My best fitness results didn’t come from…

..lifting weights. Going to the so called gym. Eating “three meals a day with breakfast being the largest and dinner the smallest”.

… Taking days off, or incorporating “rest days to let the muscles recover” or working back one day, and chest the next … Or, not “over training” (one of the most idiotic and meaningless terms I’ve heard. Coined by people too lazy to hit it hard daily).

…by “listening to my body and letting it control my MIND” .

It didn’t come from calorie counting, avoiding alcohol and tobacco (ha!) – or women (a bigger ha!) – or replacing beer with whisky (another myth propogated by fools in terms of weight loss – supposedly whiskey has fewer empty calories which is BS – alcohol is alcohol, period) …

… Didn’t come from slow treadmill pounding, keeping my heart rate in the “optimal zone” (which I doubt I’ve ever done).

…didn’t come from watching my diet, protein/carb/fat intake … I’ve never cared about that nonsense, and that’s what it is – bunk.

… It didn’t come from swinging clubs or lifting kettlebells, or heavy objects, though they are all good workouts.

It came from, as I said yesterday – the warrior mentality and doing the polar opposite of what the so called experts advise and most (idiots) do.

And my results are all the proof I’m on the right track.

It might not be the easiest. But it works the best, long term at that.

Physically swimming is a super workout. But, my results didn’t even come while swimming. Probably the fact I swam with poor form for years has something to do with this – swimming makes it easy to get away with poor or nil form if you’re a natural in the water which I am – but nothing trumps land based workouts.

Pushups done throughout the day in proper form – no slouching in the core, pull-ups – sets of squats, stretching throughout the day. Plenty of beer and nicotine, though that’s by no means essential. Hehe. Long hikes daily, 4-6 hours in weather the so called experts tell you to stay at home in and turn on the AC, or category three typhoons weather with trees literally collapsing around me. Long walks on flat ground, lots of stair climbing and sprints (no, step ups don’t substitute for the real thing – they’re a far easier alternative yes, perhaps the lazy man’s workout for those too lazy to do squats in high reps) …

I laugh when people say my routines are boring. They’re not. They just require discipline. Which most people are sadly lacking. And their results show. Or lack thereof I should say.

These are usually the buffoons who troll those at a higher mental and physical plane than they will ever be at, because they’re too damb lazy and hide behind plethoras of excuses “big not fat, different body type, pull-ups not necessary” and other utter and complete tosh, while looking for new excuses to justify their lack of fitness, finding excuses for what they cannot do or are too lazy to do.

Nothing, as I’ve said before, beats bodyweight exercises.

Nothing at all.

And if you want the sort of fitness results I have (I know you do – who wouldn’t??) – then getting started on the 0 Excuses Fitness System is a great first step.

To your success! (Assuming you’re a doer that actually takes action and does what they’re told, not just some nutjob looking for free info – in that case, well, you’ll get what you paid for ie zippo).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If “everyone” is doing it, you’re probably better off with the polar opposite. Fitness wise, you’ll be a fat, unfit, unhappy fool if you listen to the so called experts spout all the stuff that I never did (detailed above) – well, I did – but I was fat and out of shape when I tried all that junk.

Learn from someone who clearly has the results (that you want) on board. Don’t argue, hem, haw, Dilly, daddle, give me ifs and buts, whine about money, tell me how your body is some how “different” – it ain’t – etc. Stop making excuses. Just do what I tell you, my friend “obey” as Carol so rightly said.

Do so, and you simply cannot go wrong.

She was super impressed with my “cuts”.

Went for a massage yesterday, and was very clear (for once, hehe) that there was to be NO hanky panky.

All I wanted was a brutal massage.

Girl walks in, first thing she does – take my shirt off and comment on my “awesome cuts” around the waist, lats etc.

Are you a model?

Do you go to the gym? Are you a vegetarian? All the usual questions poured forth.

I told her I follow a brutal fitness regime like in the Army.

Are you an Armyman, she asked (much like Brooks Kubik did all those years ago).

