51 exercises to give YOU advanced strength and flexibility and feel like a BAZILLION BUCKS all day long!

Secret Russian training methods and exercises that old timers and world renowned strongmen – used to build their prodigious strength – brought to YOU now!

“Oh so simple” isometrics to build AMAZING LEVELS OF “unheard of” strongman strength!



Dear Friend,

The Great Gama of India needs no introduction, does he?

The famous Indian wrestler “Gama Pehelwan” of yore who reportedly did 5000 Hindu Pushups and 3000 Hindu squats today, ate a diet that would do 10 modern day men proud (although to be fair, a lot of old time strongmen ate like horses – Arthur Saxon being one), and went undefeated in more than FIFTY YEARS.

Or Bruce Lee, perhaps. He needs no introduction either, does he?

I dont think so my friend. But what is not known, or so widely known, is that Lee was an active advocate of the way the Gama trained, and an active advocate of the exercises I have put out in my books and courses.

Hindu pushups. Fingertip pushups (which he is pretty much the only person that I’ve read of that came close to truly mastering this great, great exercise). Pull-ups. And so forth.

But what is NOT known is that all these three men mentioned above, and ALL the strongmen of yore, or most – used a little known secret in their training that allowed them to catapult their already scary strength and fitness (and flexiblity) levels through the roof.

This secret has been known throughout the ages by those that did it.

In fact, it’s sheer efficacy is quite literally – the stuff of LEGEND (is it any wonder that the legends all practiced it?)

It not only built freakish levels of strength, but strengthened one’s bones, muscles and tendons BEYOND belief.

And above all, it … ah, but we’ll get to the REAL benefit and the reason YOU want this course the MOST soon enough! 

For now, suffice it to say that (much like a lot of the other training methods I advocate that are the best EVER when it comes to strength, health, fitness and conditioning from the INSIDE OUT (not the other way around! – it doesnt work that way!)) these methods have all been cast by the way side in favor of modern day “machine sheen” and boobybuilding.

And the pumping and toning, and irrational “trying to outdo the other” in lifts that by their very nature are not just harmful to the body, but add little, if any, functional strength and fitness and benefit to YOU!

Big mistake, my friend, and one I aim to rectify HERE, and RIGHT NOW. 

What is it, you might ask now. What are these methods? 

The world famous “lats like bats” pose from the immortal and one and only Bruce Lee!

Well, I’ll tell you … but first, a bit of a blast from the past. This was known to me before, but a reader of my books and courses let me know what I already did in a manner way better than I could ever say it!

I have to admit that I’m no “expert” when it comes to how Gama or any other Hindu wrestlers train/trained but I remember reading a book about Joseph Greenstein “the mighty atom” which details the conversation Gama had with Greenstein when they met in America when Greenstein was a young boy.

Greenstein asked Gama how he got so strong and Gama replied that he wrestled a tree every day (isometric strength/endurance) and that he tried with all his might to throw that tree to the ground, to which Greenstein asked did you ever succeed in throwing that tree to the ground? Gama laughed and said “no” little one but, after you have wrestled a tree human beings are not a problem, which is probably a big contributor to why Gama retired undefeated.

And it’s true, my friend!

And whats more, the “Atom” himself did a lot of isometric training.

For those not familiar with the Mighty Atom, here are a few of his feats –

  • Pulling an airplane with his HAIR once
  • Bending horseshoes for fun and at strongman events with his bare hands
  • Driving spikes through … METAL with the PALM of his hand!
  • Biting through NAILS
  • Bending steel bars with his hand …

He was also 5’4”, weighed in at 150 lbs soaking wet, and therefore got the name the “Mighty Atom” – and was pound for pound one of the STRONGEST men alive at the time, if not THE STRONGEST MAN!

He was also a huge, huge advocate of isometric training.

Alexander Zass, the “Amazing” Samson strongman of yore … and in case you haven’t heard of him?

Zass was born in 1888. While still a young man, Zass’ strength training included bending green branches” i.e. Tree branches!

During World War One, heas taken as a prisoner of war four times, but ended up escaping EACH AND EVERY TIME!


Certainly not by wining any pardons!

As a prisoner, he quite literally worked out on a daily (and then some) basis by pushing and pulling against the STEEL bars of his cell (and they made ’em REAL back then to say the least!).

