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15 delicious home recipes and 10 tantalizing dips that WILL leave you salivating for more …

The book is amazing and as a cooking enthusiast I can’t wait to try those recipes myself.

Dear Friend,

Well, we’ve got the fitness part covered for sure in the O Excuses Fitness System. We’ve got you covered in terms of dietary regulations in the Simple and Effective Diet. And so, you’d think we should be all done and set – ready to go – right?

Well …  not quite!

While fitness and diet are of paramount importance, the fact remains that we as human beings cannot and usually do not stick to any sort of diet – unless it is a) easy to prepare and b) tastes good and c) is something you can have even on your “crave” days.

What do I mean?

Well, how many times have YOU come back from a hard, hard workout – ready to eat a cow – – or several – – and then end up looking at your “diet plan”, and end up sighing in a “resigned” sort of manner?

“Oh, well. I’m hungry as a horse and I’d love something delicious to eat – and a LOT of it – but the problem is my diet”

“Drat! Why can’t I have some good food for myself after working out so hard?! I deserve it!”

“Pah! Screw the diet for one day! I’ll go with my usual pizza and beer – I’ve burnt double the number of calories anyway!”

And so forth.

Now don’t get me wrong. Working out hard is GOOD. Feeling hungry and being ready to eat a horse after your workout is even better.

But the point is this – even the “strictest amongst us” will end up neglecting a good diet (or dietary plan) occasionally if what is being consumed isn’t tasty – – or, doesn’t fit the “feel good food” part.

Let’s face it. We’d probably eat ANYTHING if we were starving, but most of us aren’t – and the last thing we want to do after a tough workout is to subsist on apples and boiled eggs (many do, but do they really WANT to)?

…? Do they?

There you go.

I didn’t think so either!

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What they said … 

The book is amazing and as a cooking enthusiast I can’t wait to try those recipes myself.  I’ll actually try the fried spinach recipe for meal prep tonight and I’m looking forward to try the spaghetti with meatballs (using chicken as well!) soon!
That was Helena Louriero, a reader from Portugal, or perhaps Brazil I believe … And you know if a cooking enthusiast says it – it’s GOOD!
And she is NOT the only one either.
A book every culinary enthusiast MUST HAVE.
(that was a reader from India, name withheld upon request!)
Or, what this lady said ..
Yummy recipes!!
This is a short recipe book filled with delicious and simple recipes. Bonus that they are healthy. We do not need any kind of fancy ingredients, by which I mean ingredients that you need to buy for just a recipe or two. These recipes are made with all the regular ingredients we generally have in our homes. I love the cabbage salad and my husband is a fan of goat biryani! The dips are super easy to prepare as well. Love it!
Prajakta Telele, FL, USA
But, before we move on with more reviews (and there are plenty more where the above come from, my friend – PLENTY!!!) – lets address something ALL of you are interested in, that being ..


Healthy and delicious are NOT mutually exclusive – and here is PROOF!

In the Simple and Effective Diet I outlined the dietary regulations that you need to follow in order to live a long and healthy life – without feeling “denied” in any way.

I even gave you a few sample meals along with tips on how to modify said meals etc – – but what I did NOT do in that book is give you actual RECIPES.

THIS book rectifies that. I’m giving you 15 wonderful, time tested – and DELICIOUS recipes that you CAN eat on a regular basis – – without putting on a lick of weight if you work out alongside – – and if you keep things in moderation, of course.

These recipes do not take forever to prepare. These recipes can be prepared by the average Joe in a jiffy. And best of all, they taste WONDERFUL – – you’ll never ever feel “denied” once you start eating like this!

And it’s not just recipes – the real kicker to all this is what I tell you AFTER the section that has the recipes – that being the recipe for the “dips” that I give you.

And no, I ain’t talking garlic butter, hot wing sauce, or even white cheese here. While all those taste great, they don’t have great effects either internally or externally.

A lot of the extra lard you see hanging off people these days is not so much due to the actual food they eat – – but what they eat WITH it.

They’ll order a salad – healthy and nutritious – and then drown it in a sea of unhealthy, fattening salad dressing “for the taste”.

They’ll order BBQ ribs – and dump a ton of white cheese or other equally fattening condiment on it.

Or … the evergreen favorite, PIZZA (and no, pizza doesn’t have to be unhealthy!) – and tons of garlic butter to boot.

You get the drift, my friend.

