51 PIONEERING  , BUCCANERING WAYS to the fit, trim and TONED body of your DREAMS.  

Dear Reader,

Congratulations on your purchase – the FIRST Volume of Fitness PIONEER – a continuation of the 0 Excuses Fitness tradition of producing the very best in PRODUCTS – as well as giving you, the fitness enthusiast the very best, up-to-date, latest, practical – and most of all – “cage shaking” news from the world of fitness.

News that ain’t just news – – it’s stuff YOU can apply to your daily workouts – and lives, as well in most cases if you read between the lines.

Now before I continue, I must say that I’ve always been known as a “pioneer” in many ways – – pretty much because of my obstinate nature when it comes to following my heart – – and doing things MY way – – in other words, the road less traveled.

I cannot tell you how many times people look at me askance when I do something – – or follow a certain path of action in life (or fitness) – – and then turn around and ask me (after I’ve succeeded) “how I did it”.

It behooves me to tell you, of course, at this point, that NONE of those people even remotely supported me when I was doing things my way.

If anything, it was the usual “oh, that won’t work”, or “oh, that’s way out there!” or “the experts don’t do it this way!” reaction I got – – combined with the usual “jealous” vibes from those that cannot stand a man that does things his way and makes the Universe GIVE up the object of his desires through sheer persistence – FAITH – and dint of hard work.

And pioneering tips aside, the real reason I bring these tips to you (and have brought them to you in the past, and will continue to do so in the future) is to infuse you with a sense of FAITH, my friend.

In terms of fitness that might mean several things.

For instance, faith that you WILL get down to your target weight after year – – if you just STICK to a certain regimen for long enough without giving up.

FAITH (or belief) that what the “experts” proclaim in terms of life – – and fitness – – is often NOT the right way for you – – or even the vast majority of folks.

FAITH and COURAGE – – and above all, BELIEF to live life on your terms – -fitness included!

Many folks have said I have a tremendous knack for motivating others when they’re down – or simply if they need advice. And they’re probably right, my friend.

My main reason for starting my fitness biz and my other writing ventures is not so much just to bring you information (albeit in a highly entertaining manner at times, hehe) – – but to MOTIVATE you to be the best you CAN, my friend.

My goal is to INSPIRE you to look beyond what you’ve already achieved – and conjure up infinite possibilities in your mind – – and then go and GET ‘em!

My goal is to infuse you with the same spirit and same sort of “never say die” belief that I put into any endeavor – work, life or business related.

And if I can do that through products, I do it. If I can do that through videos and Instagram (and social media) posts, I’ll damn sure do it.

And if I can package my numerous fitness tips (and there are so many, my friend) into one concise, easy to read MOTIVATIONAL read for you, the end users, I’ll “showl” as heck do it – -and have done it now!

In these 51 tips you might find the motivation you need to sit up and finally tell yourself – – TODAY is the day I’m going to start losing weight – -and I WON’T stop until I’m done.

Or, you may make a promise to yourself to do 50 pull-ups per workout, or “else”!

Or, you may mentally see yourself cranking handstand pushups in reps – and then guess what, probably get there in a few days as well.

The keys to the kingdom are simple and three fold my friend. Conceive, Believe – and then ACHIEVE – – and these 51 tips will help you do JUST that, my friend.

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

Who this book is for


Much like the rest of my 0 Excuses Fitness stuff, this book is for you if you’re –

  • A 0 Excuses Fitness fanatic – If so, you’ll love these tips so much you’ll want to put the paperback copy of this book right next to your bedstand – – or office desk – – or even your car to glance at throughout the day!
  • Interested in building brute, animal like functional strength and a body every bit as strong as it looks.
  • Looking to improve your stamina and conditioning levels beyond belief.
  • Getting tired of that “run down” feeling you experience at the end of the day – – and exercises that will help you banish this feeling forever!
  • Looking to improve your pushup – or pull-up – or any bodyweight exercise “numbers” – and do so in a smart and methodical manner.
  • Looking to banish upper back, shoulder, wrist and other “nagging” pain forever.
  • The average “Joe” or “Jane” looking for tips on getting into shape and lose weight without spending the house on gyms and fancy memberships.
  • A fitness enthusiast looking for tips that’ll take you to the next level – and quickly!
  • A seasoned fitness pro or athlete looking for advanced tips – – or that “X” factor that’ll allow you to score, and score BIG over the competition!
  • Motivational reads that apply not only to fitness – – but life as well, if you read between the lines.

  The Old man I met in China

And now, for a bit of a “trip down memory lane”, as it were – – and a most motivational one at that! 

I wrote to you yesterday regarding a drastic change in diet a couple of months ago, and the wonders it did for me – including get my hill jaunt timings down to less than 15 minutes – something I couldn’t do even at a trim, lean and fit 25 years of age.

And while diet played a massive role in making this happen, there was more to it than just diet.

I think I mentioned I returned to China in March, and started to go for my daily climbs again as soon as I got back. Well, due to work related reasons I’ve been climbing mostly in the afternoons as of late, around 2P.M. on most days, and that applied to my March climbs as well.

(Side Note: Tough outdoor exercise during the peak hours of the day is NOT recommended if you live in extremely hot locales, as dehydration is a very real risk especially if you are pushing yourself hard. If you absolutely have to exercise at those times, make sure your a) drinking enough water, b) drinking enough water, c) know what you are doing, and d) yes – you guessed it – drink enough water – and by water, I mean good old H2O – nothing else during your workout.)

