55 variations on the time tested, results honored BURPEE to get that heart thumping – blood FLOWING – and fat BURNING – like never before! 

Dear reader,

I dont know even know where to begin on this one! I knew there was a reason I did burpee videos today exclusively on Youtube – I knew there was a reason I filmed a lot of handstands and out there in the park, doing pull-up burpees – I know why!

This course is why.

The way in which my heart pumped, thumped and the sweat poured off me after just a few reps – was why.

The sheer SPEED – and I do things fast – with which I got a workout – was why.

And the fact that amazed me was this, with all the other great courses I’ve got out there, all the bases covered – for whatever reason, the BURPEE is one exercise I’ve never covered well enough in the past – and that changes now, and rightfully so.

Anyone serious about fitness should be doing burpees and a lot of ’em.

If you’re serious about weight loss, burpees are one of the main things you should be doing!

If youre serious about getting in a testosterone boost like few other exercise can give you – you need to be doing burpee. If you want to be JACKED like prison inmates are you – you should do BURPEES!

Can we say JACKED – and RIPPED???

Now as far as heart thumping and the same effect caused by doing burpees – that deep breathing “so out of breath it BURNS” is what really ignites your fat burners deep within – and causes you to lose weight – FAST!

Perhaps the description of “nothing else makes the heart thump quite this way” is erroneous, I dont know – but its not either!

In a way, hill sprints have a similar effect, and climbing hills does – SQUATS – high rep squats do as well!

But nothing quite taxes the body like burpees do – when you DO THEM, you’ll see.

There is a reason I keep saying all the pull-ups in the world, despite being an ostensibly tougher exercise – cannot replace the pushup, and I’ve given you example of when I did pullups exclusively, then one fine day I dropped down to do 15 simple pushups – and it left me so sore I couldn’t lift my hands up to shower (barely!).

There is a reason burpees are a staple in prison workouts everywhere and we all know how RIPPED these prisoners are!

And you dont have to be in prison or jail to get the benefits of this high impact (heart thumping wise) workout – which requires nothing at all except a few feet of space, and your own bodyweight.

Just why are burpees so effective, you ask? 

Well, I’ve made mention before about how NOTHING replaces high rep squats, period. If you ain’t squatting- you aint training, thats what my premier world class course on squats tells you – and it’s right.

0 Excuses Fitness tells you PUSHUPS are the big dog of fitness, period.

And thats correct too.

Look, nothing replaces the up and down motion of squats – or pushups. The changes both bring in your body internally and externally are immense, and anyone that has done them knows why old timers, if all they did were two things – would do THESE two exercises.

Look at any boxer, wrestler, strongman etc – you get the picture.

SO why not combine BOTH into one movement – and DOUBLE that benefit or QUADRUPLE IT?

Believe me, although I have not done burpees for a while, this afternoon I was out of breath doing them for like 40 seconds to one minute at a time. And this is Rahul Mookerjee – a guy superbly conditioned from years of hill climbing, pushups – I’d do pull-ups all day if you asked me to – and yet – the burpees KICK me in the can every time I do ’em – in a good way.


  • Get a workout in any place – any time – in less than a minute flat you’ll be huffing and puffing regardles of your conditioning level. All you need is a few FEET of space to drop down – and you’re set.
  • Burpees, my friend are one of the best workouts you can do for yourself – and you can do them in endless number of ways, which I will describe in this book. You can do them with pushups. You can do them in sets. Ladders. Pull-ups. The sky is indeed your oyster – or is that the WORLD? in this exercise!
  • Burpees will FRY fat off you at record levels my friend. You’ll never quite think of fat burning the same way after you do burpees!
  • Burpees COMBINE The weight loss and other related effects of high rep squats and high rep pushups into ONE movement – one workout – while QUADRUPLING the fat burning and muscle building effectiveness of the workout!
  • Burpess will build solid lumps of muscle all over your body without doing much else at all – if you do these right, do them often enough.
  • Burpees, due to the sheer deep breathing THEY FORCE you to do – whether you want to or not – ignite changes in your overall health and well being from the INSIDE OUT!

And much, much more I have not mentioned here my friend.

Burpees will truly make men out of boys and supermen out of men my friend – and they’ll do it nigh fast.

And Rahul Mookerjee bring you burpees like no other can – the bodyweight Guru has truly gone ABOVE and beyond on this one in a manner you’ve never seen before my friend – with exercises that are virtually unknown to the general public, and even the elitest of elite in the fitness business.

Due to the sheer and immense value of the exercises in this book – and the sheer conditioning and health benefits you get from following the exercises and routines in this book, I wouldn’t be doing you wrong by charging you aover $250 for the course. In fact, some people (in the Ship) that have seen this course have emailed me and told me I should be selling it for more, this sort of info is just priceless my friend, you cannot, you simply cannot put a price tag on it!

But I wont – I wont even sell it for $150 for the nonce.

For a LIMITED TIME – mark my words, very limited – I am making this course available to all at an even lower price while it’s on PRE-order status.

And that, as those well versed with my products know will not last forever – some of my products have only lasted on pre-order for a few hours, not even a day.

Given the sheer speed at which this jungle cat moves- leaps – bounds, you’d be well advised to take advantage of this low price and place your pre-order right NOW.

$250  … $150 ….


Drop all you’re doing, my friend – it can wait – until you snap up the pre-order.

I repeat, drop EVERYTHING you’re doing – it’s that important, this pre-order price is not going to last, and those truly interested in superior, stellar health, fitness and internal power and development like you cannot get from anything else will want to GRAB this NOW – and I’d hope -trust – you reading this is part of that exclusive breed of “DOERS”!

Grab this NOW my friend.

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee