over the past few days – and indeed, off and on over the past few months.

From questions on handstand pushups (and I got so MANY of them that I ended up creating a FAQ on this excellent exercise) to comments on sprints and (from more than a few people) questions about dieting and six packs – I believe we’ve covered a wide, wide gamut of topics.

So today I thought I’d do something different from the usual – – and ask YOU – – the readers of this email list – – a few questions!


Well – – because I’m doing this to benefit YOUR health and fitness – – and I’d rather spend time creating what you believe benefits you the most!

We’re at the midpoint of the year now (sort of) and I’ve got all sorts of ideas for new products as of now. I’m mulling over a heavy bag oriented product (tailored towards those with NO prior boxing experience), for one.

On the bodyweight front, I’ve been thinking of creating a super advanced core training course – – as a couple of people have asked me to do already. But, I’ll only do so if there is enough demand – – so if that is something YOU might be interested in, let me know!

And so forth. But again – – I’d like to hear back from you – – our loyal readers – – and let me know what it is YOU want – – and we can go from there.

Fill THIS form out right here – –

Email replies are fine as well if you so choose.

I look forward to hearing back from you – – and have a great, great weekend!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Quote of the day – – “Customers do not – and SHOULD NOT – exist in a vacuum!”


Yoga causing heel spurs?

Dear Reader,

I wrote yesterday about Percie, a man who I’ve known since ages (since I went to University, for that matter) – and a person who recently commented upon a meme I wrote an email about.

To add on to this, it’s worth mentioning that Percie has been in the food and beverage industry for almost his entire life – so if there’s a recipe you need tweaking – or certain ingredients you need sourced – or anything to ask about food, for that matter, hit me up and I’ll send you his way – he “da” man in that regard, hehe.

Anyway, we’ve been carrying on the convo I wrote about yesterday.

Yesterday’s convo was about his daughter Emily – but carrying on from that, he told me that he had developed a nasty case of “heel spurs” in his heel from doing yoga.

Quoting from what he said …

I’m ok was doing yoga but developed heel spurs and having severe pain in the tendon behind my heel.Downward Dog did me in ??…Foot Dr has me in a boot to keep pressure off the heel

And my response?

Heel spurs are never nice! Hope that resolves itself soon – that sometimes happens if you’re overweight and do yoga (a lot of the positions are basically static holds and if you’re overweight, well … )..

Yes, the downward dog position can cause issues for some folks – – lack of hamstring flexibility is often the case as well with some people. Try the position on your toes – – it becomes easier that way … Otherwise, the downward dog position is a great position — my “Hindu” pushup that I promote is a mix of downward / upward “dog” – – and is one of the best exercises to stretch, strengthen and BUILD the spine, shoulders and entire body (yes, legs as well if done right!). Yes, natural cures do the trick the best. I’m NOT a believer in modern medicine for the most part – at least for these sort of aches and pain. The Chinese have traditional “massage” oils they use   – – and the Indians have what they call “tiger balm” – – but they both work pretty well!

Ok – so why am I telling you this?

Well, first off, because yoga is one of the activities that is “touted” by the “experts” as a one stop solution for weight loss, better health, more flexibility and all that – and while there is nothing essentially wrong with yoga, the fact remains that a) a lot of those teaching it out there don’t teach it the right way, and b) NOT everyone is ready for all yoga positions.

Exercise isn’t a “one size fits all” deal – – and neither is yoga (especially not).

And as for those teaching it? Well, it might sound astounding, but a lot of folks teaching the downward dog are teaching it incorrectly – – as well as NOT telling you a lot of hidden tips and tricks that will make this position easier to hold / more beneficial.

The Hindu pushups as y’all know is one of the KEY exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. It’s a great, great exercise – one of the best, in fact – to build strength, flexibility and MUSCLE in the shoulder and upper body area – not to mention the legs as well – but there’s another benefit to this that is often overlooked.

It builds the TENDONS in the shoulder area – an area often neglected by the average Joe and gym rats alike.

Not good, my friend. Neglect the tendons in the shoulder – and you have a shoulder waiting to “rupture” as the muscles grow too large from those heavy weights you’re hoisting but the tendons don’t keep up.

I can’t mention the number of people I know that can’t do squats without knee wraps – or can’t deadlift without wrist aids – all of which are completely unnecessary and do nothing but hinder your progress, but yet, they need these aids as their ligaments and tendons are shot to high hell and beyond from lack of proper care.

This almost never happens with bodyweight practitioners, my friend.

Not just the Hindu pushup – the host of other exercises (and specifically, pushups) in the System do NOT focus just upon the muscles.

No – they focus upon the entire body – from the inside out.