Ok, that side note turned into more than a “side” note, but it needed to be said – I don’t want any of you keeling over in the hot sun for sure!

The hill I climb has many different routes, my favorite one (or should I say one of my favorite ones) being a long, steep climb with tons and tons of stairs. Sort of like a Stairmaster workout x 10, if you get my drift, or tougher. . .pictures on the site as well on the Fast and Furious Fitness Facebook account.

But, there is another route I use regularly – one with a long, sloping path going straight up and “around” the hill. There are NO steps on this route for say 70% of the climb, and the last 30% merges with the other route I take (the one with steps).

The hill where I met the old man …

I usually alternate between these two routes. If I climb up route A, I go down route B, and if I climb up route B, I descend via route A. And I alternate between A and B daily – works different muscle groups in an intense manner.

This wasn’t what I did years back in China – I stuck exclusively to route A going up, and route B coming down – it seemed to give me a better workout – but times change, and so should your workouts if they need to. Plus, it adds a bit more variety into the route, keeps it interesting.

So, anyway, I’m huffin and puffin one day at the top of the mountain, and I notice this old Chinese man walk up the stairs behind me, observing me quietly, yet intently.

We acknowledged each other, but didn’t say much, mostly due to a language barrier. This guy must have been at least 70 years of age by the look of it, probably more if you consider the fact that many old Chinese people actually look a few years younger than they are, due to following healthy lifestyle habits their entire life.

He walked around the top of the hill once, and left, and I returned to my pushups.

Come the next day, I took route B, and I saw the old man again. We started together up the hill, and I was expecting I’d easily keep pace with him, maybe even outpace him, but what surprised and shocked me was the speed and pace at which he motored up the hill. I think I must have kept pace with him for about 20% of the climb that day, and I was already bushed after that.

Now, just so you know, this guy is not a “fitness guru” or “fitness buff” or anything like that, at least not in the traditional sense. No rippling muscles, no excess brawn, and like zero percent body fat – actually quite a small guy if you look at him from a distance.

But as they say, it’s not the size of the dog, it’s the size of the FIGHT in the dog.

Anyway, I got to talking to him a few days later, and shook his hand – and it felt like I’d put my fingers inside a pair of iron pliers.

I started to notice this guy’s routine more closely after that. At the end of each climb, when most people are gasping for breath, this guy walks coolly over towards a nearby wall, and kicks up into a letter perfect handstand against the wall – and holds that position for exactly 60 seconds.

After that, he stretches his hamstrings out thoroughly – but in a manner most people wouldn’t dream of doing. That sort of stretch stretches the ENTIRE core, lower back, chest and hamstrings – as well as calves and shins to a certain degree.

And after that, he walks back down the hill. Sometimes, he’ll bang out a few pull-ups – letter perfect reps, almost always 15 reps per set.

And that’s the extent of his workout. A 10 minute climb up the hill (which some folks can’t complete in 30 minutes), and a 5 to 10 minute stretch/workout combination that works the ENTIRE body as a unit. And the results are there for all to see.

Granted, the guy probably follows a great diet as well – but still, a 70 year old (or more) doing all that? Most people would be lucky to kick up into a handstand at the age of 30, let alone 70, and add in pull-ups and a hill to the mix, and we’re talking some serious fitness levels there, my friend.

So was that motivation enough for YOU, my friend?

I bet it was – and if it was – well – watch out – this sort of thing is exactly what you’ll get from these tips I’m about to give you here. You’ll be so enthused you’ll be like a jack in the box (kinda like I was after meeting the old man, and still am, when I recall the meeting all these years later) – – and you’ll be ready to GET AFTER IT – -with VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO!

What you’ll learn from these tips


  • 51 hidden keys to super strength, health and fitness – brought to you in a manner like never before.
  • Why “conventional wisdom” from most fitness “experts” is about as useful – – and as relevant – – as screen doors are on a submarine …
  • How to LOOK deep within yourself – focus your mind – and therefore your entire body like a LASER towards achieving the goal you want the most.
  • Learn about the ONE trick that is perhaps the MOST powerful tip of them all – – something that makes most people’s eyes “roll” with disbelief and amazement, and yet when you combine this tip with focused ACTION – well – watch out, my friend. You’ll be headed to the RACES – and you’ll be leaving all and sundry in your wake!
  • Tips on how to get the rock solid, muscular toned midsection you’ve always desired.
  • What the USMC (United States Marine Corps) can teach YOU about fitness – – and indeed LIFE too.
  • Are you “big” – – or lets face, it fella – – FAT? This may be the most politically insensitive thing you’ve ever read, but believe me, it HAS to be said.
  • How to lose weight EFFORTLESSLY while “stuck at home” or “too busy” – – insert excuse of choice – – without any equipment – and in RECORD time!
  • Grip, leg and BACK training – – and the PERILS of ignoring the same
  • Mike Tyson like “bare bones” training – – if this doesn’t motivate you – – nothing will!
  • And just in case ALL of the above wasn’t enough, I’ve gone down memory lane and even brought you the ENTIRE tale of the “old man” I met in China – one of the motivational tales EVER. Be sure and read – and take notes as you do!

And much, much more, my friend- – much more!

Grab it NOW.

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



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P.S. – Don’t wait for another second, my friend. Seize the day NOW, and grab this PATHBREAKING course now. You don’t get second chances in life, my friend – and this is NO DIFFERENT. Take action NOW.

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!