And if you were to conclude that his escapes involved him ‘breaking chains and bending bars’ – – well, you’d be SPOT ON, bro! 


Alexander Zass bending IRON like only he could!

If it worked for the Gama, the Atom, Charles Atlas (him of the famous isometric training course), Bruce Lee, Alexander Zass and the Gama, will it work for you?

Hell yes it will!

But other than building strength – big time – and improved performance in all exercises there is another hidden benefit to this sort of training, which is the REAL reason most people will want to get their hands on this course!

That being the following – to go from feeling “BLAH!” to feeling “PEPPY and on top of the world” in less than a minute (literally) – and without even doing what you’d call any sort of workout!

That being, stretching and joint loosening.

You’ll see how beneath, but for now let me just say that most people today wake up feeling run down, go through the entire day feeling the same way, and go to BED with a sense of “run downness”.

Lethargy, tiredness, and irritability seem to rule the roost everywhere. At the time of writing this, the “plague from china” has spread all over the world as it were, and has kept most people, kids included, cooped up indoors.

And the above problems have just worsened.

Sad part, or perhaps if you look at it a certain way, isometrics can reverse all that very quickly.

But first, picture this my friend.

Have you ever woken up with a pounding headache and a complete BLA! feeling – no, not even after “indulging” the night before?

(insert activity of choice for “indulging”, of course. HA!)

This morning – or afternoon -mentally in some regards yours truly “woke up” JUST like that.

Except my pounding headache was more a pounding subconscious.

It was different! I could feel it.

Perhaps the almost-lucid dream I’ve been having for a while due to the brain programming techniques I use before lopping off to bed is one reason.

(dreams, I should say – but yesterday’s was EVEN more vivid – right down to the names of and on the highway markers!).

But anyway, I didnt know what to do.

And of course, it had to be the day it was noisy around me. Babel of NOISE.

And in that state I could barely function, let alone write or do anything.

Snap out!

I did my meditation for a while (which I’ve been neglecting over the past few days), but I did it with a twist.

Didnt really work.

Then I stepped OUT.

Felt the sunshine on my face. Breathed some fresh – or as fresh as it can be – air.

Saw a neighbor pacing up and down smoking a “fag”.

And so forth.

I felt better, but nothing like what I wanted to.

And then I did it.


I did some simple routines STRAIGHT out of the book. Each took less than a minute.

Indeed, there is a reason those “tough” workouts in there take less than 5 minutes in some cases, and there is a reason a lot of the “GO HARD!” workouts in my books also take less than 5 minutes!

It’s about what you can do and HOW you can do it in the quickest possible time – not the other way around.

Anyway – I stretched my legs, upper back, hamstrings, and as I felt the pop and crackle all over my body (mostly all stale energy from a hard squat workout and a load of pull-ups yesterday) – voila.

A WEIGHT – a huge one – was lifted off me.

Brain fog disappeared.

That most important muscle started to function again – I’m talking about “up there”, hehe, though admittedly these isometrics DO have a huge carry over “in bed” – along with the routines in this course – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

There is a reason I say that last course can put Viagara out of business almost overnight if enough people “get on the stick”, hehe.

(If your ladies and significant others have been complaining about your “lasting ability” or “staying hard” or what not in bed – then a combo of these TWO courses is what you NEED – NOW). 

Isometrics PLUS my patented “joint looseners” as it were.

Most people aren’t interested in bending steel bars, I’d say.

Whats in it for ME, you’d ask if thats all I said were the benefits of following a good isometrics training program for a while.

Well – – there is FAR more than just strength!

And I COULD have put the joint looseners into another book and “gotten away with it” but I did not do it because of two reasons.

First, they work well in tandem. They’re fine by themselves, but it’s only when you combine them is when you get REAL benefit.

At the time of writing this book, I’ve been writing non stop for pretty much the best part of three days.

And I dont feel cranky or run down at all. My traps do get tight occasionally, but thats it.

A while ago, before writing to you (this section), I did some of the exercises below – and bang – my “flagging” energy levels were restored to 100 % plus and more!

And the same holds true for YOU!

You will not just build strength through these and get better at your existing exercises, rep counts etc.

You will FEEL LIKE A BILLION BUCKS while doing it, and that alone is worth the price of admission!

