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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


51 tips on the SUPERLATIVELY great exercise we all want to get good at – the mighty PULL-up.


Dear Reader and fellow strength enthusiast,

As I just get done sitting here waiting for the (somewhat cranky as always) lovely wife to dish up some even lovelier Indian flatbread for lunch (That book Dish Delicious is topping the charts for a reason!) – I was reminded of more than a few things.

One, why pull-ups are such a supreme exercise and why although pushup are darn necessary, nothing ever replaces pull-ups.

Two, why so many people WANT to do pull-ups (and make excuses to cover up what they cannot do ie. pull-ups – because if there is ONE exercise that a person cannot do that exposes lack of TRUE strength and conditioning – it is the pull-up, my friend) (along with the table pushup and a few others, but really, the pull-up reigns nigh supreme there too!) …

… they just make you feel like a billion bucks for one.

They make you feel STRONG – like never before.

They make you feel like you have REAL strength – ape like, Gorilla like strength which cannot be replicated no matter how heavy you lift in the ole gym.

They make you feel like you’ve got a solid midsection and lower back built of IRON – and this feeling is based upon fact, because high rep pull-up workouts will not only make you feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before – so good, in bliss – but also build a midsection of streaming steel very quickly (how – well, one reason – you cannot do these workouts (or the exercise itself) with either a weak or flabby midsection).

And much much more.

Remember that movie, Red Dragon I bet it was, where the guy was doing pull-ups SLOW And steady, letter perfect form – up and down, up and down, smooth and easy, like butter?

Remember how YOU the pull-up enthusiast felt upon watching it – and those of you that could not do it – how you felt upon seeing him do ‘em while YOU couldn’t ?

I still remember that movie spooking me – pretty well made, not a candle on Silence of the Lambs and to an extent Hannibal though. I also remember the (ex) girlfriend telling me “honey, look at the muscles on that dude!”

And THAT, my friend is the look everyone wants. Lean, mean, corrugated core, X shape.

I don’t care how much you belch – ugh, bench (one of the most useless exercises ever) or squat or deadlift, or how much you can do on the monkey pulldown machine which a real ape would pick up and toss out of the jungle quicker than you can say “voila” – and I’d be there to pat ape on the back – that machine is the MOST useless injury causing piece of crap ever invented, period.

If you’re part of the growing horde of jackasses that claim “I can do X amount on the pulldown” so I don’t need pull-ups – well, stop reading right here. This book ain’t for you.

Look, to put it simply, there is a reason the miitary focuses on running, pushups, pull-ups and sprints (and other bodyweight exercises) to get people in top shape – be they regular army or military.

There is a reason the pull-up and other pulling exercises associated with the pull-up are a staple in most serious wrestler’s and boxers routine – not the asininely dumb lat pulldown. Ugh!

Look at the two pictures below, you get my drift.

(ignore the pyscho effect – that was necessary for the movie!)

Two, lean, mean, corrugated MUSCLE – that just plain works, the other – big bulky muscles for show that disappear as soon as the person stops injecting whatever junk it is into their system. Ugh!

Not to mention the unnatural movements that rip shoulders apart, in some cases those shoulders never return to normal again.

Anyway – there are few exercises, which, as a certain “maid” my wife employed (whose apparently now my girlfriend too – women – don’t ask, hehe) keeps saying proudly “I eat as much as I like! I feel as hungry as a horse!”.

Well, working from 6AM-7PM old school style, of course she does.

Akshay Kumar, an old school actor from Bollywood who admittedly in the middle had lost the “old school look” (but to be fair guy was changing with the times – which is smart biz if nothing else, there’s a reason the guy rose from humble beginnings to earning literally millions of dollars per movie!) – but is getting back to it more and more as he “ages” (isnt it interesting how the wheel ALWAYS comes full circle? Right now, everything is slowly going “old school” again – maybe mixed in with technology to a degree, but old school is very much back in fashion!) said something interesting the other day which to be honest is something I’ve followed all my life.


Can we say LEAN, MEAN, fighting machine? This guy is reputed to do 100’s of pull-ups daily in his jungle gym -that physique SHOWS! The “Khiladi”, PLAYER as he’s rightly known as hehe.

