Meat grinder forearms

Man, I can barely type! I just got done with my workout, and while I’m buzzing the usual level, my forearms seem to have been put through a pounding from hell – more than they normally get put through!

Ever noticed that “swollen to the bone” feeling after a great grip workout?

Those of you that know the importance of training the grip and actually do so will know what I’m referring to. Of course, your in the minority. Most folks dont even THINK about the grip, and thats a big, big mistake, my friends.

But anyway, my forearms have that exact same feeling going, and get this – without doing a single pull up or a rep of what could be considered to be a “pulling” movement.

Ok, I hear those of y’all that have a copy of 0 Excuses Fitness. I know how you accomplished that!

Well, I don’t blame you for feeling that way – but NO, what I did today is NOT mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness. In fact most advanced trainees wouldn’t even be able to complete ONE rep of said exercise, and that, my dear readers, is NOT an exaggeration by ANY stretch of the imagination.

It’s one for “0 Excuses Fitness – the advanced version” (I believe I spoke about this in an earlier post a few days ago).

Fingertip pushups? Yes – but NOT the sort you’d think they are.

I’ll give you one, and only one HINT – and that is “finger positioning”.

And no, it’s NOT spreading the fingers wide apart, or taking fingers away!

Anyway, while I let you ponder that one, here’s another great – and FREE workout – that’s NOT mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Well, it is, actually … But, it’s one of those “golden tips” that is so often overlooked in favor of the “main things”.

And what IS IT?

Well, it’s carrying 20 liter “barrels” of water up and down flights of stairs for multiple times a day. These are the sort of barrels that have a “snout”, so you can actually “grip” them rather than “bear hug” them, which is what most folks do.

And thats what yours truly did for a good portion of the day yesterday.

Arms straight, NO BENDING at the elbow. It’s a version of the farmer’s walk, except a bit tougher made by the fact that that “snout” gets HARDER AND HARDER to grip as time goes by.

Do it, and you’ll see what I mean!

And if you do – well – be on the lookout for some MAJOR league soreness, my friend! Not just in the forearms by the way – you’ll feel your TRAPS SCREAMING at you the next day.

Last, but not least, bear hugging is NOT the best way to do this exercise, despite a) the fact that it may seem like and b) despite the fact that it will “stress the biceps more”. Fact.

And thats it for now. More later!


P.S.  – Do NOT just ignore the “golden nuggets” section in 0 Excuses Fitness! The section has been named what it is for a GOOD REASON!

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On the CLOCK

On the clock – yet again! Too much to get done, and seemingly little or  no time in which to do so.

So, I didn’t even have the 30 or so minutes I normally take for my workout. Had a sum total of 15 minutes, and believe it or not, I got a pretty severe pounding in those 15 minutes. Not near what I normally do, but man oh man, that buzz is going full BLAST!

As for what I did, all I did was pushups, and just 2 variations, 50 reps of each.

Took me about 9 minutes total, 1 minute of which was spent doing 50 squats.

And I’m hammered, but NOT exhausted. Not by a long damn shot.

And the main thing is I feel GREAT!!

Ok, so it’s been about 2 minutes since I started to type this. I’d say more, but I’m rushed for time. Got about 5 minutes to shower before I head out, hehe.

More later!


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Join me in my living room

… my friend, as I take you through the WORKOUT from HELL!

My forearms are so sore while I’m typing this that I’m accidentally missing letters etc while typing. All WITHOUT DOING A SINGLE PULL-UP or  what are commonly referred to as “grip workouts”.

The key thing I’m selling, and the key fact to note about my book is that as the name states, there are literally NO EXCUSES!

You literally need nothing but your own living room, or just a few square feet of space to get the WORKOUT of your LIFE.

In my videos you’ll see there is no equipment in my living room whatsoever, except for a yoga mat that cost me less than $5 USD, and you don’t even need that to begin with. A pillow (as shown in my videos, again) is ALL you need.

NO pull -up bars.

NO “Ron Simmons”, and certainly NO SPANDEX, hehe. If anything I’m wearing an old workout vest and shorts, and guess what, I would not trade those for the WORLD.

No  mirrors to preen and pose and “admire my spread” (no puns intended, haha).

And yet, I’m BUZZED within 40 minutes FLAT, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

Join me in my living room my friend, and I’ll give you the same effect within 20 minutes flat.

Very best,


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P.P.S #2: – Though the video depicts a workout from hell, what I do often times is even tougher, and YES, I finish within 30 minutes or less. For more on that, stay tuned for “0 Excuses Fitness – the ADVANCED version”.

8 minutes as of typing this. I’m out!

Are those even pushups??

Dear reader,

That is something I often get asked when people look at me working out.

“Gawd, what the heck is he up to? Those sure don’t look like pushups to me!”

And no, I’m not referring to “Hindu” pushups here, which in and as of themselves can be a great, great workout.  Folks actually associate with the “pushing up” part of that workout, so it’s not so much of a struggle to convince them on that.