Now I don’t blame the average Joe for wanting to make their food taste great. Heck, thats why I’m giving you these recipes. I partake of such food myself on a regular basis, and haven’t put on a lick of weight as you can tell (despite being almost 38 at the time of writing this).

And that’s why I’m giving you DIPS as well – dips that are “traditional” dips – made with ingredients easily found anywhere in the world – stuff that tastes GOOD!


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A “twist” from the Indian subcontinent

My wife is from India, and I’ve got a lot of knowledge in terms of these dips (and cooking in general) from her.

While we’ve all heard about “butter chicken” (chicken tikka masala for you Brits, hehe) and other such tasty – yet uber-fattening – dishes, what isn’t generally associated with the Indian subcontinent is this – MEAT – and dips.

But believe me, meat (and dips) done with a “subcontinental” twist can taste great – even to and ESPECIALLY for a Western palate which I’m assuming you and I have.

And so, at the end of the recipes section, I’m giving you recipes for 10 different varieties of dips  as well – stuff I eat almost daily if I’m in India with my family – and stuff that I pester my wife for incessantly, hehe.

There’s a standing joke going on in the Mookerjee household – that being that “why don’t we just give you a huge bowl of dip along with leavened bread as your meal?”

And given my reaction to some of these dips, I don’t quite blame my wife either for saying what she did!

By the way, though the recipes and dips are all traditional and with a “twist from the subcontinent” – note that HOW you eat ’em is entirely up to you.

No banana leaves, or “gravy fingers” for this cat, hehe. I prefer my stuff with a fork and knife as most of you do, and thats precisely the sort of recipes I’m giving you.

No gravy, no lard inducing “curry chicken” or “chicken tikka masala” or other nonsense. No”chai” (milk tea) either, though many of you will probably enjoy that.

Healthy stuff that you can eat daily provided you’re working out hard – and dips to taste as well!

First off, before that though – a bit on … (something most people will be very interested in!)

Why people need to stop treating food as an “enemy” – and why HEALTHY food – or eating – does NOT need to equate to “sad” food!

Helena said it SO well (this is the reviewer I mentioned above) when she said “content like mine i.e. Dish Delicious does such a great job of telling people why “healthy” food does NOT need to equate to “sad” food!

I said we’ll expound more on her review up there – and we will here – but first, a bit from me, the other night we were having one of those dinner table conversations which extended way past midnight which the daughter SO loves, hehe (all kids love it! when their parents sit around and discuss stuff around the dinner table, they remember that forever!) …

We were discussing people, politics, everything, and “North Korea” came up, and one question my wife posed me STUMPED me – and I’m rarely stumped.

That being, with all the land and resources his country has (in terms of his population) – why doesn’t the leader there at least make his country such that people don’t starve on a regular basis?

That one stumped me for sure!

Now, you might think this page has nothing to do with politics, and it doesnt, my friend. But when you read what Helena said below (she promised to get back to me on some of the recipes, and then did – sure shod sign of a DOER) … you’ll understand!

(she has even translated the book into Portugese as well already, she liked it that much. Hehe).

Here goeth –

Hello, Rahul!

I’m really glad you’re happy with your translated book, that really means a lot!

And YES, it would be so amazing if there was Volume 2.

In my most sincere opinion, it’s about time people stop treating food as the enemy of a healthy life when it’s actually one of the greatest allies. And although nowadays we, as food and nutrition professionals, talk a lot about that when it comes to sweets and carbs, what is not enough talked about is about not treating “healthy food” as enemies either, as if they were “killjoys”, or as if it was impossible to enjoy eating or having fun around them, when they can be actually delicious!

Content like yours do a great job reminding us that “healthy food” does NOT equal “sad food”.

Being in a post-pandemic weight loss journey myself, this type of content has helped me change the unhealthy relationship I had with food and made me realize that YES, I can crave things like salads on a weekend evening and honor that craving without feeling guilty for not having a burger or pizza just because that’s what society classifies as “tasty”
(just like I don’t need to feel guilty for choosing the pizza once in a while if that’s what I ACTUALLY want to eat and not because I was conditioned to choose that for a Saturday night or else the party was over), healthy food can be great when we think outside the box and, by doing that, I realized I actually love healthy food and today it can bring me as much joy and comfort as things like chicken nuggets did when I was a kid.

