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51 “forgotten” and much ignored tips on the “oldest exercise known to man” that will WHIP you, army style into the best shape of your LIFE!


As with my other course Pushup Central, and every thing else I teach in all my businesses, products, books, courses, and manuals, be damn sure you’re in good physical health before attempting the exercises in this course. Now, these exercises will GET you into the best shape of your life if you aren’t already, but what I am saying is “don’t just jump from a perch on the sofa to Everest” – as I state in my other books, work up to everything.

All in “dew” time as a person recently told me, so it works for life, fitness, everything else.

Second, read these tips not in place of but WITH those in Pushup Central.

The author is not a medical professional (although he has more and useful practical knowledge than most actual medical professional will let on beyond the facade of “repeated hospital visits” to fatten their wallets”), and he promises if you DO the thing, your abdomen will have the exact opposite impact.

All puns aside, though I Was serious there – the advice in book does not take place of that dispensed by a qualified medical professional – contact your doctor or medical provider if you have any doubts, stop if you experience “actual” pain and so forth.

I hate to have to say all this, but I do!

With that said, onward.

INTRODUCTION and why I wrote this book.

Phew, that was a long intro wasn’t it – or disclaimer?

So I’ll keep it short here – no pun intended, or I’ll TRY and keep it short.

Basically, many of the same reasons I wrote Pushup Central I.e pushups being the mainstay of any serious fitness enthusiast’s routine, yet being roundly ignored by most folks, dispelling the “they’re too easy or too boring” B.S. you keep hearing about them (anyone that says that is an utter fool that hasn’t done ‘em right, or has no clue on how to) – how they “only build endurance” (WRONG! Ask Mike Tyson, Herschel Walker, Ken Shamrock and a host of other illuminaries for one, even better, DO ‘em yourself, and you’ll see!) – (and even if thats all they built, what most people need today is a dose of “Energizer Bunny” if you get my drift, what with all the “I’m always sick” (or tired) nonsense going on!) …

because pushups build every part of your body, and turn you into an IRON being, literally INDESTRUCTIBLE as a reader wrote in about Pushup Central.

Because they build a core of steel, the grip of Cain and more you’ve always wanted, legs like pillars (yes) – they reduce fat, SMELT fat in record time I should say, yada, nada, schnada.

And more, and either go to the benefits portion of this book or in Pushup Central and you’ll read more.

I could literally wax lyrical all day on this!

Point being though, the same two reasons why I (despite not liking them too much) do a lot of videos.

Its nigh impossible to put all your knowledge in one book.

Even if you write that book for years, you keep learning, the day you put out the book is the day you learn something new, and thats how it is, you NEVER stop learning. As I said in 0 Excuses Fitness, that is as close to true mastery as you can get, if you were to ask the great Bruce Lee that, he’d tell you the same thing too.

And the same thing goes with non videos.

Hence, an FAQ on pull-ups and handstand pushups …

Hence, Gorilla Grip – TIPS!

And hence this book.

In it you’ll find ignored, forgotten but EXTREMELY valuable gems, nuggets of info that will add to what you learn in Pushup Central, and if used correctly, they will SKYROCKET your gains beyond belief.

Perhaps thats why the benefits section in this book is longer than in Pushup Central.

In the trenches learning is the best learning anyone can hope to receive from the school of HARD knocks or hard workouts.

And thats the style I bring this to you in as with all my other writing.

Dont just READ these tips and forget about ‘em.

Don’t just implement them once and forget about ‘em.

They deserve to be in your mind every time you knock out a pushup workout, or even a set, they’re that important, and you’ll soon see why once you start implementing.

That said, onward!

BENEFITS YOU’LL GET FROM NOT JUST READING, but IMPLEMENTING what is taught in this one of a kind course – or manual, what have you. I love that word manual!

(and word to the WISE – these are all benefits you can get from Pushup Central, the EXTRA parts in PURPLE are the adds on you get HERE in addition to the above!!!)

  • A rock solid midsection and a core that looks like it’s carved from STEEL. I don’t care if you’re a boxer, or martial artist, or just the everyday “blob”, hehe (sorry, but sometimes one has to be honest) – – we could ALL use that sort of a midsection – – not to mention the six pack – – doncha think?

    Your abs will literally HURT, smoulder and POP like never before when you implement the EXTRAS IN these tips!

  • If you’ve been suffering fromIBS – or flatulence– or those annoying issues that make you “constantly have to go” – well – you might as well kiss them goodbye once you start on these exercises!

Constipation? Whats that? The malady that affects almost everyone, including fitness gurus and such? Well, you’ll completely forget what the meaning of that word is, almost! Literally pushups with these magic tips work your entire core from the inside out like NOTHING ELSE AND NO OTHER exercise/workout can or WILL!