But the kicker is some of the pushups I normally do in my workout, where the “focus” is NOT on the chest and shoulders. And being that’s what most people associate pushups with, that is where the “buck seems to stop”.

Amazingly enough, or actually NOT so, I’ve got more results in that part of my body by focusing on the exact opposite parts. Make of that what you will – but it’s true – and it holds true for YOU as well ,my friend.

Anyhow, I just got done with a SUPER tough variation of my “very best exercise”, which is by far the BEST exercise you can do, period. PERIOD!

I’m so “blissed out” right now that the world could fall apart at this very moment and I wouldn’t really care 2 hoots. I’m so “zoned” out, and feeling so great that words don’t even begin to do justice to the actual feeling. Oh, man!

Most importantly though, I feel a sense of being “worked to the bone”, yet in a GOOD way. I’m buzzed, energized, and ready to tackle a grizzly (not that there are any here in China, hehe).

MOST amazingly, all this without doing ONE SINGLE rep of what most folks consider to be the “real” pushup.

Last, but not least, I also used a “secret” technique to recover way faster from this exercise. Something so simple that it should be elementary.

Something so simple that babies and toddlers do it without even thinking (and no I am NOT referring to crawling here). It’s something that they do while SLEEPING. Something they do without even THINKING about it.

And so it goes, my friend. I’ve just given away two or three of my most valuable tips in this email. See if you can find ’em!


Rahul Mookerjee

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500 pushups for the day

MAN, oh MAN!

Just got done with the workout video (the last one in the series of videos, the rest being instructional content). The BEST part about this is that we got done in less than 40 minutes, and that includes about 5 minutes of talking, and a few minutes of talking while doing the exercises (talking to you).

In short, we got done with 250 pushups, a few stretches and 50 squats in less than half an hour.

And this was the SECOND workout of the day, the first being pretty much the same, except I did a 100 squats.

Oh, and I forgot the minute or so of bridging (both front and back) at the end in the second workout.


I’ve written more about 500 pushups on here as well: – Well worth a read if you haven’t read it already.

And that’s it for now. Back to uploading vidoes etc, and getting the ONE remaining video on to the computer, which seems to be more of a hassle than it should be. Ah well.

All in stride!

Very best,

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. : – The video package will be up on the site soon. STAY TUNED!


Coming soon! These videos will show you how to actually PERFORM the exercises that I detail in the manual.

Text and pictures are important, and you DO need to read the instructions –  but a video allows me the opportunity to actually “do” what I’m talking about and actually show you HOW to do said exercises.

Did I just repeat myself? Probably, but the reason I did that is because it’s important to know that although I literally “poured  my heart out” in the written version of the book, there are ALWAYS more things coming to my mind, things that aren’t always possible to include in a written course.

Those “little things”. Those “quirks”. Etc etc. How to loosen up your lower back correctly  before executing the wrestler’s bridge, and much, much more.

And therefore, I’ll be putting up these videos on my site soon. These will be available either WITH the book (as a “package”), or you can buy them as “standalone” videos (although I’d recommend the former option).

Should be all up and running by next week. Catch as catch can obviously on that one!

Very best!

Rahul Mookerjee

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Buttons popping off that “lower shirt area”?

Dear Reader,

One of the tests, or should I say “my tests” to determine if your seriously overweight does NOT involve the scale, although the scales are obviously a reliable indicator as well.

It does NOT involve “skinfold” measurements, or “BMI” indexes, neither of which I have ever paid much heed to, for various reasons.  At my current bodyweight of around 60 kgs and a body fat percentage of probably around 3% (well, not that low, but you get the drift) I’d probably be classified as “seriously malnourished”, or some such junk.

And yet the truth is, my friends, I’ve never felt BETTER – and stronger – than I do now.

A lot of folks may look at the cover picture of my book “Succeed against all odds”, and say that “looks good”. I was around 75 kgs at the time, which what the “medical men” consider to be an “ideal” weight, and yet I could NOT do many of these things I do now, including the VERY BEST EXERCISE I constantly “tout” in my exercise book.

And therefore, I never quite got that buzz going, despite doing literally hundreds of pushups etc daily.

YES, I was in great shape, but not as good as NOW!

Anyhow, getting back to the overweight part.

Fact also is that at one point in my life I’d be “looking down at my belly after lunch” to see “if them buttons were fixing to pop off”.

I’d be feeling bloated all day long, and I’d have zero energy to do anything. I’d be cranky, and get next to nothing accomplished. Most of all, I was accumulating way too much “junk in the trunk” if you get my drift.

Not good. And so, whats my patented test to see if your seriously overweight, or even a little overweight?

Simple – get in the “table” position of the “table pushup” that I teach in my book, and HOLD for time. Thats all. Don’t DO the pushup. Just HOLD.

Those of you that are seriously overweight will NOT be able to do this for more than a few seconds before you find your shoulders beginning to shake, and your lower abs (and lower back) beginning to cramp due to the sheer (unnecessary) burden placed on it by all that excess “tubbage”.

