40 buccaneering tips that will add on to what you learnt in Squat 101 – and take your benefits to the NEXT level altogether.

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A 100 squats a day truly keeps the DOCTOR AWAY!

“A 100 pushups a day keeps the doctor away, and …”

So do a 100 SQUATS!

I was going to say 250, but upon thinking about it I came to the conclusion that 100 is a fair number – both in terms of pushups and squats.

Like most of my writing, this is something that a true “doer” will understand – and those that don’t do will scoff (like a recent fatass did) “who the hell made this rule”.

No-one made the rule, my friend.

But the bottom line is this – certain things just “are”.

I could question this logic of “why do people eat three meals a day” – and given my extreme success in following a diet which is the polar opposite of this in terms of timings, and the success of those that have followed similar diets and exercises routines that make the so called experts “cringe” – well, ultimately FACTS count, my friend.

And it didn’t surprise me that this rant came from a lazy fatass (that in his own personal life lives on his wife, never has any money, can’t for whatever reason hold down a real job, is the sort of person that reads from pre-prepared scripts and does so in a most bumbling manner “ole Bumble”, hehe – I am NOT referring to the cricketer here! – and most of all, can’t do either a pull-up or squat in proper form amongst others).

He ain’t the only one either by far my friend .No he’s not!

Why do boxers and wrestlers “refrain” before a match – months before?

I’ve explained this galore, but those into “science” will question this too. By all means question it, but if all the logic you have for an answer yourself is “who the hell came up with it” – then you’re not qualified to ask the question, friend.

Real doers don’t ask idiotic questions – they DO.

And they get results, like yours truly does – and like YOU, the reader will if you implement the info in these tips with what is taught to you in Squat 101 – and then combine the two. Look for a book compilation shortly as well, but for now, this is a seperate manual – and back to the topic “why 100”?

Well, like I said, I was going to write 250 … but that might scare most people off.

But this is why, my friend, and it ties into the logic of bodyweight exercises themselves – QUICK and dirty, and intense is what gets the trick done.

I don’t care if your goal is to burn fat, or build FUNCTIONAL (no bloated gym muscles please) muscle and health from the inside out, or fit into pants you havent for years, or simply look good and or feel better and all of the above.

Whatever your fitness goals are, chances are long and drawn out “aint cutting it” long term, no pun – chances are excellent, and second to none that youve discovered the BENEFITS of “quick and intense” yourself.

David Quiros, who will likely be narrating the Audible version of this (PS – Excellent narrator – the guy is a true delight indeed to work with! And I highly recommend him to anyone) and who has already narrated Squat 101 is living proof of this.

He used to be a marathoner (and that is a worthy goal to have, don’t get me wrong), but he discovered just how beneficial “quick and intense” is as opposed to “long slow distance” all the time – and that it actually HELPS him in his “LSD” (no pun, hehe) endavors.

I wont “wax lyrical” here on that. But suffice it to say his story isn’t unique.

TONS of folks have gotten back to me saying these quick and dirty routines have not only changed the way they think and FEEL about fitness – – but also how they’ve changed their own bodies – and rapidly – using my techniques.

In many cases, aches and pains and niggles – and nasty fat “those hard to reach areas”? – that wouldn’t go away no matter what for YEARS – went away nigh quick once they got on these routines.

I could write a tome more on the “why” here but those into bodyweight exercises done right, and 0 Excuses Fitness KNOW what I mean. In short, your body is like a Ferrari, not a “Ford” – you simply must blow the valves wide open in order for it to function optimally.

Not ALL The time, but periodically yes.

Live like the tiger does, my friend.

The tiger doesn’t sprint at 60km/hr ALL the time, but when it needs to, especially when it’s “starved” for days – man, that thang can MOVE, and it does!

Ditto for grizzly bears, and any animal you see in the wild. They may do “LSD” by walking around slowly for days, but they don’t do it “for exercise”, they do it “naturally” – which is something I recommend too for human beings i.e. WALKING.

But that should not be your only mode of exercise.

Anyway – back to the POINT – why 100 squats a day “keeps the doctor away”?

Some of the same reasons an apple a day does. Hehe.
But fitness wise, 100 pushups done right should take about 9-10 minutes, perhaps even lesser if you’re GOOD at ‘em, and the heart will pump no matter how good of a shape you’re in.

You’ll be breathless and sweating even if you’re already in top shape.

The TIME taken is key here – and 100 squats done right should not take you any longer than 2.5. minutes, my friend.

Any longer, and you’re not in top shape.

And these short and intense workouts keep you sore for days – get the heart pumping, fat burning (that ONE sprint is what does it! Animal style) … and keeps the doctor away – because you get a “tune up from the inside out”.

Your digestion improves, your health improves, your MOOD improves, your VIBES improve – all of it improves immeasurably my friend.