And this is the sort of development YOU CAN HAVE, my friend – upper body DEVELOPMENT YOU – can have – if you get on pull-ups and do ’em RIGHT. 

I still remember taking his picture to the barber salon at the age of 13 asking if I could have a hairstyle like him. Hehe.

That fascination for long hair never went away (despite the barber telling me I’d have “puff my hair” or something for it) but anyway, guy was the epitome of REAL fitness – the everyday guy who you see on the street, except he was lean, mean, natural – and toned to a T – and muscles everywhere – as you’d expect from a several degree black belt and Muay Thai guy who earned his stripes every bit of the way.

This isn’t an “ode” to the guy or anything – I’m stating facts – put any decent martial artist in his place, and they’ll have the same build (Watch the movie Bloodsport – the guy from Hong Kong “IP” I believe his name is who fought in the semi-finals and lost in the movie – in reality, a lot of those guys were asked to tone down their kicks to make the hero of the movie Van Damme look good! (a world class martial artist in his own right mind you)).

Anyway – all these guys are lean, mean, and pump out pull-up after pull-up – various styles – like NO-one’s business – something you can only do if you’re lean and mean like animals in the wild are.

It’s a look everyone wants.

It’s a look you can’t fake – its a VIBE you can’t fake, much like the vibe you can’t fake which comes naturally along with the STRUT from having a toned midsection as opposed to artificial awkward bulky looking six pack abs.

And so forth, and PULL-UPS my friend – build this look, give you the VIBE!

REAL MAN, utter confidence OOZING AND STREAMING from every pore as you walk down the street. Broad shoulders – packed chest – a lower back of streaming steel – forearms that are literally corrugated with veins running up and down them (check out our YouTube channel for more on mine – you’ll see!) – and so forth.

And these guys all say one thing – “we don’t diet, we eat healthy, but we eat what we like within limits, and on time”.

There you have the key, my friend.

One of the keys to supreme health and fitness, and the other key is not just pull-ups, but bodyweight exercises done right.

And while the pushup is undoubtedly the “big dog” of fitness, the PULL-UP?

Is KING, my friend, and anyone that does them regularly and does ‘em right knows what I mean.

Well my friend, why did I write this ode to the pull-up and not get it from my site where numerous such odes are penned?

Because I have SO much to say about the pull-up, because it so deserves more mention – the more the less I feel – hehe.

And thats why I wrote these tips, each one a gold mine unto itself.

Read, learn, benefit, and be BLOWN away my friend. The path is shown in front of you – now will you TREAD and continue to walk that path?

Only you can answer that question my friend.

(and yes, both men and women can do pull-ups, in some cases women do ‘em far, far better!).

If you’re truly looking to be the closest thing to “Superman” (or Spiderman, as a kid keeps correcting me, hehe) as possible with the muscles to boot, if you’re truly looking to get to Guru level at pull-ups, and build a body that is carved out of streaming steel and granite with nary a weak point on it – then incorporate these tips into your workout.

Keep this book by your side at all times as you workout, read it daily to EMBLAZON the tips into your subconscious.

Most of all do the thing, (pull-ups) and do them DAILY.

You don’t have to hit personal bests everyday, but do ‘em daily.

The changes in your body will literally stupefy you my friend – when you get on this course taught as only the Bodyweight Exercise Guru Rahul Mookerjee can – well – you’re on the royal road to super strength, health, and conditioning (not in that order) – all in ONE package.

Onward and upward!

OLD school, nigh iconic – the famous photos of Rahul Mookerjee doing them pull-ups!


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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

Are you “BIG” – or just plain PHAT? 

This, my friend, is another one of those sections that I could literally look up in any of my books, and bring to you in the same format – verbatim, and I wouldn’t be “off” in doing so, because the truism in those statements would still be valid.

But it’s so STUPID – this rant I keep hearing from fat guys (women seem to be far more “acknowledging” of fat in terms of being unfit, of course, not in terms of looks, hehe, but thats a different tale! ;)) – that I gotta address it again now.