When you partake of a 0 Excuses Fitness workout, you’re not only strengthening your muscles – – but your joints, ligaments and tendons all get a vigorous workout as well – not to mention your cardio system – which is something you do NOT get from yoga (the cardio) and you do NOT get from the gym (the tendon strength).

You can grab 0 Excuses Fitness right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem.

It is truly an “all in one” solution as opposed to what the “experts” tout, and if you needed any further proof beyond what I’ve said (and ranted, hehe) about the “experts” – – well, Percie’s email is a case in point.

Last, but not least, if you have extra-stiff hamstrings, work into the Hindu pushup by doing them on your toes.

You’ll find this makes the exercise easier  until you get the hang of it.

Other tips (including one VERY minor, but equally important “must know” tip) are mentioned in the videos in the System – and YES – you DO need to watch the videos before diving into the workouts.

Do so daily, and heel/bone spurs, back pain, wonky knees and a slew of other problems will soon recede into the background – and disappear ultimately.

All for now – back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Quote of the day – – “Be a VOICE- NOT an echo!”

Diet “Shyt”

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email about a meme — an email titled “2 foot layer thick fat or more”.

That email received more than a few interesting responses, and one of them is was via my LinkedIn account – and I’ll share a bit of that with you here.

Note that the person responding was someone I’ve known for a long, long time – ever since I went to University, for that matter.

Here is what the comment said “Hello from Emily and Percie You can be proud of Emily she has lost over 80Lbs by cutting out carbs. Lyrica caused the weight gain. Do you know about ketogenic diet? Send me a message about how to contact you”.

You can view my response right here – – https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6412919412369743872  – but for now, let me “reiterate” what I said.

First off, I’m not a fan of any diets in particular. I don’t believe they’re necessary – and I certainly do NOT believe calorie counting, or “watching what you eat” is as important as the “schmexperts” make it out to be.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to gorge on beer and pizza all day long (or every night, for that matter, for some of y’all out there) and lose weight at the same time. It ain’t-a-gonna happen.

However, “watching what you eat”, and going on all sorts of fancy diets is hardly the best solution either.

My first boss way, way back in the day went on a ketogenic diet, and from what I heard, it left him feeling weak and “somewhat depleted” after a month or so of following said diet.

Fructarian you ask? Surely “just eating fruits” can’t be that bad? After all, isn’t that supposed to “purify” your body?

Isn’t that what the yogis, sanyasis (read “holy Babas with long, matted hair standing on one leg in the frigid Himalayas” – well, not always, but you get my drift!) do?

Well – I have THIS to say – I know a couple of people that went on said diet, and they looked like hell frozen – and KEELED – over after just a week or so of following said diet.

Ditto for “starvation” diets, and other such fads that are “trending” these days.

They’re the lazy man’s solution to weight loss and fitness and believe you me, they do NOT deliver the results they promise over the long term.

I got in the best shape of my life by NOT following ANY sort of diet. If anything, I did the exact opposite of what most folks advocate – including the pot bellied experts and “those in the know” with man boobs hanging down to their “man bits” – – and yet, I’m in the best shape of my life regardless.

And it ain’t just external. I recently had bloodwork done, and the doc was amazed.

“Your bloodwork was off just a few years or so ago! What have you been doing?”

So I told him.

“I’ve been hitting it hard and heavy”.

“Oh. Gym, you mean? I’m sure you lift weights?”

(This is a comment I get often – more here – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/ )

“No I don’t”.

And I went on to tell him what I do – I basically gave him an outline of my 0 Excuses Fitness System and the workouts therein, and he stared at me with a mixture of bewilderment and amazement.

And he finally shook his head.

“No, No, no. You need to do cardio for at least an hour a day, and …” his voice trailed off.

“Uh … ”

“Yes, Doc?” I smiled in response, giving him my best “Cheshire” cat grin.

“Uh, look man, just do what you’ve been doing. It sure works!”

So THAT, my friends is the real secret.

It’s NOT fad diets – ketogenic or otherwise, which are far more harmful than the experts claim. I’ll post more on this later, but for now, suffice it to say that “dieting” and “calorie counting” is quite literally the LAST thing you should be thinking of if you’re currently at beached whale status – or even “super fit”, hehe.

Instead, do what works. And keep doing it.

Make a start, and get on the gravy train right HERE, my friend. You’ll never regret a minute!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place – and I don’t care how tough you are ; it’ll beat ya to your knees and KEEP you there  PERMANENTLY if you LET it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life – and it ain’t about how hard you can hit – it’s about how many hits you can TAKE – and keep moving forward. That’s how WINNING is done!” – – Rocky Balboa, 2006.