And a lot of you that have weak lower backs will feel it in that area, although not in the shoulders most likely due to less weight.

A great, great exercise, my friends. One that has been around for ages, and one that is OFTEN IGNORED.

It’s by far not the key to fitness by itself, and yet, it’s an essential “side” item, so to speak.

And if your interested in more “nuggets” of info as mentioned above, then get my book. It’s got ALL the information you need to ensure that “dem buttons don’t be popping off anytime soon”, hehe.

All for now!

Very best,

Rahul Mookerjee


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My Two Math Teachers

My Two Math teachers

Dear Reader,

Now, right off the bat you might be wondering what Math has got to do with fitness, correct?

And I wouldn’t blame you. Though Math was one of my favorite subjects and one in which I excelled, I don’t use much Math in my daily life other than adding up reps while working out, and counting moneeeee, hehe.

Actually, speaking of which I don’t use much of what I learned in college or school anyway in my real life. Personally I think most “commercialized” education systems feed you a crock about life in general, not just education.

Anyway, my Math teacher in 12th grade took me aside once and said “Your good at Math. Why don’t you work harder to improve?” (this after I scored a C on the examination. Could have probably got an A+, and he probably saw that).

Fast forward a few years later and my Math prof (CAL 102) takes me aside into his office and asks me why I dont attend a single class of his.

And more to the point, how I consistently aced all the examinations he gave out without attending a single class.

Well, one reason was that I knew a lot of the stuff already, although I had forgotten it to be honest. But, his class was more like a primer for me, and boring as heck. While the rest of the students were flummoxed about how to equations etc, or whatever they have in Calculus (I forgot again), I was banging through the problems and getting straight A’s.

“You need something more challenging”, were his words as he walked straight through the door, waving an “A” exam paper at me.

Fast forward a couple of months, and it was midterms. I failed the midterm he gave me.

Prof called me in again, and – get this – handed the test paper back to me without grading it.

“You can do better”, was all he said.

He then looked at his watch, and said “there are a few hours until this needs to be finally submitted” (was about 1/2 a day IIRC). “Go home, and work on this again”.

All this said mildly, and yet something struck a chord.

I went home – and redid the whole darn thing within the space of a few hours and ended up with a B on the midterm, and an A in the class.

And NO, my prof did NOT tell me to go on and get a degree in Math, although I myself chose to get a minor in Math. ALL he said was “you should try and get a Master’s degree”.

And thats it.

Thanks for the advice, Dr. K. You were more right than you knew, althought NOT because you advised me to get a Masters degree.

Now, and again, what the heck does this have to do with fitness?

But it does, my friend. And NOT just the “challenge” part.
It sure as hell does.

See if you can find the lesson in it.

Very best,

Deep breathing VS holding the breath

Man oh man, am I ZONKED! WHAT A RUSH!

12:42 P.M.

I just got done with 50 reps of my favorite
exercise, BAR NONE.

BAR NONE, and I’ll repeat that until pigs fly out my
ass or until I’m six feet under, whichever comes

I’m also way rushed for time. I’ve got about 10-15
minutes top to write this, and that includes finding
and installing a plug in to “auto post” to Facebook
when I post something on my new blog.

This “best” exercise isn’t purely a pushup btw. No,
its NOT a “wrestler’s pushup”, or “Hindu” pushup.
And NO, it is NOT a squat.

All of these are great, but they don’t hold a candle
to what I’m mentioning.

It is NOT climbing hills, by the way, although I
highly recommned hill training for superior fitness.

It is NOT, I repeat, NOT yoga, though it involves
stretching. I’ve however been told by a certain
idiot that it “resembles” yoga, but isn’t real yoga.

Well, I never said it was, did I now????

And truth be told, most of the people who espouse
this sort of garbage couldn’t even get into the
initial position required to begin with, much less
pound out the reps.

Yes, I “be speaking in forked tongue”. Lesson to be
learnt? Never use a translator when trying to learn
a foreign language. More on that later though.

Ah yes, deep breathing. VS holding the breath.

Would you believe it if I told you that though deep
breathing is key to improving not just in workouts
but EVERY aspect of your life, one of the best
things you can do for yourself is actually – HOLD
your breath – when – GET this – your OUT OF breath?

Yes, you heard that right. Now I’m not telling you
to hold your breath while exercising, by the way.

NO. Thats NOT what I’m saying, and neither is this
“pure breath control”, although it kind of is in a

I did not even mention this in my latest fitness
manual as most people either won’t believe it,
period, or will not apply the advice given

But, done correctly this one little tip, combined
with the “best” exercise ever will leave you ZONKED
and “buzzed” for the rest of the day, and I am NOT
shitting you there.

I’ve literally been buzzed for MORE than a day from
doing a 100 reps of this exercise, and thats NOT an
exaggeration, my friends.

More on that later as well. 12:49 P.M.

I’m out. Time to deal with the plugin and jump in a
cold shower.



PS: 1:00 PM. Couldn’t quite figure out the auto post. Project for later!