  • Your entire abdominal region and lower back will become rock solid – and health issues will become a thing of the PAST.

Not to mention your hamstrings, groin, everything will become way more powerful than it is right now, and more flexible. Implement the tips here in, you’ll literally get into “supreme martial artist” shape with persistence – as close to Bruce Lee as you can get!

  • You’ll build a massive upper body – shoulders and chest -not to mention slabs of MUSCLE all over back – especially the upper back – and this won’t be the bloated “gym” muscle you see all over the place that looks good, but ain’t got squat to back it up, hehe (pun intended!)

And you’ll do so while keeping the lean, mean and TONED look. STEEL AND WHALEBONE!

  • Your legs will get the workout of their lives on some of these pushups – believe me now – and trust me LATER!
  • You’ll start to lose FAT – that unsightly blubber around your waist and midsection specifically within a FEW workouts. That’s right – and this fat loss will be so RAPID you’ll not only wonder where the love handles, muffin tops, bingo wings etc WENT – – but you’ll be scratching your head in amazement at the sheer SPEED you’ll lose weight at!

It won’t just be rapid, it might well be permanent, so well will you be “rewiring your body’s circuits” once you implement these tips! You’ll literally be huffing, puffing and blowing the dang house down!

  • Improved digestion is a given – not to mention an increased appetite. You’ll be able to eat more, and still not turn into “Tubbo” i.e. no more unsightly lard anywhere on your frame!
  • You’ll be able to fit into clothes you haven’t fit into for years. Friends and co-workers won’t believe the rapid changes in you – and will ALL want to know the secret – let ’em in on it if you so desire, hehe.
  • Perhaps the best thing for the average Joe – you won’t have any excuses left NOT to workout any more, my friend. All you have to do is drop down and start on these pushups – and as for a space to workout – – well, we ALL have a floor and a few inches of space somewhere, don’t we??
  • Your forearms – and grip – will increase tremendously. “Carpal tunnel”, pain in the wrists etc will become a thing of the past very quickly indeed.

MY! IF there was ONE reason I’d urge you to pay heed to these tips its that you’ll build a gorilla like grip x10 and CLAWS OF PURE STREAMING STEEL when you implement the tips right!

  • You’ll feel relaxed throughout the entire day – and you’ll have an unshakeable, “laser like” confidence about you after just a few workouts – confidence that others will NOTICE (“Here cometh the MAN!”) – and confidence that will propel you – UNWAVERED – towards whatever goal you set for yourself!

COMETH THE HOUR, COMETH the man, folks will say about you! LITERALLY – that is the confidence and vibe you’ll build with these tips and workouts!

  • Increased success with the “opposite sex” is a by product of these workouts. I don’t know why, but pushups lend themselves to a sort of “confident demanor” that women (or men) will pick up on – a sort of feeling you CANNOT get from pounding weights galore at the gym. If you can handle your own body from all angles and directions- you can handle — ah, but I’ll stop there – but you get the picture, my friend!
  • REAL functional strength that STAYS with you regardless of circumstance or situation. You’ll be able to carry your damsel up several flights of stairs WITHOUT being out of breath – and come “moving day”, you’ll be tossing sofas around like no-one’s business! And thus forth …

Mental strength that CANNOT be beat. Believe me, once you start doing 100 plus – or 250 – or even the hallowed 500 – pushup number per workout – you’ll develop an unshakeable sense of mental strength which will allow you not just to achieve nigh any goal you set yourself – but also to overcome adversity – sometimes of the most harrowing kinds (and believe me, I’ve been there on this one!

And much, much more my friend. The above is just the proverbial TIP of the iceberg …

Who is this book for?

For the every day Joe or Jane that wants to improve their strength and conditioning beyond any sort of belief, and quick at that.

For bloated “tubbos” looking to lose the lard quick.

If you’re looking to add that extra oomph to an already solid upper body routine, this book (manual) is for YOU.

If you’re looking to build Tyson/Herschel Walker like ARMS – this book is for you (do what the greats did, you’ll be great too in your way – guaranteed – natural law of the Universe, friend).

If you’re looking to build a REAL 12 pack from the inside out as opposed to the showy tosh at the beach so many guys exult in showing (and girls too).

If you’re looking to build strength that never quits on ya, amps when you need it.

If you’re looking to build trap power like no other combo of routines can or will build (those mountainous GORILLA Traps).

If you’re an ace swimmer, elite martial artists, triatholoner – or Crossfitter looking to UP your game and take it to the next level.

And lots of other categories not mentioned here!

Get this NOW, my friend. It is indeed a MUST HAVE along with Pushup Central.

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee