Come and TRAIN with me

Do you want to TRAIN with me? Do you want to experience the same results I have?

To be quite honest, my BOOKS AND VIDEOS do a great job of “training” you. If you really want optimal results get both. There is only so much I can type in the written courses, and the videos are the real icing on the cake that gets things going. 

And truth be told, most folks will NOT need anything more than this. 

The Book


Regardless of the above, there are those of you that might want to actually “train with me in person”.

Well – I don’t train folks personally a lot (not anymore, at least), but I might be open to training the right people (that translates into those that REALLY, REALLY want to get fit – and are WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES).

If thats you, please CONTACT me via [email protected] and we’ll work out how to get the ball rolling.

I’m currently in China, but I move around a lot.

My preferred means of training clients is “in person”, but I’m more than open to other ways as well – the main thing being YOU need to be OPEN to it as well.

No excuses. Nothing about it “being too hard” or “looking too hard”. Where there is a will there is a way. I’m willing to show you the way, but you’ve got to provide the WILL, my friend.

Last, but not least, I DO NOT offer any free training sessions whatsoever. In fact, despite the fact that I’m actually a very giving person and give MORE than what I receive – to those that VALUE it (and this is key, by the way – those that VALUE it) – I am NOT interested in time wasters and those that “just want to try”.

Other hand, if you really want to train with me – and REALLY REALLY want to get into the BEST SHAPE OF your life – well – you know what to do.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ll be training Cindy for 30 minutes today. She has a stiff upper back and hip flexors, and we’ll work on those areas during our session. Stay tuned – I’ll post about this on the blog soon!

P.S #2 – And yes, its a FREE session for her. She didnt ask for and refuses to take a dime for all the help she provided me with the book and the videos, and I’m more than happy to reciprocate if I can. There’s a lesson right there, methinks!