Thank you so much for letting me translate your book, reading and translating it was such a great experience and I really hope you and your wife keep on writing more and more cookbooks to make more people realize how delicious healthy food can actually be.

By the way, I did try the spinach recipe and it’s amazing, I’m adding it to my lunch salad everyday!

Can’t wait to try more recipes from your book!

Is there somewhere in here where I can leave you a review?

If so, let me know!

Best regards, Helena.

Showl is Helena, we always appreciate these great – and honest reviews pouring in!

Yours truly –

Hi Helena,

Thanks for your positive feedback – that truly means a lot!

Yes, you’re spot on – healthy does not need to mean “boring” or “plain Jane”, or “staid” or any of those things that people equate with healthy – YES, you can eat well – and healthy – and you can still enjoy that dinner – or lunch, as you can tell!

I love the way you referred to is as “sad” food – hehe. Yes, that is how people feel when asked to eat healthy, but it does
not need to be that way at all!

And I’m glad my content is helping changing mindsets in that regard – YES (and especially if you workout) you dont need to feel guilty for your food choices. In any case, what the “so called experts” tell you is one thing, and it usually doesnt work,
my book “The Simple and Effective Diet” gets into this in further detail as well…

Food as an ally?

It is so apt you mentioned that here – my wife and I were discussng “North Korea” (amongst a host of other things) at the dinner table (appropriate? hehe) during one of those conversations our daughter loves so much …

And the one question she posed to me which I couldn’t and cannot answer – why doesn’t the North Korean leader at least get his country to a point where people dont starve to death routinely?

I mean, I get it – he wants control, pure and utter control, but just look at China, thats control x 10 as well, but the government manages it by providing the people with the means to a better lifestyle, and by improving China’s lot in the world
which is a constructive way of achieving what might not be desirable for all …

North Korea – it seems they have a few nukes, but nothing else – and even that huge army of theirs (in relative terms) needs FOOD to sustain themselves, so I must confess – I thought about it – but for once, I was tongue ties, and I usually never am in these sort of discussions. Hehe.

i.e. “an army runs on FOOD” basically, you dont fight on an empty stomach …

Perhaps leaving the country in that sort of disrepair works in terms of geopolitical rivalries which we then discussed, that might be a good answer, but for his own people, his own nation – the only answer I can think of it “he truly doesnt care”.


Anyway, the reason I bring that up here is what you said – its time people stop treating food as an enemy.

SO TRUE! We dont “live to eat”, but certainly – thats one of the base requiremens of all mankind, no matter how (so called) advanced we get, no matter how many “dumbphones” we have, we still need food to fill our bellies and nourish us and
treating, or thinking of food as the enemy is utterly counterproductive. (and illogical as well, not to mention STUPID – to me “one and the same thing” in this discussion).

In terms of reviews … <chopped>

Once again, thanks for the “feedback” – hehe, I truly do appreciate it. Volume Two is definitely “in the works as we speak”, “when” is the question – there are about 5 books I’ve got right now pending on the backburner, all in various stages of completion, so I suppose catch as catch can on that one.

Enjoy that food and do keep writing back – always glad to hear from you Helena!

Rahul Mookerjee

Well, my friend, that says it all I believe, eloquent as ever from yours truly …

(I sent her the review links – remember, when you purchase off the site, you get it in your Inbox anyway – and EVERY honest review means you get an AUTOMATIC 10% off on your next purchase).

Anyway, onward with what YOU, the reader gets from this stellar, superb, outstanding book –

What you’re getting

Without further ado then, here is what you’ll get from this book –

  • As mentioned first, 15 delicious recipes with a subcontinental “twist” as well as 10 dips along the same lines!
  • You’re getting recipes that do NOT take forever to make (for the most part) – and recipes that are HEALTHY.
  • Recipes that won’t add a lick of fat to your waistline (if anything, some of the meat recipes will probably help your weight loss regimen if eaten in moderation!)
  • Spicy and exotic recipes for “dips” – that you CANNOT find elsewhere on the Internet.
  • A wide variety of dishes – from salad – to tortillas – and even the humble “pizza” … And NO, eating pizza doesnt have to be an unhealthy endeavor either!

Well, my friend – – I’d go on and on and on AND on – but I’m getting so darn hungry after WRITING this that I’ll stop here. I’ll also call the local butcher – and perhaps order a leg – or two of MEAT!

Dive right in – and be prepared to be “gobsmacked” after you taste some of this!

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



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