And anyone that has done the thing KNOWS what I BE Talking about here.

Anyway, this 100 pushups a day keeps the doctor away should have been mentioned in the books on pushups. Hehe. But it wasn’t, all good … so I am mentioning it here. Most of you “0 Excuses Fanatics” will get all the books anyway, so you’ll see it here, and in any case, a master craftsman (or woman – no, it ain’t gender specific – women can do these workouts just as well as men can, if not better in some cases) should have MORE than one tool in their workout toolbox – all the tools that they can possibly gather, for that matter.

In closing – remember, this number isn’t set in stone.

For you, the number might be 90 or 200. Ditto for pushups, pull-ups, anything you do, but the key is to do, and do daily, do consistently.

Make haste, but do so “measurably” and with purpose, do so “sensibly “ as well. Don’t just jump off the couch when you haven’t done a squat for years and think you can jump straight into 500 – you can’t.

The point is, this is a benchmark to work up to, my friend – like a lot of the benchmarks I will state below.

And the point is to do, and do daily.

A 100 squats a day truly keeps the doctor away, 250 a day puts you on the road to stardom.

Add on a 100 or more pushups a day, and you’re headed for greatness.

Do 500 pushups and 500 squats daily – and keep that up for an entire year, and you WILL be great – you’re headed for not just greatness, but stardom, and at that point you don’t need me to “lecture” you on any of this, you’ll be qualified to write your own fitness books and then some!

(and, get back to me once you get to that level, I’ll let the WORLD know about it).

And that, friend is that.

It’s also why I wrote this book. These tips will help you go from “being merely good at squats” to “getting on the road to HALLOWED status at squats” (and therefore super health and fitness).

Look for a FAQ manual coming soon too on squats, but for now, these 51 tips are a must read, and will suffice.

Also, remember, if you ain’t squatting?


Squat 101 explains the logic of this in detail, but if you’re asking me again, you’ve bought the wrong book most likely.

On that note, this book can be read “standalone”, but the real benefits will come, and accrue when you read it WITH Squat 101 – not “standalone”. Again, that compilation so many of you want and have asked for is on the way, for now, pick up Squat 101 if you have not already – and I’ll keep you posted on the compilation as and when it’s “out” (released).

Ah, the puns.

With that, onward.

What Earlie Liederman had to say about REAL MEN!

Or, “fitness benchmarks for a real man” I could actually title this!

Most, if not ALL of what the old time physical culturists and strongmen had to say on the topic of health and fitness are worth double their weight in “gold” – – and are just as applicable today if not more.

Of course, modern day men (the vast majority, at any rate) are anything BUT anything even comparable to the old time physical culturists – – or even old timers in general.

“Men” these days (and I use the quotes for a reason) have turned into a pale, sorry, coffieured, manicured, pedicured, “metro-secksual” versions of what they were SUPPOSED to be – not to mention weak and flabby to the extreme.

My good buddy Marc made a telling comment the other day.

“Most men these days have NO clue on how to fight – let alone have even basic fighting skills”.

I agreed, and he went on.

“Every real man should have at least some basic fighting skills – purely for self defense if needed. Most men these days think that living in modern day society eliminates this necessity, but they are mistaken – big time”.

There was more to this convo that I’ll get into later, but he’s right, my friend. He’s so right – and I’m “downgrading it a notch” and not even getting into fighting skills.

No – what I’m talking about today is general fitness – and what I’m about to tell you are the five fitness benchmarks that fitness pioneer and strongman Earlier Liederman wrote in his book “Endurance”.

These are benchmarks Liederman, an accomplished old time physical culture enthusiast firmly believer EVERY man should attain in terms of fitness.

And so do it.

And before the “modern day men” out there start whinging about how it’s not applicable to them – guess what – it IS, my friend.

Here they are, in particular order then.

Every man (I’d say REAL man) should be able to do the following – –

  • Swim at least half a mile or more without stopping
  • Run at TOP speed 200 yards or more.
  • Jump over obstacles higher than his waist
  • Chin himself (until his chin touches his hands) at least 15 to 20 times.
  • Dip between parallel bars / chairs at least 25 times or more.

These, according to Liederman were the bare bones basics every man should strive to attain in terms of fitness – because you NEVER know what might happen.

You never know when you might be stuck in a fire – – or an emergency – – or have to save your own life – – or others as well.

You NEVER know when disaster might strike – – and indeed, it strikes when we are at our most unwary and complacent.

In his own words –

If he can accomplish these things he need have no fear concerning the safety of his life should he be forced into an emergency from which he alone may be able to save himself.”

And as I said before, these words ring AS true today as they did in “days bygone”.

Liederman was really the pioneer of fitness marketing – and mail order courses, even before Charles Atlas put out his famous courses – Liederman had “blazed the trail in that regard” before even him. (Atlas worked with him later).