Look, first off, if you’re fat, you’re fat. It’ll show. I don’t care how much you can lift or punch, if you’ve got a mammoth belly hanging over your midsection, man tits ogling through your shirt, and thus forth then you may or may not be strong, but you sure are heck as fat.

You sure as heck don’t have the look either you or most people really WANT.

And if you’ve got excess fat around the midsection chances are excellent and second to none you’re afflicted with about a dozen different, if not more maladies that people “stock up on medication in advance” – constipation, IBS, the works. Ugh!

Pain in the ass – literally (not to mention the stupidity of keeping your medicine cabinet stocked “just in case”. You’re literally expecting disaster to happen!).

Back to it – thats the most common excuse folks make for not being able to do pull-ups, and thats yet another reason I wrote this course – what I tell you here CAN be done by big and strong folks. It cannot be done by FAT people though – or weak people – and sometimes skinny can be weak as well – sometimes it can be strong. But fat can never be strong enough to do pull-ups, my friend.

Fact of life as clear as daylight and any serious trainee reading this knows that.

Charles, a former friend of mine once proposed to me an idiotic theory of his which went as follows “my girlfriend is lighter than me so she could outsprint me on the hill (on a bike)”.

Um – no, fella.

You gotta be dumber than a box of bricks or hammers or what not to even think that.

Or, a grade A excuse maker.

Look, I’ve said this before – mass can be either muscle or fat.

IF it’s muscle, well, look at guys like Herschel Walker, Walter Peyton etc – they moved like the wind, no? Iron Mike Tyson, George Foreman (ok, he was a bit blockier, but still) – you get the picture. List goes on and on and on.

Bottom line – F = m x a.

I don’t think anyone out there would argue with Newton?

If that mass is muscle, you’ll accelerate MORE than a skinny person – not less. Look at a grizzly bear – even with all that “fat” – those lumps of solid muscle all over its body enable it to run DOWNHILL – yes, downhill, and outrun mice and rabbit it’s chasing – and get ‘em – quite literally my friend.

Look at the mighty tiger, lean, mean, corrugated muscle, capable of reaching speeds up to 60 km/hr within a few seconds!

Look at the human “animals” mentioned above.

Look at yours truly.

And so forth.

Then you have the Bozos claiming (like a former affiliate – a grade A buffoon and cry baby if there ever was one) constantly whined about “I have a different body type”.

Dude, no, you don’t.

If you’re fat, you’re fat.

You can sugar coat it, lie to yourself, but if you can’t do a single pull-up – then you’re fat (or skinny and weak). It’s as simple as that.

You can whine about feeling bad – people being impolite or what not, all that mamsy pamsy rainbow feel good crap wont do a darn thing to address the FACTS.

Only solid sheer action will.

Which of course requires a good long honest look in the mirror and admission of facts if just to oneself. . .

Now, in case you’re thinking I’m making an example out of these two?

“I ain’t either”.

These are just examples off the top of my well populated head (not so much on the crown, hehe – although as my lawyer friend recently told me “that can’t really be seen! ;))”…

Theres tons more exactly such nuts out there.

Charles’s only response to all of this was this –

“I could pick you up and toss you out the window!”

Um, not without injuring your lower back, friend.

Second, it ain’t that easy to do with someone that constantly moves around, third, do so with someone that knows how to land right like a cat (if not like the cat who literally jumped down from the 17th floor of my buddy’s apartment complex in China and was miraculously found prancing around like nothing ever happened to it – aptly named “Hunter” that kitten was, the way he hunted mice was something to see!) …

Third, picking people up ain’t as easy as it’s shown in the WWE and other pantonmines no matter how professionally they’re done.

Fourth, even if you could, we ain’t talking brute shows of strength here, we’re talking “fat around the midsection”.

Fifth, you’d be out of breath and out of it for enough time for someone to sock you one while you “recovered”. Real life ain’t weight training my friend. Get in the ring, and you’ll find out (the real ring, not “so called wrestling” while “his real jam was football”).

To conclude this –

Very few men today (I use the term “men” sparingly as most males today are anything but real men) have the strength required to pull themselves up from a slow dead hang to a full pull-up, chin over bar, pause, and then all the way down – let alone for reps.