I laughed.

I told her I drink tons of beer, smoke, pay zero or less attention to my diet.

She was shaking her head in awe. This girl does hard massage all day – yet is NOT in the shape she should be. By her own admission she “eats too much” so she has energy for those massages.

She then asked me what I eat. I told her.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

You eat that much??? Drink, smoke – where does it all go.

I pointed to my nether regions clad in an irritating diaper sort of thing they have everyone wear there, special service or not.

Maybe there, I quipped.

She giggled. I won’t elaborate on what happened later. Hehe.

Then it was questions of where Im from.

I speak English obviously . Some Chinese. Pretty good Hindi and Haryanvi. Bengali too. And a smattering of Punjabi.

So, where the fuck am I from?

Interestingly enought, from the same State she is, far away from this city Im in now. That’s when I knew I made the right choice by going for the massage.

Been a while since I spoke Bengali, I laughed. No, I don’t eat “mach er zhol ar bhat” (fish curry and rice). Which she couldn’t believe.

I’m a chameleon, I explained to this giggly 26 year old.

And that was that. Her eyes bulged when I told her In Bengali.

You dont look like one!!!

Which I don’t, but hey, I never grew up there.  I’m probably more of what they call a “Jat” when Im in India, the half Chinese when in China, Habib in the Middle East, and a good old boy back home in TX. (I probably prefer the first and last – they’re more similar to each other than you’d think).

Hey. What can I say. Being “el Chameleon” par Jason Bourne minus the spy skills is an innate talent I always had. . .

All throughout I was remembering idiotic comments made about my fitness my whole life.

Dad – “you exercise too much! Your belly is hanging over your pants (when he was himself hardly in the best of shape)”. “you’ll die by 30 if you keep drinking beer!”

Ricky, a friend of mine who claimed “you will get fat eventually!”( Fast forward to now, he’s fat, diabetic and jealous – and me … Well…).

My ex claiming Id never be able to stay fit without a hill nearby.

Point is two fold – or three.

One, where there is a will there’s always a way.

Two, discipline as opposed to motivation and how you “feel” is key.

The grind.

Three, simple bodyweight exercises are all you need, along with a warrior mentality (important) and lifestyle (it follows) to stay in the best shape of your life and get better daily.

Pushups, pull-ups, squats, stretching, hiking, running, uphill climbs.

Yes, all that’s needed as opposed to calories counting, carb intake restrictions and all the focus pocus the so called experts spout.


Maybe the “movie star” will visit that chick again. I’ve got a feeling I will. Hehe.

I did sort of try and explain sexual transmutation to her, why I didn’t want my “didi “(my little (not *wink*) brother) wanked, slobbed on, so called “body to body massage” (erotic) and so forth. But I don’t think she understood. Perhaps she didn’t want to. Given the way she was grabbing my ass all through the rub down, I have a feeling she’d happily do it all and more for free anyway. Hehe.

I did also learn some hilarious (to me, at least) and interesting terms to refer to ones nether parts. Girls from the mountains of Siliguri, a place I’ve always wanted to visit in India and likely will at some point. Maybe I need to “bone up”, no pun on my Bengali. Hehe.

For now, I’ll stick with her pummelling the ever living hell out of me with her hands and feet. Yes, I came home and had another pushup workout after that too!

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The 0 Excuses Fitness system will get you into the best shape of your life if you have the balls to just DO it.

It all started, as it always does – with a WOMAN.

Truly the only inspiration a real man needs. Greg Roberts made the statement about it all starting with a woman in his bestselling book Shantaram.

The presence of the right woman in a man’s life, as Carol said – can do wonders for a man. So did Napoleon Hill.

It is only at your lowest point where real inspiration comes, as David Goggins once said.

One of those points in my life was when I was flat broke. Had nothing, nothing at all. Yet, during my lowest points, all the inspiration I needed was exercise and women.

Even 0 Excuses Fitness would never have started without Ann Lees kick up the wazoo all those years ago.