Not only that, you’ll feel more spiritually “connected” to the universe as you BREATHE right and “melt” into the stretches.

Problems will fade away.

You will become “at peace with yourself” and “at One with the Universe”.


Joseph L Greenstein, the Mighty Atom – old time strongman that performed positively freakish feats of strength – and also one of the most spiritual men that ever lived. 

And you’ll feel fresher than ever before when you finish!

And listen UP, fella.

Isometrics are one of the most IGNORED part of most peoples training.

BIg mistake.

People pooh pooh them as being “useless”.

Even bigger mistake.

They TRULY ARE the MISSING link in YOUR training thus far (believe me!)

What do I mean?

You’ve got guys out there for instance, that can bang out 50 pull-ups in perfect form easy peasy.

They can hike hills all day. 

Perhaps wrestle for hours a day. 

But amidst all this hardcore stuff, they forgot the “yang”. 

And not necessarily willingly so. Hey, I know. I’ve been there too.

The yin and yang basically, and the gentle and FLEXIBLE soothes the effects from the HARD and brutal, while the latter complements the fomer too.

Truly a symbiotic relationship, my friend.

And I’m amazed I had not written a book on isometrics before my great customer (one of them – the numbers are LEGION!) prompted me to do the book on isometrics (I believe it was him).

He made other requests too which are all in various stages of completion as we speak.

Lots to do and I’m loving it!

But really – isometrics were used by EVERY great strongman of yore, and there is a reason behind this (as I say on the sales page).

And ANOTHER GREAT customer of mine from the UK, John, just got this very book (in paperback format) – and said the following (bear the above in mind while reading what THIS man had to say) –



Of all the excellent training information that you’ve written about in your superb training books I truly believe that the information in this latest book is the missing link that ties all the other books together.

It is no exaggeration that this book is a must read for anyone who wishes for their body to function as an integrated unit and not just a collection of uncoordinated body parts.

People, in this book you will find the secret to how calisthenics athletes perform such impossible looking feats of strength. Brilliant work Rahul.

Warmest Regards

John Walker

And he said it better than ever before!

YES, bodyweight exercises do connect the entire body – even if you dont do isometrics.

BUT, and this is a huge BUT.

Your TRUE strength comes from the inside out, and so does your vitality.

And if you’re thinking that strong muscles are the secret ALONE, you’re sadly mistaken my friend.

They’re PART of the secret yes, but by NO MEANS the MAIN reason.

The main reason behind your strength and improvement in your strength training levels etc is – get this – your TENDON and LIGAMENT strength!

The strongest muscles in the world will do nary a bit of good if the “back up” system is weak my friend.

And many a wrestler will testify to this.

So will the “reformed bench pressers” and boobybuilders who KNOW how easy and painful it is to tear ligament upon ligament while piling more and more weight onto the bar in an insane manner…

To truly learn the secret behind REAL strength – – to do it the way the old timers did – grab this now my friend.

And just in case you think that was IT, here is a more exhaustive list of the BENEFITS you can expect from this course  – 

  • Massive increase in brute STRENGTH over a period of time, and betteer performance in all your exercises. This course is truly the MISSING link in your training that you’ve been IGNORING ALL ALONG!

  • Increased FLEXIBLITY throughout your entire body, and vastly improved health and digestion as a result.

  • Insomnia will be a thing of the past. Get on a regular program involving stretching, isometrics and LOOSENING the joints and you’ll sleep as well as you did when you were a BABY!

  • (no, I’m not kidding!)

  • Increased fat loss around the core and midsection. There is great truth to the saying “stretch and burn FAT!”

  • Increased muscular definition all over the body.

  • Improved bone strength. You’ll never have to worry about oesteoporosis or bone decay, for one, once you get on programs such as these!

  • As stated above so many times, you’ll not only look good – great, actually – but you’ll FEEL GREAT – and you’ll radiate happiness all around you, but most importantly, YOU will be happy internally and relaxed!

  • Yours muscles will become loose and limber – and STRONGER than ever at the same time, “coiled and ready”, “ready to pounce at a moment’s notice”, much like a tiger or other wild animals!