And that alone says a lot about modern day fitness my friend – in a word – pathetic.

In this course, there’s none of that.

We take you by the SCRUFF and turn you into a beast – literally.

We show you how, if you’re a super stud – to REFINE your techniques to get to “super duper” stud level at pull-ups – David Goggins ++ – and more.

We talk about hidden secrets to the pull-up the old timers all knew, but no-one talks about now ….

.. whew! I’m alredy getting into the benefits which I will again below, but …

If you’ve gotten this far and haven’t been scared off as yet – congrats. You’re likely the sort of person we want investing in this course. (as opposed to the two sorts above and their ilk).


BENEFITS you’ll get from this course – 

If you implement these tips into YOUR pull-up and even other bodyweight routines, YOU will …

Progress to stratospheric levels at the pull-up – and do so effortlessly while getting better at pushups and all other bodyweight movements you do – INCLUDING squats. That alone is a mind bender for most folks that think squats have got nothing to do with pull-ups, but the Bodyweight Exercise Guru will show you otherwise as he is always “wont to”.

Be taken by the SCRUFF of the neck and literally forced, left with no choice but to get better at the exercise or just plain ole quit (in which case we don’t want you wanking around here no mo) … its either SURVIVE AND THRIVE, or DIE (metamorphically). Thats the spirit this course will arouse in you, like “no man ever has before” and you cannot go wrong with that sorta spirit!

… tread paths on the pull-up NO man has ever trodden before – literally – some of these tips are literally worth their weight in gold my friend, you’ve never seen them anywhere else before, you never ever will.

lose fat and gain muscle so quickly that even you won’t believe it’s the same person looking back at you in the mirror a few weeks later. You’ll be fitting into clothes you wore as a teen – no kidding.

.. be feeling great, and vibrating like a bazillion bucks all the time, and attract SUCCESS in all it’s forms (especially with the opposite gender) to you while the gym goers glower and gawk at you and wonder “what’s he on”, or “I wish that happened to me!”

… BLAST past personal bests in other workouts effortlessly due to the extra strength and conditioning these routines build.

. get to “hallowed” numbers in the pull-up that even my other world class books on pull-ups did not address. Por ejempelo, 50 pull-ups per set – or even 100?

Blink all you like, but it’s possible, very POSSIBLE, and in this book you’ll learn how!

build a grip of steel like never before. My other books do a fair job of this as well (the info in them) but THIS info takes that, pounds it into pulp, multiplies it by 10 or more and then re-emerges as lumps of muscle on those forearms.

Don’t believe me? Ask Sly Stallone whose own forearms are the stuff of legend, and whose reported to have been on the same routines as what this book advocates.

… will start cranking out one arm pull-ups effortlessly, willy nilly, truly the holy grail of strength and conditioning eh.

will take your core gains to the next level – so much so that punches will literally “rebound” off your midsection while you do very little other than stay “normal”.

…. will turn into the closest thing to a human ape – or tiger in terms of that KILLER instinct which pull-ups build like few other movements can.

… will turn into a mountain of muscle overall, and a bundle of sinew and tendons that will be every bit as strong, tough and rugged as they LOOK!

will be the STAR, the attraction at the gym, playground, or just at home as people look at you cranking out pull-ups effortlessly that they wish they could do, and in some cases cannot even after years of trying.

And so much more, my friend. So much more!!

I could write a tome here, and it would not be enough – so in short – take what the last three courses taught you, and this is literally the ICING on that cake which makes everything so special and worth it.

And we’re just getting started!

Friend, this course is MORE than worth it’s weight in gold, silver and platinum, and with the plethora of, the treasure trove of SECRETS – just WAITING TO BE UNVEILED by you – the pithy amount of LESS than $50 I am charging for it is a STEAL.

Therefore, I must tell you now – this price will not last forever. Maybe a week or so post release this course, but after that, the price goes up, up and UP.

Get your mitts on it while you can at this price, and start pulling yourself to rareified levels of strength and development today. This LITERALLY IS one of those courses every serious, or even halfway serious fitness trainee simply must have sitting on their bookshelf!!

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee