Gorilla Grip – TIPS!


25 down to earth, practical and MOTIVATIONAL tips to build that RUGGED, CAST IRON GRIP OF STEEL that you’ve ALWAYS WANTED!

Dear fellow GRIP enthusiast,

If you’ve been following 0 Excuses Fitness for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m big upon two things.

One being workouts that tax the entire body as a whole – – NOT isolationist movements – – workouts that build rugged STRENGTH – supreme inner HEALTH and vitality – and STRIP the fat off your frame quicker than sweat dripping off a “fat man at a dance”, hehe.

And two – – and TWO is what this course is all about – – building a ROCK SOLID, CAST IRON, grip of STEEL – – that has an “unnatural, kung fu like pull” to it.

Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip – Advanced give you the exact EXERCISES you need to do in order to build that bone shattering grip – – and here, I give you 25 solid TIPS – – real world, practical, WORKABLE tips that you can study and implement into your own workout – both from a grip standpoint, as well as overall body strength/fitness standpoint.

And no, that isn’t just me saying it – – and neither is it “pie in the sky” as it were. It’s NOT fancy – shmancy marketing as some have claimed – – and it certainly ain’t a case of “all that glitters ain’t gold”.

No, this is very achievable – very true – and yours truly – and many other Gorilla Grip fanatics will testify to it.

But first, a bit of a primer.

Why exactly should you be concerned about grip strength, my friend? 

First off, let’s take a look at real strongmen — both today and in the past (although admittedly it’s hard to find a REAL strongman today – – most training today has sadly being reduced to “puffing and buffing” in “chrome and fern land” with the bros).

Wrestlers, strongmen of yore, boxers, elite athletes, martial artists, and of course those in the military – – both today – and in the OLD days – – WHAT did they have in common?

Overall health, super STRENGTH and elite levels of fitness, sure, but what else?

Certainly not a six pack in terms of what you expect for (and what passes as) a six pack today (hint – that isn’t even CLOSE to real strength).

Certainly not biceps with epochal peaks in the second valley (ok, I made that description up, but you’d be surprised at the rubbish that passes for “muscle growth” in the gyms these days!)

And while you could say “strong legs” – yes – you’d be right – but the real common denominator is this – – a crushing GRIP.

If you were to grab a medieval’s warrior’s hand, chances are that person would crush your hand just as easily as a chimpanzee would – – and that ain’t me exaggerating, my friend.

An ancient “Spartan” warrior in full suit of armor…!

Heck, these men used to cover miles in the heat of battle wearing suits of armor that might weigh up til 110 lbs (NOT kidding you) – – not to mention carry swords, maces, and all sorts of other deadly weaponry which ain’t exactly light (between 2-5 lbs for swords and probably more for other weapons).

And if you think 2-5 lbs is light – think AGAIN – in the heat of battles – swishing that sword around as if your life depended upon it (it did!) – and moving around in heavy armor …

Closer to “home” (recent times, should I say), look at the training of the US infantry. While they might not exactly carry as much weight as their medieval brothers, carrying between 20-30 kg rucksacks in all sorts of extreme conditions and challenging terrain (think moutainous terrain in Afghanistan, for instance), ain’t exactly “easy”.

And so forth.

Think of the sort of overall body strength, and specifically – GRIP strength these sort of workouts (movements) build.

Army Pfc. Ronald Craig (right) and fellow soldiers of the 3rd Platoon, Combat Company, 1-32 Infantry, return from a two-week patrol in Afghanistan.

And second, even if you aren’t interested in the above – let me tell you this, a man’s grip tells you a LOT about him (or her), my friend.

Many years ago, I met a man in front of a school in Southern China – a tall, rugged, “blacksmith like” mountain of a man.

A man who I could tell instantly upon looking at had worked out all his life – and I don’t mean pumping dumbbells in the gym.

A man who KNEW what hard, heavy, REGULAR physical training was all about – a man who had that deep chest and massive shoulders we often associate with wrestlers – – along with the mandatory “cauliflower” ears – – and massive “beefcakes” for upper arms.