  • Increased tendon and connective tissue strength and flexibility. It’s well known that this is a weak area for most, and is also the reason why there are so many injuries out there in many regards. Strengthen ALL weak areas. You’re only as strong as your WEAKEST link, my friend, and my programs/routines here will DO that, and then some.

  • Reduce DOMS – that ole “bugbear” we all hate. Remember how you feel after a set of Hindu squats done to the max, for one?  That feeling of “wobbly legs”, and not able to walk properly etc? Well, this course will address THAT too – while strengthening your legs, you’ll also minimize soreness etc that comes after a solid workout.   (check out exercises #11, 12, 14, 16, 17 – and indeed many more in the course for this!) 
  • A sense of “sang froid” and “calmness” that attracts SUCCESS in all its shapes, forms and guises to you when you follow a regular stretching/loosening program such as I’ve laid out for you. It’s well known that excess stress in the muscles, joints etc affects not only the body, but the most important muscle the MIND as well, and when you get on this program – you can FORGET about stress, period.

  • A few minutes of doing these movement will leave you feeling “loose and limber”, “light as a feather” and “cracking with energy” – and those are but a few of the descriptors I’ve used for myself after these exercises/routines!

And much, much more my friend. You’ll find out for yourself soon enough!

Before I end, tho….

What even the bodyweight exercise Guru yours truly didn’t know, and only extended periods of stretching brought it home to me .. and what most people would never conceptualize, let alone think about.

For a long , long time, back in the day, I was stuck at 50 squats in one set – and couldn’t progress no matter what.

I could do 10 sets of 50. No problem. But one more, just wasn’t happening.

You might think this is mostly mental?

Blocks were part of it yes, even after years of trekking hills in hot humid weather for over 4 hours daily,I removed those blocks, but till very recently, I could never figure out why I was STILL so weak at the splits – while so strong in other areas like pull-ups and such. And hill sprints etc, and no, this was after putting in the work equally in all areas.

The back bridge was always easy peasy for me, front,not so much.

Weak hamstrings naturally like I’ve written about repeatedly – yes.

While I didn’t quite open them up brutally as shown in Kickboxer, hehe – I put in hours, improved, yet, something was missing.

The answer came to me while stretching out one day and it was fucking obvious, had been staring me in the face all along.

What was it, well, youll have to wait till I get back home from….


Well, at the bus stop now, practicing my kicks, stretching, and that’s when the REAL answer came to me.

When stretching. Done right – stretching doesn’t just open up your mind and body like never before, make you feel like a billion bucks – and all the other benefits I mention on the sales page for Isometric and Flexibility Training, and Advanced, profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training. It connects you to the spiritual and open doors of knowledge with golden keys that are only accessible to those that have DONE the thing.

No, like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, simply giving you or telling you about the key won’t get her done. In fact, it will rob you like the great Hill said- of much of the benefit you would get if you found it and experienced it YOURSELF.

But the reason was -strength imbalances.

While brushing my teeth, mind you,in the quick hurried manner I always do that the ex tells me to brush for much longer! Hehe -sound familiar – I noticed i kep standing on my right leg.

Instead of both equally. And with what I learned about my left side with splits – it hit me.

Despite all the training, exercises I was doing superlatively well, in the top 0.01 percent of folks like I’ve been told and rightly so, I was unconsciously not focusing on weak parts of my body and overcompensating with others – in one case, my right quad being naturally strong than the other which was more flexible.

Left hamstring less flexible than right.

Left hand stronger and longer normally, and this here monkey worked on the right till it’s now stronger – and amazingly enough i did not apply this same principle elsewhere!

We all have these weak and strong areas my friend – and extended periods of stretching and posing hard difficult questions to yourself will give you the answers eventually or maybe sooner if you’re the type that acknowledges reality.

Written on the dumbphone again so this has even more tai pos than my normal stuff, but the point stands.

If you’re even in the slightest bit interested in improving your health and fitness you don’t just need, you OWE it to yourself to get the two splendidly purses linked above and preferably more.

If you’re the sort of lunatic that is fat but lives by “I’m big but not fat” and parades around like an idiot with puffed up muscles – a look around the gym will show you these fools, don’t bother getting them.

And that’s that


So, now it’s time to say what I should have at the start.

Congratulations on your upcoming purchase, my friend. It truly is one of the best purchases you’ll ever make!

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



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