It caused me to eventually shift into a better living arrangement. Start a physical biz and then start making money in that business.

For months before that, I was in a bad way. Probably a year. My mentality was fine – people still looked at me and said I was rich when I had nary a penny to my name.

Physically I was like a model – that didn’t change. But mentally I was in a dark, dark space.

I knew all the real motivational stuff. I taught it myself for years!

But it was during one of those points I spoke to a friend, things crystallized in my mind, plans formed. And as Napoleon Hill said, there is always plenty of money for the man with a PLAN.

And presto – it came. That’s what I keep telling folks on the list just for the free stuff and the price whiners. If you truly want something, you’ll find the money for it. There’s always plenty of money in this world!

Yet, it all started with the image of an Indian woman and her image  in front of me… forefront of my mind…

Without that inspiration, I’d probably never be moved to do what I did in that regard.

And that, my friend is that.



Rahul Mookerjee

A real life example of just how amazing cats are.

I just saw it in front of my eyes! A white cat landed up in the back yard just as I put out that last post. Probably on a hunt for a big rat which seems to be hiding someplace here…

It dropped down about 8-10 feet – through a metal grill. That was the easy part. As it paced around, unaware of me, I was wondering how it would get back out.

Then a thought struck me. If it got in, it knows how to get out!

Cat saw me right then. I love how I can sneak up to cats in general and they only notice their “fellow cat” at the last minute. Hehe.

Not a skill most people have …

Looked at me.

And then, ran away.

And jumped up literally seven feet into the air on its Hind legs – grabbed a bit of cement to get the last couple of inches up – get this, just a teeny bit of cement on the wall with one paw!!

And there it was – gone through the grills it came from.

Like Vincent’s cat that once jumped 18 floors down from a high rise and was walking around later, completely oblivious to all the chaos he (named Hunter) caused at home. Not a scratch. Truly good sense behind the saying “land like a cat”.

Or the full grown male Gorilla that once escaped an Orlando zoo by climbing up a sheer 14 foot wall – how? Hooking one finger into a tiny crack in the wall, and pulling out that way!!

Then you have the story of the tiger that jumped over a full grown male elephant in India – taking two of the “mahouts” (tamers) fingers wth it in ONE sheer leap. That was revenge for a prior hunt – tigers are the smartest of the big cats, with memories that last longer than even ours do.

What do all these cats do to maintain their amazing fitness, flexibility and strength?

Can any of you Bozos showing off on IG with your gym pics do half of what the cat does?

It’s what I keep telling idiots that come to me for fitness advice … The gym, which is what they all want – is not the answer.

Who would you pick in a real life fight?

Bro at the gym?

Or martial artist, wrestler etc?

Choice is clear as fucking daylight, and everyone fucking knows it too. But they gotta be lazy anyway.

Cats stretch and rest for most of the day. Yet, when it’s time to go? BAM!

Apes don’t ape around on the lat pull down machine and then show off their backs “my back is my best feature”, they all claim, while hiding ther copious paunches, bulging ass etc.

They do pull-ups. Monkey bars. And such.

I’m yet to see most of the Bozos preening with their “back spreads” pumping the latter pulldown do anything even remotely close to a proper pull-up or handstand Pushup.

Lesson learnt?

That you already know?

But are too lazy to implement?

If you’re the rare sort that’s actually interested in real world animal like strength and flexibility – go HERE.

And that is that.


Rahul Mookerjee



To all the lurkers, freebie seekers – either pay me or piss off. I don’t want or need your likes. I want your MONEY in exchange for value. If you can’t or refuse to understand that simple concept, GTFO my social media, email list etc. please. I’m sick of asking nicely.

And that’s that for now. No more free content for you guys – enough is enough. The site will soon move to a paid model overall.

You want it, then put your money where your fucking mouth is.

Please stop haunting us if you don’t want to.

Fair dinkum eh?

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Big biceps in general don’t mean shit.

Size in general doesn’t.