Now, I’m not any stranger to hard physical training as you can see from the picture below, but I’ll be the first one to give credit where credit is due, and so I did mentally when I met him – but when I stepped forward to shake his hand, an entirely new revelation swept upon me as this guy did what very few, if any, other men have – – that being to “instinctively” pull me off balance as he gripped my hand.

Rahul Mookerjee doing an exercise that will not only build the grip – – but the entire upper body – – like NEVER, ever before!

He had that IRONMAN grip – – that insane “pull” to his grip – – and while it felt natural (part of it was) – – it didn’t just come about by sitting there and doing nothing, my friend.

I never felt anyone grip my hand with that “unnatural”, kung fu like grip!!

And it should come as no surprise that he made those exact same comments about me later on once we became friends.

That story is detailed in Gorilla Grip, of course, but for now … when you shake a man’s hand, you can TELL the sort of man he is by his grip – and by looking into his eyes.

The above might sound equally insane and ludicrous, but gut feeling is everything, my friend, and I have always found a firm, strong grip to be associated with men of their word -men you can depend upon to do what they’re told – men of HONOR in other words!

Men that get the job DONE, in other words, and don’t make EXCUSES.

Men that as Ole Steve Austin said in the 2015 Hollywood movie “Chain of Command” …

‘Men that when you tell them to do something, they DO it”

He then goes to recall an instance in the war (in the movie he was a retired soldier) in Afghanistan where his platoon was hopefully outnumbered by the Taliban and were under hevavy fire

“I took a round in the shoulder, a couple in the gut, and several to the … but I got my damn job done!” 

Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a “take no  prisoners” frame of mind!

And I mention all this not to be dramatic, but merely to say that grip workouts done right build gumption of the type I mentioned above – – not to mention overall health, strength and fitness level that the average pump’n’tone fanatic can only dream of.

The guy with the showy biceps, as I’ve mentioned before, might look good, but could he carry his girlfriend up  a flight of six stairs without collapsing?

Boobybuilders might look good, but put them in a cage match with a wrestler half their size – – and what would be the outcome?

I think you get the picture, my friend.

Last, but not least, even if you’re not interested in anything I said above, and are merely concerned about overall health and fitness levels, then hear me out my friend.

It is NIGH impossible to work the entire body into the ground without heavily working the grip too – and vice versa.

The two are not mutually exclusive – – they are complementary, and if there EVER was a good reason you should jump on board, this reason alone should make the cut.

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Here is what Daniel Pagone, ex Army Engineer – “in the trenches”, truly, has to say about this book!

As someone who spent 34 months, in country, in Afghanistan I can tell you from personal experience, carrying a 20-30 kg rucksack up those mountains is a whole lot of not easy.

Quality fitness writing with excellent life lessons as well I definitely enjoyed the writing style in Gorilla GRIP (now an entire series) as it definitely was not another boring fitness how-to book. This is a focused work with real world examples and humor, to add to the reading experience.

What surprised me the most was the excellent life advice that I wasn’t expecting but is evident and that is why for this type of work, I rated it 5 stars. Just a great read! It should be on the site now and I was absolutely happy to rate it 5 stars.

Muchas gracias mi amigo!


And he’s right, he’s not the only one saying it either!

Yes, definitely a series this one – and life lessons – well, real world fitness teaches you so much about life in that lots of the same attributes required to succeed long term in LIFE i.e. perseverance, gumption, stickability – learning from “being in the trenches” (nothing quite prepares you for the real thing eh – which you, the reader, should know very well! Haha – theory’s all good, but PRACTICAL LIFE is another thing) and so forth … not to mention SHOWING up daily without fail!! and so much more… 


A well balanced exercise program is of vital importance not just to develop the grip, but to maintain optimal levels of overall health, fitness and strength. While the tips in this course by themselves can and will teach you MUCH on building a cast iron grip, they are meant to be followed in conjunction with a REGULAR and well balanced exercise program such as what I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness, Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that without the above three manuals, THIS particular “tips” compilation is about as usual as shampoo is to a bald man (unless you’re applying it elsewhere than the head on your shoulders, hehe – – enough said!). Building a proper base in terms of OVERALL fitness (#1) and then a solid platform upon which to work your “gripping magic” (#2) is nigh key.