Here are but a few quotes from the great man –

“A man should look good from every angle. He should have curves and contour rather than great, disfiguring ridges of muscles. He should have a development which is possible for attainment by almost any average boy or young man, who will apply himself to development and cultivate strength, speed and perfect health.”

“The fact that 90 percent of the measurements given out by famous strong men are grossly exaggerated.”

“You cannot develop the legs without developing the lungs at the same time.”

“clasping the hands behind the hips with warms stiff, and forcing the shoulders back as far as possible, until the shoulder blades touch.”

And so forth – the last being a GREAT isometric most people aren’t even aware of. . .

I invite the “modern day man” to take this one simple fitness test, my friend – and report back on the results.

Heck, I’ll make it even easier.

I’ll remove the swimming and replace it with 50 pushups – – and I’ll eliminate the pull-ups and dips altogether.

And it’s sad ,but true, but even with the above done, most “modern day men” would be hard pressed to complete even part of the pushups – – let alone the rest of it.

I think you get the point here, my friend.

Get in shape – and do so naturally.

Benching 500 pounds may look good in the gym and may be good for your ego – but it’ll do NEXT TO NOTHING at all in terms of functional fitness – – or saving your life.

Squatting an elephant won’t make you run any faster, my friend.

And so forth. Get on the stick NOW – – and get on the stick in terms of real world fitness programs – – the best of which being the 0 Excuses Fitness System– – and before long, you’ll not only pass the test Liederman outlined – – but you’ll be surpassing it.

And at that point, I’ll pat you on the shoulders, look you in the eye and congratulate you heartily – – not just for having built a solid base – – but also for getting in good enough shape to be able to save your life (as well as others dependent upon you) if required.

This System truly is the best, my friend. There truly is no other like it. Get on the stick NOW – and watch your fitness levels SOAR.

** And yes, this System is only for those that are SERIOUS about building some real health, strength and fitness. If you’re part of the “men need pedicures” as well crowd, well, this probably ain’t for you. If you’re part of the “bros at the gym pumping” flock, this certainly ain’t for you either. . .(and neither is this BOOK).

But if you’re a REAL man – or aspire to be ONE – well – then – this IS the perfect System for you – and can be picked up right HERE on this site.

As an aside, I went for a haircut the other day, and was in line – but I wasn’t waiting for others to get done with their haircut. No I was waiting for a fat, jowly male monstrosity to get done with his facial and pedicure. Whats the world come to when men not only think its ok NOT to be real men, but openly flaunt it? Ugggggggggghhhhhhhh ….!

But that wheel is coming full circle my friend as I’ve always predicted it would, as it always DOES. A return to “sanity” isn’t far off, but since this isn’t a philosophical discussion, I’ll leave that one out of here for now! 😉

The benefits you’ll get from this course

Every benefit you get from following what is mentioned in Squat 101 x 100.

Yes, I could end that here … and not be wrong.

But, here are a few more –

Improved performance in all exercises, even those NON squat related.

Improved strength and conditioning throughout the entire body – and youll BLAST past personal bests on squats like you’ve never imagined.

If you thought 500 squats was a hallowed number, you’ll be aiming for a 1000 now, thats how confident you’ll be feeling after workouts imbibed with these tips.

Your abs will turn into rock solid slabs of GRANITE – oh wait, I hear you say they’re that way already from squatting daily as in Squat 101. Ok, REBAR then! Trust me, this one movements works the core heavily!

Something that might come as a surprise – your GRIP strength will increase exponentially as your leg strength does. Don’t believe me? Test yoursef on pull-ups after a month of getting good, damn good at squats, and tell me how you do!

You’ll naturally have more energy and want to crank out more workouts.

Your WORK output and output in life in general will increase by so much and you’ll achieve so much more on AUTO PILOT it ain’t even funny, but the factor, let me just say 10 or more!

Your thighs will become so strong that you’ll be able to break into a sprint without warming up much as I did today – full speed, cheetah or TIGER style! Literally, trust me, that feeling alone is worth it – sheer POWER, legs PUMPING, heart THUMPING, left fist by chin ready to STRIKE! MAN!

Your derriere will turn into “dimpled” lumps of muscle *that description came from my wife who says the muscles make a “dimpled outline””. Ok, TMI? Maybe. But its also something everyone WANTS!

You’ll eat more, weigh less, a lot less, and put on tons, spades and HORDES OF MUSCLE WHILE you’re AT IT!

Your digestion will improve by leaps and bounds, your ability to assimilate will SKYROCKET, and man – just so much more, I could write all day!

And much more I’m not mentioning here, my friend -these tips are truly worth their weight not just in gold, but in MOLTEN GOLD! Lava, if I may (hey, I have that phone too! Hehe) … and I’m not exaggerating one damn bit in saying that.

These tips – EVERYONE should own a copy of them, period. Its that simple.

Get it NOW.

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


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