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Sculpt a NEW YOU with these 153 “irreverent”, down to earth and practical fitness tips that you’ve likely NOT heard about – and that flat out WORK! 

A “3 in 1” value added package … at a special offer price – grab it NOW while the offer is GOOD!

Super Value at a “throwaway” deal price!

Dear Reader,

Back when I started – – I never, ever thought it would morph into a full time business like it is now.

From Fast and Furious Fitness – to Gorilla Grip – to 0 Excuses Fitness – Gumption Galore, and everything else we’ve put out thus far, it’s been a wild wild ride, and it promises to get even better!

The comments and feedback we receive on a regular basis via social media and email etc is something that makes it ALL worth it. If there is something that folks love about us, it’s our direct, in your face, NO nonsense style – – not just with regard to fitness instruction, but the 0 Excuses Fitness philosophy as well – as well as our daily fitness tips that we put out on a regular basis that people wake up to every morning!

It is THESE fits, and the “rambunctious” ovation to these tips that I put out the first Edition of Fitness Central – then the second – then the third – all in all, a mind boggling 153 fitness tips – – but now (and despite the feedback I’ve gotten), I’ll go one BETTER.

Instead of purchasing all three fitness manuals separately, you can now purchase them all as ONE reader – – one giant MOTIVATIONAL fitness package as it were – – with all the same tips as in the three books – – but at a reduced price.

Truth be told, I could charge you upwards of $100 for EACH of the fitness books, and you’d still get your money’s value and THEN SOME.

Truth be told, even ONE of these tips by themselves is worth their worth in GOLD – spades – mucho dinero – what have you!

And truth be told, the BENEFITS you’ll get from following even one of these tips far, far outweighs what you’ll get from following the “staid ole routines” at the gym for years!

Now, if you’re with me thus far, and if you’ve cracked open even one of the Fitness Central books, you KNOW the benefits you’ll get from these books. Just in case you aren’t though, and just in case you chance upon this package “first up”, here are (at a glance) some of the benefits you’ll get from this book …

Benefits you’ll get from reading this MAMMOTH compilation of tips – – 

  • Finger tip pushups, and what you really need to know about them!
  • Why the way your muscles “look” aren’t the most important – or even a little bit important.
  • The skinny on grip strength and building rock solid, coruscating levels of “kung fu” like grip strength. My manuals on grip training do a great job here … and these tips are but the icing on the cake – – but a much needing icing!
  • The truth about calluses that most people will NOT tell you.
  • The one exercise combo that will give you explosive gains all over your upper body. Once you go this route, you’ll never go back … trust me!
  • How shorter workouts can be just as – – in fact, way more effective than the long, drawn out workouts you’ve been advised to do – – and how they benefit your HEALTH and MINDSET more than you could ever imagine!
  • How foreign devils in China workout – -and why these workouts are so brutally effective! Yet another one “for the books” as it were …
  • Why your breath is literally the most important thing you should focus upon during your exercise routine – – and how you can burn fat off your frame almost instantly once you start applying the right breathing techniques. Believe me – – THIS tip alone is something most folks would be happy to drop more than a hundred smackers on to learn!
  • You’ll learn about my much vaunted and much famous (all over the Internet) hill climb from China, and how it benefited me, and how similar workouts can benefit YOU!
  • You will learn how to get cardio workouts in like NEVER before – workouts that take less than 15 minutes, and leave you soaked in sweat, burning fat like never before and feeling on TOP of the world!
  • How to lose weight rapidly – and do it FAST. This is unconventional. You won’t see this information anywhere else. And yet … does it work? You bet your “betsy” it does!
  • The truth about running that you have NOT heard before – and why it’s NOT the same as “pavement pounding”
  • Uncommon exercises to burn fat – quick! These are NOT what you think, my friend, so if you think you “already know ‘em” – – you’re probably wrong!
  • The BEST pull-up you can do – one that isn’t mentioned in ANY of my courses (well, except for a brief note here and there!)
  • Extra information on handstand pushups that are NOT available in the books and courses – and why weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing in terms of handstands or handstand pushups (and no, that is NOT an excuse to be fat!)
  • How you can literally “imagine” yourself to supreme levels of fitness. Think I’m kidding – think again!

And much, much more … and ALL at the “digest”, throwaway price of … $129.99, my friend.

A value added package if there ever WAS one – grab it now – and write back and let me know how you do!

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



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