The Saxon brothers (and that is just one example), old time weightlifters and strongmen, well know for their prodigious feats of STRENGTH knew this all too well. They (in their own words) built up a great BASE first in terms of overall conditioning by swimming and walking everywhere in their childhood – – and then climbing trees as well (according to one of the brothers, it was always a battle to find the tallest tree to climb, which in turn built the base for their prodigious gripping strength).

A lot of grip maniacs (and there’s nothing with being one, by the way!) make the mistake of ignoring other parts of the body (or overall body workouts) and concentrating solely on the grip.

This is a HUGE mistake! Don’t be one of those people; you’ll soon see that any program that doesn’t focus on overall body development will severely limit the levels to which you can build your gripping power.

In short; do these exercises IN CONJUNCTION with, and NOT “in place of” the exercises mentioned in the manuals above – – and you cannot go wrong.

And now, in terms of …

What can you expect from this course?

  • 25 tips that you can apply to not only your GRIP workouts – but also ANY other workout you so choose – including weight lifting. Its the principles that count, my friend, and these are EVERGREEN, TIMELESS principles that will hold you in good stead no matter what type of workout you engage in.
  • How you can get a killer workout with NO special equipment whatsoever – not even your own body, if you choose not to do bodyweight exercises (I ain’t kidding there!)
  • One of the tips will cover an exercise the ancient Spartan warriors did before BATTLE – an exercise that by ITSELF is worth the ENTIRE price of admission for this course, and then some! And believe me, this exercise is so simple that it will blow your SOCKS off when you learn about it. You’ll literally be staring goggle eyed at the screen and going “heck, I never did think about THAT!”
  • Grip combo workouts that will burn fat at record speeds as well as build grip strength and muscle throughout the entire core and upper body – not to mention LEGS as well.
  • You’ll learn about an exercise that is possibly the BEST grip exercise out there – – and its so simple it’ll have you scratching your head (again) wondering why “I didn’t think of this before”!
  • You’ll learn how legendary wrestler Dan “The Man” Hodge got to the point where he crushes apples for “fun” – – at the ripe “young” age of 80. Again, THAT one tip is probably worth the entire price of admission for the course, even if I say so myself!
  • For those of you that just “have” to lift weights – – well, do so. Something is better than nothing, and I’ll tell you the RIGHT way to lift weights to develop that bone crushing grip you’re after.
  • How to build yourself up to the point that people literally “shy away” from shaking hands with you- – and this is being said in a good way, hehe.
  • Ruggedly strong HANDS – and vascularity that you’ve always wanted – and the sort of workouts that will GET you there.

And much, much more … All for a paltry $27.99.

When I asked friends and those I trust about putting these tips out there for this amount – most stared in disbelief.

“You’ve learned all this in the trenches, Rahul! You’ve worked hard all your life to gain grip related knowledge that most people do NOT have even after a lifetime of training – – and you’re literally “giving it away” for $25.99???” 

“What the heck is wrong with you??” 

And more such comments, but hey, the strength training world has given me a lot. A LOT – and while I’ve certainly put in my dues – its time for me to give BACK – – and these tips are but a small step towards that goal.

And so we have Gorilla Grip – TIPS – 25 down to earth, practical and MOTIVATIONAL tips to build that RUGGED, CAST IRON GRIP OF STEEL that you’ve ALWAYS WANTED – and build grip – and rugged levels of strength throughout the entire body it WILL – if you only LET it.

Well, my friend, I’ve said my part. Now it’s up to YOU.

The choice in terms of taking your grip – and overall body workouts to the NEXT level with the tips mentioned herein is UP to YOU, my friend.

Only you can make the choice … but if I were your brother, I know what I’d be telling you right about now.

Jump on it now – and just DO it!


Rahul Mookerjee -signature

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The course is currently being offered at a throwaway price of $27.99 for a reason. Unfortunately, that reason wont be valid forever, and the price WILL go up shortly in due course by at least fifteen smackers or thereabouts. Jump on it NOW while you have the chance.

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!