Looks sure don’t – though the X shape, the lean and mean corrugated look – these will come naturally if you put in the right grind – sort of like money eventually comes if you GRIND hard enough.

You guys probably remember me giving away my 10 kg Indian club a while back. Although most people – including the guy who took it (arms double my size, worked heavy machinery when he was younger – he’s a bit younger than me now, perhaps – 10 years?) – can’t even swing it, it got so easy for me at a point that I wanted a much heavier one and a different kind.

Always challenge yourself. Simple.

So today he sees me on the road, starts by talking about “does your wife know you have x amount of girlfriends” – “you walk past, you don’t even talk to anyone, look at girls, yet they’re all looking at you as you walk past- like a movie star”.

I’ve heard this so often. I almost yawned.

Yeah, it’s true, but so what?

But anyway – I did a very long video on that on YouTube about “big biceps don’t make you an alpha anymore than a big dick does”. Or good looks which you were born with. A true alpha is a true leader. It comes from within. The vibe. Which is basically what attracts women to me despite me doing my best to avoid them.

Do watch that video. It’s far easier to say it than type it all out here.

But fitness wise, guy wants me to help him.

I looked at his belly , told me to get rid of it.

How he asks. Gym?


Do sets of pushups and squats throughout the day. It’s amazing, the guy rides a bike slowly all day, but he’s still in such poor condition…

But I want big biceps he went.

I groaned internally. Told him to grab a barbell.

Dumbbells, he replied.

Ah yes. It’s easier.

His colleague is another gym pumper that cannot swing clubs.

I asked him why.

But we aren’t training to be wrestlers, was his answer.

The real reason for the biceps?

The girls he can’t get or believes he can’t.

It’s so fucking stupid. All these poses people do with their best body parts, usually back and shoulders, showing themselves off at the best angles on IG – wtf is the point???

You still call me, the consummate alpha loner a movie star and can’t do half of what I can.

He ignores the fact that his “small biceps” weren’t a hindrance when operating heavy machinery. One of the toughest things to do out there.

No, but the looooooooook!

Look, man.

Focus internally. Mind, body – everything.

Training the external is superficial. It all comes from within.

And that, my friends, is the bottom line.

Watch the video for more…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Search for the video. I’m not interested in spoon feeding you the link.

And if you’re truly interested in building massive biceps that are actually strong, then pushups and pull-ups are the way to go, with squats being a basic baseline.

And that’s that.

Are pull-ups not real world, “necessary”?

It’s amazing the amount of excuses and retarded self justification folks will come up with to avoid the tough stuff – what they can’t do. The vast majority of sheep out there are like that.

I’ve never understood that attitude.

Give me something I can’t do, I’ll do it better than YOU.

Show me someplace I can improve – I’ll DO it no matter what it takes.

This morning I woke up to a text about pull-ups from a guy who can’t do them due to excess weight around the midsection – though he’s admitted that, so fair dinkum there…

He was showing me other folks (not in the shape to do them themselves) whining about pull-ups not being necessary, real world, and other crap.

Most people, including him think it’s ok to ignore what you can’t do, and focus on what you’re good at.


It’s about the weak links.

Strengthen those beyond belief.

Beat the crap out of the next guy in your worst day.

And pullups not being “necessary”?

You gotta be a complete buffoon to even think that my friend. The Seals, Marines, elite athletes, anyone in good shape – pull-ups are the gold standard, the litmus test of real world strength.

Not functional?

Let’s see you get in a wrestling or even street fight – hand to hand, you PULL the other person towards you. It’s one of the most masculine things you can do – grab with that unnatural grip which comes from hours of hours of doing pull-ups.

Monkey bar work. Not natural? Give me a break man. You might not need it in your daily life at this point like you need bread, but neither do you “need” to get out of your car and lose that belly you’ve got do you now?

Don’t be a pussy and make excuses to avoid, ignore what you cannot do.

Get good at them.

My courses on pull-ups – beginner and advanced – will get you there.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We are having temporary trouble with the site buckets again. If you pay, but can’t access the download, shoot me an email. I’ll fix it.

PS #2- Some people write books on pull-ups yet can’t do a single one themselves . If that’s you, you’re pathetic regardless of how much money you have made. See the other post on fakes. Goes for anything in life. Not just pull-ups. Be it YOURSELF first. Then preach it.

Fakes that write about it but don’t or can’t do it.

I have no respect for this sort. And there are many, they come in various shapes, sizes and avatars.

Fat doctors telling their patients how to live a healthy life, giving idiotic lectures on the dangers of tobacco, liqor etc (government regulations in certain countries that require graphic pictures to be put on top of cigarette packs – while they promote flu shots and other nonsense – really – you think that shyt will stop someone that wants to smoke? It has the opposite impact. Maybe they know this?) …

Fat nutjobs promoting their version of “it’s fine to be fat” fitness and those that Tom Tom a different body type when they’re in reality one thing – BLUBBER. True, we all have different body types. But there’s simply no excuse to be fat and have excess weight around the midsection – period.

Then a pet peeve – idiots in the fitness world who wrote books on pull-ups – yet can’t do a single fucking one themselves. I can’t tell you how pathetic it is to hide behind someone else doing them “because he’s so good at them”. True, business wise different team members have different strengths. This particular guy did what he had to make money – but the Universe sees all my friend, and the level of respect he garners in the fitness community in general says it the fuck all.

My life is an open fucking book – not so much the good part – but the grind, the nasty stuff that is unavoidable but noone wants to talk about. It will always be that way.

Put it out there on the busiest fucking highway in the world like Goggins rightly said. I’ve done that by default all my life.

Then you have these idiots that write books on motivation, overcoming adversity, rainbow after storm bullshit etc – when they’ve never been there themselves.

I know this one idiotic fat lady running on treadmills because it’s easy but won’t do the hard stuff that helped out a friend with a hundred or so bucks when he needed it. Minute she gave it (apparently more than what he originally asked for), from what he says, despite him giving her a return date she was on his ass indirectly “oh my! My moneyyyyyyy!”. Finding every excuse to badger him, chat to him, half hoping he’d give back what he apparently very reluctantly accepted from her since he knew that sort of shyt might happen.

This lady runs around the world living it up in 5 star hotels globally. Has all the money in the world via a rich second husband that she never worked for. Probably drove her first husband to death too with her attitude. Wrote a book on overcoming adversity etc, promotes it daily. Even asked ME to do it (I haven’t).

Yet, a hundred or so bucks – the amount she whined to this guy (a coaching client) – finding every excuse in the book from emotional crap like “my hard earned moneeeeeeee” to “I need it to procure a death certificate for my ex”( poor guy) to “she’s asking” – to whining about “Covid did this ” (it has nothing to do with it) when in reality she could lose ten times that amount tomorrow and it wouldn’t even affect her financially.

Now I told the guy she’s right to want her money back.


When you help a man out – either fucking go all in or not at all is what I’d tell the woman, whoever the person is.

If you don’t want to, don’t.

But don’t do it to make yourself feel better and then “regret” the decision instantly. That’s pathetic. Most importantly, remember if someone asks for assistance – there is a reason.

It’s easy to write about being compassionate, having faith etc.

Doing is where the rubber meets the road, where most fail.

Nothing of that nature in Zero to Hero! , Gumption Galore, and the 10 commandments of Successful Sales – or ANY of my fitness products.

I DO first. I grind for years. Then I bring to you what works. Simple as that.

Then idiots who claim to love stray dogs,yet won’t let the dog in their house.

In India, “dhobi ka kutta, na Ghar ka na ghat ka”..

“Washerman (or woman – in India “dhobi” or “dhoban” refers to males or females that wash, iron etc for a living)s dog – Neither here nor there” – as I see the poor dog running around everywhere, tail wagging, desperate for more than a few crumbs, desperate for family. I know how that feels. For years I felt the same way growing up.

Don’t feed the damn thing if you don’t want to.

But if you do, you owe it to the dog to not just throw it a few crumbs so you can feel good about your fat self  – but to give it what it deserves – love and affection. As my Uncle said all those years ago, the dogs come to you (and my younger cousin at the time) not so much for the free biscuits but the LOVE you give them. And he was right. It pisses me off to see morons on social media petting stray dogs then going about their way. Go all in or not at all, idiot.

Last but not least, a rash of joinees on this list that clearly are here just for the free stuff and never have any intention to buy anything. If that’s you, you know who you are – you’re just fucking pathetic man if you’re just haunting this place as many do to “see what’s new”. More than pathetic. Like the gawking Rihanna fan that pays a premium…for what? A glimpse of her ass on stage amongst millions of others and then she’s gone. I know a lot of you feel I’m a celebrity, far above you – truth is, I ground myself to a fine dust to get there and continue to daily. And if that’s you reading – please have some self respect and unsubscribe now before I boot and ban you the fuck off the list…

And thats that for now. Back to the grind.


Rahul Mookerjee

Real world fitness

Yesterday I was walking back from the beer store – who questioned with the amount of beer I guzzle, how it doesn’t show and how I stay so fit …and why I don’t just get cases at once instead of walking to the store all the time. (Daily).

Great questions! The first two I’ve addressed galore. The last?

Well,part of staying savage. I can’t run as much as I used to because of my leg injury so now I walk like a maniac all over town. Did that last Saturday, a 13 km walk which took me to the hairiest part of town where the vibe was “stay away from this mofo. He’s crazy”!

You know you’re doing something right fitness wise when you can feel that sorta of respect from tough men and women, hustlers and fellow savages.

Part of why I don’t own a car is why David Goggins doesn’t. Same reason above. Forces me to walk long distances even if I can run and don’t “want” to. I simply have to. No choice. And that’s how I like it.

Yes,I got everything delivered by the case in China but I had the hill and four long walks there!

Walking back, I spoke with one of these guys pushing and selling fruits on a cart. Brutal job, out there in the heat, rain, pushing and walking all day. Most are fat. This dude isn’t.

He knows me from a young age apparently, and smiled when he saw my beer.

“Do you drink” I asked him.

No bad habits. No smoking, drinking – but I have a lot of clarified butter – the genuine stuff – daily.

And it shows in the X shape he has. As I wrote about on the other site (do a search) – clarified butter is great. So are natural data despite what the so called experts say. There’s a reason the wrestlers in India guzzle tons of it.

I do everything, I laughed – and he laughed back.

Well, not everything. I’m just a huge beer enthusiast. And I love me a good smoke.

Never got into weed – it never even affected me when I tried it. Rather have regular tobacco.

Certainly no hard liquor which I hate. Vodka sometimes with lime but that’s it.

Diet which most would consider horrendous. As opposed to his.

Yet we are both in great shape….

See the connection?

I said my goodbyes and then walked down the road. Crossed it. And behold – the guy – who was standing there with his cart when I left, I hadn’t seen him move – was there too!

I’m sure a carrier piegon didn’t drop him off either.

That’s real world functional fitness for ya.

Quicker than me with that huge cart. I didn’t even see the dude move! Man, you’re fit I wanted to tell him. Haha.

Like our ancestors did, walk long distances out of compulsion. Push, pull all day long not for reps, but to survive all day long.

Carry heavy objects all day



And so forth.

Get back to the basics. It’s how you stay sharp. And in the modern day world, getting away from gadgets, gizmos, and useless machines at the gym and getting back to what our Creator intended us to do ie work with our own bodyweight is what does it for you physically.

Stay lean. Stay mean. Stay hard. Maintain that edge. Stay savage.

It’s what life for a real man, we are all born to be warriors – is all about.

The 0 Excuses Fitness system will give you a flying headstart in the right direction.


Rahul “Gengis” Mookerjee